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Dasavathara Stotram

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Translated by P.R.Ramachander

Lord Vishnu has had many incarnations, of them, the most important are considered to be "the ten incarnations" or Dasavathara. This prayer addresses these ten Avataras.

There are several different Dasa Avatara Stotras by many different authors. Several versions are translated and explained here.

Dasa Avatara Stotra[edit]

This stotra is a complaint to Lord Vishnu that he does not show the same haste today in solving a devotee's problems as he did during his incarnations.


Yaa thwara jala sanchare,
Yaa thwara Veda Rakshane,
Mayyarthe karunamurthe,
Saa thwara kwa gatha hare., 1

Why did you not show the same haste
Which you showed in your travel through the water,
And which you showed in your Protection of the Vedas,
When did you concern yourself with solving my sorrow, Hey Vishnu.

This verse refers to the Matsya Avatar (Fish Incarnation) when Lord Vishnu killed the asura, Hayagreeva, who had stole the four Vedas from Lord Brahma.

Yaa thwara mandharodhare
Yaa thwara deva rakshane
Mayyarthe karunamurthe,
Saa thwara kwa gatha hare., 2

Why did you not show the same haste
Which you showed in lifting mandhaara mountain
And which you showed in taking care of devas,
When it did concern with solving my sorrow, Hey Vishnu.

This verse refers to the Koorma Avatar (Tortoise Incarnation) in which Lord Vishnu lent stability to the mountain, Mandhara, with which the Devas and the Asuras were churning the ocean of milk, with the snake Vasuki as the rope, in order to create the Amrit of immortality.

Yaa thwara  kroda veshasya,
Vidhruthou bhoo samudhyathou,
Mayyarthe karunamurthe,
Saa thwara kwa gatha hare., 3

Why did you not show the same haste
Which you showed when you took the shape of boar,
And bring back and save the earth,
When it did concern with solving my sorrow, Hey Vishnu.

This verse refers to the Varaha Avatar in which Lord Vishnu killed the asura Hiranyaksha who had kidnapped the Earth and hidden under the ocean.

Yaa thwara Chandra maalaya,
Dharane potha rakshane,
Mayyarthe karunamurthe,
Saa thwara kwa gatha hare., 4

Why did you not show the same haste
Which you showed in wearing the garland of guts
And in saving the young boy,
When it did concern with solving my sorrow, Hey Vishnu.

This verse refers to the Narasimha Avatar in which Lord Vishnu incarnated as half-lion, half-man in order to kill the asura Hiranyakasipu, brother of Hiranyaksha, who was tormenting the entire universe, and had a boon from Lord Brahma that he could not be killed by any man, animal, or demi-god and could not be killed during the day or at night, and not by any weapon.

Yaa thwara vatu veshasya,
Darane bala bandhane
Mayyarthe karunamurthe,
Saa thwara kwa gatha hare., 5

Why did you not show the same haste
Which you showed in assuming the form of a boy,
And which you showed in catching hold of Bali
When it did concern with solving my sorrow, Hey Vishnu.

This verse refers to the Vaman Avatar in which Lord Vishnu incarnated as a young dwarfish boy and requested King Mahabali, who had achieved rule of the universe through military might, for land he could measure in three paces. Once King Mahabali agreed, Lord Vaman measured the entire Earth with his first pace and the remainder of the universe with his second. He then asked Mahabali where he could put his third pace and King Mahabali offered his head which Lord Vishnu accepted.

Yaa thwara raja hanane,
Yaa thwara vakhya rakshane
Mayyarthe karunamurthe,
Saa thwara kwa gatha hare., 6

Why did you not show the same haste
Which you showed in killing of kings
And which you showed in keeping your word,
When it did concern with solving my sorrow, Hey Vishnu.

This verse refers to the Parasurama Avatar during which he killed several generations of the shatriyas (or warrior caste) since they had become so powerful and arrogant that they tormented every being on Earth.

Yaa thwara  raksho hanane,
Yaa thwara  brathru palane,
Mayyarthe karunamurthe,
Saa thwara kwa gatha hare., 7

Why did you not show the same haste
Which you showed in killing of Rakshasas
And which you showed in protection of brother,
When it did concern with solving my sorrow, Hey Vishnu.

This verse refers to Rama Avatar in which Lord Rama killed the asura Ravana-the history of which is documented in the itihaasa Ramayana.

Yaa thwara kapi rajasya poshane,
Sethu bandhane,
Mayyarthe karunamurthe,
Saa thwara kwa gatha hare., 8

Why did you not show the same haste
Which you showed in protecting kingdom,
Of monkeys and building of a bridge,
When it did concern with solving my sorrow, Hey Vishnu.

During the Ramayana, Lord Rama protected the Kingdom of the Monkey King Sugreeva and used his help to build the bridge to Lanka.

Yaa thwara gopa kanyanam,
Rakshane, kamsa hanane,
Mayyarthe karunamurthe,
Saa thwara kwa gatha hare., 9

Why did you not show the same haste
Which you showed in protecting gopis
And in killing of Kamsa,
When it did concern with solving my sorrow, Hey Vishnu.

This verse refers to the Krishna Avatara was also known as the friend of the Gopies, in which Lord Vishnu killed his uncle, Kamsa.

Yaa thwara baishmi harane
Yaa thwara rugmi bhandane
Mayyarthe karunamurthe,
Saa thwara kwa gatha hare., 10

Why did you not show the same haste
Which you showed when stealing Rukmani
And which you showed in tying Rukmi
When it did concern with solving my sorrow, Hey Vishnu.

This verse refers to the time Lord Krishna waged war with Rukmi, in order to grant his sister, Rukmani her wish of marrying Him.

Yaa thwara budha sidhantha
Kadhane budha mohane,
Mayyarthe karunamurthe,
Saa thwara kwa gatha hare., 11

Why did you not show the same haste
Which you showed in telling principles of Budha
And attracting the wise ones,
When it did concern with solving my sorrow, Hey Vishnu.

This verse refers to when Lord Vishnu incarnated as Budha in order to reform Sanatana Dharma as it had become corrupt. Many people do not consider Budha to be an incarnation of Vishnu, and instead refer to Lord Balaram as the ninth avatar.

Yaa thwara thuraga rohe
Yaa thwara mlecha marane
Mayyarthe karunamurthe,
Saa thwara kwa gatha hare., 12

Why did you not show the same haste
Which you showed in riding the horse
And which you showed in killing the foreigners
When it did concern with solving my sorrow, Hey Vishnu.

This verse refers to the Kalki Avatar, in which Lord Vishnu is predicted to come down to the Earth (in the future), riding on a white horse in order to once again purge the Earth of corruption.

Sathya avatharya puthrena
Bhakthiko niraneridham,
Dasavathara sthavakam,
Vadan Mokshamapunyath., 13

He who recites with devotion,
And deep interest,
This prayer of the ten incarnations,
Would himself attain salvation at the end.

Dasa Avatara Stotra by Vedanta Desikan[edit]

Vedanta Desikan is the author of this version of the Dasa Avatara Stotra and is a poet in the lineage of Sri Vaishnav. He lived between 1269 and 1370 and was born in Thoopul, near Kanchipuram. He was named as Venkata Natha and was trained in the philosophy of Sri Ramanuja Acharya.


Devona shubhamathanothu dasadha nirvarthyan bhoomikam,
Range dhaamani labda nirbhara rasaii adhyakshitho bhavukai,
Yad bhaveshu prauthak videshva anugunaan bhavaan swayam bibrathee,
Yad dharmair iha dharmini  viharathey nana krithir nayika., 1

Let the God, who has acted in ten different roles,
In the great Stage of this world and made happiness reach his devotees,
And the Goddess who acted in appropriate roles along with him,
Playing the proper Dharma suitable to his Dharma, Grant us all that is good.

Nirmagna sruthi  jala margana  dasa datha kshanair veekshanai,
Anthasthanvadhivaravinda gahananyouthanwathi namapam,
Nish prathyooha ranga ringana midha prathyooda pada schata,
Dolaroha sadohalam bhagavatho, maathsyam padu na., 2

Let us be protected by the fish form of our God, which appeared for,
Searching for the Vedas, with tense examining looks
And Created a mirage of the lotus forest in the great waters of the sea,
And appeared to climb on the swing created by the dashing of waves with waves.

Avayasur bhuvana thrayee manibrutham kanduyanai rathrina,
Nidranasya parasya  Koorma vapusho nishvasavathormaya,
Yad vikshepana samskrudho dadhi paya prengola paryangika,
Nithyarohana nirvrutho viharathe  deva sahaiva sriya., 3

Let all the three worlds be protected by the Lord who took the form of tortoise,
Who when, the great mountain was churned on his back, felt as if it soothed his itching,
And by whose wave like motion the salt waters of the sea rose up and shook
The cot of the Lord, who was ever wakeful and made him play with Goddess Lakshmi

Gopayedanisam  jaganthi kuhanapothri pavithri krutha,
Brahmanda  pralayormi gosha gurubhirgonaravavair gurgurai,
Yad damshtrangura koti ghada ghatana nishkamba nithya sthithi,
Brahma sthambhamasodasou bhagavathi mustheva viswambhara., 4

Let the world be always protected by the lord who took the form of a boar,
Who cleaned all the universe by the sound of "Kur", Kur made by his nose,
Who resembled the giant waves at the time of the final deluge,
And by holding tightly to his protruding teeth, the great earth goddess,
Could stand stable like a giant tuber and created everything from Brahma to the grass.

Prathyadishta  purathana praharana grama kshanam panijai,
AAvyath threeni jaganthya kunta mahima  vaikunta kanteerava,
Yad pradur bhuvana davanthya jatarayadruchikkath vedasam,
Ya kachith sahasa  maha sura grahsdhoonapithamayabotth., 5

Let all the three worlds be protected by the great lord of Vaikunta,
Who had great collection of natural weapons like the claw,
Who had strength which never went waste and whose accidental.
Incarnation made one pillar of the home of the big Asura,
Became the paternal grandma to Brahma and other devas.

Vreeda vidha  vadanya dhanava yaso naseera ghatee bhata,
Triyaksham makutam punannavathu nasthrai vikramo vikrama,
Yad  prasthava  samuchritha  dwaja patee vruthantha  sidhanthibhee,
Sthrothomi  sura sindhurashtrasu disa soudeshu dodhooyathe., 6

May we, be protected by the giant feet of the Lord who was Trivikrama,
Which made the great Asura feel shy and ashamed and made his fame,
Flutter like the flag which is hoisted above his palace
And which was offered purifying bath by Brahma,
Which fell on the matted hair of Lord Shiva,
And from there spread from the very beginning in eight directions.

Krodhagnim  jamadagni peedanabhavam santharpayishyan kramath,
Aakshthramiha  santhi thaksha  ya imam  tri saptha kruthwa kshitheem,
Dathwa karmaani dakshinaam  kkachana thamaskandhya  sindhum vasan,
Aabrahmnaya mapakarothu Bhagawan brahmakeetam muni., 7

Let that God, who to douse the flame of anger due to slaying of his father Jamadagni,
Uprooted the world of the royal clans, by directly cutting them off, twenty one times
And who gave this earth as Dakshina during a fire sacrifice,
And made the land recovered from sea his own and started living there,
Remove all ills among all beings from a lowly worm to Lord Brahma.

Paravara  payo visoshana  kala paareena kalaanala,
Jwala jala vihara  hari vishika vyapara ghora karma,
Sarvastha sakruth prapanna janatha samrakshanaika vrathee,
Dharmo vigrahavaan aadharma  viratheem dhanvee cha thanveetha na., 8

Let that personification of Dharma, who is the great archer,
Who had control over arrows which burnt like the fire at deluge,
And was an expert in the art drying up the waters of the sea,
And Whose main resolution was to protect any one who surrenders to him,
Help us drive away the sinful acts from our mind.

Pakkath kourava pattana prabruthaya  prastha pralambhadaya,
Thaalangasya thada vidha  vihruthya yasthanvanthu bhadrani na,
Ksheeram sakaryeva  yabhirabrudak  bhootha prabhoothair gunai,
Aakoumaraka maswadantha  jagathe krushnasya thaa kelaya., 9

Let the various playful actions of Lord Balarama, who upturned,
The kingdom of Kauravas, who killed Asuras like Pralamba,
And whose playful actions mixed with the playful actions of Krishna,
Like the sugar getting mixed up with milk and made them more tasty,
Bless us with results that are always good.

Nadhamaiva  nama padam bhavathu naaschithrai scharitha kramai,
Bhooyobhirbhuvananyamooni kuhana gopaaya gopaayathe,
Kalindee  rasikaya  kaliya phanisphara sphatavatika,
Rango th sanga visanga sangrama duraa  parayaya charyo yathe., 10

Let our phrase "I salute" belong only to that Lord,
Who protects this world by his surprising actions,
Who found the waters of Yamuna tasty,
And who fearlessly danced in the centre of the wide hood of the snake Kaliya,
As if it is a stage and who is but a cowherd boy doing these great actions.

Bhaavinya  dasaya  bhavanniha bhava dwamsaya  na kalpathaam,
Kalki vishnuyasa sutha kali kadha  kalooshyakolankasha,
Nissesha  kshatha kantake  kshithi thale dharaa jalou  ghair druvam,
Dharma kaarthu yugam prarohayathi  yannisthramsa dharadhara., 11

Let that God Kalki, who is going to be born to Vishnu Yasa,
Who is going to fully cure all the problems caused by Kali age,
Who is going to be in this world adjusting to the future,
And whose cloud like sword will cut off all the thorns of the earth,
And definitely going to help Dharma germinate in the Krutha yuga,
Help us to cut off our bondage to the problems of daily life.

Iccha meena vihara kachapa maha pothreen yadrucha hare,
Raksha vamana rosha rama  karuna kakustha hela haleen,
Kreeda vallava  kalka vahana dasakalkeen ithi  prathyaham,
Jalpantha purusha punanthi bhuvanam  punyougapanyapana., 12

Those men who are like the shop that only sells holy acts,
And who with pure mind meditate on the Lord calling him,
He who was born as a fish due to his own wish,
Who was born as a tortoise just to play,
Who assumed the form of a big boar,
Who without thought came as Narasimha,
Who was Vamana who was born to protect,
Who was the very angry Parasurama,
Who was the merciful Rama,
Who was Balarama who played with his plough,
Who was the playful cowherd Krishna,
And who is going to be the Kalki riding on a white horse,
Would surely make this world greatly pure.

Vidhye dhanvathi venkateswara kavou  jatham jagan Mangalam,
Devesasya  dasavathara vishayam  stotram vivakshetha ya,
Vakthre thasya Saraswathi bahu mukhi bhakthi paraa maanase,
Shudhi  kaa aapi thanou dhisaasu dasasu khyathi shubha jrumbhave., 13

In the mouth of him, who wishes to chant this prayer,
Which was composed Poet Venkatesa,who is the ocean of knowledge,
Which is intended to do good to the world,
Which is about the ten incarnations of the Lord of Sri Rangam,
The goddess Saraswathi would stay in different forms,
And in his mind great devotion would grow
His Body will become greatly pure,
And his fame would spread in all ten directions.

Dasa Avatara Stotra by Jayadeva[edit]

Jayadeva was a poet who lived in the 12th centaury in Orissa. He is a well known mystic, who drowned himself in the ocean of devotion to Lord Krishna. His only work Gita Govinda, starts with this prayer to ten incarnations of Vishnu. Since it is written in verses of eight lines each, it is also called Ashta Padi.

This great stotra mentions, Buddha as an incarnation but nothing has been mentioned about the incarnation as Lord Krishna. This was possibly due to the fact that the poet was writing about ten incarnations of Krishna and not about ten incarnations of Vishnu


Pralaya-payodhi-jale dhruta vanasi vedam
Keshava dhruta-meena-sarira jaya jagadisa hare, 1

Victory to Keshava, the lord of Universe,
Who assumed the form of a fish,
And gave protection like a boat to Vedas,
Which were immersed in the turbulent sea of deluge.

Kshitirathi  vipulatare tisthtati tava prushte
Keshava dhruta-kachapa-sarira jaya jagadisa hare, 2

Victory to Keshava, the lord of Universe,
Who assumed the form of a tortoise,
And made the great mountain rest on his back,
And allowed it to churn the ocean like a wheel.

Vasati dasana-sikhare dharani thava lagna
Sasini kalanka-kaleva nimagna
Keshava dhruta-sukara-rupa jaya jagadisa hare, 3

Victory to Keshava, the lord of Universe,
Who assumed the form of a boar,
On whose tusks rested the earth,
Which was drowned and appeared.
Like the shadow on the moon.

Thava kara-kamala-vare nakha madbhuta-srngam
Keshava dhruta-narahari-rupa jaya jagadisa hare, 4

Victory to Keshava, the lord of Universe,
Who assumed the form of a man lion,
Whose nails of his lotus like hand,
Were made wonderful weapons,
And Crushed Hiranyakasipu like a wasp.

Chalayasi vikramane balimadbhuta-vamana
Keshava dhruta-vamana-rupa jaya jagadisa hare, 5

Victory to Keshava, the lord of Universe,
Who assumed the form of a dwarf Brahmin,
Who by his massive steps deceived Mahabali,
And the water emanating from the nail of whose feet,
Made all living beings holy and divine.

Kshatriya-rudhira-maye jagad-apagata-papam
Snapayasi payasi samita-bhava-tapam
Keshava dhruta-bhrgupati-rupa jaya jagadisa hare, 6

Victory to Keshava, the lord of Universe,
Who assumed the form of Parasurama,
Who bathed the earth with blood of Kshatriyas,
Who washed away the sins of the world,
And who calmed down the pains of existence.

Vitarasi dikshu rane dik-pati-kamaniyam
Dasa-mukha-mauli-balim ramaniyam
Keshava dhruta-rama-sarira jaya jagadisa hare, 7

Victory to Keshava, the lord of Universe,
Who assumed the form of Lord Rama,
Who presented the lords of ten pretty directions,
The delightful offering of ten heads of Ravana.

Vahasi vapusi visade vasanam jaladabham
Keshava dhruta-haladhara-rupa jaya jagadisa hare, 8

Victory to Keshava, the lord of Universe,
Who assumed the form of Balarama,
Who wore cloths of colour of The River,
Yamuna over his white body and made,
The river fear his weapon of the plough.

Nindasi yajna-vidher ahaha shruti-jatam
Sadaya-hrdaya darsita-pasu-ghatham
Keshava dhruta-buddha-sarira jaya jagadisa hare, 9

Victory to Keshava, the lord of Universe,
Who assumed the form of Buddha,
Who found fault with fire sacrifices,
In which poor animals were sacrificed,
As prescribed in the Vedas due to his compassionate heart.

Mleccha-nivaha-nidhane kalayasi karavalam
Dhumaketum iva kim api karalam
Keshava dhruta-kalki-sarira jaya jagadisa hare, 10

Victory to Keshava, the lord of Universe,
Who would assume the form of Lord Kalki,
Who would appear like a blazing comet,
Holding a terrifying sword and kill,
All barbarians at the end of Kali age.

Sri-jayadeva-kaver idam uditam udaaram
Srunu sukha-dam subha-dam bhava-saram
Keshava dhruta-dasa-vidha-rupa jaya jagadisa hare, 11

Victory to Keshava, the lord of Universe,
Who assumed ten different forms,
With a humble request to hear,
This pleasant, holy and divine,
Poem composed by Jayadeva.

Vedan uddharate jaganni vahate bhu-golam udbibhrate
Daityam darayate balim chalayate ksatra-ksayam kurvate
Paulastyam jayate halam kalayate karunyam aathanvate
Mlecchan murchayate dasakruti-krute krushnaya tubhyam namah, 12

Salutations to Lord Krishna who assumed ten different forms,
And saved the Vedas, bore a mountain, lifted the earth,
Killed Asuras, tricked Mahabali, exterminated Kshatriyas,
Won over Rakshasas, drew Yamuna towards him and showered mercy,
And would benumb the barbarians, in his ten different incarnations.

Dasa Avatara Stotra[edit]

This Dasa Avatara Stotra was composed by an unknown author in Malayalam.

Dasavathara Stotram I[edit]

Ambodu meenayi vedangal veendidum,
Ambuja nabhane kai thozhunnen., 1

I salute the Lord with lotus on his belly.
Who with love became a fish to recover the Vedas.

Aamayayi mandaram thangi ninnedunna,
Thamarakannane kai thozhunnen., 2

I salute the Lord with Lotus eyes,
Who became a tortoise and carried Mandara on his back.

Ikshithiye pandu panniyayi veendidum,
Lakshmi vara nadhane kai thozhunnen., 3

I salute the blessed Lord of Lakshmi,
Who recovered the earth,assuming the form of a boar.

Eedezhum manusha Kesariyayidum,
Koda kar varnane kai thozhunnen., 4

I salute the Lord with colour of black cloud,
Who rose suddenly as man-lion.

Uthamanagiya Vamana moorthiye,
Bhakthiyodu eppozhum kai thozhunnen., 5

I always salute with devotion that Lord,
Who became the very blessed Vamana.

Ookodu Bhoopathimare kola cheyda,
Bhargava Ramane kai thozhunnen., 6

I salute that Rama of the Brugu clan,
Who vigorously killed all kings.

Yethrayum veeranayi  vazhum Dasaratha,
Puthrane santhatham kai thozhunnen., 7

I always salute the son Of Dasaratha,
Who lived as the greatest hero.

Yere balamulla Sri Balabhadrare,
Sarva kalathilum kai thozhunen., 8

I salute at all times that Lord,
Who was the extremely strong Balarama.

Ookkeyodukkuvan Melil pirakkunna,
Gadkiyethanneyum Kai thozhunnen., 9

I salute that Lord Kalki,
Who is going to be born to subdue everything.

Orathe jnan cheytha paapangal neenguvan,
Narayana ninne kai thozhunnen., 10

I salute that Lord Narayana,
So that the sins I committed without knowledge are washed out.

Ouvazhi nin kuzhal kambodu cheruvan,
Devaki nandana kai thozhunnen., 11

I salute the son of Devaki,
So that I can merge with his flute this way.

Aambadi thannil valaurunna paidale,
Kumbittu jnan itha kai thozhunnen., 12

I am saluting you with a deep bow,
Oh, child who grew up among cowherds.

Aa kanam eerum durithangal pokkuvan,
Pushkara lochana kai thozhunnen., 13

I salute that Lotus eyed Lord,
So that I get rid of my heavy suffering.

Narayana, Guruvayur maruvidum,
Karunya Varidhe, kai thozhunnen., 14

I salute that Narayana who is the ocean of mercy,
And lives in Guruvayur.

Dasavathara Stotram II[edit]

Ambujayadha lochana komala,
Kambhudharana varidhe,
Kanmashapaha, nin pada pankajam,
Chemme kanumaraganam Govinda., 1

Oh handsome lord with lotus eyes,
Oh sea like lord, holding a conch,
Oh Lord without any blemishes,
Oh Lord Govinda, please allow me,
To see your lotus like feet clearly.

Aazhi thannil muzhugiya Vedathe,
Meeluvan oru meenayi chennudan,
Eezhu sagaram choozhe ninnidunna,
Vesham ambodu kananam Govinda., 2

Oh Govinda, I would very much like to see you,
As a fish which went to rescue the Vedas,
Which were drowned in the sea,
And was surrounded by the seven oceans.

Ichayode sura asura sanchayam,
Swacha varidhi thoyam kadayumbol,
Kachabakrithi kai kondu mevidum,
Viswa vyapiye kanu maraganam., Govinda, 3

Oh Govinda, I would very much like to see,
That Lord who is spread all over,
Who took the form of a tortoise,
When the devas and asuras,
Were churning the clear sea.

Yeshalenniye sookara veshamayi,
Dweshichidum  hiranyakshne konnu,
Dhathree chakrathe veendu kondu vannoru,
Gathram membodu kananam, Govinda, 4

Oh Govinda, I want to see the very huge Lord,
Who without hesitation took the form of a boar,
Killed the hateful Hiranyakshna,
And again brought back the earth.

Ugranaya Hiranya kasipuve,
Nigrahicha Narasimha moorthiye,
Agre Prahlada sevithanayittu,
Vyagram koodathe Kannenam, govinda., 5

Oh Govinda, I want see without fear that,
Narasimha Murthy who killed,
The ferocious Hiranya Kasipu,
Along with Prahlada, serving you.

Oodamodham Mahabli Thannodu,
Goodamayi  chennu moovadi bhoomiye,
Yachicheedunna Vamana moorthiye,
Sevicheedumaraganam, Govinda., 6

Oh Govinda, I want to serve,
That Vamana who was deceitfully begging for,
Three feet of land from that Mahabali..
With the great burden of guilt.

Yenni kondu irupathi onnu pravasyam,
Yennamillatha kshatriya vamsaththe,
Dandipicha Parasuramakruthi,
Kannil kanumarakenam, Govinda,, 7

Oh Govinda, I want to see with my own eye,
That form of Parasurama, who punished,
Innumerable kshatriya clan, twenty one times.

Yena ner mizhi Janaki chorane,
Banameythu  vadicha sri Ramane,
Kaani neram piriyathe  yen mumbil,
Kanu maru arulidenam, Govinda., 8

Oh Govinda, please bless me with the continuous,
Sight without break of even a second,
Of Sri Rama, who killed the kidnapper of Janaki,
By sending continuous rain of arrows.

Aayo Hasthinapuram  puri pukku,
Kayyil mevum kalappayil koreettu,
Payyave erivaan thuniyum,
Badra Ramane kananam, Govinda., 9

Oh Govinda, I want to see that Balarama,
Who went to the city of Hasthinapura,
And started to throw it away,
Using the plough that he has in his hand.

Ottozhiyathe  bhoo baram theerpanayi,
Dushta bhoopanmare konnu mudichathum,
Pettannambodu  kattiyathokkeyum,
Krishna roopame kananam Govinda., 10

Oh Govinda, I want to see that Krishna,
Who killed several groups of kings,
For lessening the burden of the earth,
And also with affection showed several playful acts.

OOrkil yethrayum pediyaam  ini mel,
Gadgi yayittu avatharikkunnathum,
Gadgavum yendi, mlechere okkeyum,
Vekkam kolvathum, kananam Govinda., 11

Oh Govinda, I want to see the extremely,
Fearful form of Lord Kalki, who is yet to be born,
Kill all the barbarians with sword in his hand.

Ouvidhamaya pathavatharavum,
Chovvode  cholvan aarkku kazhiyunnu,
Daivame  thava karunyam kondu may,
Kai varename kaivalyam Govinda., 12

Oh Govinda, I should be able to realize salvation,
Which would be got by all those people,
Who are able to tell clearly without mistakes,
The ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Aanthamillathe gnan cheytha pavathe,
Nin thiruvadi  neeki kalanju udan,
Aanthya kalathu mukthiye nalkuvan,
Bandu nee aallathilla, Govinda., 13

Oh Govinda, I do not have any relation except you,
Who can remove the endless sins committed by me,
And grant me salvation at the time of my death.

Achyuthananda Govinda  madhava,
Sachidanand roopa, Sanathana,
Ucharikkay varenam, nin naamangal,
Viswa nayaka Vishno Namasthuthe., 14

Oh Achyutha, Oh Aananda, Oh Govinda, Oh Madhava,
Oh God who has the form of the divine happiness,
Oh God who has been forever, I should be able,
To chant all your divine names,
Oh Lord of universe, Oh Vishnu, My salutations.