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By Swami Harshananda

Astrology describes the effects of the movement of the heavenly bodies (e.g., planets and the stars) on human life.

The word ‘gaṇḍānta’ used in astrology, is a technical word indicating certain inauspicious timings and combinations. They exert inauspicious influences on birth, marriage, onset of a journey, an invasion and other similar incidents in life.

For instance:

  1. The conjunction of the 15th tithi with pratipad for two ghaṭikās that is 48 minutes.
  2. The conjunction of Karkāṭaka (Cancer) and Simha (Leo) for half a ghaṭikā that is 12 minutes.
  3. The conjunction of the stars Revatī and Aśvinī for four ghaṭikās that is 96 minutes.

These gaṇḍāntas produce evil effects on the child’s father, mother and so on. Hence all auspicious undertakings should be avoided during these periods.


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