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Ganga ji ki Aarthi

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Translated by P. R. Ramachander

This worship of Mother Ganga is conducted on the banks of Ganga in Varanasi and Haridwar in the evening.

ॐ जय गंगे माता, श्री गंगे माता।
जो नर तुमको ध्याता, मनवांछित फल पाता।
ॐ जय गंगे माता...

चन्द्र-सी ज्योत तुम्हारी जल निर्मल आता।
शरण पड़े जो तेरी, सो नर तर जाता।
ॐ जय गंगे माता...

पुत्र सगर के तारे सब जग को ज्ञाता।
कृपा दृष्टि तुम्हारी, त्रिभुवन सुख दाता।
ॐ जय गंगे माता...

एक ही बार भी जो नर तेरी शरणगति आता।
यम की त्रास मिटा कर, परम गति पाता।
ॐ जय गंगे माता...

आरती मात तुम्हारी जो जन नित्य गाता।
दास वही जो सहज में मुक्ति को पाता।
ॐ जय गंगे माता...
ॐ जय गंगे माता...।।

Om jai gange mata, sri gange mata
Jo nar tumko dhyata
Mann Vanchit phal pata
Om jai ganga mata

Om Victory to mother Ganga, oh Mother Ganga
Any human being who thinks about you,
Will get all that his mind desired for.

Chandra si jyoti tumhari
Jal nirmal aata
Sharan pade jo teri
So nar tar jata
Om jai ganga mata

Your shine is like that of a moon
Pure and clear water comes into you,
That human being who surrenders to you,
Would be able to cross (the ocean of birth.)
Om Victory to you Mother Ganga.

Putra sagar ke tare
Sab jag ko gyata
Krupa Drishti ho tumhari
Tribhuvan sukh data
Om jai ganga mata

The sons of king Sagara,
Got salvation through you and all the world knew about you,
Let your glance be filled with mercy,
Oh, giver of welfare to the three worlds,
Om victory to Mother Ganga.

Ek hi baar jo teri
Sharan gati aata
Yam ki traas mitakar
Param gati pata
Om jai ganga mata

Just once, when a person comes under your protection,
He breaks away from the tie of God of death and gets salvation
Om victory to Mother Ganga.

Aarti matu tumhari
Jo nar nit gata
Dass wahi sahaj mein
Mukti ko pata
Om jai ganga mata
Maiya jai gange mata

Oh, Mother whichever human being daily sings this Aarthi,
He is your devotee, and he would attain salvation easily.
Om Victory to Mother Ganga,
Oh Mother, victory to Mother Ganga,

Rendered by Sanjeevani Bhelande with simultaneously highlighted lyrics on YouTube