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Sant Garibdas (1717-1778) was an 18 century saintly-householder belonging to a Jat family[1]. He was born at Rohtak.

Acharya Shri Garibdasji Maharaj's father name was Balramji and mother name was Saraswati Rani.

Acharya Garib Das felt, from his childhood, a passionate yearning for the vision of God. In various ways he tasted the bliss of communion with God, sometimes merging himself totally with creator.

Jagat Guru Garib Das Maharaj adopted Maharaj Kabirji as his guru and thus religious lineage of Garib Dasi Sect is connected with Kabir through Acharya Ramanuj. Acharya Garib Dasji had extra ordinary vision right from the birth and people could feel that this boy will lead the world from utter darkness to spiritual enlightenment. He was a deeply religious person concerned about the welfare of ignorant people. He preached that God has many names. So has he numerous qualities and attributes. He did not give up the rich heritage of Hindu Philosophy. He gave a fine and hog order Gurbani which laid stress on rightful living, compiled as Guru Granth which has become a beacon of light for the direction less society today.

It is notable that popular Hindu writer Sita Ram Goel was born in a Garibdasi (followers of Garibdas) family.

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