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By Swami Harshananda

Vasordhārā literally means ‘flow of wealth’.

Agnicayana[1] is an important aspect of Somayāga, involving quite a few rites. Vasordhārā is one of them. It is the name of the whole rite in which several hundred offerings of ājya[2] are made with a sruc[3] which is also cast into the consecrated fire at the end. The purpose is to secure all the powers of the deity Agni for the sacrificer. The mantras used are mostly from the Taittiriya and the Vājasaneyī Samhitās.


  1. Agnicayana means ‘piling the fire’.
  2. Ājya means ghee.
  3. Sruc means spoon of udumbara tree.
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