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By Swami Harshananda

Gaurī literally means ‘The white one’.


‘Gauri is another name of Pārvatī, the consort of Śiva. She may be worshiped along with Śiva as Candraśekhara or as an independent deity.

Pārvatī was referred to as Gauri when she was ten year old.

With Śiva[edit]

When she is worshiped with Śiva, she is shown standing on a lotus seat to his left.

Iconographic Representation[edit]

She is dark-blue in complexion, three-eyed and two-armed. She holds a blue-lotus in her right hand.

As per Aparājitāsutra[edit]

It mentions several forms of Gaurī such as:

  1. Umā
  2. Pārvatī
  3. Lalitā
  4. Kṛṣṇā
  5. Śrī

Forms of Gaurī[edit]

The number of forms of Gaurī varies from 12 to 24.


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