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By Swami Harshananda

As per jyotisha, the Āśleṣa nakṣatra[1] is considered rākṣasa or demoniac in nature. Hence birth under it is considered inauspicious for the baby.

To ward off the evil effects, the Gomukha prasava-śānti is performed by the parents. The whole rite is aimed at making the baby to be ‘reborn’ (prasava) from the mouth of a cow (gomukha) at an auspicious moment. New-born baby is kept in a winnowing basket covered with a piece of cloth. This basket is brought near the mouth of a cow as if it is new born from the cow’s mouth. Then it is bathed with the milk of the cow and handed over to the father and then to the mother. During this ritual continuous chanting of appropriate Vedic mantras is done.


  1. Āśleṣa nakṣatra comprises of the stars eta, sigma, delta, epsilon, rho and zeta hydrae.
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