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By Swami Harshananda

Purāṇas and dharmaśāstras have played a very important part in molding society. Hemādri (13th Century A.D.) is one of the most prolific writers of the dharmaśāstra literature. His Caturvarga-cintāmani has been considered as a classic.

His other works are:

  1. Ayurvedarasāyana - a commentary on the Astāñgahrdaya of Vāgbhaṭa
  2. A commentary on the Raghuvamśa of Kālidāsa
  3. A commentary on Saunaka’s Pranavakalpa

He belonged to the Vatsagotra. He was the grandson of Vāsudeva and son of Kāmadeva. He was a high officer in the court of the Yādava kings Mahādeva and Rāmacandra of Devagiri.[1]


  1. It is modern Daulatabad in Maharashtra.
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