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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Kamala Stotram

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Kamala Stotram

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( This prayer addressed to Kamala (goddess Lakshmi) has been taught by Lord Shiva to Goddess Parvathi. Lord Shiva concludes the prayer that using it there is nothing that is impossible to achieve it. The Sanskrit original with Hindi meaning is available at )

Sri Parameshwara Uvacha
Lord Shiva tells:-

1.Omkara roopini devi Vishudha sathva roopini ,
Devanaam Janani , thwam hi prasanna Bhava ,sundari.

Oh pretty goddess who has the form of “Om” .
Who has the very pure form being ,
And who is the mother of devas , please become pleased with me.

2.THanmathram chaiva bhoothani thava vaksha sthalam smrutham,
Thwameva Veda gamya thu, prasanna bhava , Sundari.

Oh pretty Goddess the subtle elements only remind me of your chest,
And you can be only approached through Vedas, please become pleased with me.

3.Deva Dhanava Gandharva , Yaksha Rakshasa Kinnara ,
Sthooyase thwam sadaa Lakshmi , prasanna bhava , Sundari

Oh pretty one, Always Devas , Asuras , Gandharwas , Yakshas , Rakshasas and Kinnaras,
Keep praying you , Oh Goddess Lakshmi , please become pleased with me.

4.Lokaatheethaa daivathatheethaa samastha bhootha veshtithaa,
Vidwat jana keerthithaa cha , Prasanna bhava , Sundari.

Oh pretty one , you are beyond te worlds, beyond Gods and covered with all beings,
You are being sung about by great scholars , please become pleased with me.

5. Paripoornaa , sadaa Lakshmi , traathri thu saranathishu ,
Viswaadhyaa , viswakarthri cha prasanna bhava , sundari.

Oh Pretty one , who is complete . who is always wealthy , who defends those who seek her protection,
You are primeval of the universe , you are the creator of the universe , please become pleased with me.

6.Brahma roopaa cha Savithri thwat deepthyaa bhasathe Jagath ,
Viswaroopa varenya cha prasanna bhava , Sundari.

Oh Pretty one , you have the form of Brahma and the sun and the world shines because of you ,
You are the form of the universe , you are the chosen one, please become pleased with me.

7.Kshithy ap thejo marud vyoma pancha bhoota roopini ,
Bbhandhaadhe karanam tthwam hi pranna bhava , Sundari.

Oh pretty one, The earth, the water , the fire , the wind and the sky , which are the five elements are your form,
And you are the reason for the properties of these elements , please become pleased with me.

8.Mahesa thwam Hemavathi Kamala Kesavopi cha,
Brahmana preyasi thwam hi prasanna BHava Sundari.

Oh pretty one , you are the golden lady of Lord Shiva , Goddess Lakshmi of Kesava,
And you are the darling of Lord Brahma , please become pleased with me.

9.Chandi, Durga, Kalika cha Kaushiki , Sidhi roopini,’
Yogini , Yoga gamya cha prasannaa BHava Sundari.

Oh pretty one , You are the killer of Chanda, the black one , the unifier , the form of occult powers,
The one who does Yoga , One whom Yogis seek , please become pleased with me.

10.Balye cha Balika thwam hi youvane , yuvatheethi cha,
Sthavire vrudha roopa cha Prasanna Bhava Sundari.

Oh pretty one , In child hood you are a girl , In youth you are the lass,
And at old age you are a old woman , please become pleased with me.

11.Gunamayee , gunatheethaa , aadhya Vidhyaa sanathani,
Mahad thathwa vaadhi samyuktha, prasanna bhava, Sundari

Oh pretty one, who has good qualities , who is above good qualities , who is the primeval knowledge,
Who is ancient and who is unified with great principles , please become pleased with me.

12.THapasvini , thapa sidhi swarga sidhishta athadhishu ,
Chinmayi prakruthisthvam thu prasanna bhava, Sundari.
Oh pretty one , who is a sage , who makes penance effective , who grants us heaven and wealth,
Who has divinely pure thought , you are nature , please become pleased with me .

13.Thvam aadhir jagathaam devi , thwameva sthithi karanam,
Thwam anthe nidhanasthanam swechaa chaaraa thwam eva hi.

You the beginning of the world , You are the cause of its upkeep,
And at the end you are the place if its destruction ,And you are one who moves as you please.

14.Characharaanaam bhoothaanaam bahir antha sthwameva
Vyapyaa avyaka roopena thwam bhasi bhaktha vathsale .

You are inside and outside of all moving and not moving beings
You are spread and you have individual form , you shine, Oh goddess who loves her devotees.

15,THwam Maayayaa hrutha ajnaana nashtathmano vichethasaa ,
Gathagatham prapadyanthe papa punya vasatha sadaa

It is due to your illusion that beings become ignorant and unconscious ,
And keep on traveling to and fro due to sin and blessed deeds.

16.THvath sathyam Jagatbhathi sukthika rajatham yadhaa,
Yavanna jnayathe jnanam chethasaa naanva gamini.

Jut like the world which appears to be truth and worthless thing appearing like silver
Is understood to be a mere illusion when we understand your form.

17.Thwad jnathu sadaa yukthaa puthra dhara grahaadhishu ,
Ramanthe vishayaan sarvaaaananthe dukha pradaan druvam.

He who knows you and is always interested in enjoying pleasures out of,
Son, wife , home and others , would only experience sorrow at the end of everything.

18. Thwad aajnayaa thy devesi , gagane soorya mandalam,
Chandrascha bramathe nithyam , prasanna bhava Sundari.

Oh pretty one , Due to your order , oh queen of the devas , The sun,
The moon and the planets move around the sky daily , please become pleased with me.

19. Brahmesa Vishnu Janani , Brahmaakhyaa Brahma samasrayaa ,
Vyaktha avyaktha cha devesi, Prasanna bhava Sundari.

Oh pretty one , you are the mother of Brahma , Vishnu and Shiva, you order the Brahma ,
You Make Brahma act and oh queen of devas , you are clear as well as not clear , please become pleased with me.

20.Achalaa sarvagaa thwam hi , mayyatheethaa maheswari ,
Shivaathmaa saswathaa nithyaa , prasanna bhava Sundari.

Oh pretty one,You are stable and you are everywhere, you are above illusion , you are the greatest goddess,
You are soul of Shiva , you are permanent , you are forever , please become pleased with me.

21.SArva kaya niyanthri cha Sarva bhootheswari.
Ananthaa nishkalaa thwam hi prasanna bhava, Sundari.

Oh pretty one , who controls bodies of all beings , Who is the goddess of all beings,
You are the endless one , You are stainless one , please become pleased with me.

22.SArveswari , SArva vandhyaa , Achithya , Paramaathmika ,
BUkthi mukthi pradhaa thwam hi Prasanna bhava Sundari.

Oh pretty one who is goddess of all , who is saluted by all ,who is above thought ,
Who is the divine soul, who grants wealth and salvation , please become pleased with me.

23.Brahmani Brahma loke thwam Vaikunte SArva mangala ,
Indrani amaraavathaam ambika varunalaye.

You are Brahmani in land of Brahma , You are the giver of auspiciousness in Vaikunta ,
You are Indrani in Amaravathi and in land of Varuna you are Ambika.

24.Yamalaye Kaala roopa , Khubera bhavane Shubhaa,
Maha nandaa Agnikone cha Prasanna bhava Sundari.

In the land of Yama you have form of death , In home of Khubera you are Shubhaa,
In the corner of Agni you are giver of auspiciousness , please become pleased with me.

25.Nairuthyaam Raktha Danthaa , thwam Vayavyaam Mruga Vahini ,
Patale Vaishnavi roopa , prasanna Bhava Sundari.

Oh pretty one In South west you are Raktha Dantha (bloody toothed) and in North west
You are one who rides on deer , in the land below you are Vaishnavi, please become pleased with me.

26.Surasaa thwam mani dveepe , Isanyam soola dharini,
BHadrakali cha Lankaayaam , Prasanna bhava , Sundari

Oh pretty one , in the island of gem you are Surasaa, In north east you are one who holds the spear ,
In the city of Lanka , you are Bhadrakali , Please become pleased with me.

27.Rameswari Sethu Bhandhe , Simhale Deva Mohini,
Vimalaa thwam cha Srikshethre , Prasanna Bhava Sundari

Oh Pretty one on the bridge to Lanka you are Goddess of Rama , In Lanka island you are bewitcher of devas,
In the land of Goddess Lakshmi she is Vimala , Please become pleased with me.

28. Kalikaa thwam Kalighate , Kamakhya Neela parvathe ,
Virajaa oudra dese thwam prasanna bhava Sundari.

Oh pretty one, In the Kalighat you are Kalika and in Gauhathi(blue mountain), you are Kamakhyaa,
In the Oudra desa you are Viraajaa , please become pleased with me .

29.Varanasyam Annapurna , Ayodhyaam Maheswari ,
Gayasuri Gaya dhamni , Prasanna Bhava Sundari.

Oh pretty one , you are Annapurni in Benares , you are Maheswari in Ayodhya ,
You are Gayasuri in the resting place of Gaya , please become pleased with me.

30. Bhadrakali Kuru kshethre , kathyayani Vruje ,
Mahamaya Dwarakaayaam , Prasanna Bhava Sundari.

Oh pretty one, you are Bhadra Kali in Kurukshethra, In Vruja desa you are Kathyayani,
In Dwaraka you are Mahamaya , please become pleased with me .

31.Kshudhaa thwam sarva jeevaanaam , vela cha sagarasya hi,
Maheswari Madhuraayaam cha prasanna bhava Sundari.

Oh pretty one , you are hunger in all beings , you are the tide of the sea,
In Mathura you are the greatest goddess , please become pleased with me .

32.Ramasya Janaki thwam cha Shivasya Mana Mohini,
Dakshasya duhithaa chaiva prasanna bhava Sundari.

Oh pretty one ,You are Sita of Rama, You are bewitcher of the mind of Lord Shiva,
You are the daughter of Daksha, please become pleased with me.

33.Vishnu Bhakthi pradhaam thwam cha Kamsasura vinasini,
Ravana naasinaam chaiva , prasanna bhava Sundari ,

Oh pretty one , you are the one who gives devotion to Vishnu, you are the one who destroyed Kamsasura,
You are the destroyer of Ravana , please become pleased by me.

34.Lakshmi stotram idham punyam padeth Bhakthi samyutha ,
Sarva jwara bhayam nasyedh , sarva vyadhi nivaaranam

If this auspicious prayer addressed to Lakshmi is read with devotion,
Fear for all fevers would be destroyed and it will cure all diseases.

35.Idham sthothram Maha punyam aapad udhara karanam,
Trisandhyameka sandhyaam vaa ya padeth sathatham nara .
36.Muchyathe sarva paapebhyo thadhaa thu sarva sankataan,
Muchyathe nathra sandeho bhuvi swarge rasathale.

This prayer which is greatly auspicious is the cause for lifting us from dangers,
If read by man either at dawn noon or dusk or one of these times always.
It would save you from all sins and also from all sort of sorrows,
He would definitely without doubt be saved either in earth , heaven and Patala.

37.Samastham cha thadha chaikam ya padeth bhakthi thathpara ,
SA sarva dushkaram theerthwaa labhathe paramam gathim.

He who reads the entire prayer or at least one stanza of prayer with devotion ,
All his difficulties would be solved and in the end he would get salvation.

38.Sukhadham mokshadham stotram ya padeth Bhakthi samyuktha ,
Sa thu koti theertha phalam prapnothi nathra samsaya.

He who reads this pleasure gving stotra which also leads him to salvation.
Would without any doubt get the effect of taking bath in a crore sacred waters.

39.Yekaa devi Kamala yasmin santhushtaa bhaved sadaa ,
THasyaad asadhyam na devesi naasthi kinchid jagathraye.

To him , on whom this one Goddess Kamala is pleased ,
Due to her blessings would not find anything impossible to do in the world.

40.Padanath api stotrasya kim na sidhyathi bhoothale ,
THasmad stotra varam proktham sathyam hi Parvathi.

Hey Parvathi , there is nothing impossible for a man who reads this prayer,
And that is why I told you about this greatest prayer, this is the truth.

Ithi Kamala Stotram Sampoornam
Thus ends the prayer addressed to Kamala.