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By Swami Harshananda

The purāṇas are generally grouped under the all-comprehensive term ‘smṛtis’. They contain a lot of material useful to the common masses to educate both of them in the spiritual and in the secular fields.

The Liñgapurāna, considered as an important work of the Śaiva sects, has been classified among the Mahāpurāṇas or the major purāṇas. It might have been composed between CE 600 and 1000. The total number of verses as per the different editions varies from 6000 to 11,000. As available now, the book is in two parts and has about 9000 verses. The number of chapters is 108 in the first part and 55 in the second part.

A Sanskrit commentary by Gaṇeśa Nātu, named as Śivatosinī has been printed. The contents are variegated.


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