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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Mangalya Sthavam

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Prayer for good happenings

By Sage Pulasthya
Translated by P.R.Ramachander

Mangalya sthavam is a great prayer addressed to several avatharas of Lord Vishnu occurring in the forty third chapter of the “Vishnu Dharmotharam Ithihasam.” It is a conversation between Sage Pulasthya and his disciple sage Dhaulabhya. On being asked about the most suitable prayer to drive away bad dreams and for being able to complete all jobs in a proper fashion by Dhaulabhya, Pulasthya tells him that only a prayer to Lord Vishnu would help him achieve that and he also teaches it to him.

This prayer has been very popular with great Vaishnavite Acharyas like Vedantha Desigar and Parasara Bhattar. This is also recited by devotees before starting any important work[1].

Sage Dhaulabhya asks:

Karyarambeshu sarveshu,duswapneshu cha sathama,
Amangalyeshu drushteshu ya japthavyam thaduchatham.,1

Which is the most proper to be chanted,
During the beginning of any job,
Or when we are flustered by bad dreams,
Or when we see bad things happening?

Yenarambascha siddhyanthi duswapnoscha upasanthaye,
Amangalanam drushtanam pariharscha jayathe.,2

How do we make Jobs begun to end well,
Bad effects not happening because of bad dreams,
And bad effects seen are properly compensated?

Sage Pulasthya replies:-

Janardhanam bhoothapathim jagatgurum 
Smaran manushya sathatham Maha mune,
Drushantanyseshanyapahanthi sadhayahi,
Asesha karyani cha yanyabheethsathi.,3

Oh great sage,I will show you the way,
To drive away bad events and get good results,
And this is simply done by the man remembering,
The Supreme Being,lord of all beings and teacher of all.

Srunushwa chanyath gathadho maam akhilam,
Vadami yathe dwija varya Mangalam,
Sarvatha siddhi pradathadhi yat sada,
Nihanthyasesahani cha pathakani.,4

Oh twice born who is great, I will,
Make you hear that which leads,
To good events,ensure al round success,
And destroy all bad events completely.

Prathishtitham yathra jagat characharam,
Jagathrye yo jagathascha hethu,
Jagascha pathyanthi cha yasya sarvada,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye Hari.,5

One who rooted in the mobile and immobile beings of the world,
One who in the three worlds,being the cause of the three worlds,
One who is the destroyer at deluge and protector till then,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness..

Vyomambu vayvagni maho swaroopai,
Vistharavan yo anutharo anu bhavath,
Asthoola sookshma sathatham pareshwaro,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,6

One who is the unified form of water,air,fire,earth and ether,
One who is larger than largest and smaller than smallest,
And the supreme God who is always big and small,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Yasmath parasmath purushad ananthath,
Anadhi madhyadadhikam na kinchith,
Sahethuhethu Parameshwareshwaro,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,7

One who is beyond Purusha and limitless,
One who does not origin,middle and end,
And being the cause of causes and Supreme god of gods,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Hiranya garbhachyutha Rudra roopi,
Srujatyesham paripathi hanthi,
Gunagraneeryo bhagwan cha sarvadha,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,8

One who is having forms of Vishnu,Brahma and Rudra,
One who is the creator,administrator and destructor of all beings,
And one who is always the God who is the most auspicious,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Para Suraanaam,paramo asuranaam,
Paro yateenam,paramo muneenam,
Para samasthasya,cha yassa sarvadha,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,9

One who is the greatest among devas and asuras,
One who is the greatest among Sanyasis and sages,
And one being considered greatest among everything,by all of them,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Dhyatho muneenaam apakalmashair yo,
Dadathi mukthim parameshwaraeshwara,
Manobhirama purusha sa sarvada,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,10

The one who grants salvation to Sages,
Who are not having any stains,one who is the supreme god of gods,
And one who is always the purusha who is the stealer of the minds,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Surendra vaivasvatha vithapambhupa,
Swaroopa roopi paripathi yo jagat,
Sa shuddhashudha parameshwareshwaro,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,11

One who takes the form of Indra,Vaivaswatha Manu And Kubhera,and who looks after the world,
And one who is sacredness of the sacred,and one who is supreme god of gods,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Yannama samkeerthantho vimuchyathe,
Hi aneka janmarjitha papa sanchayath,
Papendhan agni sa sadaiva nirmalo,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,12

One by singing whose names all beings,
Are liberated from the collective sins of several births,
Like the fire consumes the firewood and cleans it,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Yenodhrutheyam daranee rasa thalath,
Asesha srushti sthithi karanadhikam,
Bibarthi viswam jagatha sa moolam,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,13

The one who brought back earth from the bottom of the sea,
The one who creates and looks after this world,
And the one who destroys it completely,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Padeshu Veda,jatareshu characharam,
Romaswasesha munayo mukhe makha,
Yasyeshwareshasya sarvada Prabhu,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,14

One who has his feet as Vedas and all beings in his belly,
One whose hair ends are all the great sages,
One who has his face as the different fire sacrifices,
And one who is always the lord of all gods,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Samastha yagnangamayam Prabho,
Yasyangam ishwara samasthuthasya,
Varaha roopi bhagwan sarvada,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,15

One who is the lord with different parts of his body being parts of yagna,
One who has all his parts of the body being god themselves,
And one always took the form of the holy boar,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Vikshobhya sarvodhithoya sambhavam,
Dadhara dhaathreem jagatascha yo bhuvam,
Yajneshwaro yagnapuman sa sarvadha,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,16

The one who agitated the great ocean,
In search of the mother and shook the universe,
And one who is always the master of Yagnas and himself is yagna,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Patala mooleshwara bhogi samhatho,
Vinyasya padhou prithweem cha bhibratha,
Yasyopamanam na bhabuva soachyutha,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,17

The one who pushed the hood of Sesha,
For getting balance to lift the earth from the ocean depths,
And the one who is Achyutha the matchless god,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Sa garagarm yasya cha braumhitham muhu,
Sanandanadhyai jana loka samshritai,
Shrutham jayet yukthi parai sa sarvada,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,18

The one who produced loud noises heard,
By sages like Sanaka in the Jana loka where they live,
And converted by them as shouts of victory in their wisdom,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness

Yekarna vadyasya maheeyaso maheem,
Aadhya vegena Khamuthpathishyatha,
Natham vapur yogi varaissa sarvadha,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari

The one who rose swiftly out of the waters of deluge,
Firmly holding the very pretty goddess earth,
And being always worshipped by great sages,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Hatho hiranyaksha mahasura,
Purana pumsaparamena yena,
Varaharoopa sa pathi prajapathi,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,20

One who is killer of the great Ogre called Hiranyaksha,
One who is the ancient divine lord of the universe,
And the Lord and creator in the form of a boar,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness

Damshtra karala,sura bheethi nasaka,
Krutham vapor divya nrusimha roopina,
Trathum jgadhyena sa sarvadha prabhu,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,21

One who is endowed with fearsome teeth,the remover of fear of devas,
One who is the assumer of the great divine form of man and lion,
And the Lord who is perennial protector of the world,
Is Hari, who will help me in increasing auspiciousness

Daithyengra vaksha sthala dhara dharunai,
Kare ruhairya krakachanu karibhi,
Chichedha lokasya bhayani sochyutho,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,22

One who is fearful and who had claws capable of cutting like a saw,
The chest of the great Asura in a fearful manner,
And one who is the dispeller of the fears of all beings,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness

Danthantha deeptha dhythinirmalani ya,
Chakara sarvani dhisam mukhani,
Ninadha vithrasitha dhanavo hyasou,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,23

One who is the sender of the sparkle of his teeth in all directions,
Along with his fearsome faces on all sides,
And the one who scattered all the rakshasas,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness

Yannama sakeerthanatho maha bhayath,
Vimokshamapnothi na samsayam nara,
Sa sarva lokarthi haro nrukesari,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,24

One who is the destroyer without doubt of great fears,
From the minds of those who sing his names,
And one who is the man lion who is the saviour from dangers of all,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness

Satakarala brhamana nilahatha,
Sphutanthi yasya ambhudhara samanthatha,
Sa divya simho sphurithanalekshano,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,25

One with blowing hairs scattering the clouds,
One with burning eyes equally shedding nectar,
And one who is like the divine lion with burning eyes,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Yadheekshna jyothishi rasmi mandalam,
Praleena meeshanna raraja baswatha,
Kutha sasangasya sa divya roopa druk,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,26

One whose sight dims the ball of light,
Created by the rays of the sun and need less,
To say anything about the cool rays of the moon,
Is Hari, who will help me in increasing auspiciousness

Asesha devesha nareswareswarai,
Sada sthutham yad charitham mahadbutham,
Sa sarva lokarthiharo maha Hari,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,27

One whose story is sung with awe,
By the king of devas as well as the lords of men,
And the great Hari who destroys al their problems,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Dravanthi daithya,pranavanthi devath,
Nasyanthi rakshamsyapyanthi charaya,
Yad keerthanath so adbutha kesari,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,28

One who makes Asuras run,and devas salute,
One who destroys asuras and makes one’s enemies run away,
Just by singing the greatness of the wonderful lion,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Rik pavitham yo yajusha hi srimath,
Sama dwani dwastha samastha pathakam,
Chakre jagat Vamana ssa sarvada,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,29

One who recited the rik Veda and enlivened the world,
One who recited the Yajur Veda and made it bloom.,
One who recited Sama Veda and removed all ills,
And the Vamana who gave Indra the world for ever,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Yad pada vinyasa pavithratham mahee,
Yayou viyaccha rig yaju sama mudeeranaath,
Sa vaamano divya sarrera roopa druk,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,30

One who purified this earth by his holy steps,
One who purified the ether by recitation of the three Vedas,
And the Vamana who has taken the holy form,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Yasmin prayathe asura hhoo brutho adwarath,
Na nama kheda dava nissa sagara,
Sa Vamana sarva jagan maya Sada,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,31

One who went to beg for land from the asura king,
One whose each step made the earth bend,
And the Vamana who forever fills the whole world,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Maha adbuthe daithya pather maha dhware,
Yasmin pravishte kshubitham mahasurai,
Sa Vamano antha sthith saptha loka druk,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,32

The one who entered the gate of the asura king creating wonder,
In the hearts of those assembled and in the heart of the great asura,
And the Vamana who could hold all the seven worlds with in him,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Sangai suranam divi bhuthalai sthidhai,
Thadha manushair gagane cha khecharai,
Sthutha kramadhya pracha chara sarvadha,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,33

One who was praised and sung by the groups of Devas,
By the human beings on the earth,
And by several celestials in the heaven,
When he measured earth by his ever growing feet,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Kranthva dharithreem gaganam thadha divam,
Maruthpatherya pradhadhou trivrishtapam,
Sa deva devo bhuvanswareswaro,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,34

One who measured the earth,sky and the heavens,
One who presented the three worlds to Indra,
And the one god of gods who is lord of lords of the universe,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Anugraham chapi baler anuthamam,
Chakara yaschendra padopamam kshanath,
Suramscha yagnamsa bhjuassa sarvadha,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,35

One who blessed Mahabali with a great position,
Equal to the one held by Indra,
in no time,
And the one who gave the offering of Yagnas to Devas,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Rasa thaladhyena pura samahrutha,
Samastha Veda jala chara roopina,
Sa kaidabhari madhuhambu sayee,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,36

One who In the ancient times,reached Rasatala[2],
In search of Vedas which were hidden in the water,
And was seen by Madhu and Kaidaba as sleeping on water,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Nikshatriyam yascha chakara medhineem,
Anekaso bahuvanam thadha aschinnath,
Ya karthaveeryasya sa bhargavothamo,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,37

One who made this world rid of Kshatriyas,
For several generation and cut off the hands,
Of Karthaveeryarjuna and is the great one of Bhargava clan,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Nihathya yo Balinamugra vikramam,
Nibhadhya sethum jaladhou dasananam,
Jagana chanyan rajani charanasou,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,38

One who killed the greatly valorous Vali,
One who built a bridge across the sea,
And killed Ravana and Many other Asuras,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Chikshepa balasa sakatam babanja,
Yo yamarjunam kamsamarim jagana cha,
Mamardha chaanura mukkhan sa sarvadha,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,39

One who with a baby kick pulverized Sakatasura,
One who broke the yamalarjuna trees and killed Kamsa,
And who killed the wrestler Chanura for ever,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Pratha sahasramsu marichi nirmalam,
Karena bibhrat Bhagawan sudarshanam,
Koumadhakeem chaapi gadam anantho,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,40

One who holds the holy wheel Sudarshana,
Which is similar in brightness to thousands of suns,
And one who holds the holy mace called Koumadhakee,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Himendu kundha sphatikabha nirmalam,
Mukhanila pooritham eeswareshwara,
Madhyahna kalapi sa Shankamudhwahan,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,41

One who is as clear as ice,jasmine and crystal,
One who is the god of gods who fills his breath,
In his holy conch even during the noon,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Thatha aprahne pravikasi pankajam,
Vaksthalena Sriyam udwahan Hari,
Visthari padmayatha pathra lochana,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,42

One who holds the fully opened lotus flower in his hand,
One who carries his consort Lakshmi on his chest,
And one Who is adorned with eyes as pretty the lotus leaf,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Sarveshu Kaaleshu sarva deseshu,
Aasesha karyeshu thada eswareswara,
Sarvai swaroopai bhagwan anadhiman,
Mamasthu mangalya vivrudhaye hari.,43

One who is the god of gods for every one,
At all times,in all regions of the world,
And in all types of actions and who is,
The God with all types of forms and shapes And who is without end nor beginning,
Is Hari,who will help me in increasing auspiciousness.

Phala Sruthi

Ethad padan dulabhya samastha paapai,
Vimuchyathe Vishnu paro Manushya,
Sidhayanthi kaaryaani thadasya sarvan,
Arthanvapnothi yadechathe thaan.,44

Oh Daulabhya,these verses would,
Get rid of all the sins committed,
Make one attain the land of Vishnu,
Make one fulfill all the actions undertaken,
And also bless one with all types of wealth.

Dusswapna prashamam upaithi pataya mane,
Sthothrosmin sravana vidhou sadhodhyathasya,
Prarambho hrutha mupayathi siddhim isa,
Paapani kshapayathichasya deva deva.,45

For the one who hears this stotra being read,
Bad dreams will vanish and all actions,
Initiated by him would bear fruits,
And all the sins omitted by him,
Would be pardoned by the God of gods.

Maangalyam paramapadham sadartha sidhi,
Nirvignaam adhikaphalam sriyam dadathi,
Kim loke thadiha paratra chapi pumsam,
Yad Vishnu pravanadhiyam cha dhalabhya sadhyam.,46

Oh Daulabhya . There is nothing that is,
Beyond the reach of the devotees of Lord Vishnu,
In this and in the other world and they would be blessed with,
All that is good,
limitless wealth,
life with him,
Permanently in his supreme abode and all that is auspicious

Devendras thribhuvanamartha pinga,
Samsidhim thribhuvangam cha Kartha veerya,
Vaideha paramapadam prasadhya Vishnum,
Sampraptha sakala phala pradho hi Vishnu.,47

The devendra enjoys all the pleasures of three worlds,
The Kubhera got all the wealth of the world,
King Karthaveerya gained control over the three worlds,
And the king Janaka gained salvation at the feet of Vishnu,
Through the grace of Vishnu, who alone can grant everything.

Sarvarambeshu Dalabaithad duswapneshu cha Panditha,
Japedeka mana vishnou thada mangalya darshane.,48

Oh sage Daulabhya,While starting anything or When they see bad and evil dreams,the learned,
Recite this Mangalya sthavam,and when they,
With one mind meditate on Vishnu,they see him.

Shamam prayanthi dushtani graham peedascha dharuna,
Karmarambaascha sidhyanthi punyam aapnothi cha uthamam.,49

The inauspeciousness vanishes,and horrible ill effects by planets is set right,
And when done before the start of an action,the learned gets divine grace.

Harir dadathi bhadrani mangalya sththi samsthutha,
Karoth akhila roopaisthuraksham akshatha shakthi bruth.,50

To the one who chants the Mangalya Sthava,
Lord Vishnu grants wealth of all types,
Grants him auspicious blessings,
And in his various myriad forms,
Takes care of his complete welfare.


  1. Mangalya Sthavam
  2. A world below the earth