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Morning prayer to Mookambika

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Mookambika is the Goddess presiding over the city Of Kollur situated 60 KM from Mangalore in the state of Karnataka. She is a form of Goddess Parvathi but is supposed to grant wisdom, knowledge and intelligence to those who pray to her. She is also very popular among Keralites who all wish to teach the first alphabets to their children in font of her on Vijaya Dashami day.

Naana kanchi Vichithra vasthra sahitham,
Naana vidhair bhooshitham,
Naana pushpa sukandha malya sahitham,
Naana janaa sevitham,
Naana veda purana sasthra vinutham,
Naana kalir pradham,
Naana roopa dharmam, mahesa mahishim,
Dyayami mookambikam.

I meditate on that Mookambika,
Who with different shining dresses and silks,
Who is adorned in multifarious ways.
Who wears garlands made of fragrant flowers,
Who is worshipped by different types of persons,
Who is recognized by different puranas, Vedas and science,
Who bestows various blessings,
Who takes up various roles,
And who is the consort of Mahesha.
To that Mookambika, I bow with reverence.