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By Swami Harshananda

Overview on Purāṇa[edit]

The purāṇas contain a lot of material on the subjects generally dealt with in the dharmaśāstra literature. They have been traditionally grouped under two heads:

  1. The Mahāpurāṇas
  2. The Upapurāṇas

Each of the Purāṇas are 18 in number.

Origin of Nandipurāṇa[edit]

The Nandipurāṇa, also called as Nandapurāṇa, is assigned to the Upapurāṇas group. It is probably lost now, though a large number of its verses have been quoted in the Kalpataru of Lakṣmīdhara[1] and Aparārka of Aparāditya.[2] This purāṇa was probably composed during the 8th or the 9th century A. D.

Contents of Nandipurāṇa[edit]

Some of the interesting subjects dealt with in it are:

  • Ārogyadāna by starting and running free hospitals
  • Vidyādāna by running pāṭhaśālas or schools
  • Abstention from meat-eating


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  2. He was also of 12th century A. D.
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