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Nava Durga Sthuthi

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Translated By P.R.Ramachander

This great prayer is addressed to the nine forms of Durga. These are supposed to be recited during Nava Rathri.

Shailaputhri sthuthi: Prayer to Shaila puthri[edit]

Jagatpajaye, jagat wandhwe, sarva Shakthi swaroopini,
Sarvarthmikesi Kaumari Jagan mathar namosthuthe.

I salute the mother of the universe,who created the world,
Who is saluted by the world, who is personification of all powers,
And who as Kaumari is in all the beings of the world.

Brahmacharini Sthuthi: Prayer to Brhamacharini (Goddess doing penance)[edit]

Tripuram trirgunadhaaram marga Jnana swaroopinim,
Trilokya vandhithaam devim, Trimurthim pranamamyaham

I salute the goddess is the trinity, who destroyed three cities,
Who is the basis for the three fold division of characters,
And who is saluted by all beings of the three worlds.

Chandra Ghanta Sthuthi: Prayer to Chandra ghanta (Goddess wearing the crescent of moon)[edit]

Kalikaam thu kalatheethaam kalyana hurdayaam shivaam,
Kalyana jananim, nithyam kalyanim pranamamyaham.

I salute the Goddess who is forever auspicious,
Who is mother Kali, who is beyond measurement of time,
Who is consort of Shiva in the hearts of auspicious people,
Who is the mother who is auspicious and divine.

Kooshmanda Sthuthi: Prayer to Kooshmanda the creator of the universe[edit]

Animahidha gunaidharam, makara kaara chakshusham,
Anantha Shakthi bedham thaam Kamakshim pranamamyaham

I salute Goddess Kamakshi who is the basis of the nine occult powers like Anima,
Who has eyes similar to fish and who is the endless power of division.

Skanda matha Sthuthi: Prayer to Skandamatha who is mother of Subrahmanya[edit]

Chanda veeram chanda mayaam Chanda munda prabhanjaneem,
Thaam namami cha devesim chandikaam Chanda vikramaam.

I salute Chandika the goddess of all devas,
who is a fierce warrior, Who is the fierce illusion.
Who killed the asuras called Chanda and Munda,
And who is valour is greatly fierce.

Kathyayani Sthuthi: Prayer to Kathyayani daughter of sage Kathyayana[edit]

Sukhananda kareem shanthaam, sarva devair namaskrutham,
Sarva bhoothmikam devi Shambhavim, Pranamyaham

I salute the consort of Shiva who blesses with joy and pleasure,
Who is saluted by all devas and who is in all beings.

Kalarthari Sthuthi: Prayer to Kalarathi, the death of God of death[edit]

Chanda veeram Chandamayam Raktha bheeja prabhanjaneem,
Thaam namami cha devesim Kalarathri, guna shalinim

I salute the Goddess of devas, who is a fierce warrior,
Who is the fierce illusion, who killed Raktha Bheeja,
 Who is death even to God of death and is very good.

Maha Gouri Sthuthi: Prayer to Maha Gowri daughter of Himalayas[edit]

Sundari swarna sarvaangeem, sukha soubhagya dhayinim,
Santhosha jananaim Maha Gowrim pranamyaham

I salute the great white Goddess, Who is pretty and has a golden body,
Who blesses us with pleasure and luck and gives us joy.

Sidhi Dhathri Sthuthi: Prayer to Sidhi Dathri, the giver of occult powers[edit]

Durgame dusthare karye, bhaya durga vinasini,
Pranamami sada bhkthya durga durgathi vinasini.

I salute with perennial devotion Durga who removes sufferings,
And who removes fear and danger in difficult and impossible acts.