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By Swami Harshananda

Nigama as per Scriptures[edit]

The word ṅigama’ has been used in several senses in the scriptures. Since the highest Truth is known or understood properly[1] through the Vedas, they are known as ‘Nigama’. Even the sentences of command contained in them are also referred to as Nigama.

Nigama as per Logical Science[edit]

A definite conclusion established after countering all the objections is also called as ‘nigama’ or ‘nigamana’ in the science of logic. It is also sometimes named as ‘nigama’.

Nigama Technically[edit]

In a more technical sense, the word ‘āgama’ is used for those tāntrik works where Sadāśiva teaches Devī and the word ‘nigama’ for the works wherein the Devī teaches Sadāśiva.


  1. It is called as ‘mtarārii gacchanti anena’.
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