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By Swami Harshananda

Pañcadaśākṣarī-mantra literally means ‘mantra of fifteen letters or syllables’.

This is a fifteen-lettered[1] mantra or mystic formula closely associated with the goddess Lalitā Tripurasundarī[2] and her emblem, the Śrīcakra. Actually there are two such mantras:

  1. The one attributed to the sage Agastya which begins with the letter ‘ka’[3]
  2. Another one is attributed to his wife Lopāmudrā which begins with the letter ‘ha’.[4]

The mantra has to be received ceremonially from a competent guru. It is said to be a very powerful mantra.


  1. Pañcadaśa means fifteen.
  2. Lalitā Tripura-sundarī is an aspect of Pārvatī.
  3. The name is kādimata.
  4. The name is hādimata.
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