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Sant Shreedhar Swami Maharaj

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Shree Swami Sridhar Maharaj was born on 7-12-1908 in Lad Chincholly,near Gulbarga in Karnataka. Every moment of his life was dedicated in the service of the divine.

Before attaining MahaSamadhi on 19-4-1973 at the Varadpur Ashram, Sagar, Karnataka where he established the "Dharma Dwaja", he inspired the masses and reinforced the principles of "Sanatan Dharma".

In 1948, Sreedhar Swami came to Rishikesh after eight months of "Tapas" at Uttarkashi. Swami Sivananda, founder of Divine Life Society, Rishikesh immediately recognized him by his divine radiance and welcomed him and offered Pranams to the great saint. Swami Sivanada told his disciples " I walked a lot, but I have never seen "Tejasvi" & "Tapasvi" of the order of Sreedhar Swami Maharaj. "Akhand Brahmanishta" and "Purna Gyani"such is the nature of Sreedhar Swami. "

Karpatriji Maharaj in Kashi has said " In present age, Samarth Ramdas has himself come in the form of Sreedhar Swami. Dharma's establishment and social transformation has all been made possible by Sreedhar Swami's "Akand Tapas".

Ma Anandmayi on meeting Swamiji declared " We are all walking up the hill of "Parmarth". Path is narrow and extremely difficult. Established on the top of the hill is seen Sadguru Sreedhar Swami Maharaj".

Prabhavati Raje, the ardent disciple of Raman Maharshi after passing away of her Guru, came across Swamiji Receiving his blessings she said "Sreedhar Swami's darshan has made me realize the presence of Maharshi".

Shrengeri's Shankaracharya Swami Abhinava Vidyateerthji once breaked his journey to Delhi at Hoshangabad when he came to know of Sridhar Swami's stay there. He had the Darsan and offered the holy seat of Shrengeri Peeth to Swamiji. Swamiji smiled and showered his blessings.

Once, Satya Sai Baba along with his disciples went to Varadpur Ashram to see Swamiji . On reaching the Ashram, he asked his disciples to maintain perfect silence and declared "Brahma" himself was performing "Tapas" there. Swamiji came out of his cottage and blessed all.

Swami Chinmayananda, founder of the Chinmaya Mission once came across Swami Nityanada, a disciple of Sridhar Swami at "Saandepany" Ashram, Mumbai. On meeting him he offered pranams to Swamiji and said "Your Sadguru is this worlds greatest treasure. There is no limit to his Divine powers and Tejas. I have realized this myself."

Swamiji spent his complete life aimed at transformation of totality. His Akhand sadhana during last eight years was restricted at Varadpur Ashram, Sagar which he established as the power centre for all aspirants. Swamiji's sankalpa of transformation stands firm.