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Satyavati, Daughter of Uparicara Vasu[edit]

Satyavati was the daughter of a king Uparicara Vasu of Cedi[1] but was brought up by a chieftain of fishermen. The sage Parāśara was once infatuated with her beauty and Kṛṣṇa-dvaipāyana Vyāsa was born of their union. She was later married to the king Śantanu from whom she got two sons:

  1. Citrāṅgada
  2. Vicitravirya

Both these princes however died young. Since Bhīṣma[2] was not willing to beget children in the widows of Vicitravirya by niyoga. Satyavati ordered Vyāsa to do so. Later on, she is said to have retired into a forest along with her two daughters- in-law, Ambikā and Ambālikā.

Satyavati, Daughter of Viśvāmitra[edit]

Viśvāmitra’s sister and the mother of the sage Jamadagni was also a Satyavati. The queen of the king Triśaṅku of the solar race was another Satyavati.


  1. Cedi is a kingdom.
  2. Bhīṣma was Śantanu’s first son.
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