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By Swami Harshananda

Sautrāmani literally means ‘a rite for Indra the Sutrātman’.

It is a Vedic sacrifice belonging to the Haviryajña group. Two varieties of this have been recognized as follows:

  1. Caraka-sautrāmaṇī - It is a part of Rājasuya-yāga.
  2. Kaukilī-sautrāmaṇi - It is an independent rite.

Though surā or wine is ceremonially purified and offered in it, it is not drunk by the priests. In Modern times, milk is offered instead of surā. It involves animal sacrifice too. The animals used in it are:

  1. A goat
  2. An ewe
  3. A bull

Alternatively, all the three may be goats also. It was performed either for regaining one’s lost kingdom or for getting prosperity.


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