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Sri Kalyanavaradharaja Perumal Temple Paruthiyur

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By CR. Kaushik

When one enters the small village of Avanam Paruthiyur and passes the gushing Kudamurutti River, a tributary of the Kaveri, and enters the village, the ancient Paruthiyur Perumal Temple is very popular. The murthys of this temple are considered to be a masterpiece of Bronze art.


Sri Kalyana Varadharaja Perumal Temple is located in the village of Avanam Paruthiyur, near Sengalipuram, about 3 KM away from Kodavasal and Plavadi in Thiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu.

Deities In The Temple[edit]

File:Paruthiyur Temple-image.jpg

Paruthiyur Adhi Varadaraja Perumal[edit]

Adhi Varadharaja Perumal facing east in the Paruthiyur Temple is bestowing his grace with 'Prayoga-Chakra". This chakra is believed to have been sent to protect King Ambarisha, a Vishnu devotee, from the curse of the famous sage Duruvasa. In rage Duruvasa created a demon out of a strand of his hair to kill Ambarisha. King Ambarisha prayed to the Lord. Lord Narayana’s Sudarshana intervened and destroyed the demon and protected King Ambarisha. The Lord protects all devotees from any kind of evil.

Sudarshana Chakra[edit]

Hindu mythology is full of references regarding the relationship and synergy between the Chakram and Lord Vishnu. Sudarshana Chakra or the divine disc of Maha Vishnu is one of the Lord’s prominent weapons in annihilating evil forces. Usually Vishnu’s Sudarshana Chakra in most temples is held on the side but in the Paruthiyur Temple it is in a very rare Prayoga state ~ as if it is in use. It is stated in the Ahirbudhnya Samhita that when the devotees are suffering from the afflictions caused by incurable diseases, sorcery, or enemies, Lord Sudarshana dispels his fierce form and comes to their protection. The benefits of Prayers and Homas to Sudarshana are innumerable and it is stated in the palasthuthi of Sudarsan sathaka that God Vishnu with Lakshmi has entrusted the task of protecting the world to Sudarsana and he will confer Arogya, Aiswarya, Deerga Ayuh and confer all desired benefits to the devotees.

Kalyana Varadaraja Perumal[edit]

Since Lord Adhi Varadharaja Perumal was very powerful with the Chakra weapon and was very fierce, another Vishnu, Sri Kalyana Varadharajar was also erected in the same Sannadhi. This Permual blesses bestows well-being and sarva mangalams to the bhaktas.

Paruthiyur Mahalakshmi Thayar[edit]

Paruthiyur Mahalakshmi thayar the Consort of Kalyana Vardharaja Perumal, is an exact replica of Triplicane Parthasarathy Temple Vedavalli Thayar Worshipping this Parithiyur Mahalakshmi is said to be to obtain health, wealth and prosperity. Mahalakshmi thaayaar is very special to bhakthas seeking boons instantly. An aura of divine happiness, mental and spiritual satisfaction, and prosperity always exists around her.

Paruthiyur Kodandarama Parivaar[edit]

Astonishing, tall and beautiful Paruthiyur Ramar Sannadhi is in this temple. It is believed that performing Pujas to Paruthiyur Ramar would eliminate Graha dhoshas, family feuds will vanish and bring unity and ensure lot of happiness and joy within the family.

Shiva Parivaar[edit]

Apart from the four different amsās of Mahavishnu, Paruthiyur Vinayakar, Kasi Viswanathar, Vishalakshi, Nandhikeswara, Bala Dhandayudhapani Murthys are also there in this temple. Pujas and Alankarams are done on special occasions like Ganesh Chadurthi, Kathigai, Shivarathri and Panguni Uthram.

Chola Bronze[edit]

The Utsava Murtis of this temple are masterpiece of bronze art belonging to early Chola Period. Many archaeologists from all over the world, who study south Asian bronze, don’t miss visiting this temple to examine the unique striking images.


Kodandarama Theertham (Mela Kulam), Kudamurutti - Tributary of Cauvery Nadhi


Sudarshana Homa is performed by devotees at the temple premise. Apart from regular abhishekas, alankaras and archanas devotees wash their feet in the pushkarni theertham and perform Pradhakshina Prarthanas several times around the prahara coming around all the sanndhis for consecutive months on Punarvasu star reciting Bhagavan nama japas. Sundal, Panagam and Neer More are popular naivedya prasadams.

Impotant Festivals[edit]

Vaikunta Ekadesi is a very popular festival for Varadharaja Perumal. Aadi Velli, Navarathi & Deepavali are auspicious for Paruthiyur Mahalakshmi, Purattasi Saturdays are celebrated for Paruthiyur Anjaneya and Rama Navami is a grand 10 day Utsavam in this temple.

Road Route[edit]

Nearest big town is Kumbakonam about 25 KM away. From Kumbakonam we take the road route towards Nachiar Kovil and Plavadi. From Plavadi or Kodavasal people can walk or take the auto service to Avanam Paruthiyur. Busses from Kumbakonam to Nachiar Koil, Nagapattinam, Plavadi, Kodavasal Nannilam, Madhirimangalam, Thirumarugai, etc. pass through Paruthiyur.


Sri Kalyana Varadharaja Perumal Koil, 31 Agraharam, Avanam Parithiyur P.O, Via Sengalipuram, Kodavasal Taluk, Thiruvarur District, TN 612604., Tel: 9786867387