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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Sri Matsya Stotram

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Prayer to the Fish Avatar

Translated by P.R.Ramachander

Noonam thwam Bhagawan sakshath harir narayano avyaya,
Anugrahaya bhoothanam dhathse roopam jalokasam., 1

Hey Lord Vishnu who does not have death,
You,who is the real Lord Vishnu,
Even took the form of living being in water,
For showering your blessings on all beings.

Namasthe purusha sreshta, sthithyuthpathivyayayeswara,
Bhakthanam na prapannanam mukhyo athma gathir vibho., 2

Salutations to the greatest among males,
Who is responsible for creation, upkeep and destruction,
And for us devotees who are seeking your protection,
You are the only means leading to their salvation.

Sarva leelavtharasthe bhoothanam bhoothi hethava,
Gnathumichamyadho roopam yadartham bhavatha drutham., 3

Hey god all your incarnations are for the well being of the world,
And I would like to know,what is the necessity of your real form.

Na they aravindaksha, padhopasarpanam,
Mrusha bhaveth sarva suhruth priyathmana,
Yadatharesham pradagathmanam satha,
Madheedruso yadwapraadhbhutham na., 4

Is it not a fact, lotus eyed Lord,
Who is the friend and relation of all,
That total surrender to your feet is never useless,
For you showed your wonderful form,
To the great sages as well as humble devotees like us.