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The Pupils of Atreya

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Caraka Samhitā states that Maharśi Ātreya had six pupils. They were:

  1. Agniveśa
  2. Bhela
  3. Harita
  4. Jatukarṇa
  5. Parāśara
  6. Kṣarapani

Maharśi Ātreya was their guru and all six students ardently followed instructions of their guru. Each student wrote a treatise on medicine. All the treatises were submitted to a committee of Ṛśis for evaluation. Agnivesa's treatise was the best among all the six disciples and hence it was authorized to be the universal text-book.


  • The Caraka Samhita published by Shree Gulabkunverba Ayurvedic Society, Jamnagar, India