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Thulasi Kavacham

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Translated By P.R.Ramachander

The armour of Ocimum sanctum (Holy Basil). This prayer can be found in the Brahmanda Purana. When engaged in fight with Tharakasura, Lord Subrahmanya becomes tired and prays Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva appears before him and teaches him this great stotra. Later by the power gained by reciting the Stotra, Lord Subrahmanya kills Tharaka.

It is mentioned in this stotra, that it fulfills all wishes of those who are chanting it. In another place it is mentioned that if a childless lady or a lady prone to still birth is caressed by a dharbha over which this Kavacha is chanted, then she will give birth to a great baby.

Asya sri Thulasi Kavacha stotra maha manthrasya,
Sri Mahadeva Rishi, Anushtup Chanda,
Sri Thulasi devatha, manobheeshta kaamaani,
Sarva vidhyaartham Jape Viniyoga.

This armour of Thulasi whose saint is Lord Shiva,
Which is written in Anushtup meter, and which
Is addressed to the Goddess Thulasi is being chanted,
For the fulfillment of all wishes of the mind.


Thulasyamrutha janmaasi Sada thwam Kesava priye,
Praseeda varade devi Vishno priyakari sada.

Please show your kindness to me,
Oh Thulasi who is immortal,
Who is dear to Kesava.
And always the darling of Lord Vishnu.


Thulasi sri maha devi nama pankaja dharini,
Shiro may Thulasi pathu
Phalam pathu yashaswini
Drusow may Padma nayane,
Sri Sakhi sravane mama,
Granam pathu Suganda may,
Mukham cha Sumukhi mama., 1-2

My salutations to Goddess Thulasi who holds the lotus.
Let my head be protected by Thulasi,
Let my forehead be protected by she who is famous,
Let my eyes by protected by the lotus eyed one,
Let the friend of Lakshmi protect my ears,
Let the sweet scented one protect my nose,
And let the pretty faced one protect my face.

Jihwaam may pathu supadhaa,
Kandam vidhyamayee mama,
Skandhou kalharinee pathu,
Hrudayam Vishnu vallabhaa,
Punyadha pathu may madhyam,
Nabhim soubhagya dhayini,
Katim kundalini pathu,
Ooru narada vanditha., 3-4

Let her who gives good words protect my toungue,
Let my neck be protected by personification of knowledge,
Let my shoulders by protected by the do-gooder,
Let the consort of Vishnu protect my heart.
Let my middle be protected by the holy goddess,
Let my belly be protected by the giver of luck,
Let my hips be protected by Kundalini[1],
And let my thighs be protected by her who is worshipped by Narada.

Janani Janunee pathu,
Jange sakala vandhitha,
Narayana Priya padhou,
Sarvangam sarva rakshinee., 5

Let the mother protect my knees,
Let her who is worshipped by all,protect my calves,
Let the darling of Narayana protect my feet,
And let she who protects everything, protect all of me.

Sankate Vishame Durge, Bhaye Vadhe maha have,
Nithyam hi sandhyayo pathu thulasi sarvatha sada., 6

During sorrows and problems let Durga protect me,
When in fear or argument let the great receiver of offerings protect me,
And during dawn, noon and dusk daily,
Let Goddess Thulasi protect me.

Yitheetham parama guhyam thulasya kavachamrutham,
Marthya nama mruthathaaya, bheethaanam abhayaya cha,
Mokshaya cha mumukshunaam, dyayinaam dhyana yoga kruth,
Vasaaya vasya kaamaanaam, vidhyaya veda vaadhinaam,
Dravenaaya daridhraanaam, papinaam papa santhaye,
Annaya kshudhithaanaam, swargaya swarga michathaam,
Pasavyam pasukaamaanam , puthram puthra kamkshinaam.,
Rajyaya brushta rajyayaam, asanthaanaam cha santhaye., 7-10

This very secret nectar like armour of Thulasi,
Is like a balm for those beaten,
Drives away fear from those who are afraid,
Provides salvation to those searching for it,
Helps attain object of meditation to those who meditate,
Helps in attracting someone, whom we want to attract,
Gives knowledge to those who want to learn Vedas,
Gives wealth to those not wealthy,
Calms down sins in case of all sinners,
Provides food to those who are hungry,
Gives Heaven to those who search for it,
Gives wealth for those who search for wealth,
Gives sons who desire to have sons,
Gives country to rule to those who have been banished,
Gives peace to those who are perturbed

Bhakthyartham Vishnu bhakthaanaam, Vishnou Sarvandaryathmani,
Jaapyam Tri varga sidhyartham grahasthena viseshatha. 
Udhyantham chandra kiranam Upasthaya kruthanjali,
Thulasi kanane thishtan, aaseeno vaa japethidham., 11-12

For getting devotion, the devotees of Lord Vishnu,
Should pray Lord Vishnu, who is within all things that we know,
And chant this mantra, for getting success in Dharma, Artha, and Kama,
In the morning facing the Sun with folded hands,
And be in the forest of Thulasi
And he would get success immediately.

Sarvaan kamaanavapnothi thadaiva mama sannidheem,
Mama priyakaram nithyam, hari bhakthi vivardhanam., 13

If this Kavacha which is dear to me and
Which increases the devotion to Vishnu.
Is chanted daily, he would get fulfillment of all his wishes,
And reach my presence.

Ya syath mrutha prajaa naari thasya angam pramarjayeth,
Sa puthram labhathe deerga jeeinam chapyarohinam. 
Vandhyaa marjoyadhangam kusair manthrena sadhaka,
Sa aapi samvathsaradeva Garbham dathe manoharam., 14-15 

The lady who has still births,
If her body is caressed by Dharbha,
After chanting of this mantra
Will give birth to a good child,
Which will have a very long life.
The lady who never conceives,
If her body is caressed by Dharbha,
After chanting this Mantra,
Within a year she will deliver a good baby.

Aswathe raja vasyarthee Japed agni suroopa paad,
Palasamole vidhyarthi Thejothyabhi mukhor rave 16

This Kavacha has to be chanted,
Below banyan tree for getting favour from king,
By the side of a pond for those who wants beauty,
On the root of Palasa tree for getting knowledge,
And below the Sun for getting power.

Kanyarthi Chandika gehe, shathru hathyai grhe mama,
Sri kaamo Vishnu gehe, cha udhyane sthree vasyo bhaveth., 17

This Kavacha should be chanted,
In temple of Goddess for getting n attractive girl,
In temple of Shiva for killing the enemy,
In the temple of Vishnu for getting riches,
And in the garden for attracting a girl.

Kimathra bahu nokthena srunu sainyesa thathwatha,
Yam yam kamam abhidhyayeth tham tham prapnothyasamsaya., 18

There is no need to hear more about its effectiveness,
Whosoever wants anything, he will get it by chanting it.

Mama gehe Gadsthwam thu tharakasya vadechaya,
Japan stotrancha kavacham thulsee gatha manasa., 19

You who are intent on killing Tharakasura,
Go from my temple, chant this stotra,
With your mind concentrated on Thulasi.

Mandalaath tharakam hamatha,
Bhishyasi na samsaya 20

There is no doubt that you will kill Tharaka,
If you chant this Mantra for 40 days.

  1. Inner power which lies coiled in every human being.