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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Vijayalakshmi Stotram

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

By Sage Agasthya
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Jaya padma visalakshi, jaya thwam sri pathi priye,
Jaya mathar maha Lakshmi, samasarnavarnava tharini., 1

Victory to the one with lotus like broad eyes,
Victory to her, who is the darling of Lord Vishnu,
Victory to the mother Mahalakshmi,
And victory to her who makes us cross, the sea of life.

Mahalakshmi namasthubhyam, namasthubhyam sureswari,
Hari priye namasthubhyam, namasthubhyam daya nidhe., 2

Salutations to you, Mahalakshmi,
Salutations to you, goddess of devas,
Salutations to you, sweetheart of Hari,
And salutations to you, the treasure of mercy.

Padmalaye namasthubhyam, namasthubhyam cha sarvadhe,
Sarva bhootha hitharthaya, vasu vrushtim sada kuru., 3

Salutations to you, goddess who lives in lotus,
Salutations to you, who is capable of doing everything,
For the sake of the good of all beings,
Please always shower nectar on them.

Jaganmathar namasthubhyam, namasthubhyam dhaya nidhe,
Dayavathi namasthubhyam, Visweswari namosthuthe., 4

Salutations to you, mother of the world,
Salutations to you, treasure house of mercy,
Salutations to you, who has the habit of being merciful,
And salutations to you, goddess of the universe.

Nama ksheerrnava sudhe, nama trilokya dharini,
Vasu vrushte namasthubhyam, raksha maam saranagatham., 5

Salutations to the daughter of milky ocean,
Salutations to her who holds the three worlds,
Salutations to you who showers nectar,
Please protect me, who am seeking your protection.

Raksha thwam deva devesi deva devasya vallabhe,
Daridrya thrahi maam Lakshmi, krupaam kuru mamopari., 6

Please save me,Oh goddess of Gods,
Who is the consort of god of gods,
Oh Lakshmi, please remove my poverty,
And show mercy on me.

Namasthrilokya janani, Namatrilokya pavani,
Brahmadayo namanthi thwam, jagadananda dhayini., 7

Salutations to mother of three worlds,
Salutations to purifier of three worlds,
Gods like Brahma salute you,
Oh Goddess who grants happiness to the world.

Vishnu priye, namasthubhyam, namasthubhyam jagadhithe,
Aarthhanthri namasthubhyam, samrudhim kuru may sada., 8

Salutations of darling of Vishnu,
Salutations to her, who is everywhere in the world,
Salutations to her who ends avarice,
Please give me plenty, always.

Abjavase namasthubhyam, chapalayai namo nama,
Chanchalayai namasthubhyam, lalithyai namo nama., 9

Salutation to her who lives in the lotus,
Salutations to her who is unstable,
Salutations to her who easily shifts,
And salutations to her who is easily pleased.

Nama pradhymna janani, mathasthubhyam namo nama,
Paripalaya bho mathar maam, thubhyam saranagatham., 10

Salutations to the mother of Pradhyumna,
Oh, Mother salutations and salutations to you,
Oh my mother look after me,
For I have come seeking your protection.

Saranye thwam prapannosmi, kamale kamalalaye,
Trahi trahi mahalakshmi, parithrana parayane., 11

Oh goddess, who is fit to accept surrender,
Please accept my surrender.
Oh Kamala who lives on a lotus,
Save me, save me, Oh Mahalakshmi,
Who is interested in saving those who approach her.

Pandithyam shobhathe naiva, na shobhanthi guna nare,
Seelathwam naiva shobhthe, Mahalakshmi thwaya vina., 12

Without your presence Mahalakshmi,
Learning does not shine, nor does,
Good conduct and good character.

Thwad virajathe roopam, thawach seelam virajathe,
Thwad guna naranaam, cha yavath Lakshmi praseedathi., 13

The form of a being shines,
The character of a being shines,
The conduct of a being shines,
Till the grace of Mahalakshmi is present.

Lakshmi thwayalankrutha manavaye,
Papair vimuktha, nrupaloka manya,
Gunair viheena, gunino bhavanthi,
Dusshelana sheelavatham varishta., 14

That man who is decorated by your presence,
Is free from sins, respected like a king,
Even if he lacks good conduct, is considered having one,
And even if is of bad character, is considered as good.

Lakshmir bhooshayathe roopam, lakshmir bhooshayathe kulam,
Lakshmir bhooshayathe vidhyam, sarva lakshmir viseshyathe., 15

Lakshmi decorates the looks,
Lakshmi decorates the clan,
Lakshmi decorates knowledge,
And everything is made special by her.

Lakshmi thwad guna keerthanena, kamala bhoorythyalam jihmatham,
Rudradhya ravi Chandra devathayo, vakthum naiva kshama,
Asmabhi sthava roopa lakshana gunaan vakthum kadham sakyathe,
Mathar maam paripahi viswa janani kruthwa mameshtam dhruvam., 16

Oh Lakshmi, Lord Brahma, Rudra, Sun God and moon god,
Find themselves inadequate to sing your praises,
And please tell how I can be adequate to sing you in poems,
Oh mother please look after me, Oh mother of universe,
Always fulfill my desires fully.

Dheenarthi bheetham, bhava thapa peeditham,
Dhanair viheenam, thava parsvamagatham,
Krupa nidhithwath, mama Lakshmi sathwaram,
Dhana pradhana dhana nayakam kuru., 17

Afraid of misery, afflicted by sorrow,
Without wealth, I have come before you,
Oh My Lakshmi, speedily take mercy on me,
And make me rich and lord of riches.

Maam vilokya janani Hari priye,
Nirdhanam sameepamagatham,
Dehi may jjadithi karagram,
Vasthra kanchana varannamadbutham., 18

Please see me,darling of Hari,
I have come near you without any wealth,
Please give speedily your helping hand,
And bless me with cloth, gold and wonderful food

Thwameva janani Lakshmi, pitha Lakshmi thwameva cha,
Bratha thwam cha sakha Lakshmi vidhya Lakshmi thwameva cha., 19

You are my mother Oh, Lakshmi,
You are my father Oh, Lakshmi,
You are my brother and friend Oh Lakshmi,
And you are also my knowledge, Oh Lakshmi.

Thrahi, thrahi maha Lakshmi, Thrahi, thrahi Sureswari,
Thrahi, thrahi Jagan matha, daridryath thrahi vegatha., 20

Save me, save me, Of Maha Lakshmi,
Save me, save me, Of Goddess of gods,
Save me, Save me, Oh mother of universe,
Speedily save me save me from poverty.

Namasthubhyam jagad dhatri, Namasthubhyam namo nama,
Dharma dhaare Namasthubhyam, nama sampathi dhayini., 21

Salutations to you mother of the universe,
Salutations to you, salutations.and salutations,
Salutations to the upholder of just action,
And salutations to the giver of wealth.

Daridryarnava magnoham, nimagnoham rasa thale,
Majjantham maam kare dhruthwa, thudhara thwam rame dhruvam., 22

I am completely drowned in poverty,
Drowned deeply in to hell,
Please extend your hand quickly,
And please lift me permanently from here, Oh Rema.

Kim Lakshmi bahunokthena, japithena puna puna,
Anyamme saranam nasthi, sathyam sathyam hari priye., 23

Why should I endlessly repeat,
This request again and again,
I do not have any one except you,
This is the truth and the truth, darling of Hari.

Ethath sruthwa sathya vakyaam, hrushyamana hari priya,
Uvacha madhuram vaneem, thushtoham thave sarvadha., 24

Hearing these truthful words,
The darling of Hari became happy,
And told in sweet words,
“I have always become pleased with you.”

Yathwayoktha midham stotram ya padishyathi manava,
Srunothi cha maha bhagas thasyaham vasa varthini., 25

He who reads or hears this poem of praise,
Will become a great devotee of God,
And I would be under his control,
And obey all his wishes.

Nithyam padathi yo bhakthya, thwam Lakshmi sthasya nasyathi,
Ranam cha nasyathe theevram, viyogam na pasyathi., 26

To him who reads this prayer daily,
Lakshmi would destroy his quarrels,
And destroy great parting of ways,
And he would never see her going away.

Ya padeth prathar uthaya, sradha bhakthi samanvitha,
Gruhe thasya sada sthasye nithyam sreepathina saha., 27

He who read this daily as soon as he gets up,
With devotion and concentration daily,
Will have his house blessed with the presence,
Of Mahalakshmi, and her consort.

Sukha soubhagya sampanno, manasvee budhiman bhaved,
Puthravan gunavan sreshto bhoga bhoktha cha manava., 28

He would lead a life luck and pleasure,
Become by mind intelligent,
Get children be of good character,
And would enjoy all pleasures.

Idham stotram maha punyam Lakshmy agasthya prakeerthitham,
Vishnu prasada jananam,chaturvarga phala pradham., 29

This prayer which was sung about Lakshmi,
By the sage Agasthya is greatly blessed,
Brings the grace of Lord Vishnu,
And gives four types of wealth.

Rajadware jayaschaiva, sathroschiva parajaya,
Bhootha pretha pisachanam, vyagranam na bhayam thadha., 30

This would grant success in the door of the king,
Lead to the defeat of our enemy,
And is the remover of fears of ghosts,
Dead souls and tigers.

Na sasthra anala thyaougathbhayam thasya prajayathe,
Durvruthanam cha papanam bahu hanikaram param., 31

Neither armaments, nor fire nor water would cause fear to him,
And bad natured and sinners would greatly be harmed.

Mandhurakari salasugavam goshte samahitha,
Padeth dosha santhyartham, maha pathaka nasanam., 32

He would be happy with properties and herds of cows,
And reading it as an antidote for problems and
Would completely destroy effects of great sins.

Sarva soukhya karam, nrunam ayur aroghyadam thadha,
Agasthya munina proktham, prajanam, hitha kamyaya., 33

Granting all sort of good things, and blessing with health and life,
This was composed by Sage Agasthya for the great good of people.