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By Swami Harshananda

Many writers of dharmaśāstras have quoted several verses from Yama or Yamasmrti on various topics. Though no authentic work of that title has been recovered, it is possible that a fairly big work of that name existed. There are some printed editions published by various agencies, but the number of verses is different from one another, like 78 or 99 or 182. Some treatises called Bṛhad-Yama are also available in print. The topics dealt with in these printed editions are:

  1. Prāyaścitta - expiation for sins
  2. Śuddhi - purification
  3. Śrāddha - obsequal rites
  4. Lowest castes
  5. Partition
  6. Food and its pollution
  7. Crime and punishment
  8. Litigation
  9. Some philosophical topics

Many verses quoted by the authors of the dharmaśāstras are usually found in the printed edition of Manusmṛti.


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