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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Abhirami Ammai Pathikam Set III(Tamil)

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Abhirami Ammai Padhikam –Set III


Abhirama Bhattar

Translated by


((This great prayer has been written by Abhirama Bhattar who lived in Thirukadayur. But his major work in Abhirami Andathi , which also I have translated and put in the web site. People wanting to know more about Abhirama Bhattar are requested to refer to my introduction to the translation of Abhirami Andathi. Though Abhirama Bhattar has contributed three sets of prayers called pathigam addressed to this same Goddess, the prayer in this set I is more famous and well known than the others. The pathikams of set III were found with the descendents of Abhirama Bhattar and published only in 1975. This was published in a book called Thirukadavur Prabandha thirattu Bu Sri Sadhram Sastrigal.
. I have taken this great prayer from a book called Abhirami Bhattarain Pathigangal , where the tamil meaning of these prayers are given by Abhiramadasan Meenakshi Sundaram Mohan, published by the author .I owe my deep gratitude to this great translation which helped me understand the meaning of all the difficult words in this great prayer.)

1.Kalam undu, Punal undu , poo undu,
Kanigal undu , kavumari nin thiru,
Kolam undu , ithai utkondu thondarai ,
Koodi kondu kulaavi thirinthilen ,
Jnaalam unda thirumalum , thevarum,
Nani oda naralayile ezhum ,
Aalam unda Kadavur iraivarai ,
AAlum chelvi, Abhirama valliye

Oh Goddess who rules over the God of Thirukadayur,
Who by swallowing the poison coming out of the sea ,which made ,
All devas as well as Lord Vishnu who had swallowed the world,
Ashamed and run away, Oh Goddess Abhirami ,
There is time, there is water , there are flowers,
There are fruits and Oh Goddess , there is also your form,
And having realized this , had I not joined your devotees,
And chatted happily with them and wandered as I like?

2.THunjal yendru udan thondruthal yendrumay,
Chuzhalum vandu yena chuthi thirindha pin,
Minjal ondrayum kaanen , itharkku ini,
Mel yenakku oru mey vazhi kattuvay,
Unjal yendru azhagay akkodum pagadu,
Orum koottai udaithu Chiruvanai,
Anjal yendra Kadavur iraivarai,
Aalum chelvi , Abhirama valliye.

After wandering like a bee round and round,
Between the cycle of birth and death,
I could not see anything that remains and so ,
Please show me a true way out of it , Oh Abhirami, Oh goddess who rules over lord of Thirukadayur,
Who only told the boy not to be afraid and,
Kicked the God of death who was chasing him,
On a horrible buffalo saying “Would you stay alive.”

3.Umbalai kurumkar irumbu aagiyathu,
Ul udaikkum padi midi mer pada ,
Pambu alaikkul schuzhal thurumbu aagi aap,
Patangil kudam kaviri paynthidum ,
Kazhani thorum kadhir tharalangalai,
Ambu alaikkum Kadavur iraivarai,
Aalum chelvi, Abhirama valliye.

Like a strong elephant being tamed by a small iron goad,
The poverty is breaking me in to pieces,
Making me like a piece of grass caught in torrential river,
And are you happy to see me suffer in this pit of misery?
Oh Abhirami, Oh goddess who rules over the lord of Thirukadayur,
Which is made fertile by the flowing of the river Cauvery,
Which makes pearl like grains in all the fields it enters.

4.Mulai asaikum parathayar aasayil,
Moozhgi , moozhgi mudu vari ondhi pol,
Thalai asaikkum pathitharai pin chendru,
SAncharippathu konjamadho?Cholay,
Kulai asaikkum kurangu ilam thenginil,
Kudithu asaikka kudaval valai yerinthu,
Alai asaikkum kadavur iraivarai,
Aalum chelvi, Abhirama valliye.

Is it proper to follow the sinners who drown and drown,
Like a chameleon in the passionate desire for prostitutes
And shake their heads , when those women shake their breasts, please tell me
Oh Abhirami, Oh Goddess who rules the Lord of Thirukadayur ,
Which has a river in which waves throw out conches,
Which waves are made when the coconuts fall in the river,
When monkeys climb on them and shake them

5.Kandu araithu pizhindhadhu pol cholum,
Kaviyai chadum kaviyai oppu aagiya,
Vandar andayil kondu chollamal un,
Vanasa parvai vazhangil kurayumo ?
THondar pottha kalayanum pottha meych,
Churuthi potthu achuthan pottha , vsavan
Andar potthum Kadavur iraivarai,
Aalum chelvi , Abhirama valliye.

Without offering the poems which are like the juice
Taken out of squeezing the sugar cane ,
To the monkeys which jump from one branch to another,
Which cannot enjoy the poems , If I offer them ,
To your great sight , will their fame reduce?
Oh Abhirami, Oh Goddess who rules the Lord of Thirukdayur,
Who is praised by his devotees, by kungilya Kalayanar*,
By Lord Vishnu who is praised by Vedas and other devas.
*One of the Saivite saints who lived in Thirukadayur

6.Thee tharikkum thamiyen , yen aaruyir,
Chjintha anthagan vandhidu mundhiye,
Nee tharikkum chilayoidu vandhu mun,
Nirpadhe andri , sarpanai cheyvayo?
Odharikkum vidhikkum yetta patham,
Udavi maindan mathi mayangamalum,
Aadarikkum Kadavur iraivarai ,
Aalum Chelvi , Abhirama valliye.

Before the God of death comes to take ,
The soul of this poor man , please ,
Come with the sugar cane bow that you hold,
And stand before me. Would you not do it?
Oh Abhirami, Oh Goddess who rules the Lord of Thirukdayur,
Who gave his feet which was not got by Vishnu and Brahma, to me,
Considering me as his son and saw to it that I do not vacillate.

7.Ozhivu ilatha kodum kama kumbhiyil,
Unarvu ilathu azhum oor pandri pola nan,
Izhivu ilathapadi , yel alavum nee ,
Irangidathathum yetho”arinthilen,
Pozhivu ilathu appurantharan aagiyor,
Pondru kalathum pondrathu yekkalathum,
Azhivu ilatha Kadavur iraivarai ,
Aalum Chelvi , Abhirama valliye.

I do not understand why without break I am allowed,
To wallow in the pit of passion and cry,
Like a village pig wallowing in a pit ,
And get cursed by others and not get your pity?
Oh Abhirami, Oh Goddess who rules the Lord of Thirukdayur,
Who does not have any destruction at all times,
Unlike the Indra, and others of the world of Gods .

8.Kandru arum thuyar theerkkum pasuvin nee,
Kannal villudan yen arugil vandhu,
Nindru arum thuyar neeki nandru aaki Ven,
Neeru aninthu ulam yeyrana matthuvay.
Pon tharum thuyal poon mulai marberap,
Porunthu nee yena ponthu bali irandhu,
Andru arunthum Kadavur iraivarai ,
Aalum Chelvi , Abhirama valliye

Like a cow which removes the sorrow of its calf,
Please come near me with a bow of sugarcane,
Remove all my great sorrows and make me happy ,
And also apply the ash and cure the wound in my heart,
Oh Abhirami, Oh Goddess who rules the Lord of Thirukdayur,
Who takes alms and eats from you ,
Oh goddess who wears ornaments of gold , over her breasts.

9.Chalam kavarntha marai mukil aanathum ,
Chanda marutham thakkiya pothu than,
Belam kulainthathu pole midiyinaal,
Pinju nenjakam pedakam aabvano?
Kalangal yendru vandhu aadaka choodaka,
Kai amarthi karunai vandhu aaluvay,
Alangal venik Kadavur iraivarai ,
Aalum Chelvi , Abhirama valliye

Even the cloud which has stolen the water
Is swept away when the storm strikes it,
And Would not my little mind be completely broken down,
Just because I am attacked by Poverty,
Oh Abhirami, Oh Goddess who rules the Lord of Thirukdayur,
Who decorates his head with a garland,
Oh Goddess , Please come and with your hands ,
Wearing golden bangles console me,
And say to me , “Please do not get flustered”

10.Sokam nal kuravum thavirthu aalkenath,
Thol puvikku durandharan aadhiyor ,
Yogam endrum utthu uthamiye , Pugazhndu ,
Unnai potthum upayam arindhilen,
Bogam nalgum punar mulai marberap,
Pulli neengip porumayinal yenakku ,
Aakam nalgum Kadavur iraivarai ,
Aalum Chelvi , Abhirama valliye

Like Aadhisesha and others who lift the earth,
Telling you to remove their sorrows and ,
Completely rule over them , I do not know ,
The trick of praising and praying you,
Oh Abhirami, Oh Goddess who rules the Lord of Thirukdayur,
Who showers his grace on me , due to the happiness,
He got by hugging your breast tightly .