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By Swami Harshananda

Daivisampat literally means ‘divine wealth’.

The Bhagavadgītā is a cardinal scripture revered by everyone. It has also attracted the attention of many spiritual seekers and savants from around the world.

The sixteenth chapter of this work deals with two archetypes among the human beings the āsuric or the demoniac and the daivī or the divine beings. The former are hostile to all moral and spiritual values whereas the latter are fully receptive to them.

These moral and spiritual values listed in this chapter[1] are called ‘daivīsampad’ or ‘daivisampat’, a wealth (sampat = wealth) that ultimately leads to the attainment of the divine state (daivī = divine). They are:

  1. Abhaya - Fearlessness
  2. Sattvasariśuddhi - Purity of the heart
  3. Jñāna-yoga-vyavasthiti - Steadfastness in knowledge and devotion
  4. Dāna - Benevolence
  5. Dama - Control of senses
  6. Yajña - Worship
  7. Svādhyāya - Study of the scriptures
  8. Tapas - Austerity of body, speech and mind
  9. Ārjava - Uprightness
  10. Ahimsā - Non-violence
  11. Satya - Truth
  12. Akrodha - Freedom from anger
  13. Tyāga - Renunciation
  14. Śāntiv - Tranquility
  15. Apaiśuna - Aversion to slander
  16. Bhuteṣu dayā - Compassion towards all living beings
  17. Aloluptva - Freedom from sensuality
  18. Mārdava - Gentleness
  19. Hrī - Modesty
  20. Acāpala - Steadiness
  21. Tejas - Vigor
  22. Kṣamā - Forgiveness
  23. Dhṛti - Fortitude
  24. Śauca - Purity
  25. Adroha - Harmlessness
  26. Nātimānitā - Freedom from vanity

If these great qualities are practiced and imbibed properly, will raise all human beings from the brute level to divine heights.


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