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By Swami Harshananda

Gocāra literally means ‘movement of the planets’.

Gocāra Definition[edit]

Gocāra is the technical name given to the movement of the nine planets, starting with the rāśi of the birth of the person in the eleven succeeding positions. These movements depend upon the particular planet and its position give either good, bad or mixed results.

Nine Planets[edit]

Astrology recognizes nine planets which exercise a great influence on the life of the human beings, both at the individual and at the social levels. These are:

  1. Ravi - Sun
  2. Candra or Soma - Moon
  3. Maṅgala or Kuja - Mars
  4. Budha - Mercury
  5. Guru or Bṛhaspati - Jupiter
  6. Śukra - Venus
  7. Śani - Saturn
  8. Rāhu - lunar node
  9. Ketu - lunar node

Effect of Planets[edit]

These planets produce good or bad effects depend on their position on the day in the zodiac related to the rāśi.[1] The rāśi is the sign of the Zodiac where the moon is present on the day of the birth of the person.

Results of Different Planet Positions[edit]

  • For instance when Ravi (Sun) is in the rāśi of birth, he will bring about disease.
  • When Soma (Moon) is occupying the ninth house from the rāśi of birth, quarrels arise in one’s life.
  • If Guru (Jupiter) is occupying the eighth house, he causes loss of wealth.
  • If Śukra (Venus) is in the third house, he will bestow happiness.
  • If Śani (Saturn) is occupying the sixth house, wealth is gained.

Daily Astrological Calculations[edit]

The details of the effects of the planets on one’s life, on a particular day, can be known by consulting an almanac and the tables given in astronomical texts.


  1. Rāśi is the zodiacal sign like Meṣa or Aries.
  • The Concise Encyclopedia of Hinduism, Swami Harshananda, Ram Krishna Math, Bangalore