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Introduction to Kannada Krithis

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As the name of the classical music of South India Suggests, it might have originated in the Kannada speaking places. Though there are several Vaggeya Karas the most prominent among them is Purandara Dasa.
Purandara Dasa(1484-1564) is possibly one of the greatest names associated with Carnatic music and considered as the Father of Carnatic music. He belonged to Karnataka and wrote his songs mostly in Kanada, Since he was one of those minstrel poets of that era , trying to poularise devotion to God, he mostly wrote in colloquial Kannada of those days. He is credited to have written more that 40000 songs. Only few of these are available now. His name was Srinivasa Nayaka and he belonged to the rich merchant community. Some incidents in life made him give away all his property and become a ministrl mendicant.
He was the one who systematized the teaching of Carnatic music. His greatness is indicated by the fact that even today his method is followed and the first Carnaticsong which is taught to the student is his composition . Apart from songs on devotion, he has also sung about the different aspects of day to day life.
He was followed by the minstrels of God called Dasas in composition of this type of music till recently. In the modern times several people have taken up the job of composing these songs.
I am again having a very good working knowledge of Kannada but I am mostly confining myself to songs which are simple and easy to understand.