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By Swami Harshananda

Janasthāna is one of the places connected with Śrī Rāma, mentioned in the Rāmāyana of Vālmīki and was a part of the Daṇḍakāraṇya forest. Śrī Rāma, Sītā and Lakṣmaṇa lived here for quite a long time. Some important incidents of the story that took place here are:

  • Disfigurement of the ogress Surpaṇakhā
  • Decimation of Khara, Duṣaṇa and Triśiras along with their army of 14,000 demons by Śri Rāma
  • Allurement of Sitā by Mārica in the guise of a golden deer
  • Abduction of Sitā by Rāvaṇa


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