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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Narasimha Kavacham

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Narasimha Kavacham

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1.Nrusimha kavachamVakshye prahlodhenodhitham puraa,
Sarva rakshakaram punyam , sarvopadrava nasanam

I shall recite the armour of Narasimha recited in the olden times by Prahladha,
Which protects everything that is blessed and destroys all problems.

2.Sarva sapath karam chaiva swarga moksha pradhayakam,
Dhyathwa Narasimham devesam hema simhasana sthitham.

It gives all sorts of wealth and grants heaven as well as salvation,
If it is chanted meditating on Narasimha as sitting on the throne.

3.Vivrythaasyaam trinayanam, sharad Indu sama prabham,
Lakshmyaalingitha vamangam, Vibhoothirupasritham.

He has three eyes , keeps his mouth open and has the glow of autumn moon,
And he is hugged on left side by Lakshmi and his form depends on his glowing power.

4.Chathur bhujam Komalangam Swarna kundala shobhitham,
Sarojashobhithoraskam rathna keyura mudhritham.

He has four hands, he has pretty limbs and wears a golden ear stud,
His chest shines like a lotus flower and he wears gem studded bracelets.

5.Thapatha kanchana sankasam Peetha nirmala vasasam,
Indradhi sura moulistha sphuran manikya deepthibhi.

He resembles the molten gold and wears yellow cloths,
He shines in the light of rubies on head of the saluting Indra and other devas.

6.Virajitha pada dwandwam shanka chakradhi hethibhi
Garuthmathaa savinayam sthuyamanam mudhanwitham.

He shines with two feet and holds the conch and wheel in his hand,
And Lord Garuda with humility offers him prayers with devotion.

7.Swahruth kamala samvasam kruthwa thu kavacham padeth,
Nrusimho may drusou pathu loka rakshanathma sambhava.

If one reads this armour after making Lord Narasimha ,
Who protects the world , Occupy the lotus of his mind
The Lord who is born to take care of this world will protect one’s head.

8.Sarvago api sthambha vasa phalam may Rakshathu dwanim,
Nrusimho may drusou pathu soma suryagni lochana.

Let my forehead be protected by the all pervading one who is in the pillar,
Let my sound be protected by Narasimha and
My eyes be protected by the one who has sun, moon and fire as eyes.

9.Smruthim may pathu nruharir muni varya sthuthipriya,
Naasaam may simhanasathu , mukham Lakshmi mukha Priya.

Let my memory be protected by Narasimha, who likes prayers from great sages,
Let my nose be protected by he who has a lion’s nose ,
And let my mouth be protected by he who loves the mouth of Lakshmi.

10.Sarva Vidhyadhipa pathu Nrusimho rasanaam mama,
Vakthram pathu indhu vadana sada prahlada vandhitha.

Let my taste buds be protected by the Lord of all knowledge, Narasimha,
Let my face be protected by the moon faced one saluted by Prahladha.

11.Nrusimha pathu may kandam , skandhou bhoo bharanantha kruth,
Divyasthra shobhitha bhujo Nrusimha pathu may bhujou.

Let my neck be protected by Narasimha ,
And shoulders by him who rules over the world till the end ,
And let that Narasimha whose arms shine,
With divine weapons protect my arms.

12.Karou may deva varadho, nrusimha pathu sarvadha,
Hrudayam yogi sadshyascha , nivasam pathu may Hari.

Let my hands be protected by the protector of devas,
Let me be protected from all sides by Lord Narasimha,
Let my heart be protected by him who can be approached by great sages,
And let my house be protected by Lord Hari.

13.Madhyam pathu Hiranyaksha , Vaksha kukshi vidaranaa,
Nabhim may pathu nruhari, , sva nabhi brahma samsthuthaa.

Let my middle be protected by the God
Who tore apart chest and abdomen of Hiranyaksha,
Let my navel be protected by Lord Narasimha,
Who is praised by Brahma who sprang from his own navel.

14.Brahmanda kotaya katyaam yasyasou pathu may katim,
Guhyam may pathuu guhyanaam manthraanaam guhya roopa druk.

Let my hip be protected by him ,
On whose hips all the universe rests,
Let my private parts be protected by the mysterious one,
Who can only be seen by use of very secret mantras.

15.Ooru manobhava pathu jahnuni nara roopa druk,
Jange pathu dharaa bhara harthaa yo as ou nrukesari.

Let my thighs be protected by one who happens in the mind,
Let my knees be protected by him who has a human form,
Let my calves be protected by him who lightens my load ,
And appears in the form of a combination of man and lion.

16.Sura rajya pradha pathu padhou may nruhareswara,
Sahasra seershaa Purusha pathu may sarva sas thanum.

Let my feet be protected by the God in man lion form,
Who looks after the kingdom of all devas,
And let my entire body be protected by the God,
Who has one thousand heads.

17.Mahogra poorvatha pathu maha veeragrajo agnitha,
Maha Vishnu dakshine thu maha jwalasthu nairyathi.

Let the ferocious one protect me from the east,
Let the very valorous one protect from south east,
Let the great Vishnu protect me from the south,
And let God who blazes like a flame protect me from the south west.

18.Paschime pathu sarveso, Disi may sarvatho mukha,
Nrusimha pathu vayavyaam, soumyam bhooshana vigraha.

Let God of everything protect me from west,
As he has faces turned in all directions,
Let Narasimha protect me from north west,
And let the well ornamented one protect me from north.

19.Eeshanyo pathu bhadro may , srava mangala dhayaka,
Samsra bhayadha pathu mruthyor mruthyus nrukesari.

Let the God who protects and gives all things auspicious,
Protect me from the north west and let me be protected ,
From fear of birth and death by the Lord Narasimha,
Who is indeed death to death itself.

20.Idham nrusimha kavacham , prahladha mukha manditham,
Bhathiman ya paden nithyam sarva papam prumuchyathe.

This armour of Lord Narasimha which was narrated by Prahladha,
If read by a devotee daily , would save him from all his sins.

21.Puthravan , dhanavan loke deerga ayur upa jayathe,
Yam yam kamayathe kamam tham tham prapnonsthyasamsayam.

He would be blessed with sons , wealth and a very long life,
And all that he desires would be achieved by him without any doubt.

22.Sarvathra jayam aapnothi , sravathra vijayee bhaveth,
Bhhomyanthareeksha divyaanaam grahaanaam vini varanam.

He who desires for victory everywhere would get victory everywhere,
He would ward off all the evils caused by earth , environment and planets.

23.Vruschiko raga sambhootha visha apa haranam param,
Brahma Rakshasa yakshaanaam dhoorothsaarana karanam.

This armour steals away the poison caused by serpents and scorpions,
And Brahma Rakshasas and Yakshas would be driven far- far away.

24.Bhurje vaa thala pathre vaa kavacham likhitham shubham,
Kara moole drutham yena sidhyeyu karma sidhaye.

If this auspicious armour is written on a palm leaf or bark of a tree,,
And this is worn in the hand all his actions would be come divine.

25.Devasura manushyeshu swam swameva jayam labheth,
Yeka sandhyam trisandhyam vaa ya paden niyatho nara.

That man who reads it following all rules ,three times,
In the dawn, noon or dusk or one of these times,
Would get victory over humans , devas and Asuras.

26.Sarva mangala mangalyam , bhuthim , muykthim cha vindathi,
Dwathrimsad sahasrani padeth shudhatmanaam nrunaam.

That holy and pure human being who reads it,
Thirty two thousand times would definitely get,
All auspicious things, wealth and salvation.

27.Kavachayasya manthrasya manthra sidhi prajayathe,
Anena manthra rajena kruthwa bhas mabhi manthranam.

If this is chanted along with wearing of ashes, by the help of this,
Mantra of the Kavacha which is the king of mantras , he would get mastery over it.

28.Thilakam vinyased yasthu thasya graham bhayam hareth,
Trivare japamanasthu datham varibhya manthrya cha.

By wearing a Tilaka and after doing Aachamana with mantras,
If this is chanted for three weeks, the fear of planets would be removed for him.

29.Prasayedhyo naro mantram , nrusimha dhyanamacharedh,
Thasya roga pranasyanthi ye cha syu kukshi sambhavaa.

After meditating on Lord Narasimha , if a man,
Masters this mantra his diseases would be cured,
Including those diseases of the abdomen.

30.Kimathra bahu nokthena nrusimha sadruso bhaveth,
Manasa chinthitham yathu sa thachapnothya samsayam.

Which other great one can ever become like Narasimha,
For just thinking about him in mind would make him your own without doubt.

31.Garjantham garjayantham nija bhuja patalam sphotayantham hatantham,
Roopyantham thapayantham dhivi bhuvi dhithijam kshopayantham kshipantham,
Kranthantham roshayantham disi disi sathatham samharantham bharantham,
Vikshantham ghoornayantham sara nikara sathair divya simham namami.

He roars and makes us roar ,He with his many arms tears and throws them out,
He searches and troubles the sons of Dhithi in this and other worlds,
Throws them and scatters them and when angry he kills them from all directions,
And when he sees them he tears them apart with his hundreds of divine hands,
And I salute him who has manifested himself as a divine lion.

Ithi Sri Brahmanda purane prahalodhoktham nrusimha kavacham sampoornam

Thus ends the armour of Narasimha told by Prahlada found in Brahmanda Purana.