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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Narayana Jaya

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Translated by P.R.Ramachander

Narayana Jaya by Unknown Author[edit]

Aathalil gopikal thappiyeduthoru,
Uthama muthanu ‘Narayana’, 1

Narayana, you are the peerless gem,
Found by gopis after a thorough search.

Bhakthiyam sindhuvin madhye vidarnnoru,
Sachin malaranu ‘Narayana’, 2

Narayana, you are that purest flower,
Which opened in the middle of the sea of devotion.

Gokulamakave santhathamayi theerkunna,
Pavana nadhamee ‘Narayana’, 3

Narayana you are the most holy musical note,
Which makes the entire Gokula peaceful.

Naam ariyathe navil vannal pinne,
Vittu piryatha ‘Narayana’, 4

Narayana, you are that word,
Which if comes unknowingly to the toungue,
Will never ever leave it

Kelkkunna mathrayil ellaam marakkunna,
Aananda geethamee ‘Narayana’, 5

Narayana,you are that happy song,
Which once heard makes one forget everything else.

Brahmadhi devagal yennum sevikkunna,
Karunya theerthamee ‘Narayana’, 6

Narayana, you are that holy water of mercy,
Which is sipped by Brahma and all other gods.

Narada veenayil yennum muzhangunna,
Prema swaramanu ‘Narayana’, 7

Narayana you are the note of love,
Which comes daily out of the veena of Narada.

Aannoru aajamilan Vaikundamayi kanda,
Nalaksharamanu ‘Narayana’, 8

Narayana,you are that four letters,
Which was seen as heaven by Aajamila.

Paapikalkeththavum prayasamayi thonnidum,
Paduvanee namam ‘Narayana’, 9

Narayana, you are the name, singing of which,
The sinners feel very difficult to sing.

Yendum parayuvan pondunna nave nee,
Yinnonnu padumo ‘Narayana’, 10

Oh toungue who rises to shout anything,
Will you please sing today ‘Narayana’

Madhavan, yen guru kattidum samasara,
Sagara thoniyaam ‘Narayana’, 11

Narayana, you are the boat shown,
By my teacher Madhava to help me cross,
The great ocean of life.

Narayana, thava nadathil mungidum,
Jangale kakkan marannid alle., 12

Hey Narayana, Please do not forget to save us,
Who are drowned in thine Music.

Narayana Hare, Narayana Hare,
Narayana Hare, Narayana Hare.

Oh Narayana, Oh Hari,
Oh Narayana, Oh Hari,
Oh Narayana, Oh Hari,
Oh Naryana.

Narayana Jaya of Thunchathu Ezhuthachan[edit]

Thunchathu Ezhuthachan was one of those first great poets of Malayalam. He was also one of those first to use what is now the alphabet system of Kerala.

Karalil vivekam koodathe,
Kandara nimisham, batha kalayarutu aarum,
Maranam varum yennu ninachiha,
Karuthuka sathatham, Narayana Jaya 1

Without wisdom deep in the heart,
Nobody should waste even half a minute,
For always believe that death,
Would come in a jiffy, Victory to Narayana.

Kanunnu chilar palathum upayam,
Kanunilla marikkum ithu yennum,
Kangilum oru nothadinnagathu,
Illenne kanu, Narayana jaya., 2

Some people see many tricks in the world,
But none sees anything to prevent death,
Even if they see, it would be,
After one centuary, Victory to Narayana.

Kimapi vichari cheedugil Manusha,
Janmani venam, mukthi vendugil,
Krumi janmathilum yeluthayi varumee,
Vishaya sukham, batha Narayana jaya., 3

If man thinks at least a little he will know that,
Birth as a man is needed, if he wants salvation,
But desires and passion can easily be got,
Even if we are born as a worm, Victory to Narayana.

Keezhil cheytha shuba ashubha karmam,
Melil suka dukathinnu moolam,
Sukham oru dukham koodathey,
Kanda oruvan undo? Narayana jaya., 4

The good and bad that we do earlier,
Are the basis of pleasure and sorrow in life,
But have we known any one who had only pleasure,
And no sorrow in life? Victory to Narayana.

Kunnugal pole dhanam undengilum,
Indrannu samam aayi vaneedugilum,
Onnu uriyaduvathinnu ida kitta,
Vannal Yama Bhatar, Narayana Jaya., 5

Even if we have money as big as hills,
Even if we live like King Indra in this life,
We would not get time to say even a word,
When the soldiers of Yama arrive, Victory to Narayana.

Koope veenu uzhalunnathu pole,
Gehe veenu uzhalunna jananaam,
Aapath gana makelundugil muni jana,
Vakkugal parayam, Narayana Jaya., 6

People suffer in this span of life,
Similar to the one who fell in the well,
But if they need the dangers to go away,
They tell words of sages, Victory to Narayana.

Kettukalayathu karmmam purushannu,
Kettugal aathe mukthi labikku,
Kettukalo phala bhukthya theerum,
Kettayi iniyum, Narayana Jaya., 7

Actions are but ties for man,
For only without ties, he gets salvation,
And the ties would slowly go away,
If we enjoy the results,
Which again will tie us, Victory to Narayana.

Kelkkanam yeluthayundu rahasyam,
Dush kruthyavum nija sukruthangalellam,
Kalkkakkal namaskruthi cheythu mukundanil,
Aakkuga sathatham, Narayana Jaya., 8

Please hear the very simple secret,
All bad actions and also good actions,
Should be made submitted to God Mukunda,
After saluting him, Victory to Narayana.

Kayyil varunnathu kondu dinangal,
Kazhikku, phalam punarichikolla,
Kai varu makilm indrande padam,
Yenthinnu thucham, Narayana Jaya., 9

Please spend your days, with what,
You get in hand and do not expect any result,
Even if the post of Indra c an come in to you hand,
It is insignificant then, Victory to Narayana.

Kodiya thapassugal cheydu oro phala,
Michicheedugil mukthi vara kel,
Adi malar thozhagil ou icha heenam,
Mukthanmar avar, Narayana Jaya., 10

Please know that even if you do difficult thapas,
Salvation would not come, if you desire for the results,
But saluting his feet, without any desire for results,
Leads you to salvation, Victory to Narayana.

Kopam kondu sapikkaruthu aarum,
Bhagwan mayam yennu orkkoo samastham,
Sukhavum dukavum anubhava kaalam,
Poyaal sama miha, Narayana jaya., 11

No body should curse any one else out of anger,
Remembering that all the world is filled with God,
And also that pleasure and pain, after they are experienced,
Are equal and not different, Victory to Narayana.

Kouthukam onnilum millini mahatha,
Bhagaval bhakthanmarodu koodi,
Bhagawal guna kadana sravangal ozhinju,
Oru neram, Narayana jaya., 12

I do not have any joy in anything more,
Except hearing the stories and greatness,
Of God in the company of the devotees,
Of God, Victory to Narayana.

Karunakaranam sri Narayanan,
Arulidum nija sayujyathe,
Oru phalam undo pathinayiram uru,
Chathu pirannal, Narayana jaya., 13

Even if we are born and die ten thousand times,
Would it result in getting the true salvation,
Mentioned by Lord Narayana,
Who is merciful, Victory to Narayana.

Bahu janma arjitha Karma sesham,
Thirumul kazcha ninakku vechen,
Janan maranangal yenikku ini venda,
Paripalaya maam, Narayana jaya., 14

Because I do not need, I am presenting to God
The remaining part of Karma,
Earned through several births,
So take care of me, Victory to Narayana.