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By Swami Harshananda

Puṣan literally means ‘the nourisher’.

Characteristics of Puṣan are:

  • Puṣan or Puṣā is one of the twelve aspects of the Sun, known as the Adityas or Dvādaśādityas.
  • He represents the nourishing and life-supporting aspect of the Sun.
  • He is exceedingly beautiful.
  • He wears a cakra or a discus with which he destroys the evil ones.
  • He is ever eager to protect his votaries.
  • He looks upon all with an equal eye and is very generous.
  • He has been eulogized in eight suktas of the Rgveda.[1][2][3][4]
  • According to paurāṇic legends, he was present at the sacrifice of Dakṣa.
  • When Vīrabhadra, an emanation from Rudra, attacked and destroyed Dakṣa’s sacrifice, Puṣan was one of the victims who lost his teeth.[5]


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