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Samvarta Smṛti

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By Swami Harshananda

References by Authors[edit]

Samvarta-smrti is a fairly ancient work. Samvarta is quoted by many authors of dharmaśāstras like:

His 200 verses have been given in their works. There is a printed text which appears to be an epitome of a portion of the original smṛti of Samvarta.

Teachings of Samvarta Smṛti[edit]

The smṛti is in the form of Samvarta’s teachings to Vāmadeva and others. The topics dealt with may be summarised as follows:

  • Rules of conduct for a brahmacārin
  • Prāyaścittas or expiations for various kinds of sins
  • Duties of a householder
  • Forest hermit and a sanyāsin
  • Special duties of a king
  • Age of girls for marriage

Samavarta Smṛti as per Mahābhārata[edit]

According to the Mahābhārata[1] Samvarta was a son of Añgiras. Bṛhaspati and Ucathya were his brothers. It is difficult to say whether this was the same Samvarta who authored this smṛti.


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