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Sri Swedaranyeswarar Temple Thiruvengadu

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By CR. Kaushik

Sri Swedaranyeswarar Temple is located in Thiruvengadu in Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu. Sri Swedaranyeswarar is Shiva as Bhuda or Mercury. It is one of the Navagraha Sthalas and this temple is also one among the 51 Sakthi Peethas. This place is also called Adhi Chidambaram. Nataraja’s dance here is known as Hasti Natanam.


Sri Swedaranyeswarar temple is situated at Thiruvenkadu, in Nagapattinam District, 59 Kms away from kumbakonam and 23 Kms away from Mayiladuthurai and 10 Kms southeast of Sirkali on the Poompuhar road.

Deities in the Temple[edit]

Swadharanyeswarar, Nataraja, Agoramurthy, Brahmavidyambal, Swetha Mahakali and Maha Durga. Of the 64 Murthas of Lord Shiva, the Agoramurthy form is here. Here the Lord performed Six dances. Vishnu has a place near the Nataraja here as in Chidambaram. Indira, Iravadha (the white elephant) Vishnu, Sun, Moon, Agni (fire) worshipped the Lord. The presiding deity is Swedharanyeshwarar and his consort is Brahmavidya nayaki. The Lord Bhuda faces North East direction. A temple for Chandra (moon) the father of Mercury is just opposite to the Bhuda Shrine.


Thiruvengadu has the pride of being sung by the Great Four, Thirugnanasambandar, Thirunavukkarasar, Sundarar and Manickavasagar. It is in Thiruvengadu Pattinathar had Sivadiksha.


The demon Maruthuvan, received boons from Brahma tortured devas. The Devas went to Shiva for freedom from the demon. The Lord advised the Devas to go to Thiruvengadu and live there in disguise. Shiva sent his vehicle Nandhi and defeated the demon. The demon injured Nandhi with his trident. Infuriated by the injury on the Nandhi, Lord Shiva converted his anger into the Agoramurthy form. On seeing the Lord, the demon surrendered at his feet and begged his pardon. He also prayed that those worshiping Agoramurthy would not have enemies at all.

Achuthagapanar bathed in the three tanks, worshiped Thiruvengadar and he was blessed with a child. This child came to be known as Meikandar and became the chief of Santhana Kuravars .

Vedarasi, a brahmin had placed his bundle of food in the hollow of a tree. A snake residing in the hollow spewed poison on the food. Unaware of this, Vedarasi gave this food to a vedic priest, who died of the poison. This brahmin was absolved of his Brahmahathi Dhosham by worshipping Lord Siva of Thiruvengadu.

When Thirugnanasambandar reached the borders of Thiruvengadu, the whole place looked like Sivaloka and the sands Sivalingas. He hesitated to place his legs on this holy land and cried Oh! Mother. On hearing his voice, Goddess Periyanayaki appeared there and took the child on her hips. The idol of Periyanayaki with Thirugnanasambandar is majestically installed in the temple.

Thiruvengadar, the son of Sivanesan and Gnanambigai, with the blessings of a Siva Muni received Siva Ditchai and a Siva Linga and came to be called Pattinathu Adigal.

Indra having killed Virudhasuran, worshiped Lord Thiruvengadar and was absolved of his sins.

Sage Durvasar gifted a mala to Indra. Indra in his vanity threw it on his white elephant Iravadam which stamped the mala under its feet. Durvasar cursed Indra. Indra realizing his folly formed a tank -Thadagam in Thiruvengadu and worshipped a Siva Linga. He was blessed by Lord Siva and absolved of his sins and reached Indraloka again.

Suwedakedu on realizing that he was destined to die in his eighth year reached Thiruvengadu and performed Siva pooja. As soon as he saw Yama, he held on to the Siva Linga tightly. Yama on seeing Thiruvengadar, ran away in fear.


Among Nine Planets ( Navagraha), Budhan is said to bestow wisdom and intellect. . Offering puja to Bhuda Bhagavan on Wednesdays is believed to rectify Bhuda Dhosham. Those who visit Thiruvengadu will find relief from puthira dosham, difficulties in studies, mental instability, and nervous disorders. Knowledge, music, astrology, math, sculpting, medicine, language skills are the beneficial aspects of Bhudan.


Offering Bhudan with full green moong dhal, white flowers and green cloth is believed to bring Sastra Gnanam to devotees.


Agni Theertha, Suriya Theertha and Chandra Theerthas


Every month is a festival month. There will be flag hoisting on Tamil Masi Month (February - March) on the Punarvasu star day and continues for 10 days. Wednesdays are special at this Temple


Rice mixed with moong dhal or moong dhal powder are popular Neivadya offerings and Prasadhams at this temple.


Buses are available from Sirkali and Mayiladuthurai. Nearest Railway station is Sirkali and nearest airport is Thiruchi.


Sri Swedaranyeswarar Temple, Near Cauveripoompattinam, Sirkali Taluk, Thiruvengadu , Nagapattinam, TN 609114, Tamilnadu, Telephone: 04364-256424