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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Sundar Kandam

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Translation into English from Thunjathu Ezhuthachan's Malayalam translation of Adhyathma Ramayanam

By P.R.Ramachander

While crossing the sea, Hanuman is stopped by Surasa to test his prowess, later the sea God sends the mountain Mainaka to provide him rest, which he refuses and later his shadow is caught by a Rakshasi called Simhika, whom he kills and reaches Lanka. There he meets Lanka Lakshmi who is the guardian of the city, defeats her, enters the city and finds out Sita, At that time Ravana who has a dream of what is going to happen wanting to quicken the process of his salvation taunts Sita and even gets ready to kill her. His wife Mandodhari prevents him. Afterwards Hanuman hiding on a Simsupa tree tells the story of Rama to gain the belief of Sita, talks to her, gives her hope, destroys the garden, kills several members of army of Ravana and then kills Aksha Kumara, son of Ravana. He is then tied by Indrajit, another son of Ravana using his Brahmastra. Hanuman talks philosophy to Ravana and is sentenced to death and by the intervention of Vibheeshana, it is reduced to setting fire to his tail. He escapes from the Rakshasas with a burning tail and burns the city of Lanka, bids farewell to Sita, jumps back and tells Rama what he has done. It is believed that reading only this chapter gives same benefit as reading the entire Ramayana

Oh parrot who is pure and best among all parrot clans, The complete nectar of the best of worlds, Please tell me, please tell me, my story which is pretty, For however much we hear the sports of Rama, It would never seem to be sufficient.

After asking the parrot to tell about, The very interesting fame of the lord of Raghu clan, And that one, with pretty lisping toungue saluted and told, To Parvathi thinking of that epitome of mercy, Lord Shiva smiled and told, If so please hear.”

Samudra Langanam[edit]

Crossing of ocean

Hanuman prepared to go to Lanka by crossing The treasure of salt water which was hundred yojanas[1] broad, Meditated with a very firm mind, On the lotus like feet of the chief of man, And told the chief of monkeys with great power, “ If it is so, All of you please see,”

In the sky I would be extremely fast like my father, And I am going with dignity to the house of the Rakshasa, With the energy similar to the arrow of son of the son of Aja[2], And there I would see the wife of Rama, And I will tell that speedily to the lord of all universe, And today I am satisfied, I am satisfied, I salute him whose name removes many births and deaths, And those who think of him at the time of death, Would easily cross the ocean of births and deaths, And as I am his emissary and so crossing this will not be a problem.

Also in my heart, always the lord of Raghu clan is there, And in my head his ring is there, And so why should there be fear for crossing this sea speedily, Oh chief monkeys, do not grieve.” After telling like this the son of wind god, Lifted his tail to the top and spread his hands, And making his broad neck straight, Slightly bent his feet, with eyes seeing upward, And concentrating his mind on the town of Ravana, And aiming at the southern direction jumped.

Marga Vignam[edit]

Obstacle of the path.

When the son of wind God was flying like Garuda, Along with the great luster similar to the Sun God, The devas wanting to test the strength and speed of the son of wind God, Unusually told Surasa to create an obstacle in his path, And speedily that mother of Nagas(serpents) reached there.

Knowing about the great strength of Hanuman, And hearing that he is coming with clear vision, For creating a blockade to the son of wind god in the sky, She went and proudly stood before him, And shouting in a very hard way, she told him, “Oh great monkey, did you not see me, God has told me to eat those, Who travel this way without fear, And due to your fate, you are going to be my food today, Oh valorous one, remember that I am having a great hunger, And so please enter my mouth speedily, And do not waste time thinking of other things.

Hearing these saucy, strong words which, Fell from the mouth of Surasa, the son of wind god told, “I for carrying the order of the lord of all worlds, Am going speedily in search of Sita. I have to go fast and see her in the town of Rakshasa, And I would be returning back today or tomorrow from there, After seeing her and after telling the story of the daughter of Janaka, To the Lord of the Raghu clan, I would willingly come, And enter the very fearful mouth of yours, And since I do not tell a lie at any time, Speedily give me the way, Oh lady, salutations.

Then she told to the great monkey, “I am not able to tolerate my thirst and hunger,” “If you have made up your mind strongly, Please open your mouth” said Hanuman, Seeing that the son of wind god, Is standing with huge body of one yojana broad, She made her mouth much bigger, And wonderfully made it five yojana broad.’

The son of wind god immediately became of, A size of ten yojanas and afterwards, With a great joy in her mind that Surasa, Stood with a mouth of twenty yojanas size, Hanuman thinking that her mouth is very big, Stood with a size of thirty yojanas, Thinking that this is sufficient as he is a pure one, And victory cannot be there for both, She opened her mouth fifty yojanas wide, And at that time the son of wind god, Became to a size of a thumb entered her mouth.

Then he who was light due to the strength of his penance, Started to go outside and told her, “Hear, pleasant faced one, One who is interested in happiness to devas, Hey Surasa, Hey mother of snakes, my salutation to you, I surrender to the lotus like feet of yours, Oh peaceful one, One who gives help, Salutations, salutations to you.

At the end of the words of that monkey chief, Enjoying and laughing, that Surasa told, “Come, you have won, go with pleasure, And get the true story of Sita, And go and tell it to the chief of Raghu clan, You have to also kill all the Rakshasas, To understand your strength and wisdom, I have come as sent by the devas, Thus telling the real story, she went, To the land of devas, that Surasa.

Then the son of wind god rushed through the sky, Like a Garuda and when he was going above the ocean, The sea god told the great mountain as follows, “You should go and be hospitable to the monkey chief, Since the son of Sagara king helped me to grow, I am called Sagara by all people, Please understand that Rama belongs to that family, And since this one goes for doing his job, And since he does not have any place to rest, You should of your own accord come out and remove his tiresomeness.”

The very pure Mainaka studded with gold and gems, Came in the form of a human being and told, “Please know that I am the son of Himalayas, Oh monkey hero, You please sit on me and get rid of your tiresomeness, I have come here because I was sent by the ocean, And please get rid of your tiredness and thirst and then go, Please eat soft ripe fruits,nectar like water, And very sweet honey from me.

This is sufficient, know that, when you go on a job of Rama, On your way you should not stay in any place, And also sleep on the way as well take food, Or do any other things not related to the job, as is not proper, And do the duties of the chief of Raghu clan, Without any fear I am going with speed, And I have accepted your hospitality as a friend.

After saying this the son of wind god patted, That king of mountains gently, And then he started moving similar to the wind, Towards the city of Rakshasas with excitement, At that time, a shadow catcher living always, Very deep in the ocean, Caught and stopped the shadow of him, Who goes far above the sky.

At that time examining as to who put a stop, To his way, Hanuman saw down, And seeing a very big lady with fear inducing form, He kicked and killed immediately, That Simihika who used to catch the shadow, And kill and eat the beings who were killed, And Hanuman left towards the city, Of the ten faced one quickly, And jumped towards the southern direction. The sun entered the hill of its death, And the chief of monkeys reached the pretty spires of Lanka.

The city of the ten faced one was very pure and broad, Situated in the middle of the pretty southern ocean, It was full of plenty of fruits, flowers and densely grown trees, Containing several type of climbers, and great population of birds and animals, Full of gold and gems, similar to the city of devas, And Hanuman went inside the city of the three hills, Which is in the middle of the sea, For finding out the story of the daughter of lotus, And saw the matchless city of Lanka.

Seeing the wonderful golden wall and different type of moats, He decided that it was difficult to cross and quickly, Thought of various plans to cross them, And meditating on Lord Vishnu, He thought that he can enter the town of Rakshasas, At night taking a very tiny form, And thinking about Rama, the enemy of Rakshasa clan, Trted to enter the town of the enemy of devas.

Lanka Lakshmi Moksham[edit]

Salvation to the Lakshmi of Lanka.

Without delay speedily crossing the big outer wall, Hiding his form and meditating on the feet of daughter of earth, Immediately that son of Anjana without any fear, Made his body similar to a mustard, And keeping his left leg in front, Was trying to cross and at that time, He could see the Lanka Lakshmi (guardian angel of Lanka) With a form of a Rakshasi and shouting with big voice.

Sir, Please tell me the reason for coming here, Alone, Please tell me whether you are a thief, Asuras, devas, men, and all type of animals, Cannot come here without my knowledge”, Coming with these undesirable words She hit Hanuman and the monkey king hit back, And due to the fist of the emissary of the one from Raghu clan, She fell down and vomited blood.

She stood up and told that great monkey, “Friend I just saw your great strength, This is due to my fate, long time ago Lord Brahma has Oh valorous one, told me about this, “Lord Madhava who is the lord of all worlds, who is perennial, Who is the real Maha Vishnu, the Narayana, Who has lotus like eyes will take an incarnation in the world, In the twenty eighth section of this eon.”

As a result of my prayer in treata yuga, For protecting the dharma as well as devas, He would be born as the son of Dasaratha, The true goddess of illusion would be born as daughter of Janaka, For the destruction of the ten headed one. That lotus eyed one would come to the forest for penance, Along with his brother and wife and while he is living there, The ten face one would steal the daughter of earth, And during the time he would come with her inside the southern sea, A treaty would be signed between Rama and son of Sun god, And due to the orders of that Sugreeva, When all the monkeys are wandering and searching, One of them would come prepared and meet you, And there would be a fight with him soon, And there is no doubt that you would become weak and tired.

You would get a beating from the expert in war, And then you should give him permission, Any day when you get a beating from monkey, Do retreat, “ said Lord Brahma to me, Since he told this with mercy and without any conditions, I was waiting at this place for a long time, And now go without any problem any where, And today Lanka has been won over by you.”

The death of the chief of the clan of Rakshasas, Has very much neared, Oh servant of god, Let there be good luck to you, Please go and see without any problem the lady Sita, In the private quarters of the ten headed, Enemy of Rama,, in the divine entertainment garden, Which is full of trees, which are full of, New flowers, fruits and trees, Below a tree called Simsapa(irumul), With great sorrow, in between several Rakshasis, The pure bodied Sita is always sitting with great pain, You go immediately and tell her story to him, By crossing the sea by the way of the sky,. Let good come to you. oh great crown of monkeys, Telling these sweet and simple words, That lady of the flower disappeared from Lanka.

Sita Sandarsanam[edit]

Seeing of Sita

On the three mountains in the middle of the sea, When the son of wind god crossed the sea, To the blessed daughter of Janaka and to the ten faced one, The left side of their body twitched[3], And to the son in law of king Janaka the right side twitched, Showing that to any one born, good and bad will come And bad omen for males.

Then the chief of monkeys entered Lanka at night, With a body which was very small, And in the Lanka which was decorated by rising sun, He searched in all places without leaving any place.

Thinking that Sita Devi would possibly be, In the gem studded palace of Ravana, Which is built by gold and gems, He searched in all places and not finding her there, Remembered the merciful words of Lanka Lakshmi, And with diligence started searching, In all garden places in the town.

With parks, lakes with nectar like water, High buildings with spires, Homes of friends, sons ministers and commanders, With golden coloured peacock and flags, To look, the gem studded palace of the ten faced one, Appeared to be much better than palaces of guardians of directions.

When he was not able to find her out, In any of those mansions studded with gold and gems, And when he was further searching everywhere, The wind along with the aroma of flowers, secretly, Took him along with him, To a garden with densely grown trees, And to one of the very highly grown Simsapa tree, And very near to it the Goddess of all universe, Was shown to him by the wind god himself.

Wearing a very dirty hair and cloths and looking pitiable. That Sita who was having a very thin form, Due to great fear rolled on the earth and, Thinking and thinking of her husband, Always shedding copious tears from the eyes, And chanting her husband’s name as “Rama, Rama”, She was living with great fear between the Rakshasis, And Hanuman saw that ever pretty one, And climbed to the top most portion of a tree, And hid himself behind its dense foliages.

That monkey after seeing Sita, the wife of Rama, The best among Raghu clan and the lord of the clan of Sun God, Thought, I have seen the body of the daughter of lotus, And the goddess of all universe, I am blessed, I am blessed, I have completed the job of the best among Raghu clan and The lord of the clan of the Sun God, without any suffering to myself.

Ravanande Purappadu[edit]

The starting of Ravana.

When that monkey chief was thinking about various things, And after a little time has passed, He heard certain sounds, From outside that place belonging to asuras, Thinking what they are and hidden by leaves and not moving, He continued to hide his insect like small body, And that chief of monkeys saw with wonder, The coming of ten faced one who is the enemy of devas.

Along with the crowd of deva, asura and Rakshasa maidens, Dressed in a wonderful passionate manner, Came the ten faced one in whose mind there was a thought, “Oh God when will this body die, When I would be able to see and see, That real Mukunda who is the Lord of all universe, Who lives forever, One who has a good mind, With my body with holes made of arrows, And reach the very pure lotus like feet of that God.”

Thinking that it is time for me to get to Vaikunta, Which is full of blessed people and nectar like joy And deciding that time has arrived for that, I went and brought the daughter of lotus, And He has not reached here wandering after being hurt by that, So that the time for my death will arrive quickly. The writing on my head has already fixed my time of death, And it is not possible to think and find it out, And even the god born of lotus also does not know it, And it is decided by the god whose form is time.

Like this when he has kept Rama within him, And think and think within his mind about him, Before the chief of the monkey clan has reached there, That Ravana saw a dream at night, As per the words of Rama, during one night will come, One monkey who can take any form he likes, With mercy but with a micro form similar to an insect, After searching the whole city,

He would sit with respect on a top of a tree, And tell the story of Rama to the daughter of earth, And after telling the entire story, he would give her mementos, And he would console her before going away.

At that time to make him know, I would go, And increase her sorrow by the arrows of my words, And he will later tell it to the lord of Raghu clan, And Rama would get angry and would come here immediately And in the war I would get a pleasant death, By the very sharp arrows of Sri Rama, definitely, And this would be the only way as far as I know, For getting divine salvation is the divine teaching, And for some people dreams would come true, By the decision made by the gods.

Thinking about several such things in his mind, And deciding on a course Ravana started from there, And hearing the sound of gem studded gold bangle, shoulder crest, Anklets, belt and various other ornaments, With a very heavy heart, Sita was greatly surprised, And the coming of the chief of Rakshasa clan, Made Sita extremely scared.

When she hiding her breasts by her thighs and fear stuck, And bending low her head and with a shivering body, And meditating on the real form of Rama, Who is pure, incomparable, serene and pure, Then that ten faced one along with passion, Came and stood near the lady and saluted her.

Ravanande Ichabangam[edit]

Ravana’s disappointment

He told that lady who had a joyful form, With conformed words of sweetness and excitement, “Hear, Good faced one, I am slave to your pretty feet, Oh lady with pretty character, Be kind, kind to me, The chief of all worlds and the lord of devas has come here, Why should you hide yourself in yourself, With speedy and increased joy, please look at me, And understand that I am attracted to you.

Oh,lady your husband who is the son of Dasaratha, If searched only some people would be able to see him, And many times he would not be available inspite of good search, And we cannot see any one as lucky as him, Oh good one, By the son of Dasaratha you do not have, Oh pretty one, any use whatsoever, please understand, At no time he has any interest in anything, When we think about it, it is useless, darling, Oh lady with a lovely brow even though you always embrace him tightly, And go and always live near him, He enjoys the collection of your good qualities. But he does not have any interest in you.

At no time there is any support to him from any one, And that one who has no strength will not come here, Whatever you have to do you are not doing? He who does not have fame, one who is not grateful, One who is mostly indifferent, one who does not have enthusiasm, And darling he is having a bad mind, He is not learned, And lives amidst the beings of the forest He is a friend of the poor, he does not have difference Between the low and high and so he does not have difference, Between a low born and a high born Brahmin, And also he does not have difference between dog and a cow.

Oh darling for him there is no difference, Between you and a lowly huntress maid, In his mind you are not there as he has forgotten you, Stop this waiting for your husband, He does not like you and there is no doubt about that, And I am praying to you that I am your slave, Throwing away a pure gem of high pedigree, Darling why are you after a stone made of mica, Beauties belonging to deva, asura, Rakshasa, Naga, Apsara and Gandharwa clans Would always be serving you with, Discipline, fear and great respect, If you definitely become my wife.

“Now we should not spend time unnecessarily, Oh darling, you live always as my wife, Even that Yama whom many ladies serve, Is really afraid of me, Oh pretty one, And know that Indra who is regarded by the mind of men, Thinks that I am worshipful and blessed, Oh my all who is friendly and lucky, Oh lady with a lotus like face, I fall at your lotus like feet, Always look after me, look after me, look after me.” Like this when Ravana was talking to her in various obeying ways, And after which he saluted her by falling her feet and requested, Then the daughter of Janaka pinched a grass growing in between them, And put it in between them and talked.

You being terribly afraid of the gem of the clan of the sun God, Did you not come as a saint, and without both of them seeing you, With great fear and humility, like a bitch entering the hall of a Yagna, And stealing the fire, you came abruptly and stole me from there ? Remember ten faced one this is definitely not properly done. Definitely you would suffer for the ill effects of that, With a body split by the arrows sent by the son of Dasaratha, Soon you will be entering the world of Yama without a body.

Oh king of Rakshasas, You think in your mind, That the gem of the clan of Raghu is a man, And you may think like this, but, That the gem of Raghu clan would cross this sea, And within a second by sending sharp and powerful arrows, He would turn the city of Lanka in to ashes within half a second, Along with your friends, their sons, ministers and commanders, He would definitely destroy your army.

He is an expert in protection and due to the request, Of Brahma to lessen the burden of earth, That merciful one has taken incarnation in this earth, To destroy you and I was born as daughter to Janaka, To become a causal factor for this, Understand in your mind that he would come quickly, And take me back after killing you.

Hearing these rough words from the daughter of Mithila, The ten faced one became very angry, And in his trembling hands he took a fearsome sword, And held it up for killing the daughter of earth, And at that time with great mercy the daughter of Maya[4], Caught hold of her loving husband and pacified him.

Stop from doing it, oh ten faced one, hear my words oh my lord, Oh foolish lord, do not think about jobs which should not be done, Leave out this human female, who does not have any one, Who is pitiable, very sad and having a thin body, Who With a sorrow due to parting with her husband is worried and in another’s house, Who is observing virtuous love to Raghava, And who day and night hears bad words of these Rakshasis and has lost her balance, For Oh good evil minded lord, I have never seen more suffering than this, Will not bad fame come to you because of this oh Valorous Lord, And also very pretty ladies of deva, Asura, Naga, Apasara, And Gandharva clans are available to you.

That ten faced one who was a braggart, Hearing the words of Mandodhari became ashamed, And told as follows to those Rakshasis, “You advice her and make her amenable to me, By fearsome words which would make her obey, And by various types changes in gestures. And open the mind this daughter of earth, And make her mine as I would wait for only two months.” Saying like this to the Rakshasis that ten faced one, Went with spite to his private quarters.

Due to hearing very hard and unpleasant words, Sita felt as if her soul is broken, “This is improper, please calm yourself down,”. Told Trijata (daughter of Vibheeshana ) at that time, “Oh Rakshasa ladies, please hear what I say, Please salute this lady with good character, I slept for long with a mind devoid of pleasure, And I certainly saw a dream which would definitely happen, I saw the very pretty Rama who is the lord of all universe, Riding on Iravatha elephant and the valorous Lakshmana, With the falling fire from their crowds of arrows, Without any doubt they burnt the city of Lanka, And in the war, they killed the ten faced one, And gave the Rakshasa kingdom to Vibheeshana, And then keeping his wife with respect and love on his lap, Went back to the city of Ayodhya.”

The naked ten faced one who is the enemy of Indra, Coated with gingili oil all over his body, Wearing the khus garland on his head, Along with his friends, ministers and army, Got drowned in a huge pit of cow dung, And I was surprised to see him drowning in it.

The chief of the Rakshasa clan Vibheeshana, became a devotee, And served the lotus like feet of Rama and lived, And so Oh Rakshasa ladies, throw away this impurity, For what I see is definitely true, And let us mercifully, for a few more days, Protect her without any doubt.

Hearing these words of Trijata the Rakshasa lasses, Were struck with a strange fear and, Slept with a very disturbed mind, And Sita remained with sorrow in her mind.

Hanuman Sita Samvadam[edit]

The discussion between Hanuman and Sita.

“In the early morning these Rakshasis will eat me, And there is no one who is known to me here, I do not find any reason for death not coming to me, The human hero seems to have forgotten me, And so speedily I would take out my soul, And even Sri Rama appears to be devoid of any mercy,” Thinking various things like this in her mind, She slowly stood up with great sorrow, And with a trembling mind thinking about her husband, Took hold of a low lying branch of a simsupa tree, And with trembling due to fear and worry, She shed lot of tears and started crying.

That son of wind god thought about manythings in mnd, And looking on all sides started telling in a low tone, “In the clan of the eye of Lord of the universe, Dasaratha was born, and his sons, who were all similar to love god are, Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Sathrugna The cause of the destruction of the Rakshasa clan, As per orders of his father, lived happily in the forest, Along with the daughter of Janaka and his brother, And there the ten faced one came as a false saint, And stole Janaki from that place, Rama and his brother became sad at not being able to see her, And while they were searching all over, They saw Jatayu who was lying on earth.

Giving him salvation there, when they were, Walking near the Malyavan mountain, They signed a treaty with son of Sun god, And immediately the son of Indra was killed, And the son of Sun god became king of monkeys, And as a return for that service Sugreeva, Sent speedily great monkeys to all four directions, For searching and finding out and afterwards, Out of them, one, that is me has come here, Due to the words of the blessed Sampathi, And I easily jumped and crossed the sea, Which was one hundred yojanas long.

I searched in the entire city of Rakshasas, At night and then due to the blessing of my father, I could find the garden and then the Simsupa tree, And you at its bottom, with great enthusiasm, And seeing you with great pity, I became satisfied, And due to achieving my desire I became greatly satisfied, And I am the first among the assistants of God, This is my luck, great luck, my salutations.

After telling this the best among monkeys stopped, And for some time she did not move and then told, “Who sang the story of the best among Raghu clan, Which is pretty In a sequential manner in the sky? Is it that the wind god took mercy on me and is telling me, Or is it only a false feeling in my mind? Since I have not slept for some time now, There is no possibility of it being a dream. Oh God, let this story of my pretty husband, Become true definitely, And suppose this has been told by a man, Let me be able to see that very good one.

Hanuman hearing the words of daughter of Janaka, Slowly and slowly got down with rising happiness, And with humility fell down and saluted her, Very pretty lotus like feet with devotion, And after saluting he went back and stood, At a slight distance with a body, Similar to a Kali Pinga bird(A very small bird)

Has the Lord of the Rakshasas come here, In the form of a monkey to enchant me? “Shiva, Shiva”, thinking like this the daughter of king of Mithila, Was scared deep in her mind and deciding that, Tricks are very important to the ten faced one, Kept on bending and seeing this, the chief of monkey told, “I surrender at your lotus like feet, Oh mistress of the world, Please do not have even a minimum doubt in your mind, I am your attendant and not one whom you think, I am the slave of the Rama, the king of Kosala, Pretty one, I am the servant of Sugreeva, The son of Sun God and am the son of wind god, I do not play deceit with anybody at any time, By action, words or mind, Oh mother.”

Hearing these very sweet words of the son of wind god, That Goddess who sits on lotus flower asked respectfully, “There would be only very few persons who can tell, Such true, direct, soft and very correct words which are clear. Please tell me, how all these happened, Between man and monkeys who are, Of different tastes in the deep forest. Oh treasure of mercy, Oh monkey who is great, Please also tell me the reason for telling, That in the mind of Rama, there is love for me.”

Here good natured one, the story of the lord of all And this oath is taken on God Rama, When you became two parts obeying the, Words of your husband, one part with fire, And another in the hermitage, You saw a golden deer and Rama chased that deer, Along with a strong and very sharp arrows, And Rama killed the very bad Maricha, And shall I tell you the story, When he returned tired to the hermitage ? Immediately when they searched here and there, In the forest crying and wandering without purpose, In the impenetrable forests, they saw Jatayu, Who was similar to the king of the sky,Garuda, Lying in a pitiable condition, And as soon as he told all your story completely, That king of birds was granted salvation And later when Rama along with his brother, Was searching for you speedily, He granted salvation to Kabanda, And then he went to the hermitage where Sabari lived, And that Lord with a peaceful soul gave her salvation.

Because of the pure words of Sabari they came, To places near the rushya mooka mountain, And Sugreeva seeing those two pretty people, Became very interested and sent me there. And then I went in front of those born in clan of Sun God, Dressing myself like a student saint, And understood the complete heart of those royal people, And carrying those very pure ones on my shoulders, I went to the presence of the son of Sun God, And immediately I arranged them to sign a treaty,

Making the fire as the witness, For solving the painful problems of both. That god of Raghu clan killed the son of Indra, Who forcefully took the wife of Sugreeva for himself, And gave the kingdom to the son of Sun God, And the king of the monkeys to search for the lady of Rama, Sent the lords of monkey clan to all the four sides, And for each direction he sent hundred thousand members, And at that time the Lord of the Raghu clan, called me, With a melting heart and gave his ring in my hand.

“You give it to the daughter of King Janaka, With my name engraved on it.” and agin, For creating strong belief in your mind, He also told me the identifying words., And I will speedily give it in your hand, With a picture of great happiness” Like this with great sweetness that son of wind god, After this speech, gave it to the Goddess Lakshmi, And with great humility again and again saluting, Went back and stood there saluting her.

The daughter of the king of Mithila became very happy on seeing that, Shedding flowing and ebbing tears of real joy, She said “pretty” and with tenderness kept on her head, That ring in which name of Rama was engraved, happily, “Oh superior one of monkey clan, Oh one with great brain, You are the one who gave me life and so you would definitely do good to me, Hey Rama who is the god of the goddess, who is the treasure of Lakshmi, This devotee is greatly believable and merciful, My master always sends before me, Only those with very many good qualities.

Did you not see my pleasures and the way that I live daily, And my pitiable state of affairs, You go and talk to the lotus eyed one, So that he will have mercy to me in his mind, It is definite that the great Rakshasa, Would make me his food after two months, And so you go and make a visit before that, possible, And I would keep my life till then, You please tell him to quickly kill the ten faced one, Remove my sorrow and save me.

The son of wind God after hearing the words of mother of all, Immediately told her so that her sorrow would end, “Even before I tell the news about you, To Rama, the son of a king, He along with his brother and all monkey clans, Would become ready and without doubt will come here. They would within a second, send the ten necked one along with, His sons, ministers and friends to the place of the son of Sun God(Yama), And you along with your prettiness would be freed, And would go to Ayodhya with respect along with your husband.”

Hearing these words of the son of wind god with interest, The Goddess Lakshmi asked, “ With which group of people would the great man Cross this vast ocean along with the huge monkey army” And when she thought like this, Hanuman told Sita.

“I would carry the glorious man, his brother and, Other monkey army with love on my shoulders, And speedily make them cross the sea, Oh Sita what is the need of this unnecessary worry, And then very easily would make in to ash, The clan of the Rakshasas along with the city of Lanka. And pretty one, for that give me permission to go back speedily, So that I can go back without any troubles, dear, And for creating belief in me to the worried mind, Of the lovelorn chief of the clan of Raghu, Give me a seal and also a memento, And a sentence so that I can tell it to him.”

Hearing these words of the son of wind god,the daughter of Videha, Thought for some time in her mind, And took out the divine brooch which used to shine in her hair, And that divine one gave it to Hanuman, “Here my son, Please hear these identifying words, Understand it and tell it in his ears, So that it is definite that my husband, Would develop speedily belief in what you tell. Once in Chithra Koota mountains when that, Saintly person got joy out of great penance, I was available to him to relax his body, And during that time when he saw me and we were waiting, He kept his head full of hair on my lap, Immediately went to sleep.”

At that time the son of Indra who was ill mannered, Took the shape of a crow and came there, And several times he pecked several meat balls, And thinking that he would eat them, I took stones and threw them at him and when they hit him, Becoming angry he used his very sharp nails and started, Scratching my body and when the divine one woke up and saw, Seeing the blood which was flowing all over me, With very great anger, he took a piece of grass, And chanted the chant of the divine arrow and sent it.

With great fear he rushed in all different directions, For getting rid of the sorrow and also to save himself, When Indra, Brahma and Lord Shiva and all others, Said it was not possible for them to save him, He came and fell at the lotus like feet of Rama, And cried, “Please save me, oh treasure of mercy. Except you I do not have any other protection, Salutations oh form of joy, Salutations.

Like that with fear that Jayantha,son of Indra, Fell at his lotus like feet and and cried, And the epitome of clan of Raghu told with a smile, “My arrow will never go waste, You will lose one of your eyes, for it definitely, Nothing can be done and so you go without fear.” Like this he who saved me every day, Due to my bad luck is not bothered about me today, I have never done any wrong at any time to him, And possibly the reason for this is my sin.”

Hearing various such words of the daughter of Janaka, The valorous son of wind god told, “Your husband did not come over here, Because he did know where you were, And now he would come with speed, And the crowd of monkeys, definitely, Would make all the Rakshasa s and Lanka in to ash.”

Hearing these words of the son of wind God, Sita, With great happiness asked, “You are extremely small and thin, and, Do not other monkeys also look like this, And all the Rakshasa have bodies like a mountain, And how will all of you oppose them,” And the son of wind god hearing the daughter of earth, Immediately and fast stood before her like a mountain.

Along with humility, fear, curiosity, devotion and joy, That valorous one saluted her and in the end, That one who speaks loving words, went round, On the right the mother of the world three times, “Bid me farewell, my mother, I am taking leave of you soon, Always live without any sorrow whatsoever,” “Let good things happen to you son, during the way permanently, Please make my husband come here, And you live with pleasure and live for a long, long time, Let there be welfare to you oh son and let you have strength always.

The son of wind god received words, Of blessing from the mother of the world and walked back.

Lanka mardhanam[edit]

Beating of Lanka

He sat on a tree top, little far away, And easily found out what he should do, “When an able emissary is sent to, Some other city for doing the job of a king, Without creating any problem and after achieving the job, And without any deficiency of his lord’s job, With great cleverness if he should with justice, Do some other job, then he is great.”

This is a good time for me to see the Lord of Rakshasas, With love and talk to him and go back, And this is definitely the proper way to do that”, Thinking like that, he started powdering the garden.

Except the very big Simsupa tree under which, The daughter of king of Mithila sits, he uprooted all trees, Which included trees with flowers, leaves and fruits, Shrubs and while they were falling with great sound, Which consisted of various sounds which were fearful. Also the birds there flew away making great noise, And flew with great fear in all directions. And all these sounds travelled all over the place including sky, And the town of Rakshasas was turned upside down, By the emissary of Rama who was greatly valorous, And those Rakshasis at that time with great fear, Awoke and saw the monkey hero there.

“He is one with great strength with a voice like thunder, And what type of animal he is and why did he come here? Oh good natured one, Did he not stand near you, Oh pretty one, and tell you about some special news, And in our mind we have great fear seeing him, Why has he come in the form of a monkey, And why has he come in the darkness of night, Please tell us the reason, Did you not know, Tell us who he is.”

“Who else except the Rakshasas know, About the magic weaved by Rakshasas? Seeing him, my mind also is filled with fear., And if we grows like this, what will happen oh God.” When the daughter of earth told them like this, They went and told the king of Lanka like this, “One tree moving and greatly strong one who resembles a mountain, Broke the entire garden and destroyed it, Expecting war that one without any fear or sorrow, Broke also the temple hall for making sacrifices And he carrying a pestle immediately, Without any effort beat and killed those guarding it, And it appears that he is not afraid of anyone in this world, And Oh Lord, he has still not gone from there.”

Hearing these words of those Rakshasis. He became angry like a cobra and told, “He has come here in the darkness of night, Without any fear and so it is definite that he is not ordinary. Let hundred thousand soldiers go armed, With sharp arrows, thunderbolts, iron pestles.”

Seeing those who were given orders, And sent by the Lord of the Rakshasas, He roared like a lion which shook, The entire world including mountains, Hearing which The Rakshasas, Swooned due to a mind filled with fear, And with great nervousness neared him.

When they sent at him very sharp arrows. And a bevy of various types of weapons, That king of monkeys immediately, Grew up more in height and without effort, Using a mace with pointed thorns, Beat and killed all of them. Hearing the death of several thousand soldiers, Sent by him, without any fear that king of Rakshasas, Chose five persons from the very powerful ones, And ordered them to go, with great wrath., To those five commanders opposing the expert In killing others, death came soon.

Then with rising anger the ten faced one told, “His strength is wonderful, I am afraid, The five commanders who just went with great force, All died in great disgrace. For arresting him with life and bringing him, In front of me let the very powerful, Seven minister’s sons go along with a great army.”

Hearing the words of the ten faced one, Along with a great army and weapons, Like pestles sword and arrows In their hand and Shouting in a huge way Those Rakshasa heroes neared the monkey chief, And send all their weapons at him every second So that the earth was disturbed and all people started shouting, And that son of wind God killed them speedily, By a pillar made of iron with great speed.

Hearing that the sons of seven ministers And army, have gone to the world of death The ten faced one had increased sorrow and fear in his mind, And he lost his respect and had sorrow and shame. “Now no one can win over him, And I have not seen any one like him, And if one of them (minister’s sons) opposes, the entire asura and deva clan, Cannot stand against him in all three worlds, Alas, many of them have died at the hand of a monkey, I think my good luck has been destroyed.”

To his father who was worried and tired, Thinking of many things, with respect, And humility his younger son saluted and told, “This is not proper for the persons with valour, Breaking down like this is not suitable for all kings, For sorrow of the soul eats away courage and valour. And I would bring this enemy chief within a minute,” Saying like this that Aksha Kumara went.

At that time that noble monkey was on the arch, And saw Aksha Kumara in front of him, And by groups of arrows Aksha wounded and pierced, The body of the chief animal on the branches at that time, And the very angry Hanuman stood between earth and sky, And threw a mace with thorns on his head, And that strong Aksha who was pretty, Went speedily to the city of death.

The king of Rakshasas Ravana who was the enemy of devas, Hearing the news became grief stricken and hugged, His son who won over Indra and was extremely strong, With a great sorrow of soul,” Dear son, Hear my words, have you heard, That your brother has gone to the city of the dead, For sending that monkey who killed, My son in a war to the to the place of the son of Sun God, Speedily, I am myself going along with a great force, And we would do funeral rites of your younger brother afterwards.”

Hearing these words of his father with pity, Indrajit immediately told with respect, “My father, greatly intelligent one, leave out your sorrow, I would wipe out completely your problems, There is no doubt that he is free from death, Will anyone else come this far? Suppose I see that he does not have fear of death, I would tie him out using Brahmasthra, By the boons given by Lord Brahma, Rakshasas have conquered the entire universe And I have won a war with the deva king Indra, And it is a wonder that a monkey came and opposed us.

When we think about it, it is a great shame, Even if I am not able to kill, I without great delay, By dharmic or non dharmic or by cheating, With great effort I would bring him before you, Now a danger has come before us due to a lady, Which would destroy wealth with certainty, And as long as I live, you please live happily here, And believe in me and do not be sad.

After pointing matters that are good to his father, Indrajit started to go becoming ready, He took chariot, armour, sharp arrows and other weapons, He went speedily before the emissary of Rama, And he who is equal to Garuda, jumped up on the sky, Along with a huge shout, that valorous Maruthi, And both of them developed respect for each other, Seeing the speed and strength of each other.

That valorous one, similar to a lion, who had won over Indra, Sent five arrows aimed at the head of the son of wind God, And then he speedily sent eight arrows aimed at his chest, And then he sent another six arrows aimed at his feet, And he also sent a very sharp arrow aimed at his tail, And then that chief of the monkey clan,hurt by those arrows, Shouted like a lion and churned the world, And took a pillar and killed the driver of the chariot.

He also speedily powdered his chariot with horses, And that Megha Nada(Indrajit) jumped away from it, And he got another bigger chariot and riding in it immediately, And started rain of very sharp arrows, and getting angry, That son of Ravana by rain of arrows could damage, Only four, four hairs Of Hanuman and seeing, That because of that there is no problem to the lord of monkeys, He sent at him the divine Brahmastra, And son of wind god with great intelligence respected it, But alas fell down fainted on earth and the son of the ten faced one Tied the son of wind God and placed him before his father, But to the son of wind god there was, No problem in his mind due to boons given earlier by devas.

The people who always chant the name of, The lotus petal eyed Rama would become pure minded, And pure due to their devotion to Lord Vishnu(killer of Madhu), And within a second get free from the, Attachment created by wisdom as well as action, Though such an attachment is created over a long time, And reach the feet of Lord Vishnu permanently, And there is no doubt about this And would ever, the emissary of Rama who has, Kept himself at the two feet of the star of Raghu clan be tied up.

Those who spend their life without attachment to, Birth and death will not have any sorrow from other attachments, After showing falsely that his hands and legs are paining And due to many people with merriment, Tying him with pieces of rope, The strong tie of Brahmastra made by, The enemy of devas became immediately untied.

He did not have any problems in his mind, And he did not show that he is not tied, And when the Rakshasas carried him shouting, He lay seriously without any movement.

Hanuman Ravana sabhayil[edit]

Hanuman in the court of Ravana

Placing the son of wind god in front of the lord of the Rakshasas, Indrajit,the enemy of Indra told, “He is the one who has killed several Rakshasas in war, And now he has become tied by Brahmasthra. Father, in consultation with your dear ministers, Properly enquire him and pass the judgment, Understand that this monkey is not an ordinary one, For he is the god of death to all his enemies.

The ten faced one hearing these words of his son, Told Prahastha(his chief minister) who was standing there, “Find out speedily the reason for his coming here, And also where from he has come, And why did he destroy the garden, And also kill the people who were guarding it, And also why did with force beat, And kill the other Rakshasas who went there, And also whose emissary he is?” And hearing the enemy of Indra, Prahastha, Asked with humility and respect that son of wind God, “Hey Monkey, who sent you to come here?

“Oh intelligent one, please tell truth in this court, And definitely we would release you, Please throw away fear from your mind, And see that this is equal to Brahma’s court, Duties against Dharma and words which are lies, Are not there in the kingdom of Lanka.”

Hearing with justice the questions posed, By the king of the Rakshasa clan, that son of wind god, Thought for a moment Lord Rama in his mind, And slowly with a smile told, “Please hear extensive answer in detail, Oh lord of Rakshass, Know that I am the emissary of worshipful Rama, My lord is the king of the world worshipped by Indra, He is blessed one, the best among men and is divine, He sleeps on the chief of snakes, pure and is the god of all, He is the enemy of asuras and one who gives wealth and salvation, He is the one who is in the heart of Shiva, one who lives in time, One who is served by Lord Shiva, one who controls five elements, Who has Garuda the enemy of snakes on his flag, Madhava, King, one who is recognized by Vibheeshana, And he the pure one, for making his father’s word as true, Started to the forest and while he was, Living there with a daughter of Janaka and his brother, Did you not go and steal Janaki.”

This is one of the reasons heralding your death, And this is simply the decision of Lord Brahma, And that son of Dasaratha went to, The hermitage of Mathanga with pain along with his brother.

He signed a treaty with the son of Sun God, With fire as the witness with conditions, And after that he killed Indra’s son by an arrow, And gave Kishkinda to the son of Sun god. And to him who saluted him on his lotus like feet, He gave the power to rule and destroyed his sorrow, And he in turn, for searching for the daughter of earth, At one time send hundred thousand monkeys lords For each direction and among them, I am the one who has come to see you.

The reason for destroying trees of the garden Again and again is because of the normal habit of the monkey clan, And the reason for killing the Rakshasa heroes, Is because I was afraid that they will kill me, In this world definitely there is no being, Which does not have the fear of death. And oh ten faced one to protect my body in war, I killed hoards of your servants, Even if one is of hundred crores of age, Please remember, every being loves his own body.

By the rope of Brahma sent by your son, I got tied up for a quarter of a second, But the power of the boons given by Brahma and other devas, My body will not undergo any suffering, I will never have any injuries or death, And acting as if I am tied up, I came here, Even for that there is a reason, please hear, I wanted to tell you what is good for you.

Intelligent people should remove that bad knowledge. Which is more for people who are ignorant, And if they do.they are believed by the world as kind souls, As that teaching to the ignorant would lead to their salvation. Sir, please think in your mind the way of the world, And do not get drowned in to the sea of passion, Oh one with ten faces, leave out it this Rakshasa nature, And embrace the ways of salvation, As that would definitely destroy the fear of birth and death, And that which is not this, leads to domestic sorrow, And you are suitable to receive the knowledge of the Brahman, As you are wonderful and is born in a clan of good people[5].

Throw out passion, anger, hatred, miserliness and desire, Through the knowledge of the philosophy, Oh son of Visravas, the son of Pulasthya who was the son of Brahma, Do not get attached to the Rakshasa nature, And by studying Rakshasas, devas, men, birds animals and snakes, Please leave out the feeling that body is the soul, And by getting attached to that property of nature, you would be tied to it, And please understand that body is not the soul.

One who is filled with nectar, one who is not born, one who is pure, One who does not have a second, the Imperishable one, One filled with joy, one who is alone, the divine one, One who is simple, one without comparison,one who cannot be measured, One who is not clear, one who is not confused, One without properties, one who does not have stains, One who is not interested, one who is pure, One who is in divine acts, one who is endless, one who is primeval, The lord, One who is forever, one who is shapeless, One who is the soul, the divine Brahmam, One who cannot be understood by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, One who is studied by Vedantha, one who cannot be studied by the wise, One who pervades all over, understand him as pervader of illusion, Oh Lord, One who is all pervading divinity, one who teaches truth, one who is perennial, Understand that the all bodies of universe are temporary, And that birth, aging and death are full of sorrow.

For getting salvation, I would teach you, A technique which I have learnt, please understand it clearly, By having devotion to Hari always in your mind, Your soul would definitely get purified, Your mind which would be devoid of sins would become clean, And certainly in you the wisdom about God will arise in your mind.

By the very pure mind obtained by understanding and belief, In the principle of God and the pure joy got out of this experience, Chant always “Rama, Rama” which is the two lettered chant, Which burns the forest of Rakshasas, Leave out attachment to the domestic life and daily, Fix firmly the ind on the feet of Rama by meditation. If little of this knowledge is in the mind of a man, He will get all that he wants and so immediately, Pray the lotus feet of Vishnu which removes the fear of domestic life, Which is loved by devotees and which shines like billions of suns. By praying the two lotus like feet of Vishnu, Please leave out this sorrow and start praying.

Please simply throw away the mischief from the mind And find out the way to go to the Vaikunta world, And do not fall down daily by desiring, For someone else’s wealth and wife, And with devotion and belief always serve, Madhava, the God of all who has lotus leaf like eyes, Who is Narayana, who loves people who surrender to him, Who is the divine Purusha, divine soul and one who cannot be divided.

Surrender and fall at his lotus like feet, Though you have done several sins earlier, Since no one has as much mercy as him, For he is the one who gives away enmity and so with happiness, Think of the lord of the Raghu clan There would not be another birth for you, Oh friend, Please remember these words are from sage Sanaka, And whatever I have told is the truth and accepted by lord Brahma.

The nectar like words told by the son of wind God, Were heard with very great anger by the ten faced one, And all his twenty eyes burnt like embers, Amd rolling them all well and blinking them he told, “Cut to pieces this one who is like a gingelly seed, I have never seen false pride like this with any one else, Would any other being dare to, Sit with me like an equal and tell me like this,’ I am not able to see respect the humility in him, And he is a sinner, a bad soul and an adamant one, Tell me, tell me a word called “ my Rama”, Who is the forest living Sugreeva today? I would kill al of them and also Janaki, And also you, who is an extremely bad one.

Becoming greatly angry hearing the words of, The ten faced one, biting his teeth that chief of monkeys told, “You think that you are very great, that is okay, Along with you even if one crore people, Who are thinking that they are Ravana the lords of Rakshasas, Oppose me, it is definite that they are not sufficient, To my little finger and what can you do, oh dirty one.”

Hearing the words of the son of wind god, He told immediately, those who were standing near him, “Is there not one armed Rakshasa here, Go and kill this thief.”

At that time when one of them neared him, Vibheeshana told slowly, “No no, it is bad to kill an emissary, Please tell that it is not proper for a king, And suppose we kill him immediately, How will Rama know about it there ? For that we should make a sign on him, And send him back,and that would be proper for kings.” The ten faced one hearing the words of his brother addressed, To the Assembly said, “If so let it be done that way.”

Lanka Dahanam[edit]

Burning of Lanka

“To the monkeys the source of strength is not, The face or hand or legs but tail is their source of strength. Let us immediately cover it with cloth, Set fire to it and take him all over the city, With the chief Rakshasas playing drums, And shouting “The thief who has come at night”, In a big tone so that every body would be able to hear, And take him in all directions and also shout, “know that he is traitor and powerless one”, So that other monkeys will banish him from their society.”

Using cloths dipped in oil and ghee, When they were tying it to the tail speedily, That one of immense strength, became like a huge mountain, And his tail became extremely big, And though all the cloth collected was used, Much of the tail was still left to be covered.

They brought silk cloths from all houses, After great search and then tied it, Even that was finished and still tail was remaining, And they went here and there and again brought, Cloth dipped and dripping in oil and ghee And also tied the divine silk cloths, And realizing that his tail was big and that no cloth was left, And also oil was completely over, And some people told that, This is waste, he is a pure one and divine, And who all are going to be destroyed by this?”

“We do not have cloth to tie and let us, Light fire to the tail now without delay.” And then at that time the Rakshasas lit the fire, At the tip of the tail after tying him strongly, By strong rope pieces and carrying that, Monkey chief after verifying that he has been tied tightly, Those crooked minded ones shouted that “here is the thief”, And creating lot of noise and they went to the city, With beating and beating of several drums, And when they reached the western gate, That son of wind god changed I himself n to a very small form,, And the ropes which were tied on him came out.

With strength and with great speed he became like a mountain, And the ties were broken and he raised high to the top, And with a speed of wind reached the tallest tower, And he jumped and killed those people who were carrying him, And stood there as if he was standing there rubbing the moon, And then he climbed the top of a gem studded mansion, And then climbed again and again on groups of homes, Also on homes built with gold and gems and that son of wind god, Set fire and set fire to all these and fire went on increasing.

With his natural indecisive character, he, Started burning the gem studded palaces, And also the elephants, horses chariots, rows of soldiers, Gardens which can be entered in to for enjoyment, And those fire flames and the heart of the son of wind god, Became very bright and went to the place of Vishnu (Sky?) And those flames of fire appeared to burn in such a way, That they wanted to inform the news of the burning, Of the home of the Rakshasas to Indra, Competing with each other like “ me first, you first “, And the flames almost reached the sky.

The Lanka which was filled with wealth, By the pure gems that came from the earth, And when the son of wind god burnt it, Wonder of wonders was filled with ash, Except the house of the brother of the ten faced one, The houses of enemy of devas became baked in the fire, And the dear servant of the lord of the Raghu clan, Saved only the house of Vibheeshana.

After the gem studded homes were completely burnt, The ladies in them started wailing, With heads with growing hair and feet being burnt, The soul also went away from body and they fell dead on ground, And the bodies melted and melted and they fled here and there, And climbed on very tall buildings, And that one who burns came there also and burnt, And they fell down struggled and died, “My son, lover, father, husband, alas, This is my fate, Oh god of fate, The body melting and turning along with death, Is there no one to stop it, Oh Siva, Oh Shiva, This problem has been created by the lord of Rakshasa clan, it is definite, And there is no other reason for it.”

That Sinner who is the ten faced one forcefully, Took away wealth and wives of others, He does not know that it is not proper and did due to arrogance, And this is definitely the result of that, And that great sinner fell in passion with a human lady, And because of that the danger came to others also, For wise people should only carefully do, Bad and good deeds and good and bad actions.

Becoming weak due to the arrow of god of love, With force he caught hold of, Very great women with great virtue, And that passionate one raped them, And the religious spirit in their mind, Has caught our country badly.

When the Rakshasis were talking so many things, They were burnt as they were standing itself, And to get protection they ran by various ways, The trees were burnt broke and fell down, And that emissary of the chief of Raghu clan, In a second made the seven hundred yojanas of, The country of the Rakshasas, In to a wholesome meal of various dishes, And gave it to the very satisfied relegious spirit.

Easily that son of wind god dipped his tail, In the ocean and put out the fire, And tht son of wind did not get any burns, Because the fire god was his close friend, And due to the merciful prayer of Sita, Who was devoted to her husband.

The grace of the son of wind god is wonderful, To him even fire became very cool, The great people meditating on the name Of Rama, Which is the fire to the forest of Rakshasas, Though they are attached to son, wealth and wife, Cross the fire which gives three type of pains, And how can the emissary who fulfills his wishes, Get sorrow by the natural fire? If you are at present born as a human being, Please pray to the lotus eyed one, Who is the lord of earth, one who lies down on the lord of snakes, For destroying the pain from three type of pains.

Afterwards the best of the monkey clan went and saluted, The feet of the daughter of earth and said, ”I will now start my journey to the other shore, Please give me leave to go to Rama. The best of Raghu clan, his brother and son of Sun God, Would come speedily with a endless army. Let you not have even a little worry in mind, Because oh Daughter of Janaka, the job is now mine.”

To him who saluted and told like this with great humility, Sita told with sorrow in her mind, “When I saw you, you told the story of my husband, And the pain in my mind went away, How Can I live here with sorrow, Without hearing the welfare of my husband.”

Hearing the words of king Janaka, Due to growing pity on her, he saluted and told, “Throw away the sorrow and pain of parting with your loved one, You please climb on my shoulder and within a second, I would take you before your husband and after joining with him, All your pain and worries would be destroyed.”

After hearing the words of the son of wind God, Sita, Becoming very happy saw him and told, “Since my soul does have the pain, As much as you think, as of now I have got belief, That the one with a good history would, Come here with great strength, By drying the sea by his divine arrows, And building a bridge on the sea, And cross it along with the monkey army, And kill the one who punishes the three worlds, And would take me back speedily, And hiding in the night if I am taken secretly, It does not behove to the fame of my husband,”

Let the star of Raghu clan come here, fight the war, Kill Ravana and take me back, Oh son of the speedy wind, you work with this aim, And till those days, I would conserve my soul.” Telling like this to him that Goddess Lakshmi sent him back, After that the son of wind god, saluted the mother of the world, Bid her farewell and urgently saw the ocean and jumped.

Hanumande Prathyagamanam[edit]

Return of Hanuman.

He then shouted so as to spin the three worlds, And the monkey group heard that deep sound, And said, “think that what we heard is a herald, To make us understand that he has been successful, And there is no doubt it is sound of Hanuman, And let us watch for we can understand it from the sound.”

When the group of monkeys were talking in various ways, They could see the head of Hanuman on the mountain, “Oh monkey heroes, I saw Sita, By the blessing of the hero of Kakustha clan, And I burnt completely the blessed Lanka of the Rakshasas, As well as the garden there and I saw, Ravana the enemy of devas with wonder, And let us go quickly to tell this to Rama. Oh Jambhava and other monkeys let us go.”

At that time they honoured the son of wind god, Embraced him tightly kissed him at the tip of his tail, With joy, for the sake the son of wind god, Together they cheered him loudly, And when those chiefs of monkeys started walking, And became tired, they reached near Prasavana mountain.

There they saw a garden owned by Sugreeva, Which was full of flowers, leaves, fruits, honey[6] plant, Surrounded by bushes and that group of monkeys, To satiate their hunger started telling with great desire “This honeyed city is full of varieties of sweet fruits, Let us eat and quench our thirst and, Go before the son of Sun God and tell the stories, Slightly delayed,Please permit us to do that”, When they requested this with desire, to Angadha And he immediately consented to their request, And all of them entered the honey garden.

With joy they ate the very sweet fruits and drank honey, And when they were eating well ripened fruits, Dadhimukha who was looking after the garden, As per the orders of Sugreeva and was, Guarding that garden sent security guards with sticks, And when they neared and prevented them, Those monkeys along with Hanuman, using fist fight, Hit them and the security were scared by them.

Immediately Dadhimuka went speedily, To Sugreeva and told about the happenings, “The monkey force under the son of Thara, Have partially destroyed your honey forest, As per your merciful orders I had, Been looking after it with great care. The grandson of Sun God and others, Came and defeated my servants, And have destroyed the honey forest now,” Told he and hearing the words of his uncle, Sugreeva with growing joy, Told it to Rama who was a pure soul.

The son of wind god and others have completed the job, And this is very clear and definite, For otherwise no one without bothering, For my orders would go and visit the Honey garden. You go and tell them to come here quickly, And Please do not have any sorrow over this.” And hearing that he went and told, That to Hanuman and others with respect.

The son of wind god, Angadha, Jambhavan and others, Because they heard the words of Sugreeva, And they due to the happiness they had at that time, Walked speedily and went towards Kishkinda. And prayed, the famous gem among men Rama, Blessed man, best among men, the divine one, The God of all who lives in the heart of Lord Shiva, The blue lotus eyed one, one who is served by Indra, One who sleeps on lord of serpents, pure one, lord of three worlds, He who is complete, brother of Indra, Madhava, One who rides on Garuda, Kesava, The husband of daughter of lotus, Ancient Lord, One whose two feet are worshipped by the ornament of serpent clan, One who is worshipped by Brahma, One who does not have any characters, Lord of earth, Lord of fishes, Lord of all, my lord, The friend of the son of the Sun God, One who is in the heart of wise, enemy of Rakshasa, One who has taken birth in the clan of Sun God, One who is the chief among the strong, the god of death to blessed people, Son of a king, husband of daughter of earth, One who takes care of universe, one who has face like lotus, One who is similar to god of love, One who is totally merciful, And Sugreeva and Lakshmana and Seeing them all sitting in the forest, They saluted them by falling on the floor.

They again saluted the king of monkeys, And with full happiness the son of Anjana told, “I saw with pity The honourable lady there, In the home of the Rakshasa without any problem. She immediately asked about your welfare, As well as that of the son of Sumithra with respect. In the asoka garden with unkempt hair, She was living below a Simsapa tree.

With a penance of starving with a very lean body day after day, Surrounded by the ladies of Rakshasa clam, With grief and ebbing tears in pain shedding and shedding tears, Alas, Always chanting and chanting “Rama, Rama”, Crying that tender bodied one, was living and at that time, I assuming a very small body size, sitting on a tree branch, With joy and great peace.

I then informed her your nectar like story When she was in the small hermitage, Without you and your younger brother, How the ten faced one took her from there, And about the treaty that you signed with Sugreeva, About the killing of the son of Indra, And how the king of the monkeys, Had sent hoards of monkeys to search for her all over the world, And that I am one of them who had come there, Bu crossing the ocean suddenly.

I am Minister of Sugreeva, the son of wind god, Emissary of Rama and my name is Hanuman I have found you out without much difficulty, This is my luck, great luck, I am blessed, Today all my efforts have greatly succeeded, The seeing of goddess Lakshmi is the destroyer of all sins, Janaki hearing all that I told, Slowly and slowly thought in her mind.

“From where am I hearing this nectar to my ears?” He is definitely a blessed great one, And let that blessed one come before my eyes, By the grace the valorous man, Rama.” Hearing these words from the daughter of Mithila, In the monkey form of very minute proportions, I saluted her with humility and fell at her feet, And with great surprise that honourable lady asked.”

“For my knowledge, please tell me who you are?” And after asking this type of questions, I told her all the news about the god(Rama), And that blue lotus petal eyed one believed me. And at that time to remove the doubt in her mind, I gave her the ring with great respect. Taking that in her soft hands speedily, And washed it with her flowing tears, And hugged it to her head, eyes and neck, Speedily and wailed greatly, “Son of wind god tell, All my sorrow, To the lotus eyed one, Did you not see it friend, See all the Rakshasis give me trouble, Please go and tell “ she told.

Then with pity I told all the news about you to her, Along with brother and the monkey army, We would bring the king of the world, And after coming there destroy the clan of Ravana, And Take you honorably to the city of Ayodhya, And so you should not have any sorrow in your mind.”

For the belief of the son of Dasaratha. Oh lady, please give me a symbol, And again tell me a identifying word, So that the blessed man will believe it.” And as soon as I told this to the daughter of earth, Immediately she gave the gem studded hair brooch, with respect.”

“With pathos that lotus eyed one, told, The story about the time in Chithrakoota mountain, When one day when she was with her husband, A crow attacked her strongly with his beak and claw And asked me to remind you of that story. After that she spoke to me as well as cried, Several times and informed the pain in her heart, And at that time I with various tasty dishes of my words, Consoled that lady with Bimba fruit coloured lips, And later took farewell from her properly, And came back and I also did one more thing.”

Immediately I destroyed a garden, Which was very dear to the Lord of all Rakshasas, And I killed innumerable Rakshasa sinners, Who came for a war with a wounded feeling, And later sent the place of God of death, Aksha kumara who is the son of the ten faced one.

Then got tied by Brahmastra sent by the son of Ravana, I saw and told the king of the Rakshasa, Some little things and then I burnt, The city of Lanka and again met the pious lady, Without fear, saluted her feet, took her leave, And jumped back and crossed the ocean, And saluted your honey like tender feet, Oh treasure of mercy, I am your slave, Protect me, protect me.

Hearing these words of the son of wind god, The husband of Lakshmi took great liking to him and told, “You have done a job that is difficult even for devas, And even Sugreeva is extremely pleased about it, For the help that you did to me with love, I am giving you everything that is mine. There is no compensation in this world, For what you did with love.”

Again that Lord Rama embraced tightly, The son of wind god and caressed him. After hugging him again and again said, “Remember, the son of wind god who is the sunrise of luck, I the entire world there is no one like him, Today a complete blessed luck has come to us.”

Hearing, the very holy story of the lord of Raghu clan, As told by Paramasiva, the Goddess Bhavani, Who is the goddess of all saluted him with devotion. And the parrot interestingly told like this, And hearing this let all people become blessed.

Ithi Adhyathm Ramayane Uma Maheswara Samvadhe, Sundara kandam samaptham Thus ends the pretty chapter of Adhyathma Ramayana, Which is a part of the discussion between Shiva and Parvathi.


  1. approximately about 2 miles
  2. Dasaratha is son of Aja
  3. Twitching of left side is good omen for females
  4. Mandodhari wife of Ravana.
  5. Ravana is a great grand son of Brahma
  6. Could also be alcoholic beverage

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