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From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

By Swami Harshananda

Tāyumānavar lived in A. D. 1705-1742. Tāyumānavar was a great Śaiva saint of Tamil Nadu. He is still a living force in the religious life of Tamil country. He was a vellāla by caste and attached to the great Śiva temple at Vedāraṇyam near Tanjavoor.[1]

By virtue of his learning and character he became a high official in the court of the Naik ruler, Vijayaraṅga Cokkanāthar, of Tiruchirapalli. Since he yearned for spiritual wisdom he gave up his job and spent his time in sādhana under an able guide. He composed few poems in Tamil, making an attempt to synthesize Vedānta with Śaivasiddhānta. He rose above the narrow religious disputes and reached to the high levels of philosophical wisdom.


  1. Tanjavoor is present Tanjore.
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