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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Vallabhesa Karavalamba dasakam

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Vallabhesa Karavalamba Dasakam
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"Vallabha Ganapathi is that form of Ganapathi Vallabha Ganapathi is a rare form of Ganapathi who has eleven arms and is believed to be the protector of the universe. There are a few temples dedicated to this form of Ganapathi ( for example Mambalam, Madras) and one of them is in Suva, Fiji Islands and another in New york . I know of only three Karavalamvha stotras , one dedicated to Lord Subramanya , one to Lord Lakshmi Narasimha and the other dedicated to Lord Venkatesa.
.The stotram was taught by late Smt. Sarada, the daughter of Jailor & Astrologer Ganapathy Iyer, Irinjalakuda to her son Ganesan. The first letters of the slokas of this stotram combine to form "Om Sri Gam Ganapathaye Nama and after long search I have confirmed that it is neither available in the web nor in any of the books of published Ganesa stotras . I have translated the stotra after correcting the minor mistakes which had crept in over years . I am dedicating this stotra to the memory of Smt Sarada , the great devotee of Vallabha Ganapathi."
Bheeja pooragadekshukarmukarujaa chakrabja pasthpala,
Vrehygraswavishana rathna kalasa prodhyuth karamboruha,
Dhyoyo vallabhaya cha padmakarayaslishto jwalath bhooshaya,
Viswothpathi vinasa samsthithikaro vigno visishtarthadha.

It is necessary to meditate on that God who prevents bottlenecks,
Who holds in his eleven hands things like lemon, mace ,
Bow, sugarcane, spear ,holy wheel, lotus flower, rope,
The black bel flower, the paddy bunch, his own tusk and pot of gems,
Who is being embraced by his wife who is well ornamented,
And having in her hand a lotus flower,
Who does the creation, upkeep and destruction of the universe,
And who blesses all with the special wealth.


1.Om angri Padma mukurantha kulamrutham they Nithyam bhjanthi Divyath Sura sidha sanga Jnathawamrutham Gana Sastha thakam Bhajami Sreevallabhesa Mama Dehi Kathavalambam

Om , your feet is the nectar like soft bud of lotus,
And it is daily sung about by the holy devas and sages,
And I sing about it knowing it as the fragrant and pretty part of Ganesa,
And so Oh Lord of Vallabha , give me the support of your hand.

2.Shree Mathausunam Adhuna Sararanam Prapadhye Daridra Dukhasamanam Kurume Ganesa Math sankatam Cha Sakalam Hara Vigna Raja Sreevallabhesa Mama Dehi Kathavalambam

At this time I surrender to the son of the God mother,
And pray Ganesa to remove the sorrow of poverty ,
And pray the lord of stoppages to remove all my sorrows.
And so Oh Lord of Vallabha , give me the support of your hand.

3.Gamgadharatmaja Vinayaka Mula Murthe Vyadhim Javena Vinivara Balachandra Vijnanadristim Athisamayi Sannidhehi Sreevallabhesa Mama Dehi Kathavalambam
Son of him who carries Ganga , Lord who removes bottle necks , Original God,
Oh young moon , remove diseases and ghosts ,
Grant me knowledge searching look and
And so Oh Lord of Vallabha , give me the support of your hand.
4.Ganyam Matheeyabhavanam Vidhayadrishtya Mal thara puthra thanya Sahajam Cha Sarvan Akadhayan ashu Paripalaya Surpakarna Sreevallabhesa Mama Dehi Kathavalambam
Make my home to look great ,
Look after my wife , son , friends and all others ,
Oh God with winnow like ears , please protect this lowly one , And so Oh Lord of Vallabha , give me the support of your hand.
5.Naakara Manthra gathitham Thava YandhraRajam Bhakthya Smarami Sathathham Disa Sampathome Udyoga Sidhim athulam Kavitham Cha Lakshmim Sreevallabhesa Mama Dehi Kathavalambam

Your talisman makes calculations from “NA”,
I am always meditating on you with devotion for wealth for me,
Getting of job , capacity to write incomparable verses and beauty,
And so Oh Lord of Vallabha , give me the support of your hand.
6,Padathi Kesa akhilam Sudhaya cha Choornam Keshagni Panchakam idham Sivabhoothabeejam Tvad rupa Vaibhavam aho Janathanavendhi Sreevallabhesa Mama Dehi Kathavalambam

All parts of yours from head to toe is nectar like and covered with sandal You who are the seed of Lord Shiva got your head fell by lord shiva ,
Oh , the greatness of your form is being praised by people ,
And so Oh Lord of Vallabha , give me the support of your hand.
7.Tapathrayam Mama hara amritha Vrishti dishtya Taapam Vyamohaya Gajanana Sa pado mey, Drishtyam avrutha duni akhilam Parivallabesha Shreevallabhesa Mamadehi Kathavalambam

By your nectar like look please destroy my three types of sufferings,
Oh God with elephant head , please remove the troubles from me, Oh Lord of Vallabha , please see all the world, without our invitation, And so Oh Lord of Vallabha , give me the support of your hand.
8.Yehtvam Vidhanthi Sivakalpa tharum Prashastham Thebyo dadhadi Kusalam Nikhilartha labham Mahyam Thadaiva Sakalam , Nija Vakrathunda Sreevallabhesa Mama Dehi Kathavalambam

You are the one who lost your tusk and the famous wish giving tree of Lord Shiva,
And you gave us trouble free life and a great gift of wealth,
And so Oh God with a broken tusk , I am giving you all that is mine,
And so Oh Lord of Vallabha , give me the support of your hand.
9.Nanandhya vedhyam amalam Thava Padah Padmam Nityam Bhaje Vibhudha Shadpada Sevyamanam Sthanam cha Manyam akhilam Dishame Ganesa Sreevallabhesa Mama Dehi Kathavalambam

I am saluting your pure lotus like feet,
And daily singing and serving you who is very near,
Oh Lord Ganesa , please give me all positions and respectability,
And so Oh Lord of Vallabha , give me the support of your hand.
10.Maoda amruthena Thava Pashupalam Papapabdhi Panka lulicham cha Sahaya adheenam Vasthrani Bhushana Dhanani Cha vahanathim Sreevallabhesa Mama Dehi Kathavalambam

By offering the nectar like modhakas to please you,
I who am drowned and dangling in the sea of sin would get your help,
To get cloths , ornaments , wealth and vehicles,
And so Oh Lord of Vallabha , give me the support of your hand.

Phala Sruthi

Shree Vallabesha dasakam Hatayogya Sadhyam Herambahe Bhagavadh eeshwara Bringanatham Shrutvan Idham Shruthividha Kula Yoginome Bhoori pradham Bahujano Sukhino Bhavanthu

This ten verse prayer addressed to the Lord of Vallabha ,
Which would make one capable of deep meditation,
Of the God Ganapathi and Lord Shiva and make ,
One hear the name of the god like humming sound of bees ,
And hearing which , would lead to abundant life ,
And all people would lead a life of happiness.

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