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By Swami Harshananda

Vyāsatirtha lived in A. D. 1447-1539. Vyāsatīrtha is also known as Vyāsarāya. He was one of the brightest personalities of Karnataka who shone not only as a great scholar-saint but also as an able administrator of the Vijayanagar empire. Born in A. D. 1447 as the son of Rāmācārya and Lakṣmīdevī at Abbur in the Mysore district of Karnataka, he was initiated into sanyāsa by Brahmaṇya-tīrtha, with the monastic name of Vyāsatīrtha. He learnt all the scriptures under another great soul Srīpādarāya.[1] He toured the country extensively and established his reputation as a great scholar, unexcelled in philosophical disputations. He was the rājaguru[2] to five generations of kings of Vijayanagar. He is said to have saved the king Kṛṣṇadevarāya[3] from the kuhuyoga, an extremely inauspicious[4] moment, dangerous for rulers.

He organised the rituals of the temples of Tirumala-Tirupati for twelve years and then handed it over to the hereditary successors of the priests of the deity. He established 732 images of Māruti[5] in several parts of the country. His well-known works of Dvaita Vedanta are:

  1. Nyāyāmrta
  2. Tarkatāndava
  3. Tātparyacandrikā

He has also composed many devotional songs in Kannada with the pseudonym Śrīkṛṣṇa. Purandaradāsa[6] and Kanakadāsa[7] the two famous saint-musicians of Karnataka were his disciples. The Maṭha[8] he had established at Sosale in the Mysore district is still in existence.


  1. He lived in d. A. D. 1486.
  2. Rājaguru means royal preceptor.
  3. He lived in A. D. 1488-1529.
  4. It refers to astrological moments
  5. Māruti means Hanumān.
  6. Purandaradāsa lived in A. D. 1484-1564.
  7. Kanakadāsa lived in A. D. 1508-1606.
  8. Matha means monastery.
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