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By Swami Harshananda

Yajñamurti literally means ‘personified sacrifice’.

Some of the branches of the Vedas like the Taittiriya Samhitā[1] identify Viṣṇu with yajña or Vedic sacrifice. This Yajñamurti or Yajñapuruṣa is described to be having:

  1. Three heads
  2. Three legs
  3. Seven hands
  4. Four horns

His body is red in color and wears a vanamālā.[2] Apart from exhibiting the postures of protection and bestowal of boons[3] he holds several implements of sacrifice like the sruk and sruva.[4] This is a symbolic representation of a sacrifice.


  1. Taittiriya Samhitā
  2. Vanamālā means garland of wild flowers.
  3. They are abhaya and varada mudrās.
  4. These are ladles.
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