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From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

By Swami Harshananda

Ākāśīdhāraṇā literally means ‘fixing the mind on the ether principle’.

Ākāśīdhāraṇā is one of five ‘pañcadhāraṇās’ in the works on Hathayoga. Such dhāraṇās help in the conquest of the mind. This again can when properly guided lead to the realization of the Self. Incidentally, certain supernatural powers are also attained in the process.

Ākāśīdhāraṇā is fixing the mind on the principle of ākāśa or ether. The color of ākāśa is like that of ocean water. Sadāśiva is its presiding deity. Its bija (seed) is ‘ha.’ Fixing the mind along with the prāṇa on it for five ghaṭikās (one ghaṭikā = 24 minutes) will help the yogi to gain liberation. Neither death nor pralaya (dissolution of the world) can affect him then.


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