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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Devaki Garbha Sthuthi

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Devaki Garbha Sthuthi

Translated by P.R.Ramachander

( As per the request of Lord Brahma and other devas Lord Vishnu enters the womb of Devaki ,
For yet another incarnation to remove the burden of this earth. This prayer is addressed to the God who is in the womb of Devaki by Lord Brahma and other devas. This great prayer occurs in the tenth Skanda and in second chapter of Bhagawatha Purana as slokas 26-40.)

1.Sathyavrutham sathyaparam Trisathyam ,
Sathyasya yonim nihiutham cha sathye,
Sathyasya sathayamrutha Sathya nethram,
Sathyathmakam thwaam saranam Prapanna.

We surrender to you , who is the soul of the truth,
Who makes truth his penance , Who is beyond truth,
Who is the triple truth in the past , present and future,
Who is the creator of truth , who exists in only truth ,
Who is truth of the nectar of truth and who only sees truth.

2,Yekayano asou dwiphala , sthri moola,
Chathurasa, Pancha vitha, shadathma,
Sapthathvak astha vitapo navaksho ,
Dasaschadhi Dwikhago hyadhi vruksha.

The primeval tree of creation has one basis,
Two fruits called pleasure and suffering,
Three roots called Sathva, Rajas and Thamas,
Four aspects called Dharma, wealth, pleasure and salvation,
Five sensory organs, six soul emotions called,
Hunger, thirst , sorrow, passion, old age and death,
Seven layers called skin, flesh , blood , bile , fat, phlegm and bone,
Eight branches called Pancha bhoothas, mind , brain , egoism,
Nine holes of the body like two ears, two eyes and so on,
And eleven leaf like souls called prana, apana, samana , vyana , udana,
Nadha , korma , krukara , deva datha and dananjaya,
And on this tree , live the two birds called Jevathma and Paramathma.

3.Twam yeka yevaasya satha prasoothi,
Thwam sannidhaanam thwam anugrahascha,
Thwan maayaya samvrutha chethasas thwam,
Pasyanthi naanaa na vipaschitho ye.

You alone are the cause of that tree of the universe,
You are its resting place, you are the one who takes care of it,
And those beings whose eyes are clouded by your illusion,
See you as different things but not the wise ones.

4.Bhibharshi roopanyava bodha athmaa,
Kshemaya lokasya characharasya,
Sathvo pannani sukha vahaani,
Sathama bhadrani muhu khalaanaam.

Though you are the soul which is consciousness,
For taking care of the people and mobile and immobile things,
You take the form of unmixed truth and peace,
Which gives delight to the followers of Dharma,
And is harmful to those wicked beings.

5.Thway ambujaksha akhila sathva dhamni,
Samaadhinaa aavesitha chetha saike,
THwad patha pothena mahath kruthena,
Kurvanthi go vathsa padam bhavabdhim.

Oh Lotus eyed one , those wise sages,
Using their state of Samadhi ,
See your Sathva form by their inner eyes,
And using the boat of your divine feet,
And using their good behavior as a boatman ,
Cross the sea of birth and death,
As if it is only as big as the hoof mark of a cow.

6.Swayam samutheerya sadushtaram dhyuman,
Bhavarnavam bheema madhabra souhrudhaa,
Bhavath padamboruha naabva matha they,
Nidhaaya yaathaa sadanugraho bhavaan.

Those wise ones after crossing this ocean of birth and death,
Which is difficult to cross , with their mind,
Filled with greatly gross compassion and care,
Leave the boat of your lotus like feet with your blessings,
There itself , so that it would be of help to others to cross the ocean.

7.Yo anyo aravindaksha vimuktha maanina,
Thwayyastha bhavadha vishuddha buddhyaa,
Aaroohya kruchrena param padam Thatha,
Pathathyatho anaadrutha yushamad anghraya.

The others , Oh lotus eyed one , who consider themselves as liberated,
With a mind which is not pure and without any devotion to you,
Even if they attain your divine world by a torturous path
Fall down from that position , as they have not adored your feet.

8.Thadhaa na they maadhava thavakaa kwachidh,
Brasyanthi marga thwayee badha souhrudhaa,
Thwayabhi gupthaa vicharanthi nirbhayaa,
Vinaayakani kappa moordhasu prabho.

Oh Madhava , those who have complete devotion to you,
Would never go in such wrong path, due to their love for you,
And they would be saved by your blessing,
And would travel without any fear ,
Treading on the heads of those who come in their way.

9.Sathwam vishudham srayathe bhavan stithou.
SAreerinaam sreya upayanam vapu,
Veda kriyaa yoga thapa samadhibhi,
Sthavarhanam yena jana sameehathe.

Oh Lord , You have assumed a pure Sathwic form,
And give the results to beings for their actions,
And people belonging the four stages in life,
Worship you by performing Vedic rituals,
Yoga , Penance and entering in to Samadhi.

10.Sathwam cha chedha dharitham nijam bhaved,
Vijnana majnana abhidhabha marjanam,
Guna prakasai ranumeeyathe bhavan,
Prakasathe yasya cha yena vaa guna.

Had not you assumed this Sathwic form of yours,
Oh maker of the universe, for the sake of ,
Shining of knowledge and removing of the ignorance,
Of your devotees who see difference among themselves,
Will see and feel you as per their characteristics.
Had you not been born with these characteristics,

11.Na naama roope guna janma karambhi,
Niroopithavye thava thasya sakshina,
Mano vachibhyaam anumeya varthmano,
Deva kriyayam prathi yanthyadhapi.

None of the name , form , characters, birth and actions,
Prove that you are the only witness for yourselves,
Mind , word and others only guess your form,
And when offerings to you are made in the Yagas,
You assume the form that is proper and receive them.

12,Srunvan grunan samsaarayamscha chinthayan,
Naamani roopani cha mangalani they,
Kriyasu yasthwa charanara vindhayo,
Aavishta chethaa na bhavaya kalpathe.

Hearing, telling it to others , remembering and meditating ,
On your names and forms which are auspicious,
And performing all actions with attention merged on your lotus feet,
If done by a man using his mind it will ensure him freedom from bonds.

13.Dhishtaaya hare asyaa bhavatha padhoi bhuvo,
Bharo apaneetha sthava janma nesithu,
Dhishtyangi kathaam thwad padakai sushobhanai,
Drakshyama gaam dhyaam cha thavanukampithaam.

Luckily , oh Lord Hari, the earth represented by your feet,
Has got rid of its burden by your descent to this earth,
And we will see the heaven and earth decorated,
By your very pretty footsteps and divine marks,
Due to your great grace as well as merciful interest.

14.Na they bhavasyesa bhavasya karanam,
Vinaa vinodham bhatha tharkayamahe,
Bhavo nirodha stdithi thirapya vidhyaya,
Kruthaa yatha sthvayya bhaya aasryathmani.

Oh Lord who offers protection to everyone,
Your this birth , came about as only a sport of yours,
For you do not have birth which is a result of Karma,
And the assumption of your birth and death ,
By the people is only due to their ignorance.

15.Mathsya aswa kachapa nrusimha Varaha hamsa,
Rajanya vipra vividheshu kruthavathaaraa,
THwam paasi nas tribhuvanam cha yadhaa dhunesa,
Bharam bhuvo hara yadhthama vandanam they.

Oh God you took the varied incarnations as fish, horse , tortoise ,
Man lion , boar , swan, king as well as Brahmin,
And you protected the three worlds and
We want you remove the burden of this earth , Oh Hari,
Oh best of Yadhu clan , our salutations to you.

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