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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Hari Keerthanam(Malayalam)

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Hari Keerthanam (Malayalam)

Translated by,

(Here is the entire story of lord Krishna in the form of prayer written in simple Malayalam, which is daily sung by many in Kerala.)

1.Boomi than bharam kalavthinnayittu ,
Bhoomiyil vannu piranna Krishna Hari

For the lessening the burden of the earth,
You were born in earth itself, Krishnahari

2.Sri Madhurengal Vasudeva puthranay,
Devaki thannil piranna Krishnahari

Born in Mathura as the son of Vasudeva,
From Devaki , Krishnahari

3.Devakalaya janangalkku vendittu ,
Devaki nandanan aaya Krishna hari

For the sake of the people of devaloka,
You were born as son to Devaki, Krishnahari

4.Cherum purandu cheriyoru paithalayi,
Ambadi thannil valarnna Krishnahari

Born as a small child coated with mud,
You grew up in a cowherd’s home, Krishnahari

5.Ambadi thannil valarunna kalathu oru,
Amma pisachiye konna Krishnahari

While you were growing in cow herd’s home ,
You killed a devil who came as mother , Krishnahari

6.Kathaayi vanna maatthaneyum konnu ,
Chadayi vannoneyum konna Krishnahari

You killed another who came as wind,
And yet another who came as a cart, Krishnahari

7.Garga muni vannu perittanantharam ,
Agrajanodayi vana krishnahai

You lived with your elder brother,
After you were given a name by sage Garga, Krishnahari

8.Ullam thelinjoru changathimarumay ,
Pillarumayi kalicha Krishnahari

You played with very clear minded ,
Friends who were boys, Krishnahari

9.Mannu thinnu Kannan innu kalikkumbol,
Yennoru apa khyathi ketta krishnahai

You got a bad name that you were .
Eating mud while you were playing , Krishnahari

10.Than mukhatthu ammaru lokangalokkeyum ,
Ammakku katti kodutha Krishnahari

You showed your mother in your face,
All the worlds within your mouth , Krishnahari

11.Amma irunnu thayir kadanjidumbol ,
Amminja kandu kothicha Krishnahari.

You yearned for the breast milk of your mother,
When she was sitting and churning curd, Krishnahari

12. Thinnam thayir pathram pottichu avidunnu ,
Venna kondodi poya Krishnahari

Definitely you broke the pot of curd,
And ran away with the butter, Krishnahari

13.Paazh ural yeri irunnu kobu aavolam,
Muzhakku venna kavanna Krishnahari

You climbed on an unused pestle,
And stole as much butter as possible , Krishnahari

14.Dhamam kondu amma pidichu thalachappol,
Damodarany ninna Krishnahari

When your mother tied you with a rope,
You stood as Damodhara , Krishnahari

15.Narada saapena nilkkum marangalkku,
Parathe moksham kodutha Krishnahari

You gave salvation to those trees, which,
Stood there due to curse of Narada, Krishnahari

16.Vrundavanathil ezunnelli nal pasu,
Vrundathe mechu nadanna Krishnahari

After going to Brindavan, you herded,
The groups of good cows, Krishnahari

17.Ammavan chollale vannoru asurarkku ,
Nanma varuthi kodutha Krishnahari

For those asuras who came there as ,
Per instruction of your uncle , you gave them salvation, Krishnahari

18.Pakshiyay vannathum paabayi vannathum,
Dushtar yenno orthu vadhicha Krishnahari

You killed those people who came as bird,
Or as a snake thinking that they are bad ones, Krishnahari

19.Ven manal thattinmel changathimarumay,
Unman orumichirunna Krishnahari

You sat for a picnic lunch with your friend,
On the expanse of white sand, Krishnahari

20.Brahmavu kattiya kanmasham kandittu,
Than maaya vaibhavam poonda Krishnahari

Seeing the bad tricks played by Lord Brahma,
You took recourse to your illusion, Krishnahari

21.Kalindhi thannil kalichu kulichu udan,
Kaliyan thane amartha Krishnahari

You played and took bath in the river Yamuna,
And then suppressed the snake called Kaliya, Krishnahari

22.Kattu theeyayittu vannu oru asurane,
Darshtyamay melle nugarnna krishnahai

You killed with vengeance an asura who ,
Came in the form of forest fire, Krishnahari

23.Oro dinam thorum adbutha mingane ,
Oronnu katti kalicha Krishnahari

Like this daily you were performing,
A different miracle and played, Krishnahari

24.Denukan thamnne pralambaneyum konnu,
Kanana badha kalanja Krishnahari

You cleared the problems of the forest ,
By killing Dhenuka and Pralamba, Krishnahari

25.Venu nadham kondu vinnor janangalkku oru,
Anandhamullil valartha Krishnahari

You created a sense of joy for the people,
Of the world above by the sound of flute, Krishnahari

26.Kanyagamarude Karthyayani vrutham,
Dhanyamennakki chamacha Krishnahari

You helped to get good results of ,
The Karthyayani penance of the maids, Krishnahari

27.Brahmana sthreegalkku Kanenam yennittu,
Venmayil dhoore nadanna Krishnahari

For making the Brahmin ladies see you,
You walked long distances, Krishnahari

28.Govardhanathe adharikkayal indrane ,
Kopathin aalakki vacha Krishnahhari

By praising the Govardhana mountain, you,
Drove Indra in to rage , Krishnahari

29.Gomatha vannu abhishekavum cheygayaal,
Govinda namama daricha Krishnahari

You assumed the name of Govinda, because,
The mother cow came and anointed you, Krishnahari

30.Samsayam koodathe thathane kananju,
Vasiye chennu jayicha Krishna hari

When your father disappeared , without doubt,
You went and won over asura called Vasi, Krishnahari

31.Gokula narimarkku aathma vaikalyathe ,
Yogam varuthi kodutha , Krishnahari

You blessed the ladies of Gokula , with,
The real divine joy of the soul, Krishnahari

32.Rasakelikkulaa rathrigal oronne,
Radhayumay kazhicha Krishnahari

You spent each and every night of the,
Dance with maidens with Radha, Krishnahari

33.Ambika kananthingu tezhunnelli ,
Pambinnu moksham kodutha Krishnahari

You went inside the forest of Ambika,
And gave salvation to the snake, Krishnahari

34.Rookshanaam Sankha choodan thanne nigrahi,
Uthanaam koothane konna Krishnahari

You killed the terrible Sankhachooda and also,
The mighty bull , Krishnahari

35.Pacha kuthirayay vannoru kesiye ,
Pichayayay konnu mudicha , Krishnahari

You killed as is it in nothing, Kesi,
Who came as a green horse, Krishnahari

36.Nalakku adutha naal Kamsa vadhamennu , Naradan than sthuthi kettu , Krishnahari

You heard the prayer of sage Narada that ,
The killing of Kamsa is day after next, Krishnahari

37. Sri Madhurakku nee pogenam yennittu,
Vamasurane Vadhicha , Krishnahari

You killed Vamasura because you,
Wanted to go to Mathura, Krishnahari

38. Akroorarundu varunnathu yennu orthittu,
Akkalavum parthirunna , Krishnahari

Remembering that sage Akroora would come,
You were waiting for that time , Krishnahari

39.Akrooran vannu paranja viseshangal,
Achanodu okke paranja Krishnahari

You told all the news told by sage Akroora,
To your father , Krishnahari

40.Sundarmarude santhapam pokkuvaan ,
Sandhes vakkugal cheytha Krishnahari

You sent sweet messages to drive away,
The sorrow of the pretty damsels, Krishnahari

41.Akrooran kondanna theril kareri,
Agrajanodayi poya , Krishnahari

You climbed and went in the chariot brought by Akroora,
Along with your elder brother, Krishnahari

42.Vaikunta lokam Jalthil akroorarkku ,
Vaikathey katti kodutha Krishnahari

Without delay you showed Vaikunta,
Inside the water to Akroora, Krishnahari

43.Gandhini puthrane verpeduthettanum ,
Changathimarumay poya Krishnahari

After leaving out the son of Gandhini ,
You went along with brother and friends, Krishnahari.

44.Vambanayoru rajakaneyum konnu,
Mumbinal moksham kodutha , Krishnahari

You killed the well known washerman,
And gave him salvation, Krishnahari.

45.Anneram kanda janangalkku anugraham,
Mandakshamodu arul cheytha Krishnahari

You with a smile gave blessings to all,
The people who saw this , Krishnahari.

46.Kumkuma charumay vannoru koonikku ,
Nandi varuthi kodutha , Krishnahari.

You made the hunchback lady, who came,
Along with saffron juice thank you, Krishnahari

47.Vaigumbozh athangu chennu bandhukkoladu,
Aykamathyam poondu vana Krishnahari.

In the evening you went and lived,
With unity with your relatives, Krishnahari

48.Poojichu vechoru Villu Murichudan,
Poojakan mareyum konna , Krishnahari

You broke the bow that was kept after worship,
And also killed those who were worshipping it, Krishnahari

49.Pedichu Kamsan ayacha , balatheyum, Koode vadhichau kalanja , Krishnahari

You completely killed the strong army,.
Sent by Kamsa who was afraid, Krishnahari

50.Mandamai ponnu udan Changathimarumay,
Sayantha nasanam cheyhtha , Krishnahari.

You came slowly from there and along with friends,
Destroyed everything in the evening, Krishnahari

51.Malla rangathe ghoshangal kettittu ,
Melle purapettu chenna Krishnahari

You got prepared and went slowly,
Hearing the shouts from the stage of wrestlers, Krishnahari

52.kolluvan nilkkum Kuvalayapeedathe , nanma varuthi ayacha Krishnahari

You did good and sent away Kuvalayapeeta,
Which was waiting to kill you, Krishnahari

53.Danthi dantham darichu yettanumay ,
Chennau arangathu ninna Krishnahari

You wore the tusk of the elephant along ,
With your brother and stood on the stage, Krishnahari

54.Chanoora Mushtikar Vakkugal kettittu,
Thanu paranju por cheytha Krishnahari

Hearing the words of Chanura and Mushtika,
You replied softly and fought with them, Krishnahari

55.Mallare okke vadhichittu Kamsane , kolluvaan onnu kudhicha , Krishnahari

After killing all the wrestlers , You jumped,
To kill Kamsa , Krishnahari

56.Manjameri kondirikkunna Manusha,
Kunjarane konnizhacha, Krishnahari

You who killed the elephant like man,
Who was trying to climb the stage, Krishnahari

57.Achanum ammayum kandu mulapallil,
Ichayundennu kothicha Krishnahari

After you saw your father and mother,
You told them your desire for breast milk, Krishnahari

58.Ugarasenan thane Bhojarajavakki ,
Pettennu abhishekam cheytha Krishnahari

You made Ugarsena himself as the king of Bhoja,
And immediately anointed him, Krishnahari

59.Godhana karmavum cheythu , bandhukkalkku,
Modham varuthi kodutha Krishnahari

After giving away cows you made ,
Your relatives very happy, Krishnahari

60.Nanda gopadhikal poyoranantharam,
Sandheepini graham pukka Krishnahai

After the Nanda and other Gopas went away.
You went to the home of Sandheepini, Krishnahari

61.Vidhyakal okke padichu kazhinjittu,
Dakshinakkayi mudhirnna Krishnahari

After learning all knowledge, you got,
Prepared to pay fees to the teacher , Krishnahari

62.Mrutyu puarthinnu ayacha oru balane,
Dakshina yayi kodutha , Krishnahare

You gave as fees, a boy who has,
Gone to the city of death, Krishnahari

63.Badhamodhena chennu ambadiyingalekku,
Udhavar thane ayacha , Krishnahari

Then remembering the attachments, you sent,
Udhavar to the Cow herd’s village , Krishnahari

64.Udhavar vannittu Gopi janangale ,
Vazhthunnathu okkeyum ketta Krishnahari

Then you heard praises of the Gopi ladies,
From Udhava after his return, Krishnahari

65.Sairandhri thannude veetil yezhunelli ,
Swairamay chernu ramicha , Krishnahari

Then you went to the house of Sairandhri,
And peacefully loved her , Krishnahari

66.Akroora mandiram pukku avan thane angu,
Asthina thinnu aayi ayacha, Krishnahari

Then you went the house of Akroora, And sent him to Hasthinapura, Krishnahari

67.Annu avan chennu kandingu varigayaal,
Pandava vartha yarinja , Krishnahari

Since he went there and returned back,
You knew the news about Pandavas, Krishnahari.

68.Porkku orumichu jarasandha veeranulla,
Akshouhini balam kanda , Krishnahari

When Jarasandha started for war against you,
You went and found out about strength of his army, Krishnahari.

69.Ther thadameri padayodum appozhe,
Jyeshtanum thanumayi chenna , Krishnahari

You immediately got in to the chariot ,
And went a long with your brother and army there, Krishnahari

70.Vanna appada janathe konnu mannane, vanna vazhikku angu ayacha Krishnahari

After killing all the army that came ,
You sent the king , the way he came, Krishnahari

71.Ingane thane pathinezhu vattavum ,
Angane thane angu ayacha Krishnahari

Like this seven teen times you,
Sent him back, Krishnahari

72.Kalayavananum thanum aayapozhe,
Nere guhayil olicha , Krishnahari

When you became alone with Kalayavana,
You hid yourself in a cave, Krishnahari

73.Dushtanayulla yavananum appozhe,
Basmamayi veenathum kanda Krishnahari

You saw that very bad Yavana,
Turn and fall in to ashes, Krishnahari

74.Bhakthanayulla muchukundannu moksham ,
Parathe chennu kodutha , Krishnahari

You granted immediately salvation,
To your devotee Muchukunda, Krishnahari

75.Dhanavan mareyum okke vadhichittu ,
Nanma varuthi kodutha Krishnahari

By killing all the Asuras , you created,
Good to the people , Krishnahari

76.Varidhi thannil anukoolamayoru ,
Dwaraka durgam chamcha Krishnahari

You built the very helpful fort of Dwaraka,
In the middle of the sea, Krishnahari

77.Magadhan vannathu kandittu vegena,
Dwakakku ammaru poya Krishnahari

Seeing that Jarasandha has come , you speedily,
Went to Dwaraka , Krishnahari

78.Marutha puthran vadhikkanam yennittu,
Thaan thane odi olicha Krishnahari

For the sake of him being killed only by Bhima,
You went and hid yourself, Krishnahari

79.Raivatha puthriye veli kazhhichoru,
Sri Balabadrare kanda , Krishnahari

You saw sri Balabadhra getting married ,
To the daughter of raivatha king , Krishnahari

80.Brahmanan vannu paranjathu kettittu,
Rugmani chitham arinja Krishnahari

After hearing what the Brahmin told you,
You understood the mind of Rukmani, Krishnahari

81.Kundinam thannil yezhnnelliya sesham,
Kanyaye kondu ingu ponna , Krishnahari.

After going to Kundinapura , you,
Came back with the maid, Krishnahari

82.Sathrajithinde mukhtheennu kettoru,
Dush keerthhi pokkuvaan poya Krishnahari

You went to remove the ill fame of yours,
Heard from Sathrajith, Krishnahari

83.Dushkerthi pokkuvaan poy or anantharam,
Ruksha raja graham pukka Krishnahari

For removing the bad name , you entered,
The home of the king of bears, Krishnahari

84.Jambhavane prasadhippichu modhena,
Jambavathiye varicha , Krishnahari

After pleasing Jambhavan, With happiness,
You married Jambhavathi, Krishnahari

85.Nan mani sathrajithinnu koduthittu.
Pen mani bhamaye vetta , Krishnahari

After giving back the good gem to Sathrajith,
You married Bhama the lady, Krishnahari

86.Kalindhi theerathu chenna manognayaam,
Kalindhi thanneyum vetta , Krishnahari

After going to the shores of black Yamuna river,
You also married the lady called Kalindhi, Krishnahari

87.Tholma nrupanmarkku nalgi promedhena,
Thaan mithravindhaye Vetta Krishna hari

After presenting the kings with defeat ,
You married Mithravinda, Krishnahari

88.Bhadramayulloru kanyaka rathnamaam,
Bhadraye Veli kazhich , Krishnahari

You married Bhadra , who is gem among,
Maidens who is safe, Krishnahari

89.Villu kulachu udan Yanthram murichittu ,
Mallakshi lakshane vetta Krishnahari

After shaking the bow and cutting off the machine ,
You married Lakshana with very pretty eyes, Krishnahari

90.Sapthoksha bandhanam cheythu manognayaam,
Sathyaye thanneyum vetta , Krishnahari

After binding seven eyes, you married
Bewitching Sathya , Krishnahari

91.Bhaminimar pathinarayiratheyum,
Bhouma grahathennu Vetta Krishnahari

You married sixteen thousand princesses,
From the home of Narakasura, Krishnahari

92.Daiva mathavinnu kundalam nalguvan ,
Devalokathekku poya, Krishnahari

To give the ear studs to the mother of devas,
You went to land of devas, Krishnahari

93.Kalpaga vruksham parichangu kondu ponnu .
Alpalakshikku kodutha , Krishnahari

You uprooted the wish fulfilling tree,
And presented it to the pretty eyed Bhama.

94.Vaidharbhi thannude ullaranjeeduvaan ,
Vairagy modu arul cheytha Krishnahari

To know the mind of your queen Rukmani,
You talked with her with disinterest, Krishnahari

95. Sundari veenu mohichathu kankayal ,
Mandham eduthu punarnna , Krishnahari

Seeing the beautiful lady fall in a swoon,
You took her gently and caressed her , Krishnahari

96. Prudhyumna puthanay undaya Balane,
Prathyegam kandu thelinja , Krishnahari

Seeing the son who was born to Pradhyumna ,
You became specially happy, Krishnahari

97.Pradhyumna puthrane bandhich banande,
Hasthangal okke muricha , Krishnahari

When you saw that Bana imprisoned ,
The son of Pradhyumna , you cut off all his hands, Krishnahari

98.Ondhayi kitanna nrugannu paragathi,
Than thane chennu kodutha, Krishnahari

You yourself went and gave salvation,
To Nruga who was lying as a chameleon, Krishnahari

99.Sri Raman ambadiyil poyirunna naal,
Karushubane konna Krishnahari

When Balarama had gone on a visit to village of cowherds,
You killed Karushuba , Krishnahari

100.Arambichulloru Vishnu bhavam kandu,
Sarupya mukthi kodutha , Krishnahari

Seeing his Vishnu aspect which was emerging,
You merged him within God, Krishnahari

101.Chakragniye kondu, kasi raja puram,
Okkave chuttu karicha, Krishnahari

Using the fire of the holy wheel, you,
Completely burnt the town of king of Kasi, Krishnahari

102.Thamasiyadhe vividhane konnathum ,
Rama parakramam ketta , Krishnahari

Without further delay you heard the valour of Rama,
Killing Vividha , Krishnahari

103.Hasthinam kathiyathu orthathum , sambannu,
Pathiyundayathum ketta , Krishnahari

You heard the news of Hasthinapura burning,
As well as how Samba got his wife , Krishnahari

104.Oro vilasam gruhangalil kanichu,
Naradane Brahmipicha, Krishnahari.

You showed different aspects of play ,
In different homes to Narada, Krishnahari

105.Sathyamaylla oru dharmathe kattuvaan,
Nithya dhanadhikal cheytha Krishnahari

To show the true form of Dharma to all,
You were engaged in daily charity, Krishnahari

106.Melangalodum sabhayil yezhunelli,
Kolahalathodirunna , Krishnahari

You arrived in the aseembly with play of drums,
And sat regally there , Krishnahari

107. Magadhan bandhicha rajakkal vittoru,
Dhoothan paranjathum ketta , Krishnahari

You heard the emissary sent by the kings.
Imprisoned by Jarasandha, Krishnahari

108.Raja sooyathinnu yezhnnelluvan dharma,
Raja sandhesavum ketta, Krishnahari

You received the invitation to attend ,
Raja soya sacrifice from Dharma Puthra, Krishnahari

109.Udhavar chonnathu kettu thelinju, indra,
Prasthathil ammaru poya, Krishnahari

Hearing the words of Udhava , you were clear ,
And went to Indraprastha, Krishnahari

110.Srimadha meriya magadhan thanneyum,
Bheemane kondu kollicha , Krishnahari

You got Jarasandha who was drunk with power ,
Killed by Bheema, Krishnahari

111.Digjayam cheyythu avaan vanna neram dhana,
Marthichu thetham thelinja Krishnahari

When he returned back after successful valorous tour,
You requested him for alms , Krishnahari

112.Ugranaam chedhipan Nokki irikkave,
Agra poojakku aayi irunna, Krishnahari

When the powerful king of Chedhi was looking for it,
You sat for being worshipped first , Krishnahari

113. Nooru aparadham paranju aare,
Ghoranaam Chaidhyane konna , Krishnahari

After he told the hundredth bad word, you,
Killed the powerful king of Chedhi, Krishnahari

114.Rajavine kondu dig jayam cheyichu,
Rajasooyam kazhipicha , Krishnahari

After making the king perform the successful tour,
You made him complete the Rajasooya, Krishnahari

115.Sri madhamulla suyodhanan veenathum,
Bheeman chirichathum kanda , Krishnahari

You saw the fall of the exuberant Duryodhana,
And consequent laugh of Bheema, Krishnahari

116.Ghoramaam Salwande vikramam kandittu,
Dwaragakku ammaru poya, Krishnahari

After the seeing the horrifying valour of Salwa.
You migrated to Dwaraka, Krishnahari

117.Maya yal achane konnathu kandittu,
Mayaya dukichu irunna , Krishnaghari

When your father was killed by magical tricks,
You sat with sorrow due to illusion, Krishnahari

118.Ayodhana thiinu ananja neram balaal,
Ayudham veenu poyoru, Krishnashari

When the time of the great war was nearing,
The weapons fell from your hand, Krishnahari

119.Aasrame salwane konnu, mathu ullavarkku,
Asrayamakki kodutha , Krishnahari

When you saw King of Salwa in the asram, by killing him,
You gave protection to others, Krishnahari

120.Agarajan thannudetheertha yathradhiyum,
Valkala nasavum ketta , Krishnahari

You heard about the pilgrimage of your elder brother,
And also about the destruction of the cloth made of bark , Krishnahari

121.Sakhya mulla oru kuchelane kandittu,
Tru kannil vellam niracha , Krishnahari

When you saw Kuchela who was friendly to you ,
Your eyes were full of tears . Krishnahari

122.Bhathanayulla oru Kuchelane kandittu,
Masthaya poojichu konda, Krishnahari

When you saw Kuchela as a great devotee,
You worshipped him in your mind, Krishnahari

123.Varijalochana, trukkai pidippolam ,
Vaari vaari avil thinna , Krishnahari

You who had sea like eyes took beaten rice,
Fully in your hand and swallowed and swallowed it, Krishnahari

124.Gopikamare yum kandu viseshichu ,
Khedhavum thapavum Theertha Krishnahari

Again you saw all the Gopis and specially ,
Put an end the sorrow and pain, Krishnahari

125.Achan thudangiya yagnam kazhivolam,
Asthala thingal vasicha , Krishnahari

Till the fire sacrifice started by your father,
Ended you stayed there itself, Krishnahari

126.Darangalodum , yadukkalodum koodi,
Dwakakku ammaru poya , Krishnahari

Along with your wives and the yadava people,
You went to Dwaraka, Krishnahari

127.Achanum ammayum iswarathwam kondu,
Vazhthunnathokkeyum ketta, Krishnahari

You heard the blessings of your father and mother,
After they became Gods, Krishnahari

128.Aaru kidaangal marichu poya ammakku,
Parathe kaatti kodutha , Krishnahari

For the mother who had lost six children,
You showed them , Krishnahari

129.Sodhariyaya Subadraye Parthannu,
Modhena nalgi thelinja . Krishnahari

You gave with love your sister Subhadra,
In marriage to Arjuna, Krishnahari

130.Maithili mannannum viprannum roopangal,
SAdhuvay randu kanicha, Krishnahari

To the king of Mithila and to the Brahmin,
You being soft showed two forms, Krishnahari

131.Yettu kidangal marichoru viprannu,
Ishtam yekkedaan madicha. Krishnahari

To the Brahmin who lost his eight children,
You were hesitant to fulfill his wishes, Krishnahari

132.Agniyil Arjunan veezhaan thudarnna ppol,
Vignamayi chenu thaduthaKrishnahari

When Arjuna decided to jump in the fire,
You went and stopped it, Krishnahari

133.vaikathey Parthane , theril yethi kondu,
Vaikunda lokathu chenna, Krishnahari

Without delay you took Arjuna ,
In your chariot and went to Vaikunda, Krishnahari

134.Santhana nasam bhavichoru Viprannu,
Santhana Gopalanya , Krishnahari

To the Brahmin who lost his children,
You became Santhana Gopala (Goplala of children), Krishnahari

135.Krishna Krishnahari, Krishna Krishnahari,
Krishna Krishnahari, Krishna Krishnahari

Krishna Krishnahari, Krishna Krishnahari,
Krishna Krishnahari, Krishna Krishnahari