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Mount Meru

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Meru as world centre[edit]

Meru surrounded by Mandrachala Mountain to the east, Supasarva Mountain to the west, Kumuda Mountain to the north and Kailash to the south.

Vishnu is said to reside in the Sheer Sagar which is by Meru. Today, the Bhotkol Glacier right next to Mt. Meru is called Nuel Sagar (Blue Ocean.) It is the Sheer Sagar.

On Meru also reside Shukra Acharya "with the Daityas (his disciples)", Rudra "surrounded by his celestial attendants and accompanied by Uma", Brahma, and a series of other people.[1]

Gods Brahma, Rudra, and Sakra (Indra) are said to perform sacrifices there. Surya and Chandra are said to circumambulate the mountain with their attendants.

Sumukha (son of Suparna), Tumvuru, Narada, Viswavasu, the Hahas and the Huhus are present.

The Gandharvas, Asuras, and the Rakshasas, all accompanied by the tribes of Apsaras is said to be there.

In Buddhist cosmogony, Meru is divided into 3 levels, with Nagas residing at the bottom, Garudas on the level above them, and the 33 gods (Traytrimsha Devas) led on Indra on the topmost Tavatimsa Heaven.

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