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Sundara Kandam-Chapters 1-9

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By P.R.Ramachander

Chapter One: Dealing with crossing of the sea by Hanuman[edit]

Afterwards Hanuman, the slayer of his enemies, desired to travel by the paths that the Charanas[1] travel, to find out the place where Sita who has been abducted by Ravana. is kept in hiding[2]., 1

With a desire to perform the incomparable and difficult job, he extended his head and neck and resembled a bull., 2

Then the valorous, strong and wise Hanuman started traveling as he liked, similar to a lion in zest, creating terror to the birds, felling trees by his immense chest, glowing like a diamond and killing various animals in the grass, like the torrential flow of water., 3-4

Hanuman stood like an elephant calf in a forest, in the mountain, which had many special elephants and which are fit to be worshipped and endowed, possessing the natural colours of blue, red, yellow and pink, decorated by the strange reddish[3] stones and also thickly populated by Yakshas, Kinnaras, Gandharvas[4] and Devas with their families along with Pannagas who can take any form or shape they like., 5-7

That reddish Vanara, saluted the Sun God, the king of devas Indra, The Wind God Vayu, The progenitor Lord Brahma and all great and holy ones and then turned to the eastern direction and saluted his own father Vayu again. He then thought of Rama and Lakshmana and offered them his prayers and bowed before all the holy rivers and the sea. After this he embraced his manes and offered pradakshina[5] to them and concentrated his mind on the travel that he intended to make., 8-10

Being blessed by all vanaras assembled there with a wish made by them for his safe return journey, he stood facing the path in which the wind travels., 11

He stood facing the south and started growing in his physical stature, after requesting the other monkeys to wait for him in the same place., 12

Being watched by the great and elderly monkeys, Hanuman who is the greatest among those who can jump and cross, grew like the ocean in high tide for completing the work of Rama., 13

With his forelegs extended, he with an enormous stature stood facing Sree Lanka, with a wish to jump and cross the sea and pressed the mountain by his fore legs., 14

The mountain in spite of this pressure was stable but tottered for a few minutes. As a result the trees shook and flowers of different colours were strewn all over the mountain., 15

Strewn by the thick flower clusters all over, the mountain was covered fully by flowers. It appeared more like a mountain of flowers., 16

Pressed heavily by the strong Hanuman, The Mahendra Mountain resembled an elephant in heat and water flowed out of it., 17

Pressed by the great Hero Hanuman, that mountain revealed deposits of Gold, Mica and silver through the openings and sparkled., 18

Not only that but also that mountain which had lot of laterite stones, threw out medium size fire flames all over and pushed out dense smoke., 19

Because of the pressure exerted by the Vanara, the animals, which lived in the caves, were pressed and made sad and painful sounds., 20

That horrendous noise made by the big animals spread in all directions all over the world and also in gardens through out., 21

Snakes with shining white Swastika marked hoods spit out poison from their mouth and hit at the stones with their poisonous teeth., 22

Stuck by the angry and poisonous snakes those big stones burnt as if they were on fire and broke in to thousands of pieces., 23

Those herbs in the mountain, which were supposed to cure the poison bite of the snakes, were not able to remove the poison from the mountain itself., 24

Some of the snakes with big body were spitting fire and came out from the caves and were trampled by Hanuman’s feet., 25

Trampled heavily those trees of the mountain with new growths, gave out a smell of sandal, and gave rise to a rain of flowers., 26

Those stones of the mountain, which were deep red, yellow and light red broke in to pieces and were strewn all over., 27

With the colour of reddish sandal and with ochre coloured deposits that mountain shone like a fire and was broken., 28

Vidhyadaras[6] who had brought golden vessels to drink alcoholic drinks left behind the costly vessels and mugs, various types of flavored and cooked meat, shields made of the hide of a bull and swords with golden handles and rose up along with their Women folk thinking that the mountain is being broken along with sages occupying it., 29-31

Not only that, some other Vidhyadharas who wore garlands in their neck and who had eyes like white lotus and some others who were intoxicated and also who were decorated by red paste and red garlands and red eyes reached the sky., 32

Their ladies who wore chains, armlets, shoulder bangles, stood with a smiling face along with their lovers, in the sky., 33

Empowered by the mantras that they knew these Vidhyadharas and sages were able to float in the sky and watch the mountain., 34

Others heard the following words spoken by those great sages, the demi gods Charanas and saints of great reputation., 35

“The very strong Hanuman who is the son of wind God Vayu who is as big as a mountain is going to cross the sky like the sharks cross the ocean.” 36

“For the sake of Lord Rama, and for the sake of his monkey friends, he is attempting to the impossible job of crossing the ocean.,” 37

The Vidhyadharas who heard these words of the sages stood in the sky and watched Hanuman who had an enormous form., 38

Hanuman who was like a small mountain shook his body, shed some of the hair from his body and like a big cloud made a very loud trumpeting Sound., 39

Making up his mind to jump to a great height, Hanuman rotated his big round tail, which is covered by hair all over, like a eagle rotating a snake., 40

Swiftly being rotated behind him, his thick tail, resembled an enormous snake being drawn hither and thither by Lord Garuda[7]., 41

Hanuman stood stiff with his forelegs, which resembled huge iron pillars, made his belly as small as possible and readied his hind legs for a big jump., 42

That great Hero, shortened his arms and neck and increased his virility, stature and power to the maximum extent possible., 43

Looking above, staring afar and staring in to the sky he controlled his breath for the big jump., 44

Standing firm on his two legs, extending his ears to catch all the Sound, making up his mind to travel fast in the sky, that Great monkey who is very strong, faced the other monkeys and spoke to them as follows., 45

“I would travel to Sri Lanka which is protected by Ravana like the holy arrow sent by Lord Rama with the speed of the torrential wind.” 46

“If I am not able to find Sita in Sri Lanka, I would then go to the heavens with the same speed.” 47

“If I am not able to locate her there also, with great ease, I will tie Ravana and bring him here.” 48

“Whatever may happen, I would return after fulfilling the task and return along with Sita and if not I would bring the whole Sri Lanka along with Ravana.” 49

After talking like to this to the other monkeys, the great monkey Hanuman, without any worry and with great speed resembling that of Garuda, rose up in the sky., 50

When he rose up in the sky, the trees in that mountain along with their branches also rose along with him., 51

Along with him, he took away flower-laden trees with white fat cranes using the speed of his thighs and traveled in the clear paths of the sky., 52

Those trees which traveled along with him by the speed of his thighs, returned back after some time like the relatives who go with the guests and return after some time after the send off., 53

Those sala trees which rose to the sky by the speed of the thigh of Hanuman accompanied him like the soldiers who accompany their king., 54

Surrounded by many types of fully flower-laden trees, the mountain like Hanuman was looking surprisingly wonderful., 55

Those well mature trees fell in the sea like the mountains slain by Indra and drowned deep., 56

Hanuman who was similar to a cloud and looked like a mountain surrounded by different type of flowers, buds, tender leaves and fire flies., 57

Those trees along with heaps of flowers from them which were uprooted by the speed of the thighs of Hanuman returned back to the water like the friends after a send off., 58

The multi coloured and different kinds of flowers which were light by nature which fell of due to the fast movement of Hanuman, fell in to the sea., 59

Because of them the great sea glittered like a sky full of stars 60

In addition, decorated by the series of multi coloured mountains which were falling behind, Hanuman looked like a streak of lightning in front of clouds which travel at a great height., 61

Strewn by the great speed of Hanuman the flowers which fell on the water looked like the sky strewn with millions of stars., 62

The great storm generated by his travel attracted greatly the clouds, which were shining once in a while due to lightning., 63

The sky with clouds which were rising high, and the water filled ocean moving by tides of great speed looked alike., 64

Pointing high towards the sky, those two hands of Hanuman looked similar to two five headed snakes coming out of the peak of mountains., 65

That great monkey appeared as if he was preparing to drink the great ocean full of high tides and also as if he was wishing to drink the sky also[8]., 66

The two eyes of Hanuman who was traveling in the sky appeared as if they were shining like two mountain fires at two different points., 67

The two big yellow eyes of the chief of the monkey, shined like the moon and sun in the solar system., 68

His face which appeared reddish by his large red nose, looked similar to the sky with a red setting sun., 69

His tails, which were held aloft in the sky, looked like Indra’s flag held aloft in the sky., 70

With his white sparkling teeth,the famous and wise son of Wind god in the round created by his tail, looked similar to the sun framed by his halo., 71

His reddish behind appeared as if it is a reddish laterite split mountain., 72

The wind passing through the armpits of the monkey who was crossing the sea made thunderous swooshing sound made by the clouds., 73

That monkey hero appeared like a comet with a tail traveling through the sky., 74

The great statured monkey who was equal to the rising sun shined with his waistcloth like an elephant., 75

With his great body floating in the sky and its reflection in the depths of the ocean, the monkey looked like a ship being driven by the wind., 76

Whichever part of the atmosphere he traveled, that portion appeared greatly agitated by the speed of his body., 77

That monkey who was traveling with great speed was beating away the high tides of the sea by his immense chest., 78

The speed of the wind generated by the moving monkey as well as the moving clouds twisted the sea greatly. By their great sounds., 79

That monkey who was dragging with him the great tides of the salty sea, traveled as if he was separating the land and the sky., 80

Moving with immense speed and crossing the mountain like high tides he appeared as if he was counting those tides while crossing them., 81

The seawater thrown towards the clouds by the monkey traveling at great speed mixed with the clouds and appeared like clouds of the autumn., 82

Those whales, crocodiles, fishes and tortoise which appeared above the water looked like human limbs when the cloths was removed from them., 83

At that time the big snakes living in the sea seeing the flying chief of monkeys mistook him to be,Garuda the eagle., 84

His shade,which was ten yojanas broad and thirty yojanas long,appeared pretty over the water., 85

Broadly placed over the sea his shadow in the water appeared as if it was a were a huge crowd of fish following him., 86

Hanuman who was very powerful, very huge and a great monkey appeared as if he was a winged mountain floating in the sky without any support., 87

That monkey who was very powerful caused the sea to look like a mountain pass because of the high speed he was traveling in his path[9]., 88

He traveled like the king of birds through the route in which the birds flew and appeared as if a fast moving wind was dragging the clouds., 89

The huge clouds attracted by the monkey shined with colours of white, red, blue and yellow., 90

He appeared as if he was a moon which is traveling through the cloud being hid at times and being seen at times., 91

The Devas, gandarwas and Danavas rained flowers on the fast flying monkey., 92

Then as if to aid the work of Lord Rama, the sun did not scorch him and the wind made a pleasant atmosphere round him., 93

The sages praised the monkey who was traveling with great speed and also the Devas and Gandharvas sang in praise of the great one., 94

Seeing the monkey did not appear tired by his exertions, Rakshasas and Nagas, Yakshas and devas praised him with glee., 95

When the great monkey was traveling thus the God of the ocean thought of methods of honoring the descendent of Ikshu Vaku[10]., 96

He thought that if he did not help Lord Hanuman in his effort all those who can talk would speak ill of him., 97

Since the Sagara kings belonging to the Ikshu Vaku clan raised him and Hanuman was helping their descendent, The God of Ocean thought that Hanuman should not get tired[11]

He thought that he should take suitable action, which would refresh Hanuman and also provide him with rest so that he can cross the remaining distance easily., 99

Thinking properly like this, the God of the ocean spoke to the mountain Hiranya Nabha[12] also called as Mainaka who was hiding within him., 100

“Hey1 mountain chief, you have been appointed over here to monitor the entry of Asuras living in Patala by Indra, the king of Devas”., 101

“You are standing here closing the way to prevent them from come up by those powerful ones living in the vast Patala “., 102

“Oh! Mountain, only you have the power to grow sideways and also bottom to the top. Hey, mountain chief, it is because of this I have come here to speak to you, please get up.” 103

“This monkey chief Hanuman is flying in the sky with great valor for doing a dangerous errand to Lord Sri Rama. He is now going to come just above you”., 104

“ I need to help him for all the descendents of Ikshu Vaku are worth worshipping by me and therefore they are fit to be worshipped by you also.” 105

“We have to do good and we should not leave it undone for duties performed at the correct time brings bad name to good people. “ 106

“ Raise up above the water level and let the great monkey who is our guest who is fit to be worshipped stand on you for some time.” 107

“Oh mountain with golden peaks, which are served by devas and Gandharvas., let Hanuman take rest on you and go refreshed his remaining way”., 108

“You should know the good qualities of Lord Rama, the parting pangs of his wife Sita and also tiredness of Lord Hanuman, and try to raise up fast.” 109

The Mainake Mountain which was full of forests, climbers and golden peaks listening to the words of the ocean rose up fast., 110

That Mainaka Mountain which was rising very high looked like the glittering Sun God with his rays coming out piercing a thick cloud., 111

That mountain which had great fame, ordered to thus by the God of ocean within a very short time exhibited its peaks outside the water., 112

Those peaks which were golden, pointed and very great,resembled the rising Sun God and appeared as if they were rubbing the sky, and the deep blue sky tinted by the sparkling golden peaks looked as if it has become golden in colour., 113-114

The mountain which had several peaks of innate glitter and of sparkling gold colour resembled hundreds of Suns., 115

Rising above by itself in the middle of salty ocean and standing in front of him, Hanuman thought that it was an obstacle., 116

That fast moving monkey chief easily brushed off its tall peaks as if wind brushes of the cloud., 117

That mountain which was pushed aside by the monkey, was astonished by his strength and also became happy because of it., 118

That mountain which stood tall in the sky, became happy and took a human form, stood on his own peak and said as follows to the valorous monkey:- 119

“Hey great monkey you have done some thing which other people cannot do.” 120

“Please get down on to my peaks and relax.” 121

“The ocean was remade by the ancestors of Lord Rama, and the Ocean God worships you who is engaged in the job of helping Rama as an act of gratefulness.” 122

“We always have to repay, the good done to us. This is the perennial duty of our religion. So he wants to help you and make you beholden to him.” 123

“He requested me with respect to provide a resting place to you in my pleasant valley so that you need not jump at a stretch the one hundred yojanas and then easily jump the rest of the way. And so hey, great monkey you please stay on me for some time, take rest and then proceed. “ 124-125

“Hey monkey chief, savour the very tasty roots and fruits lovingly offered by the God of Ocean, and you can proceed very much refreshed soon.” 126

“ Hey monkey chief, you know that receiving and showering hospitality on good people is a blessed act in all the three worlds and apart from that, you do have another connection with me.” 127

“Hey monkey chief, I consider you the greatest among all those monkeys who can move fast and jump very high.” 128

“It is well known that those learned ones who desire to perform right full acts, that even if a guest is not a great one he is fit to be worshipped. Then what to say when the guest happens to be a great person like you.” 129

“Hey great monkey, you are the son of Vayu who is great among the devas and equal in speed to him., 130

“Hey holy one, if you are worshipped the Wind God receives it himself and please also hear about another reason why you are fit to be worshipped by me,” 131

“Hey son, during Krutha Yuga Mountains also had wings and they were traveling to all places like Wind and Garuda.” 132

“Because the mountains were traveling all over the great sages and society of devas who were with them as well as all living beings, were terror struck because of the fear that these mountains may fall on them.” 133

“Because of this reason, Devendra who had done one hundred fire sacrifices, became enraged and starting to cut the wings of the mountains in to pieces in different places using his Vajrayudha[13].,“ 134

“That angry Devendra intent on cutting my wings neared me but the great wind god blew me away fast from that place. “ 135

“Your father pushed me inside this salt sea without any harm coming to my wings and thus, I alone was saved.” 136

“And so I worship you because I should have worshipped the God of wind. And Monkey chief, you know that this connection between both of us is really great.” 137

“And so Monkey chief, because of this accept the hospitality provided by me and the Ocean God and bless us.” 138

“Hey chief of monkeys, relax and take rest and accept our worship, and also accept our love. and I have become happy by meeting with you. “ 139

Thus told by the great mountain the great monkey said” I am pleased with your hospitality. You have provided all the hospitality to me and I have accepted it.” 140

“The time for performance of my duty is getting over and also the day light hours are nearing to an end. Apart from this I have given my word that I will not tarry in between doing this great work.” 141

Thus telling the valorous monkey chief Hanuman patted the mountain on its peaks and with a smile re entered the sky and recommenced his journey., 142

That monkey who was the son of wind God was seen off with respect by the mountain as well as the ocean and was worshipped by them by suitable wishes., 143

After this he left the mountain and ocean and traveled high and started to go forward by the path of his father and started traveling in the clear sky., 144

The son of Wind God further rose up and moving in the right direction and started traveling without any support in the clear sky., 145

Witnessing this almost impossible second act being performed, all Sidhas, devas and sages appreciated him., 146

Seeing the great act of the golden peaked Mainaka mountain, all the devas and Devendra who were there in the sky, became extremely happy., 147

The great Indra with his ebbing happiness and with stuttering voice due to that told the following words to Mainaka,the mountain chief., 148

“ Hey golden peaked king of the mountains, I have become very pleased with you.” 149

“Hey, pleasant one I have given you my protection.” 150

“You have provided help in the right time to valorous Hanuman who is fearless even when there was a need to be afraid.“ 151

“This monkey is going in the service of Lord Rama who is the son of Dasaratha and because of your hospitality to him, I am extremely pleased. “ 152

Because of these words, the mountain chief understood that even Indra the king of devas was pleased with him and became very happy., 153

Thus the mountain chief stood there firmly and Hanuman was moving extremely fast over the ocean., 154

At that time the devas,gandarwas, siddhas and the great sages seeing the fast moving monkey chief in the sky, told Surasa the mother of Nagas[14] who had the splendor of the Sun thus., 155

”This great Hanuman who is the son of the god of Wind is flying over the sea. Please take a ferocious rakshasa form which touches the sea, which is like mountain and with red eyes and vampire like teeth and delay his progress.” 156-157

“We want to know for the second time, his strength and virility and also would like to see whether he will win you over by trick or become dejected.” 158

Thus requested and respected by the devas, Surasa devi took an unusual ugly fear creating form which is more suitable to the rakshasas and stood in the middle of the sea and neared Hanuman and spoke to him thus:- 159-160

“Hey monkey, you have been allotted as food to me by the devas and so I am going to eat you. Enter my open mouth.” 161

Thus spoken to the great Hanuman, saluting her and with a pleasant face spoke to her thus:- 162

“Rama the son of Dasaratha came to the Dandakaranya forest along with his brother Lakshmana and his wife Sita and was living there.” 163

“He earned the enmity of Rakshasas and when he was otherwise engaged, Ravana abducted his wife the renowned Sita.” 164

“As per the orders of Rama I am going as an emissary in search of her. You who are a citizen in the kingdom of Rama are also bound to help him out.” 165

“Or else I promise you that after seeing Sita and also Rama who is very much worried, I would come to you and reach your mouth.” 166

Thus requested by Hanuman, Surasa Devi who could take any form she wished, said to him” None can cross me and this is a boon given to me by the devas.” 167

With a desire to know the strength of Hanuman, Surasa Devi the mother of Nagas further said” You can only go from here after entering my mouth. This is a boon given to me by Lord Brahma. “Saying this she enlarged the size of her mouth greatly opened it wide and stood before him., 168-169

Angered by the words of Surasa, Hanuman told her “ Make your mouth suitably big so that you can swallow me.” 170

Telling her thus, Hanuman became ten Yojanas big as Surasa was at that time ten yojanas big., 171

Observing that he has grown to ten Yojanas Surasa enlarged her mouth to twenty yojanas., 172

The very intelligent Hanuman seeing that she has opened her mouth to twenty yojanas, became angry and took up the form of thirty yojanas., 173

Seeing this Surasa made her mouth forty yojanas wide., 174

The valorous Hanuman became fifty yojanas big., 175

Surasa made her mouth sixty yojanas wide and Hanuman became seventy yojanas big., 176

Surasa made her mouth eighty yojanas wide., 177

The mountain like Hanuman made himself ninety yojanas big., 178

Surasa Devi made her mouth one hundred yojanas wide., 179

Very intelligent and wise Hanuman seeing the wide open mouth of Surasa with protruding toungue, very fearful and similar to hell, instead of increasing his size further, started reducing himself fast and like a wind driven cloud became as big as a thumb., 180-181

With great speed, the great one entered her mouth and suddenly came out and standing in the sky itself told the following words:- 182

“Hey Dakshayani my salutations to you. I have entered your mouth and so taking this as the truth, allow me to go to the place where Sita lives.” 183

Seeing Hanuman like the moon which has come out of the mouth of Rahu, Surasa took her real form and told him, “ Hey, son, Her monkey chief, Let you have a pleasant journey and let your errand be successful. Please become happy after reuniting Rama and Sita.” 184-185

All beings witnessing the third and impossible task of Hanuman and praised the monkey chief and said “Great, great.” 186

Equivalent in speed to Garuda, he left the sea which is the abode of Varuna and which was very difficult to cross, and rose above to the sky and traveled further., 187

Hanuman then traveled like Garuda in the sky which is served by the rain drops, in which the birds live, peopled by Gandharwas like Thuumburu who sing ragas like kaisika, in which rainbows exist, in which aero planes which travel high on vehicles such as lion, elephant, tiger, birds snake and crocodile exist, which is well decorated, which is being lit by fire of Vajrayudha, thunder and lightning, Which is populated by people who do good deeds and those great ones who have won over heavens, Which is being constantly served by Agni the fire God who is being fed by the portions to be given to devas, Which is full with Sun, moon, planets and stars. Which is filled by sages, Yakshas, Gandarwas and Nagas, Which is really great, which is very clear, which is full, In which Viswavasu the king of Gandarwas travels, in which the elephant of Devendra travels, Which is the way of Sun and the moon, which does always good, Which is the roof constructed by Lord Brahma for all living beings and Which is populated by great valorous vidhyadaras., 188-194

Like the wind he also dragged the clouds with him., 195

Attracted by the monkey chief the clouds shined in black and also red, yellow and white colours., 196

That monkey who was entering and coming out of the clouds looked like the moon of the rainy season which is completely invisible and visible at different times., 197

Hanuman the Son of God of wind, looked like a winged mountain visible from all places in the support less sky., 198

A Rakshasi called Simhika who can assume any form she likes saw the fast moving Hanuman and thought in her mind thus., 199

“ In the very long time which has past, only today I am going to eat proper and sufficient food for after a long time an animal of this size has come my way.” 200

Thinking thus in her mind she dragged Hanuman’s shadow and once his shadow was caught Hanuman started thinking thus., 201

“ Like a torrential wind of the sea blowing against, a big ship slows it down, my strength has reduced and I am being stopped. “ 202

Then the monkey peered all round, to the top, below and saw a very large being floating in the sea., 203

Examining it carefully, he thought, “This must be the fearsome and big being, as told by the king of Monkeys Sugreeva, which can drag one’s shadow and I do not have any doubt about it”[15]., 204

That wise and intelligent monkey recognized her as Simhika and started increasing his size like the black cloud in rainy season., 205

Seeing the increasing size of monkey chief’s body, She opened her mouth,which was like Patala and the sky very wide., 206

Thundering like a series of clouds she started chasing the monkey., 207

That wise monkey saw her throat through her widely open mouth, he also saw the big size of her body and her Achilles Heel., 208

Slightly reducing his body’s size, he fell with lot of force and like thunder in to her wide-open throat., 209

The Siddhas and Charanas saw him vanish in his throat like the moon vanishing on full moon, eclipse days 210

With his sharp nails he tore her Achilles heel and with the speed of wind and mind came out of it., 211

The fearless monkey chief Hanuman thus killed her by his quick power of thinking, valor. and capacity to take right decisions at right time and started increasing in his size., 212

Because the monkey tore apart her chest she fell down dead in to the sea. Is it that Hanuman was created by Brahma to kill her! 213

Seeing how fast he killed Simhika, those beings who live in the sky told monkey chief thus:- 214

“Hey, great monkey, you have now done a very great deed. A great animal is dead. We all wish you to complete the job that you have undertaken without any problems., 215

“Hey monkey chief, if any one has your four qualities of valor, wisdom, intelligence and quick thought process, he would never face any problems in completing his job., 216

Understanding the meaning of their words, respected by all of them, he reached the sky again and moved forward., 217

Once he completed traveling one hundred Yojanas, he almost reached the other shore and seeing in all directions he saw a very big forest., 218

Traveling in the sky itself he saw the island decorated by very many kinds of trees, the Malaya Mountain and its sub forests., 219

That heroic and intelligent Hanuman, examined the sea, seashores, the trees on the sea shore, the rivers, which were the wives of the sea and ports as also his big cloud like body, which was hiding the sky and thought., 220-221

“ Seeing the big growth of my body and its torrential speed, the Rakshasas would get curious about me”. Thus thought the monkey chief., 222

He then reduced his mountain like size of his body, and took his real form like, the great sage from whom ignorance has been removed., 223

He further reduced his size and resembled the great Vamana who destroyed the pride of King Mahabali by measuring three steps., 224

That Hanuman who can assume many pretty forms reached the sea shore examined his stature himself and thinking about the job that he has to do, assumed a form that is suitable for the job and became one who cannot be defeated by others., 225

From there the great Hanuman who was like a big mountain range landed in the Lamba[16] mountain, which had pretty fertile peaks full of pandanus, coconut and Karnikara plants., 226

That Hanuman reached the seashore and saw the city of Lanka, which was on the Trikoota mountain and reduced his stature to the minimum required size and bullying the animals and birds jumped from the mountain., 227

Hanuman with his immense strength crossing the great ocean, which was populated, by Danavas and Pannagas jumped on the other shore and saw The city of Lanka which was similar to the city of Amaravathi, the capital of Indra., 228

Thus ends the first chapter of Sundara Kanda which, is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter Two: Entering in to the city of Sri Lanka at night[edit]

It is wonderful that the great one crossed the great ocean, which was impossible to cross, and stared at Sri Lanka situated on the top of Trikoota Mountains., 1

By the rain of flowers shed by the different trees here and there, Hanuman who was decked by flowers all over after completing the task he has undertaken looked as if he was a victorious hero., 2

The truly heroic Hanuman though he had crossed one hundred yojanas did not know what is tiresomeness. Not only that he was not even breathing with effort., 3

“I can jump and cross several more hundred yojanas and so reaching the other shore of a sea which is only one hundred yojanas is not a great job!” He thought., 4

The great one among heroes and the fastest among those who can jump, crossed the sea and neared the city of Sri Lanka., 5

He walked in to the center of gardens which had light bluish lawns, strewn with stones here and there and with dense population of trees 6

That very resplendent monkey chief Hanuman, went by the side of mountains full of trees and forests in full bloom., 7

That son of wind God, stood on a mountain with several peaks and saw the city of Sri Lanka laden with the gardens and minor forests., 8

He, the monkey chief, saw pine trees, Karnikara trees, date palms, Priyala trees, lemon trees, wild jasmine trees, panadanus bushes, incense filled long pepper trees, kadamba trees, seven leafed banana trees, fully flowered asana trees, Kovidara trees, karavira trees, and also many trees bent with heavy load of flowers which were full of birds and whose tips were being shaken by the breeze that was blowing all around, ponds full of swans and ducks, lotus and lily flowers and many, many tree filled gardens which flowered and fruited all round the year, many swimming pools specially constructed for play and also several pretty flower gardens., 9-12

The great Hanuman then saw the beautiful city of Sri Lanka which resembled the city of Amaravathi of the devas and which was being ruled by Ravana. protected on all the four sides by Ravana himself, fearsome archers, and ever roaming Rakshasas because Sita was abducted and kept in the city, and which was also protected well by moats full of lotus and lily flowers and gold like tall walls all around. It also had mansions which resembled the planets the autumn sky, dazzling white elevated long wide avenues, strange golden tower gates decorated by climbers and other decorative items, many spires used to keep watch on the enemies from out side, flags and other banners., 13-18.

That monkey chief thought the city, which was built on the mountain as a city with white and regal houses, which were floating in the sky., 19

He saw the city built by Viswa Karma and ruled by Ravana was flying in the sky., 20

He approached the northern gate of Sri Lanka whose fort aments appeared as if they were the waist, whose moats appeared as if they were dresses, whose guns and spears appeared as if they were the hairs and whose spires appear as if they were the ear studs and which was constructed by Viswa Karma after deep thought, which appeared as tall as the Kailasa mountain and which appeared as if it was touching the sky, and whose buildings are constructed one over another so that it appeared as if the whole city was flying, which was thickly populated by terrible Rakshasas like the city of Bhogavathi which was populated by Nagas, which is strongly built, which does not have dirt, which was once occupied by Lord Kubera, which is protected by several valorous Rakshasas who were armed with spears and long swords similar to a cave being protected by serpents and which can never be evaluated as to what it is and started thinking., 21-25

Observing the fierce security, the sea and the terrible enemy Ravana, the monkey started thinking., 26

“Even if the monkey army reaches here it would not be of any use, for even devas cannot wage a war and win over Lanka.” 28

“Even if Rama reaches the very peculiar city of Sri Lanka which is really impossible to enter and is ruled by Ravana, what possibly can the great warrior do?” 29

“In case of Rakshasas, there is no point in talking to them in a friendly manner or with sweet words nor can they be corrupted by money and nor is it possible to make them fight against each other and the only option of war cannot even be thought of as a possibility. “ 30

“This is because only Angadha the son of Bali, Neela the monkey chief, the heroic king Sugreeva and myself can enter this city.” 31

“:Let me find out whether Sita the daughter of Janaka is alive or not and after seeing her I can thinking of a strategy.” 32

“I can not enter this city of Rakshasas and which is protected by them in the present form” 33

“These Rakshasas are highly valorous, very strong and greatly heroic and so can only be deceived by me who am searching Sita.” 34

“ I should search the city of Sri Lanka with an almost invisible form and that too in the night because for completing this great deed, it is the most appropriate time.” 35

Knowing that, even Devas and Asuras would find difficult to enter that city, Hanuman took several deep breaths and started thinking., 36

“What trick should I employ to search so that I would not be visible to Ravana the bad Rakshasas?” 37

“The job which I have taken oath to complete should certainly be done and also I should be able to talk with the daughter of Janaka alone” thought he., 38

“When a job has to be done, sending a messenger who is unstable and who cannot do the proper thing at the proper time, is like having darkness at dawn.” 39

“Even after knowing well as to what has to be done and what should not be done, there is no possibility of completing the job if the messenger is over confident and thinks that he only can complete the job.” 40

“How will the job be completed properly? How no problems will crop up preventing its completion? And what should be done so that crossing of the great ocean does not become a waste?” 41

“Suppose I am seen by the Rakshasas then the wish of Lord Rama to Kill Ravana can definitely not be done. “ 42

“Even if one takes the form of Rakshasa is it possible to hide from these Rakshasas and if it is in any other form this task would definitely not be done.” 43

“I know the fact that even the God of Wind cannot move here unhindered. Is there anything that these powerful Rakshasas do not know?” 44

“If I remain here with my present form I will be destroyed and Lord’s mission will surely fail.” 45

“So I will go as a dwarf but in my present form and enter the city at night to complete the mission of Sri Rama.” 46

“After entering the unapproachable city of Ravana, then I can search all houses and buildings for the daughter of Janaka.” 47

At that time thinking thus, anxious to see Sita, he started waiting for the sunset., 48

After sunset and in the night Hanuman the Son of God of wind, assumed a very minute strange form as big as a cat., 49

That valorous Hanuman jumped and entered with lot of speed the beautiful city with clearly demarcated avenues., 50

That monkey saw that big city which resembled the city of Gandarwas which was full of palatial buildings built on pillars inlaid with silver and gold, having windows made of gold, having seven to eight stories and having floors decorated by gold and crystal., 51-52

Diamonds and other precious stones decorated those grounds of the houses of Rakshasas and several garlands of pearls were used to decorate them., 53

The strange wall hangings made of gold, which was used to decorate all over, the city by the Rakshasas made the city glitter in eminence., 54

Though the Great monkey became happy on seeing the city which had very big white buildings which had windows made of gold of the purest quality, which was surrounded by very powerful night patrol, which was being protected by the great valor of Ravana, which cannot be described by ones thought process and which is surprisingly beautiful. he felt dejected because he was mainly interested in seeing Sita., 55-56

The moon also making up his mind to help Hanuman, rose up along with its thousands of rays, decorating the roof of the world with moonlight, in the middle of the stars and along with them., 57

That monkey hero saw the moon who was having the luster of a conch, having the colour of milk and lotus stem and who was shining above as if he was a swan swimming in the lotus pond., 58

Thus ends the second chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter 3: Victory over the goddess of Sri Lanka[edit]

Hanuman the monkey chief who is the son of the God of Wind , who is remarkably intelligent and strong, and who was on the Lamba mountain which was as big as a cloud,prepared with courage to enter the city of Lanka which had pretty gardens and lakes and which was also protected by Ravana., 1-2

Hanuman saw the city which was shining like the clouds of autumn, which had the booming sound of ocean, where sea breeze wafts continuously, , which was similar to Alakapuri the capital of Kubhera, which was full of enthusiastic army, which had very regal and pretty tower gates, which had a white decorated gate way, which was protected like Bhogawathi the city of serpents, which was great, which was having clouds like the streak of lightning, which reached up to the path of stars, which was similar to Amaravathi the city of Devendra, which had cool breeze, which was surrounded by big golden walls, which had the jingling sound of bells, and which was decorated by flags, again and again and with thoughtful surprise neared it and with happiness and force jumped and climbed its walls., 3-8

Hanuman saw with pleasure the city of Sri Lanka.which had Gates made of gold, which had floors on which precious gems were embedded, which had majestic towers that appeared to fly and were made of gold in which diamonds, crystals, pearls and other precious gems were embedded, which had courtyards and houses made of molten gold and decorated by silver and thus appearing white, which had steps made of precious gems interspersed with powder of crystals through which swans walked hither and thither, which was filled with sounds of Krouncha birds and pea cocks, which had many musical instruments which when played were making reverberating sounds and which was like the city of Indra touching the sky., 9-12

That heroic Hanuman seeing the splendorous, rare and richly endowed city of the chief Rakshasas thought like this., 13

“Protected by the army of Ravana which has kept all arms in readiness, this city can not be conquered by anyone using his strength.” 14

“This perhaps can be entered only by the famous Kumuda, Angadha, the great monkeys Sushena, Mainda and Dwividha., 15

“This could be entered possibly by Sugreeva the son of Sun, Kusa Parva the monkey, Jambhavan the bear, Kethumala and myself.” 16

“He then remembered about the great valor and masculinity of the great heroes Rama and Lakshmana and became pleased.” 17

Hanuman saw that famous decorated city which had palace like buildings from which darkness was removed, which was complete and which did not have any deficiencies and which looked like a young lady who wore the glitter of gems as her dress, the pretty stables as ear studs and who had the workshops of the city as breasts., 18-19

Then the city goddess took her actual form and saw the very strong, monkey chief who was the son of the wind god entering the city[17]., 20

That Goddess of Lanka City who was looked after by Ravana saw the monkey chief and appeared with a grotesque face., 21

She stood in front of the valorous son of wind god and with a booming loud voice spoke to the son of wind., 22

“Who are you? Why have you come here? Tell that which is the truth,for then only your soul will continue to exist” 23

“This city of Lanka is protected on all the four sides by the invisible soldiers of Ravana and so definitely you cannot enter it.” 24

Then the valorous Hanuman replied to her who was in front of him,” I would tell the truthful answer to what you have asked.” 25

“By the way who are you? Why are seeing me cruelly? Why are you dangerously bullying me? But also why are you standing near the gate?” 26

That lady of Lanka who was capable of taking any form she liked hearing the words of Hanuman, addressed the son of wind God with hatred thus:- 27

“I am one who obey the orders of Ravana, the all powerful king of rakshasas and. I cannot be won over by anybody and I protect this city.” 28

“Hey monkey, you cannot enter here disregarding me. Now itself you are going to sleep after loosing your soul after I kill you.” 29

“ Monkey, I am the city of Lanka and I alone guard it with utmost care and I am telling this to you only.” 30

Hearing the words of Sri Lanka, Hanuman the monkey chief who was the son of Wind God, became sad and stood like another mountain., 31

He who is an expert and the greatest among those who can jump facing her who has taken a feminine form, spoke to her softly like this:- 32

“I am going to see this city which has forts, spires and towers. I have come here only for this as I am interested in it.” 33

“My coming to this city of Lanka is to enable me to see the gardens, forests,fields and mansions.” 34

That Lanka Rakshasi who can take any form she likes, even after hearing the words of Hanuman, still spoke to him in a harsh manner., 35

“Hey bad monkey, without winning over me who am guarding this city, you cannot enter in to it.” 36

Then the great monkey facing the Rakshasi told her, “Lady, I will just see the city and go away.”., 37

Then the Goddess of Lanka shouted uproariously and with great strength beat the chief of the monkeys., 38

Having been beaten by the lady of Lanka, that monkey chief who was a hero and also the son of wind God roared in a very high pitch., 39

Then Hanuman forgetting himself because of anger, folding his fingers hit her strongly with his left fist., 40

Because he knew that she was a lady he did not show his anger too much., 41

That Rakshasi because of the fist punch suddenly fell down on the ground with broken limbs, horrible face and showed her real form., 42

Because of the knowledge that she was a woman, seeing her fallen on the ground Hanuman looked at her with mercy., 43

After this that Goddess of Lanka with stuttering voice and devoid of pride told him the following words., 44

“Hey, great hero, please show mercy on me. Hey, Monkey chief who is soft by nature, please save me. Good people of great strength always are stable in showing justice.“ 45

“Hey, very strong monkey chief, I am myself the Goddess of the city of Lanka and a great hero, and you have defeated me by your prowess.” 46

“Hey, Lord of the monkeys, I am telling you truly about the boon given to me by Brahma himself. And so please hear.” 47

“The day when a monkey defeats you by his prowess, then you please understand without doubt that bad time has come to the Rakshasas.” 48

“ Hey graceful one, by your sight, I surely understand that the time has come to me. Whatever has been told by Brahma is the truth for no change can come to it.” 49

“The final end has come near to the bad soul Ravana and his rakshasas due to Sita.” ., 50

“And so monkey chief, enter this city protected by Ravana and do there whatever you wish to do.” 51

“So you who are the Lord of the monkeys, please enter this good town ruled by the Rakshasa king, which is badly affected by the curses, and search for the daughter of Janaka properly”[18]., 52

Thus ends the third chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki

Thus ends the sixteenth day story of Ramayana sung by Lava and Kusha in front of Rama

Songs sung in fourth to twenty-fourth chapters of Sundara Kanda by Lava and Kusha in front of Sri Rama at the place where AswaMedha sacrifice was being performed on seventeenth day. The total verses sung on that day were 773.

Chapter 4: Travel inside the city of Lanka[edit]

That Resplendent monkey chief and great Hero Hanuman winning over the great goddess of City of Lanka, who in her valor could take any shape that she wishes, entered the city by jumping over the wall and not by crossing the gate., 1

Hanuman who always does good deeds to the king of monkeys, Sugreeva, entered the city and placed his left leg on the head of his enemy., 2

That monkey who was the son of the God of wind and who has entered the city at night, reached the main avenue of the city which was decorated by precious gems and flowers. and he saw round the city with extreme courage., 3-4

That city which was full of Music created by drums and which was full of sounds of happiness, had a lot of great buildings with windows decorated by diamonds like the great elephant of deva loka and looked like the sky decorated by clouds., 5

That city shined with the good houses of the crowd of Rakshasas 6

That city with buildings of the type Padmam[19], Swasthikam[20] and with palaces like Vardhamanam had many beautifully constructed good houses and shined greatly like the sky by its clouds., 7

Hanuman who does only good service to the King of monkeys, with an intention of completing the work of Sri Rama, completely saw that city which was decorated by pictures, garlands and ornaments and became happy., 8

That Son of God of wind, who was going from one house to another house saw houses of many sizes and shapes all over., 9

He heard the three sweet musical sounds of Thara, Madhyama and Manthra, which emanated from head, throat and belly respectively from the voluptuous ladies who were like the Apasra of deva loka., 10

In the houses of Lords, sounds of the waist belt, sounds made of anklets, sounds while climbing stairs. Sounds of clapping hands and enthusiastic shouts were heard here and there., 11

He also heard sound of chanting of Manthras from the houses of Rakshasas., 12

He also saw Rakshasas who were experts in the knowledge of Vedas and also them who were shouting poems in praise of Ravana., 13

He also saw several spies among the great army of Rakshasa who were standing round the main avenue of the city., 14

He also saw those who were doing penance for performing Yaga, those with uncut hair, those whose head was shaved off completely, those who had covered themselves with hide of cow, those who had one hand full of Durbha grass as weapons, those who had fire pits as weapons, those who had spear and thorn pointed stick as weapons, those who had ordinary sticks as weapons, those who had only one eye, those who had only one ear, those who had hanging stomachs and chests, those who were fierce looking archers, those who carried swords, those who had slanted mouth, those who carried pestle and mortars as weapons, those who were handicapped, those who were dwarfs, those who carried big steel rods, those who shined in peculiar shirts made of steel, those who were not very fat, those who were not very thin, those who were tall, those who were dwarf, those who were very white, those who were very black, those who were very hunch backed, those who were midgets, those who were ugly looking, those who were in different shapes, those who were handsome, those who were holding flags, those who were holding small flags, those who were having trees and spears as weapons, those who were having mace as weapon and also those who were carrying different type of weapons., 15-20

That great monkey further saw those who had in their hands rope and a stone, those who were wearing garlands, those who had applied perfumes, those who were wearing costly ornaments, those who were wearing different types of dresses, those who had joined the army in their free will, those who were carrying many sharp spears and those who were very strong people and carried the Vajrayudha., 21-22

Before the harem he saw lakhs of very careful sentries appointed by the king of Rakshasas., 23

Then the monkey chief saw the very famous and huge palace of the king of Rakshasas constructed on the mountain top, surrounded by walls and moats full of lotus flowers which had a very precious golden tower., 24-25

The great monkey entered the beautiful palace of the king of Rakshasas which was pretty, which was similar to heaven, which was echoing divine sounds, which was full of sounds of horses, which had the jingling sound of ornaments, which was protected by chariots, palanquins, planes, wonderful horses bringing only good and four tusked elephants which were like a series of white clouds and which was decorated by thick fat animals and birds and which was protected in all sides by Rakshasas., 26-30

That Hanuman entered the harem of Ravana which had surrounding walls made of gold and silver, which was decorated by costly pearls and other precious stones and which was full of scented smoke emanating from good quality myrrh and sandalwood., 31

Thus ends the fourth chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter Five: Seeing of Rakshasa and Rakshasis[edit]

Then the intelligent Hanuman, saw the moon, which was in the center of the sky, which was with rays and which was spreading the sheet of moon light, like an enthusiastic bull wandering in its stable., 1

Then he saw the moon, which destroys the sorrows of the world, which increased the levels of the great sea and which traveled by giving light to all beings., 2

That Goddess Lakshmi who shined normally on the Mandara Mountain of earth, in the sea during dusk and on the lotus in the ponds, at that time shined sitting on the moon., 3

The moon in the sky was similar to the swan in the sliver cage, lion in the caves of Mandara Mountain and the heroic soldier sitting on proud elephant., 4

The moon, which was full of all its crescents, resembled the bullock with its sharpened horns, the silver mountain with its peaks, and the elephant whose tusks were decorated by gold., 5

That moon who did not loose the luster due to dense dew drops, who had borrowed light from the sun by which he drove away darkness, who was serving the luminous Lakshmi in his crystal clear mien and who had the rabbit mark, shined in the sky., 6

The moon shone with great light like the lion climbing on the stone clusters, like the great elephant reaching the war and like the king getting his kingdom., 7

The early part of night, was devoid of darkness due to rise of the moon and was tainted by the eating of meat food by the Rakshasas and was full of lovers joining together after romantic quarrels., 8

At that time musical instruments like Veena gave strumming sounds from their strings, which was sweet to the ears and virtuous wives were sleeping with their husbands and Rakshasas started wandering about with very wonderful and horrible acts., 9

The intelligent monkey chief saw many houses where people were in the trance induced by consuming alcohol and which had garages for chariots, elephant and horse stables., 10

Those tipsy ones were teasing each other, placing their stout hands on each other and were shouting vulgar words at each other., 11

Those Rakshasas were baring their chest, putting their body on their sweet hearts, assuming various shapes and leaving free the tightly held bows., 12

He also saw several well made up maidens, some ladies who were sleeping, some who were laughing and some who were upset and very angry., 13

That city was full of trumpeting of elephants, well-honoured friends, gasping heroes and hissing snakes., 14

He also saw their some Rakshasas who were very intelligent, who talked sweetly, who were full of attention, who were considered noble in this world, who were made up in different manners and who had very good names., 15

That Hanuman became very pleased on seeing them who were handsome people, who had all sort of good qualities and who were looking good and suitable to their good qualities. He also saw some ugly people who had made up themselves so as to look as handsome., 16

He saw many star like Women who were pretty, who had a very clean mind, who were of good character, who were well known, who in spite being drunk were passionate towards their husbands., 17

He also saw many woman like the birds hidden by flowers, who were shining because of their wealth, who were very shy, who were attracted by tremendous passion and to whom their husbands were making passionate love in the mid of night., 18

The intelligent Hanuman also saw some married women sitting in comfort on the laps of their husbands,who were making passionate love with their husbands and putting on nice behavior because of good upbringing, some who were having interest in Dharma and some who were sitting at the top of their houses., 19

That monkey chief Hanuman, saw also many women with the colour of the flash of gold and some with the colour of molten gold, some noble ladies with out the upper cloth covering them, some with very pretty sensual organs with attractive colour, some who are of the colour of the moon because they were separated from their lovers, some who were glowing in light because they have got the lovers of their choice and also many happy and very pretty girls in those houses., 20-21

He also saw some with faces as pretty as the full moon, some with curved eyelids over pretty eyes and some with ornaments like the flash of lightning[21]., 22

But he did not see Sita who was brought up in a royal family of good lineage, who had very high celestial birth, who was with a body like a fully developed climbing plant and who was born outside the womb as per her will., 23

He became extremely sad and felt foolish because in spite of a long search he was not in a position of being able to locate Sita who permanently dwells in the path of justice, who had very pretty eyes, who was full of love, who for ever lived in the mind of her husband, who was anytime much greater than any great lady, who was suffering because of the absence of her husband, who had a neck made wet with tears, who in earlier days used to wear dollar hanging from her neck, who was like a peahen which with its very pretty wings was dancing in the forest, who was like a faded crescent of the moon, who was like a piece of gold dimmed by dust, who was like the wound pierced by an arrow and who was the wife of Lord Rama who was greatest among those who speak and who was lord of human beings., 24-27

Thus ends the fifth chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter Six: Entering the house of Ravana[edit]

That monkey who can take any form he liked thoughtfully wandered with speed in to the different palatial houses of Sri Lanka., 1

Then that Hanuman whom Lakshmi has showered her grace, reached the house of the king of Rakshasas, which was surrounded by walls, which glittered like Sunflower., 2

Examining the house protected by the Rakshasas like the lions protect the forest, the monkey chief glistened with wonder., 3

That monkey chief saw the great one’s great house which had pictures made of silver, which was decorated by gold, which had towers, multiple buildings and pretty gates, which was occupied by great elephants ridden by heroic soldiers and chariot tied horses which cannot be controlled, which had chariots covered with the hides of tiger and lion and were made of ivory, gold and silver and had booming sound, which had forever moving great mega chariots making huge sound inlaid with precious gems filled with special weapons and vessels and occupied by great heroes, which was filled on all four sides by thousands of different types pretty and special animals and birds,which was saluted and cared for by several Rakshasa sentries, Which was filled with many great ladies, which was occupied by jewel like ladies who were happy, which was the house of the king of Rakshasas, which was filled with booming sound of the ocean made by the jingling of very special jewels, which was filled with luxurious objects fit for great kings, which had perfumed objects like sandal and myrrh, which was occupied by large gathering of people who were like the lions of a great forest, which had the noise created by drums, cymbals etc, which was filled by the sound made by conches, which had sacrificial performances for special occasions conducted by Rakshasas, which had daily worship being performed, which had non stop celebrations, which had sounds like the tides of ocean and which had very good quality carpets made of jewels., 4-13

That monkey chief thought that the house which was glittering and which had elephants, horses and chariots as an ornament if the city. Then Hanuman walked here and there for some time near Ravana., 14-15

That monkey went round and searched without fearing the different houses of Rakshasas and also in their gardens and palaces., 16

That great hero who had very great speed, jumped in to the house of Prahastha and jumped from there to the house of Mahaparswa[22]., 17

From there the monkey chief went to the cloud like house of Kumbakarna and from there jumped to the house of Vibhishana[23]., 18

He then jumped in to the houses of Mahodhara, Virupaksha. Vidyujihwa. Vidhyunmali and Vajra damshtra[24]., 19

Like this the great resplendent monkey went to the houses of Shuka, Charana the great hero Indrajit[25]., 20

Like this again he visited the houses of Jambumali, Sumali, Rasmikethu and Surya shathru., 21

That monkey chief who was the Son of God of Wind, jumped in to the houses of Vajarakaya, Dhoomraksha and Sampathi., 22

The son of the God of Wind visited one by one the houses of Bhima, Vidhyadhroopa, Ghana, Vighana, Sukhanasa, Sasa, Vikata, Brhamakarna, Dhamshtra, Romasa, Rakshasa, Yudhonmatha, Matha, Dwajagreeva, Nadhi, Athikaya, Aksha, Vidhyujjihwa, Indrajjihwa, Hasthimuka, Akambana, Karala, Pisascha, Sonithaksha, Devanthaka, Naranthaka, Kumbha, Nikumbha, Ugravakthra, and Ghoraand Ghorara., 23-29

That famous monkey chief saw the invaluable riches in each of these rich peoples houses., 30

The lucky Hanuman after seeing and searching these houses on all four sides reached the house of the King of Rakshasas., 31

Hanuman who was the most intelligent monkey of all, entered inside and saw the women sentries with ugly eyes who were armed with spear and the thorn mace doing their shift duty., 32

He also saw very huge Rakshasas belonging to different regiments and armed with diverse type of arms in the house of the Rakshasa chief., 33

In that house Hanuman saw horses which very swift, pretty, red, white, armed sufficiently to do a battle and possessing very high speed, and elephants which were capable of winning the elephants of the enemy which were trained in the elephant discipline, which were capable of killing the army of the enemy, which were like clouds equal to the prowess of Iravatha, which were similar to the mountains giving birth to several streams, Which were making sound like thunder, and which can never be won over by the enemies., 34-36

That monkey who son of Wind god saw in the house of Ravana the king of rakshasas, thousands of horses decorated with gold, several type of gold plated palanquins which were like the young sun, several houses covered with climbing plants, several art galleries, several houses of entertainment, playing bulls made of wood, pretty houses of passion and several houses to spend the day time., 37-39

That Hanuman saw the house of Ravana rivaling the house of Shiva the chief of beings, which was similar to Mandara mountain, which had places for pea cocks, which was full of flag poles, which was filled with thousands of jewels, where heaps of treasures were lying about here and there and which had several art works made of very great sculptors., 40-41

That house due to the glitter of precious stones and because of Ravana’s prowess was shining like the sun because of its rays., 42

That monkey warrior saw glittering golden cots and seats as also several shining vessels., 43

Hanuman entered that great palace which was full of gem studded vessels which have become wet because they were used to serve honey and alcoholic drinks, which was extensive like the very beautiful house of Kubera, which was booming because of sounds made by the jingling of anklets, shaking sound of waist belt, and the sounds made by drums and cymbals, which had several houses, which was occupied by several jewel like women and which had many architectural marvels., 44-46

Thus ends the sixth chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter Seven: Seeing Pushpaka Vimana[edit]

That strong Hanuman saw a row of houses which were glittering during rainy season, which were having a flock of birds, which were like a whiff of cloud and which had golden windows inlaid with diamonds., 1

In those houses he saw avenues full of precious conch, arms and bow and further he saw in those mountain like houses broad moon lit paths., 2

He also saw houses which were won by their own strength, which were free of all blemishes, which were being worshipped by asuras and devas and which were glittering by the several riches in them., 3

He saw the house of the king of Lanka which was made as a result of great effort, which looked as if it was constructed by Maya and which was full of all luxuries in the world[26]., 4

He saw the very great house, which stood out, like clouds, which had the glitter of the prettiest gold, which was fit to the strength of the king of rakshasas and which was definitely very pretty., 5

He saw the Pushpaka Vimana which was like heaven descended to the earth, which was shining because of its wealth, which was full of flowers of several trees, which was covered by pollen, which looked like the tip of the mountain, which was fit to be worshipped, which was made greatly shining similar to the streak of lightning in the clouds by presence of great ladies, which was like the planes of people of good deeds floating in the sky, which was being carried by great swans, which was similar to the tip of the mountain painted using several colours, which was similar to the sky decorated by the moon and the planets, which had many joined big pictures resembling the clouds, and which had many paintings decorated by jewels., 6-8

In that Vimana there was painting of the earth with its mountains, painting of forests full of trees and the painting of lotus flowers with its petals and sepals., 9

Not only that, pictures of white mansions were painted on it, besides paintings of pretty flower filled lakes, lotus flowers with its tendrils and luxuriously growing forests., 10

That great plane which was glittering by the shine of precious stones and which was the greatest among the palaces was called Pushpaka. In it were made several birds flying in the sky which was made of diamond, silver and corals. Not only that horses of noble lineage which indicated prosperity and snakes were also made in it using several types of precious jewels., 11-12

The Hanuman again went near that plane and with wonder examined it. The birds made of coral and gold with flower like wings were hung on it. These were with good, bent drooping wings and had very pretty faces They appeared as if they were the real helpers of the God of love Manmatha Also elephants with pretty captivating trunks which were playing in the lotus pond and were catching the lotus flowers were also made there. Like that the figure of Goddess Lakshmi whose good event making hands were catching the lotus flowers were also made. Like this the very pleasant plane was shining with light like the end of winter, which had very pleasing perfume and which was like a tree and also like a mountain with many beautiful caves., 13-15

Then the monkey became very thoughtful because he could not find Sita who was only attracted by the good qualities of her husband, who was being worshipped by all good people and who was the daughter of King Janaka in spite wandering and jumping about all over the worshipful city which was maintained by the prowess of the ten headed Rakshasa., 16

The mind of that holy one who was very intelligent, who did only right actions and who was having several confusing thoughts because he was not able to see the daughter of King Janaka was filled with sorrow., 17

Thus ends the seventh chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter Eight: Description of Pushpaka Vimana[edit]

The redoubtable hero Hanuman who was the son of the wind God, saw the very great Plane which was standing in the middle of that building, which had windows made of gold and which was decorated by precious jewels., 1

That plane whose glitter could not be measured and which could not adequately be described by others was made by Viswakarma with an intention that it should be the greatest plane which could move anywhere in the sky and was parked in the route of wind and was like a sign post of the path of the Sun., 2

In that there was nothing which was made without very hard work. There was no part of it which was not made by very costly gems. The assets of that were not even within the ambit of Devas. There was nothing in it, which was not very wonderful., 3

He saw the great Pushpaka Vimana which was won by the valor gained by full meditation and prayer, which can go in different styles just by mental wish, which was constructed with several types of dwellings, which had equal but differing sights in all its places, which can go at any speed by knowing the wish of its master, which cannot be stopped by anybody, which can go in the speed of wind, which had all possible riches of great and holy people, which looked like the dwelling place of Devas and equally famous people, which has been made in much greater manner than each wish of its maker, which had peculiar pillars, which had spires and domes similar to the peaks of mountains, which was as clear as the autumn moon, which was as pretty as the crowd of flowers of the spring season, which was more pleasing to the eyes than the spring season, which had faces shining by the ear studs worn, which was protected by gluttonous,fat sky riding, rakshasas and which was also protected by thousands of swift Boothas who had round sunken eyes., 4-8

Thus ends the eighth chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter Nine: Visiting Ravan's Harem[edit]

Hanuman the son of Wind God saw in the middle of the great Pushpaka Vimana a very big and great building., 1

That was the house of Ravana which was many yojanas broad, one yojana long and with many decorated platforms., 2

The killer of the enemy Hanuman searched everywhere for the long eyed Sita who was the king of Videha., 3

Inspecting the houses of many great Rakshasas Hanuman who was graced by the Goddess Lakshmi reached the house of the king of Rakshasas., 4

The very extensive dwelling of Ravana was protected by many with top pointing arms, surrounded by four tusked elephants as well as three tusked elephants, and also full of Rakshasa ladies who were his wives and also some forcefully abducted Ladies from Royal families., 5-6

That house was like an ocean tumultuously moved by a tempest, which was full of crocodiles, sharks, whales, fishes and snakes., 7

His house was full of all riches, which were in the house of Kubera Indra and Sun God., 8

The treasures in the House of Rakshasa king Ravana was similar and much more than the riches of Indra, Kubhera, Varuna, Yama., 9

The Son of God of Wind saw another mansion in the center of that house, which was beautifully built and in which several artistic works were done., 10

That Pushpaka Vimana which was prettily was made for Brahma by Viswakarma and increased passions and also could be used to travel as one pleases., 11

Kubhera by doing very great penance got that Vimana which was fully decorated by jewels and which was venerated by beings of all the three worlds from Brahma., 12

The king of Rakshasa won Kubera by his prowess and got it from him., 13

Not only that but that Vimana was decorated by life like statues of deer, decorated all over by gold, had many very beautiful pillars and appeared as if it was shining by its own light., 14

That Vimana was decorated on all the four sides by several towers, which appeared as if they were touching the sky like the Meru and Mandhara mountains., 15

That plane which was built by Viswakarma, had golden steps and was charming, great and had the luster of the fire and the Sun., 16

It had platforms made of precious gems like Sapphire and windows and shelves decorated by gold and crystal., 17

It appeared pretty as it had floors decorated by corals, very costly gems, incomparable pearls and also several pretty drawings., 18

It was similar to the Sun at dawn and had gold like saffron and sweet scented sandal., 19

That monkey chief climbed the sacred and well decorated Pushpaka Vimana which had different type of pretty halls., 20

Then Hanuman who stood there smelled the sweet perfume from the eatables and drinks spread out there which looked like the air personified., 21

It appeared as if the scents called the very strong Hanuman, “come here, come here”, like a relation calling another very close relation., 22

He saw a great stage in the middle, which,being firmly there attracted the mind of Ravana, which like a pretty lady was causing only good, which had steps made out of pearls and diamonds, which shined because of its golden windows with ivory inlaid here and there, which had floors made of crystal stones, which had very tall decorated pillars built using gold, silver, pearls and corals, which was decorated by different type of pillars, which had very tall and wing like sky touching perfect pillars which were straight, which was as broad as the earth itself with its cities and houses, which was covered by a very big carpet on which the different parts of earth were drawn, Which was filled with sounds of songs by energetic birds, Which had beautiful incense wafting about, which had special seats with the presence of the king of Rakshasas, which was made dark by the incense and myrrh, which was very clear, which was white like the swan, which was peculiar because of the flowers used for worship, which gave happiness to the mind like the glittering Kamadhenu, which was decorated so that it will get fame, which looked like the mother of all treasures, which could destroy sorrow and which was famous and divine., 23-30

That stage which was protected by Ravana, like a mother,satisfied the five sense organs by its pretty form, taste, smell, touch and voice., 31

Hanuman doubted and wondered whether it was heaven, the city of Indra himself, or the city of gandarwas., 32

He also saw there very big golden lights which were still like those defeated gamblers by the deceit of other gamblers., 33

He felt as if the entire area was burning because of the strong light from those lamps and also by the glitter the ornaments and power emanating from Ravana., 34

There he saw thousands of ladies lying on the jeweled carpet dressed in cloths of varied colours, wearing several types of ornaments and with varied appearances., 35

Those ladies after long love play and being drunk were sleeping soundly because it was already midnight., 36

Those ladies looked as if no sound coming from the shaking of their ornaments and were like a lotus pond full of silent and bees., 37

He saw the faces of those great ladies who were sleeping with open mouth, closed eyes and with the smell of lotus flowers., 38

Their faces looked like the lotus flowers, which opened during daytime and had closed during night., 39

The honey drunk bees without any doubt were desiring their faces thinking that it was fully opened lotus flowers., 40

Because of that and because of other valid reasons that great monkey chief thought their faces equivalent to lotus flowers., 41

Because of the glitter produced by the bevy of ladies that stage looked like the star filled clear sky of the autumn., 42

That king of Rakshasas surrounded by them looked like the moon surrounded by the stars., 43

Seeing them Hanuman thought that they looked like a collection of stars fallen from the sky after they have enjoyed the benefit of all their good deeds., 44

In that place the shine, colour and presence of the ladies glittered, very much like the great shine of the big stars., 45

They were almost in deep trance by the deep sleep because of their love play and intoxication by drink and their garlands and ornaments were very much displaced., 46

Some of them were great ladies, in case of some, their Tilaka was erased, in case of some their anklets were broken and in case of some their chain of pearls was lying by their side., 47

Like the mare which carried lot of burden was rolling in the ground to recoup its strength, some of them had broken their pearl chains, some had undressed and in case of some, the anklets were completely broken., 48

Some appeared with good ear studs but with broken garlands due to their exertions like the flowering climber in a deep forest was crushed by an elephant., 49

In other cases the broken pearl necklaces were lying between the breasts of some and appeared as if some swans were sleeping there., 50

In case of others their diamonds looked like the king fisher birds and the broken golden chains looked similar to the Chakravaka birds., 51

With hips similar to the sandy shores some of them looked like the shores of river with many swans, king fisher and Chakravaka birds., 52

With glittering belled anklets, with lotus faces and with nail marks in many places of their body, they looked like rivers with beauty as their shores., 53

In case of some ladies the pressure marks made by ornaments on their busts and other soft arts appeared as if they themselves were ornaments., 54

The cloth corners which were flying hither and thither by their breaths again and again fell on the top of their breasts 55

Those edges of the very pretty and shining cloths of various colours with various ornaments when shaken over their foreheads appeared as if they were waving victory flags., 56

In case of some women with luster even the ear studs were slightly moving hither and thither by their breath., 57

Their naturally sweet scented breath along with the smell of wine wafted towards Ravana,with pleasure., 58

Not only that some of Ravana’s wives mistook the other wives faces as that of Ravana’s and kissed them several times., 59

Because those ladies loved Ravana very much, they behaved with those other wives with love even though they did not like them., 60

Some other ladies were sleeping using their bangle clad arms and their cloths as a pillow., 61

With one lady attaching herself to the chest of another, one attaching to her hands, one sleeping on her lap, and another on the same lady’s arms, and embracing each other tightly with their thighs, hind parts, hips touching each other, all of them slept together because of their love towards Ravana., 62-63

Because the ladies with very ample hips were tightly embracing each other, they were happy and with linked hands were sleeping soundly., 64

That bevy of ladies linking themselves together appeared as if they were a garland which had attracted several big tipsy bees., 65

The harem of Ravana looked like a flower garden in the month of May-June in which the climbing tendrils with full of flowers are intertwined, in which the bees fly from one place to another, in which the heads of the plants are attached here and there and in which the flowers shake in the wind., 66-67

Though their ornaments, cloths and various parts of the body were in places where they should be, they were not knowing whose is where and which., 68

The well-lit golden lamps appeared as if they were staring at the sleeping Ravana along with his multi coloured collection of women., 69

Lasses from the families of kings, sages, Pithru devas, Rakshasas and Gandarwas appeared as if they were there attracted by their passion to Ravana., 70

Most of the ladies who were there, were the ones who were abducted by the war thirsty Ravana and some of those voluptuous ones came there because of their passion to him., 71

Except the noble daughter of Janaka , all of them were there because of his great valor and none of them have been abducted and brought, none who came against their wish and none were there who had accepted any one else., 72

None of them were born in a baser family or not pretty or not intelligent or not suitable to be served upon or none without wealth or none who is not suitable to be loved by their husbands., 73

That good-natured Hanuman thought, ”If the wife of Sri Rama also attains this state of Ravana’s wives towards Rama, my birth in this world would be a blessed one.” 74

With sorrow that Hanuman thought, “ Sita is the storehouse of all good qualities and this King Of Lanka has done acts which should not be done towards her, alas!”., 75

Thus ends the ninth chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Notes & References[edit]

  1. The devas who travel in the sky
  2. It is clear from this sloka that our ancients knew that even in sky you have to travel by certain chartered pathways
  3. laterite
  4. all the three are communities of minor devas
  5. perambulation
  6. demi gods who wear garland and live in the sky
  7. Eagle on whom Lord Vishnu rides
  8. since he was moving up and down, it appeared at one moment that he was trying to drink the sea and at another moment the sky
  9. because of his great speed the water parted below him and was like a mountain pass
  10. One of the well-known forefathers of Lord Rama
  11. Bhageeratha one of the forefathers of Lord Rama brought water from the head of Lord Siva to the dried up sea so that Bhageeratha’s ancestors should get salvation ., 98 from their sins and thus filled up the sea
  12. Golden bellied
  13. Diamond equipment literally
  14. serpents
  15. In Kishkinda Kanda in the forty first chapter Sugreeva describes about this Rakshasi to Hanuman
  16. hanging
  17. This goddess called Lanka Lakshmi was earlier called Vijaya Lakshmi and was the keeper of the treasury of Lord Brahma. She was once careless and did not do her work properly. Brahma cursed her to become the watch woman of Ravana He also told her that on the day she is defeated by a monkey, she will regain her original form
  18. The curse refereed to above is given by the bull Nandi Deva the vehicle of Lord Shiva when he was jeered at by Ravana
  19. lotus
  20. swastika
  21. He was seeing their eyes and faces to see whether they were human beings or Rakshasis and their ornaments to see whether they were wearing Sita’s ornaments
  22. ministers of Ravana
  23. Brothers of Ravana
  24. Army chiefs of Ravana
  25. Shuka and Charana were the chief spies of Ravana and Indrajit his eldest son
  26. This house was constructed by Viswa Karama, the architect of Gods but looked like one constructed by Maya