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By Swami Harshananda

Tārā, Wife of Vālī[edit]

Tārā was the wife and queen of Vālī, the vānara king of Kiṣkindhā.


Tārā, Wife of Bṛhaspati[edit]

The wife of Bṛhaspati, the preceptor of the gods, was also Tārā. She bore him six sons and one daughter named Svāhā. Once she was abducted by Candra.[1] Budha[2] was born as their son. She was restored to Bṛhaspati by Brahmā, the creator.

Tārā, as per Tantras[edit]

In the tantras, Tārā is mentioned as an aspect of the Divine Mother or Śakti. Eight forms like Tārā, Ugratārā, Vajrā and Kāmeśvarī are also described. Her image has a face with three eyes and two hands. She is dark-green in color. She holds lotus flowers in her hands. Her mantra has ten akṣaras.[3]


  1. Candra means Moon.
  2. Budha is the planet Mercury.
  3. Akṣaras are letters or syllables.
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