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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Jagannatha Sahasra namam

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Jagannatha Sahasra nama stotram

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(There was a great king called Indra Dhyumna in Orissa who was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. One great scholar once told him about a very rare but extremely holy form of Lord Vishnu called Neela Madhava . The king send all his courtiers in search of this great form of Lord Vishnu . Excepot one minister called Vidhyapathi all of them failed Vidhyapathi with extreme difficulty located Neela Madhava being worshipped by A gentleman called Vishvavasu belonging to a tribe called SAbara. On his information the king Indra Dhyumna did reach the place where he found Neela Madhava but was disappointed as he was not able to see the god there. However he was instructed by God Nila Madhava to construct a temple on the top of the Neeladri(Blue mountain) and get a a wooden statue of him consecrated there by Lord Brahma. The God instructed the king to collect the wodden piece sent by him to carve out the idol of the god. It is believed God himself came in the form of an artist to carve the statue. He instructed that he should work alone and should not be disturbed. He said he would work inside the temple and the doors should be closed,. Unable to stifle his anxiety to see the God , the king one day opened the doors of the temple. The Statues of Krishna, Balabadra and Subadra werenot completely finished and did not have legs and arms. The God ordered the king to worship him in that form only. This is the Lord Jagannatha of Puri and this Sahasra Namam is written about him. But I could not see the one thousand names of the Lord in the Sahasra Namam. Possibly a part of it is missing and I could locate only 580 names. The English text can be viewed at
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The Detailed story of the Lord jagannatha Descending to the Puri can be viewed at )

1.Deva dhanava gandharava Vidhyadharoragai,
DEvyamaanam sadaa charu koti surya sama prabham

The God served who is always served byby devas,
Asuras, Gandharwas and Vidhyadharas is pretty,
And shines like billions of suns.

2.Dhyayen Narayanam devam Chathur varga phala pradham,
Jaya Krishna Jagannadha , jaya sarvadhi nayaka.

I meditate on God Narayana , which leads to four types of results,
Victory to Krishna who is god of universe, victory to the lord of all.

3.Jaya sesha Jagat vandhya Padambuja namosthuthe.

Victory to the lotus saluted by adhi sesha and the world.

Yudhishtra Uvacha:-
Yudhishtra said:-

4.Yasya prasaadath sarvam , yasthu Vishnu Parayana,
Yasthu dhatha Vidathaa cha yasya sravam paro bhaveth.

By whom everything would be happy , By whom Vishnu can be studied,
Who is the giver and creator and by whom everything becomes divine.

5.Yasya Maayamayam Jaalam trilokyam sa chara charam,
Marthyascha mruga thrushnaayaam bramayathyapi kevalam.

Through his illusion and trick all moving and not moving things ,
And all men and animals are confused by desire.

6.Namayaham jagat preethyaa naamaani cha jagatpathe,
Brahathya khadtham yach cha thanme kadham sampratham.

I salute him who loves the world and please tell in detail ,
The naes of that lord of the world , so that I can tell them properly.

Bhishma Uvacha:-
Bhishma said:-

7.Yudhishtra Maha Baho , kadhyami srunushva may,
Jagannadasya naamaani pavithrani shubhaani cha.

Oh greatly valorous Yudhishtra , I will tell, be pleased to hear.
The names of Jagannadha which are holy and auspicious.

8.Maayaya yasya samsaro vyaprutha sa charachara,
Yasya prasadacha Brahmaanam srusthwaa Paathi cha sarvadhaa.

He who has spread by illusion among all moving and not moving things,
And through his grace Lord Brahma is able to create for always.

9.Brahmaadshi dasa dik paalan Maaya vimohithaan khalu,
Yasya cheshtaa avarohascha Brahmanda Khanda gochara.

Brahma and other guardians of ten directions are bewitched by him,
And due to his movement and progress the universe appears in pieces.

10.Dhayaa vaa mamathaa yasya sarva bhoothershu sarvaga ,
Sathya Dharma vibhooshasya Jagan nathasya sarvatha.

Through the pity and affection Of Jagananatha ,
all the beings spread all over ,
Are ornamented with truth and dharma .

11.Kadhataami sahasrani naamaani thava cha Anagha

I will now tell his one thousand names which are invaluable.

Jape Viniyoga
The chanting is being done.

Om Asya mathruka manthrasya , Sri Veda Vyasa rishi, Anushtup chanda, Sri Jagannadho devatha, BHagawatha Sri Jagannadhasya preethyartham, Sahasranama paatane viniyoga.

To the mother chant, the sage is Veda Vyasa, the meter is Anushtup , the God addressed is Jagananadha , and the thousand names are being read as per the wishes of God Jagananadha.


Neeladrai Sankha madhye , satha dala Kamale rathna simhasanastham,
SArvalankara yuktham nava Ghana ruchiram samyutham chagrajena,
Badraya vaama parswe , Radha charana yutham , brahma rudrendra vandhyam,
Vedaanaam saaram, eesam swajana parivrutham Brahma daro smarami.

On the blue mountain , in the middle of the conch sitting on a gem studded throne in the middle of a lotus flower with hundred petals,
Completely decorated in a new charming profound way along with his elder brother ,
With Subadra on his left side and I meditate on the god carrying Brahma surrounded by his own people.

1. Chathurbhujo One with four hands
2. Jagannadho Lord of the universe
3. Kantha shobitha kousthubha One whose neck shines with Kousthubha
4. Padmanabho One who has lotus on his belly
5. Lokanadho Lord of the earth
6. VedaGarbha One who has Veda within him
7. Chandra suryo vilochana One who sees through Sun and the moon
8. Jagannadho Lord of universe
9. Lokanadho Lord of the earth
10 Neeladreesa God of the blue mountain
11. Para Divine one
12. Hari Lord Vishnu
13. Dhenabandhu The relation of the suffering ones
14. Dhaya Sindhu The sea of mercy
15. Krupalu The merciful God
16. Jana Rakshaka The one who protects people
17. Kambhupani One who holds the conch
18. Chakrapani One who holds the discuss
19. Padmanabha One who has a lotus on his belly
20. Narothama The best among men
21. Jagathaam Palaka One who protects the world
22. Vyapi One who is spread
23. Sarva Vyapi One who is spread everywhere
24. Sureswara God of the devas
25. LOkaraja King of the people
26. Devaraja King of devas
27. SAkro bhoopascha bhoopathi King of indra and other kings
28. Neeladri pathi Nadha The lord of the king of blue mountain
29. Anantha The endless one
30 Purushothama The Best among Purushas
31. THarkshyo adhyaya One whose talk is golden
32. Kalpa tharu The wish giving tree
33. Vimala preethi vardhana One who increases our love to purity
34. Balabadhara Balarama
35. Vasudeva Son of Vasudeva
36. Madhava Lord of Knowledge
37. Madhu Sudana Killer of Madhu
38. Daityari Killer of asuras
39. Pudarikaksha One who has lotus like eyes
40. Vanamali One who wears a forest garland
41. Balipriya One who likes Mahabali
42. Brahma Brahma the creator
43. Vishnu Vishnu the care taker
44. Vrushni vamso One belonging to the clan of Vrushnis
45. Murari The killer of Mura
46. Krishna Lord Krishna
47. Kesava He in whom Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva reside
48. Srirama Lord Rama
49. Sachidananda The divine joy
50. Govinda He who is the chief of the cows
51. Parameswara He who is the divine God
52. Vishnu He who is peace
53. Jishnu He who wins
54. Mahavishnu The great Lord Vishnu
55. Prabhavishnu He who is in every being
56. Maheswara God of gods
57. Loka kartha The one who created the world
58. Jagannadha The Lord of the universe
59. Mahikartha The Lord of the earth
60. Mahayasa One with great fame
61. Maharshi The great sage
62. Kapilacharya The Great Guru Kapila
63. Lokachari One who travels all over the world
64. Sura The deva
65. Hari He who destroys birth and death
66. AAthma He who is the soul
67. Jeevapala He who looks after living beings
68. Sura Hero
69. Samsara Palaka He who looks after the world
70. Yeka He who is one
71. Aneka He who is many
72. Mama Priya He who is dear to me
73. Brahma Vaadi He who argues for Brahma
74. Maheswara The greatest god
75. Dwibuja He who has two hands
76. Chathurbahu He who has four hands
77. Sathabahu He who has hundred hands
78. Sahasraka He who has thousand forms
79. Padma Pathra Visalaksha He who has broad eyes like lotus leaf
80. Padma Garbha He who had Lotus within him
81. Para He who is different
82. Hari He who is green
83. Padma Hastha He who has hand as soft as lotus
84. Devapala He who looks after devas
85. Daithyari He who is the enemy of Asuras
86. Daithya Nasana He who is the destroyer of asuras
87. Chathurmurthi He who has four forms
88. Chathurbahu He who has four hands
89. Chathuranana Sevitha He who is served by Lord Brahma
90. Padma Hastha He who holds lotus in his hands
91. Chakra pani He who holds the discuss in his hands
92. Sankha Hastha He who holds Conch in his hands
93. Gadhadhara He holds the mace
94. Maha Vaikunta vasi He who lives in great Vaikunta
95. Lakshmi preethikara sadaa He who is always loved by Lakshmi
96. Viswanatha preethidha He who is dear to Lord Shiva
97. Sarva Deva Priyankara He who is the darling of all devas
98. Viswa Vyapi He who is spread all over universe
99. Dharu roopa He who has the form made of wood
100. Chandra surya Vilochana He who has sun and moon as eyes.
101. Guptha Gangopalabdhi He who obtained Guptha Ganga
102. Thulasi preetivardhana He who increases the love towards Thulasi
103. Jagadheesa God of the world
104. Srinivasa He who lives with Goddess Lakshmi
105. Sripathi The Consort of Lakshmi
106. Srigadhagraja He whose elder brother is Balarama
107. Saraswathi Mooladhara He who is the Mooladhara of Saraswathi
108. Srivathsa He who is adorned by Sri Vathsa
109. Sridhayanidhi He who is the treasure of mercy
110. Prajapathi Lord of the people
111. Bhrugupathi Lord of Shukra
112. Bhargavo Sage Shukra
113. Neelasundara The pretty God who is blue
114. Yogamaya gunaa roopo He who has the properties of Yoga Maya
115. Jagadhoneswara He who is the god of gardens of the world
116. Hari He who is Lord Vishnu
117. Adhithya He who is Sun God
118. Pralayodhari He who saves us from deluge
119. Sasmsara palaka He who protects the worldly life
120. Krupavishta He who is filled with mercy
121. Padma Paani He who has lotus like hands
122. Amoorthi He who does not have a form
123. Jagadasraya He on whom the world depends
124. Padmanabha He on whose belly grows a lotus flower
125. Nirakara He who is shapeless
126. Nirliptha He who is unsmeared
127. Purushothama He who is a great Purusha
128. Krupakara One who is merciful
129. Jagadvyapi One who spreads everywhere in the world
130. Srikara One who does auspicious things
131. SAnkha Shobitha One who shines with a conch
132. SAmudhra koti gambheera One who is as majestic as billions of seas
133. DEvathaa prathidha sadaa One who is always liked by devas
134. Surapathi Lord of devas
135. Bhoothapathi Lord of earth
136. Brahmachari One who is not married
137. Purandhara One who is fire/Indra
138. AAkasa One who is the sky
139. Vayu moorthi One who is the form of wind
140. Brahma moorthi One who is the form of Brahma
141. Jale Sthitha One who lives on water
142. Brahma One who is Brahma
143. Druthipala One who protects from misconception
144. Parama One who is divine
145. Amrutha Dayaka One who gave nectar
146. Paramananda sampoorna One who is filled with divine joy
147. Punyadeva One who is God of blessed deeds
148. Parayana One who is whole
149. Dhani He who is wealthy
150. Dhana Dhatha He who gives wealth
151. Dhana Garbha He who produces wealth
152. Maheswara The greatest god
153. Pasapani He who has the rope in his hand
154. Sarva jeeva He who is all life
155. Sarva samsara Rakshaka He who protects all the world
156. Deva kartha He who created (activated) the devas
157. Brahma kartha He who created (activated) Brahma
158. Vasishta He who is sage Vasishta
159. Brahma palaka He who looks after Brahma
160. Jagathpathi Lord of the earth
161. Suracharya One who is the Guru of the devas
162. Jagatvyapi He who has spread all over the world
163. Jithendraya He who controls his senses
164. Mahamoorthi The Great form
165. Viswamoorthi The universal form
166. Mahabudhi The great intelligence
167. Parakrama He who is valorous
168. SArva bheejartha chari He who travels within all seed
169. Drushtaa He who sees
170. Vedapathi Lord of the Vedas
171. SArva jeevasya jeeva The soul of all beings
172. Gopathi The Lord of earth
173. Marutham pathi The Lord of the Maruths
174. Mano Budhi The intellence of the mind
175. Ahankara kama krodhadhi nasana Destroyer of pride , passion and anger
176. Kamadeva Lord of love
177. Kamapala Protector of love
178. Kamanga He in whom love is a part
179. Kama Vallabha Lord of love God
180. SAthru nasi Destroyer of enemies
181. Krupa Sindhu Ocean of mercy
182. Krupalu The merciful one
183. Parameswara The greatest God
184. Devatratha The protector of devas
185. Devamatha The mother of devas
186. Bratha The brother
187. Bandhu The relation
188. Pithaa The father
189. Sakhaa The friend
190. Balabhadra Balarama
191. Thanuroopa He who has slender form
192. Viswakarma The doer of the world
193. Balo bala Stronger than strong
194. Aneka Moorthi One who has several forms
195. Sathatham Sathya Vaadi One who always is truthful
196. Sathaam gathi The Ultimate destination of good people
197. Loka Brahma The Creator of the world
198. Brahat Brahma The great creator
199. Sthoola Brahma The tall creator
200. Sureswara The God of devas
201. Jagad Vyapi He has spread all over the world
202. Sadachari He who follows good rituals
203. Sarva Bhoothascha Bhoopathi King of all bhoothas
204. Durga Pala The protector of Durga
205. Kshethra nadha Lord of the temple
206. Ratheesa The God of Rathi
207. Rathi Nayaka The Lord of Rathi
208. Bali The sacrifice
209. Viswa The universe
210. Balachari He who observes rituals strongly
211. Baladha He who is strong
212. Bali Vamana He who is Mahabali as well as Vamana
213. Darahasa He who laughs at Indra(or From the navel)
214. Saradchandra Autumn moon
215. Parama The greatest
216. Parapalaka Protector of divinity
217. Aakaradhi makarantha He who starts from “Aa” and ends in “ma”
218. Madhyokara He who has a middle form
219. Swaroopa druk He who shows his form
220. Sthuthi sthayi He who is constantly praised
221. Somapa He who conducts soma sacrifice
222. Swahakara He who makes the sound “Swaha”
223. SWadhakara He who offers Swadha, the food of manes
224. Mathsya Incarnation of fish
225. Koorma Incarnation of turtle
226. Varaha Incarnation of boar
227. Nrusimha Incarnation of man lion
228. Vamana Incarnation of Vamana
229. Parsurama Incarnation of Parasurama
230. Mahaveerya The great hero
231. Rama Incarnation of Rama
232. Dasarathmaja The son of Dasaratha
233. Devaki Nandna The son of Devaki
234. Sreshta The superior one
235. Nruhari The man lion
236. Narapalaka The protector of man
237. Vanamali He who wears forest garland
238. Dehadhaari He who sports a body
239. Padma Maala Vibhooshana He who decorates himself with lotus garland
240. Mallikaa Maala Dhari He who wears jasmine Garland
241. Jathi juthi Priya sadaa He who always loves an energetic division
242. Brahatrhpithaa Big father
243. Mahaapithaa Great father
244. Brahmana Brahmin
245. Brahmana Priya He who likes a Brahmin
246. Kalpa Raja King of eons
247. Khaga pathi Lord of the bird
248. Devesa God of devas
249. Deva Vallabha Darling of devas
250. Paramathma Divine soul
251. Balorajna He who gives strong order
252. Mangalya He who is auspicious
253. Sarva Mangala He who makes everything auspicious
254. Sarva Bala He who has all type of stengths
255. Dehadhari He who has takes human form
256. Ragnaa KIng
257. Bala Dhayaka He who gives results
258. Naana Pakshi pathangaanaam pavana paripalaka The holy protector of birds and butterflies
259. Vrundavana Vihari He who lives in Vrundavan
260. Nithya sthala Viharaka He who roams daily in places
261. Kshethrapala He who is the guardian of Holy things
262. Manava Man
263. Bhuvana Earth
264. Bhava palaka Protector of domestic life
265. SAthwam Pious quality
266. Rajas Regal quality
267. Thamas Base quality
270. Ahankara Pride
271. Para Divine
272. Akasanga The part of the sky
273. Ravi Sun God
274. Soma Moon god
275. Dharani Earth
276. Dharanidhara Carrier of earth
277. Nischintha He who is not worried
278. Yogeendra The king of yogis
279. Krupalu Merciful one
280. Deha Dharaka He who assumes a body
281. SAhasra seersha He who has thousand heads
282. Sri Vishnu Lord Vishnu
283. Nithya He who is forever
284. Jishnu He who is always victorious
285. Niralaya He who does not have a home
286. Kartha Doer
287. Hartha Destroyer
288. Daathaa Giver
289. SAthyaa Deekhaadhi Palaka He observes truth and penance
290. Kamalaksha Lotus eyed one
291. Swayambhootha He who is himself
292. Krishna varna He who is black
293. Vana Priya He who likes forest
294. Kalpadruma He who is the wish giving tree
295. Padaapaari He who is attached to plants
296. Kalpakaari Competant artist
297. SWayam hari He whoself is Hari
298. DEvaanmaam cha guru He who is the guru of devas
299. SArva deva roopa Namaskruthaa He who is saluted by devas of all forms
300. Nigamagamachari He who walks in the way of conclusion of Vedas
301. Krishna gamya He who goes to Lord Krishna
302. Swayam yasa He who is himself famous
303. Narayano naraanaam He who is Narayana to human beings
304. Lokaanaam prabhur uthama The great lord of people
305. Jeevaanaam parmathma The divine soul to all beings
306. Jagat Vandhya He who is saluted by the world
307. Paro Yama He who is greater than Yama
308. Bhootha vasi He who lives in all beings
309 Paroksha He who is mysterious
310. Sarva Vaasi He who lives in everything
311. Charasraya He who is depended by moving beings.
312. Bhageerathi Mano budhir The river ganges of mind and intellect
313. Bhava Mrutyu paristhitha He Who makes the death and birth process stop
314. SAmsara pranayi He who loves life
315. Preetha He who likes
316. SAmsara Rakshaka Sadaa Who always protects domestic life
317. Nana Varna Dharaa He who takes shape in different castes
318. Deva God
319. Nana Pushpa vibhooshana He who decorates himself by various flowers
320. Nanda Dwaja He who uses the flag of Nanda
321. Brahma roopa He who has the form of Brahma
322. Giri Vasi He who lives on a mountain
323. Ganadhipa He who is the chief of al ganas
324. Maayadhara He who takes recourse to illusion
325. Varnadhari He who carries forward Varna (caste divisions)
326. Yogeesa He who is the God of yoga
327. Sridhara He who caries Goddess Lakshmi
328. Hari Hari
329. Mahajyothi The great flame
330. Mahaveerya The great hero
331. Balavamsa He who is from clan of Strong people
332. Balodhbhava He who was born strong
333. Bhoothakrud He who creates beings
334. Bhavana He who is the dwelling
335. Deva God
336. Brahmachari Bachelor
337. Suradhipa King of devas
338. Saraswathi Saraswathi
339. Suracharya The teacher of devas
340. Suradeva The deva of devas
341. Sureswara The God of devas
342. Ashta moorthi dhara He who has eight forms
343. Rudra He who is angry
344. Ichaa moorthi He who takes shape according to his desire
345. Parakrama He who is valorous
346. Maha Naga pathi Lord of the great snake
347. Punya karma thapaschara He who does good deeds and penance
348. Dheenapa He who is the king of down trodden
349. Dheenapala He who protects the down trodden
350. Divya Simha He who is the divine lion
351. Divaakara He who makes day break
352. Anabhoktha He who is the breath of a consumer
353. SAbhoktha He who is a co consumer
354. Havirbhoktha He who is the consumer of sacrificial offering
355. Paro para Divine among divines
356. Manthrada He who teaches the Manthras
357. Jnana datha He who gives wisdom
358. Sarva dhatha He who gives everything
359. Paro Hari Divine Hari
360. Paradhi He who is the hunter
361. Paradharma cha sarva Dharma Namaskrutha He who is saluted by other sects as well as all sects
362. Kshamadasa He who has the habit of patience.
363. Dhayadasa He who has the habit of pity
364. SAthyadha He who teaches the truth
365. Sathya palaka He who protects the truth.
366. Kamsari The enemy of Kamsa
367. Kesinasi The destroyer of Kesi
368. Nasana He who destroys
369. Dushta Nasana He who destroys bad people
370. Pandava preethidha He who is dear to Pandavas
371. Parama He who is greatesr
372. Para Palaka The divine guard
373. Jagad datha The giver to the world
374. Jagad Kartha The one who made the world
375. Gopa govathsa palaka He who protected Gopas and calves
376. Santhana He who is eternal
377. Mahabrahma The great Brahma
378. Phaladha Karmacharina He who does Karma without expecting results
379. Parama Divine
380. Paramananda Divine joy
381. Para dhi He who searches for others
382. Parameswara Divine god
383. Sarana sarva Lokaanaam He who gives protection to the entire world
384. Sarva Sastra parigraha He who is an expert in all sastras
385. Dharma Kruthi Good act
386. Maha Dharma The Great Dharma
387. Dharmathma He who has Dharma as soul
388. Dharma Bandhava He who is friend to those who follow Dharma
389. Mana Karthaa The Lord of the mind
390. Mahabudhi Greatly wise one
391. Maha Mahima Dhayaka He who gives great greatness
392. Bhoorbhuva suva He Who is the Bhhoo, Bhuva and Suva world
393. Maha moorthi The great form
394. Bheema The gross
395. Bheema Parakrama Greatly valorous
396. Pathya He who is wholesome
397. Bhoothathmaka He who is the soul of all beings
398. Deva God
399. Pathya moorthi Wholesome form
400. Parath para The divine among divines
401. Visvaakaro He who has the universe as body
402. Visvagarbha He who creates the universe
403. Sura Deva
404. Sureswara God of devas
405. Bhuvanesa God of earth
406. Sarva Vyapi He who spread in everything
407. Bhavesa God of birth death cycle
408. Bhava Palaka The administrator of birth death cycle
409. Darasaneeya He who is smart
410. Chathurveda The four vedas
411. Shubanga He has a good organs
412. Loka Darsana He who looks after the world
413. Shyamala He who is black
414. SAntha Murthi He who has a peaceful form
415. Susantha He who is nicely peaceful
416. Chathurothama He who is the best among intelligent
417. Sama preethi He who likes Sama Veda
418. Rik Preethi He who likes Rik Veda
419. Yajusho atharvana priya He who likes Yajur and Atharvana Veda
420. Shyama Chandra He who is like a black moon
421. Chathur Murthi He who has four forms
422. Chathur Bahu He who has four hands
423. Chathur Gathi He who has four places to go
424. Maha Jyothi He who is the great flame
425. Maha Murthi He who has a great form
426. Maha Dhama He who is the great dwelling
427. Maheswara He who is the great god
428. Agasthi vara dathaa He who gave boons to agasthya
429. Sarva deva Pithamaha He who is grandfather of all devas
430. Prahaladaya Preethi kara He who used to like Prahladha
431. Dhruvapi mana Tharaka He for whom Druva is the star of the mind
432. Manditha suthanur dathaa He who gives pretty adorned lady
433. Sadhu bhakthi pradayaka He who gives devotion to good people
434. Omkara He who is “Om
435. Param Brahma He who is the divine Brahmam
436. Niralamba He who is independent
437. Hari Hari
438. Sadgathi Good aim
439. Parama Greatest
440. Hamsa The Hamsa state
441. Jeevathma The divine soul
442. Jana Nayaka Leader of men
443. Mana mind
444. Chintha thought
445. Chintha Haari Destroyer of worry
446. Manogna He who is beyond mind
447. Paradhika He who is beyond divinity
448. Brahmano Brahmin
449. Brahma Jaatheenam indriyanam gathi The aim of Brahmins and the senses
450. Prabhu lord
451. Tripada He who has three legs
452. Oordhwa sambhootha He who is seen as tall
453. Virat He who is Supreme
454. Sureswara He who is God of devas
455. Parath para The greatest divine
456. Para Divine
457. Padha padmastha He who has lotus like feet
458. Kamalasana He who sits on lotus
459. Nana sandheha vishaya Thathwa jnapi nirvrutha He who clears different type of doubts through philosophy
460. Sarvagna He who knows everything
461. Jagad Bandhu Friend of the world
462. Manoja jnatha karaka He who makes the mind understand
463. Mukha sambhootha He who is seen as a face
464. Vipra Brahmin
465. Bahu sambhootha He who is seen as hands
466. Raja King
467. Vara He who is blessed
468. Vyasya Merchant
469. Padothbhutha He who has wonderful fet
470. Sudra The service providers
471. Nithyopa Daily support
472. Nithyaka He who is forever
473. Jnani He who has realised
474. Maani He who is proud
475. Varnadha He who is colourful
476. SArvadha He who is everything
477. Sarva bhooshitha He who is decorated by everything
478. Anadhi varna asandehaa He whose glory is not doubted from very beginning
479. Nana karma paristhitha He who is in various type of activities
480. Sradaadhi dharma asandeha He whose sincerity in dharma is beyond doubt
481. Brahma deha He whose body is Brahmam
482. Smithanana He who has a smiling face
483. Sambarari Enemy of Sambara
484. Vedapathi Lord of Vedas
485. Sukrutha He who does good deeds
486. Sathwa vardhana He who makes good increase
487. Sakala He who is everything
488. Sarva bhoothaa He who is all beings
489. SArva dathaa He who gives everything
490. Jaganmaya He who is everywhere in the world
491 SArva Bhootha hithoushi He who goes favourable works to all beings
492. SArva prani hithe ratha He who is pleased to perform Profitable work for all beings
493. SArvadhaa deha dhaari He who always carries a body
494. Batakaa batuka sadaa He who is the help to the less intelligent always
495. Sarva karma Vidathaa The law giver to all actions
496. Dhyanadha Karunathmaka He who is merciful to those who think of him
497. Punya sampathi dathaa He who gives bleesed acts and wealth
498. Kartha Doer
499. Hartha Punisher
500. Sadaa Neeladrivasi He who always lives on blue mountain
501. Nathasya Purandara Indra to the devas
502. Nara Sage Nara
503. Narayana Sage Narayana
504 Deva God
505. Nirmala Pure one
506. Nirupadrava One who never troubles
507 Brahma Lord Brahma
508. Shambhu Lord Shiva
509. Surasreshta The great deva
510. Khambu pani He who holds a conch
511. Balorjuna The power of arjuna
512. Jagat Dhata The giver to the world
513 Chirayus He who is long ived
514. Govinda He who lifted the earth or chief of cows
515. Gopa Vallabha The lord of Gopas
516. Deva deva The god of gods
517. Maha Brahma The great creator
518. Maha raja The great king
519. Maha Gathi The great destination
520. Anantha The endless one
521. Bhootha Nadha The Lord of all beings
522. Anantha The Adhi Sesha
523. Bhootha sambhava H who has happened in the past
524. SAmudhra parvathaanaam cha Gandharvaanam thadasraya He on whom ocean, mountains and Gandharwas depend
525. Sri Krishna Lord Krishna
526. Devaki Puthra The son of Devaki
527. Muarai The enemy of Mura
528. Venu hasthaka He who holds the flute in his hand
529. Jagat sthayi He who makes the world stable
530. Jagad Vyapi He who has spread throughout the world
531. Sarva samsara bhoothidhaa The power behind the entire world
532. Rathna garbha He who creates gems
533. Rathna hastha He who has a gem like hand
534. Rathnakara suthaa pathi The lord of the daughter of Rathnakara
535. Kandharpa God of love
536. Rakshaa kaari He who protects
537. Kamadeva God of love
538. Pithamaha Grand father
539. KOti Bhaskara samjyothi He who has the luster of billion suns
540. Koti chandra susheethala He who is as cool as billions of moon
541. Koti kandharpa lavanya He who is as pretty as billions of god of love
542. Kama Murthi The idol of love
543. Brahath thapa He who does great penance
544. Mathura pura vaasi He who lived in town of Mathura
545. Dwariko He who lived in Dwaraka
546. Dwaraka pathi The Lord of Dwaraka
547. Vasantha rithu nadha The lord of spring season
548. Madhava He who is the lord of knowledge
549. Preethidha sadaa He who always is cherishable
550. Shyama Bandhu The black friend
551. Ghana shyama He who is as black as thick cloud
552. Ghanaghana samudhyuthi He who lifted a thick mountain
553. Anantha kalpa vaasi He who lives in endless ions
554. Kalpa saakshi The witness to the ion
555. Kalpa kruth He who creates the ion
556. Sathya Nadha Lord of truth
557. Sathya Chari Observer of truth
558. Sathya vaadi The one argues for truth
559. Sadaa sthithaa One who exists always
560. Chathur murthi He who has four forms
561. Chathur Bahu He who has four hands
562. Chathur yuga pathi Lord of four yugas
563. Bhava Lord Shiva or he who is excellent
564. Rama Lord Rama
565. Krishna Lord Krishna
566. Yugantha The end of the time
567. Bala Bhadra Bala Rama
568. Balo bali He who caused hurt to Mahabali
569. Lakshi Narayna Lord Narayana with goddess Lakshmi
570. Deva God
571. Salagrama Sila SAlagrama stone
572. Prabhu Pranopana samanascha udhana vyana thadaiva cha The lord of winds like prana, apana , samana , Udhana and Vyana.
573. Panchathma The five souls
574. Pancha Thathwa The five principles
576. SAranagatha Palaka He who protects those who surrender to him
577. Yath kinchith darsathe loke thath sarvam Jagadheeswara The God of the entire earth and all those who are seen in it.
578. Jagadheesa Lord of earth
579. Mahad Brahma The great Brahma
580. Jagannathaya they nama Salutations to you Jagannatha

Phala Sruthi
The hearing of benefits.

1.Yevam nama sahasrena sthavo yam padayathe yadhi,
Patam paatayathe yasthu srunuyadhad api manava.

If a human being reads this prayer of one thousand names,
Or study it or hear it.

2.SAhasraanaam sathenaiva yagnena paripoojathe,
Yath punyam sarva theertheshu vedeshu cha viseshatha.
The benefit accrued is greater than doing hundreds of thousands ,
Of sacrifices and also greater than all sacred waters and reading of Vedas.

3.Thath punyam koti gunitham achiraal labhyathe nara ,
Jagannadhasya naamaani punyaani saphalaani cha.

And the man would get billion times the effect of that
And the blessed names of Jagananadha also would yield good results.

4.Vidhyarthi labhathe viudhyaam, yogarthi yogam aapnuyath,
Kanyarthi labhathe kanyaam , jayarthi labhathe jayam.

The one who desires knowledge would get knowledge , he who wants yoga will make yoga his own,
He who desires for a maid will get a maid and he who desires for victory will get victory.

5.Kamarthi labhathe Kamam, puthrarthi labhathe sutham,
Kshatriyaanaam prayogena sankrame jayadha sadaa.

He who needs fulfillment of desires would get them fulfilled, he who desires sons would get a son,
And a Kshatriya who uses it will always win in a war.

6.Vaisyaanaam sarva dharmasyaach , Sudranaam sukham yedathe,
SAdhunaam padatho nithyam jnanadha phaladha thadhaa.

A merchant would get all Dharmas and a Sudra would get pleasant life,
And a sage reading it daily would get divine wisdom because of it.

7.Na apavadham na dukham cha kadhaa cha labhathe nara ,
SArva soukhyam phalam praapya Chiram jeevi bhaveth nara.

A man will not get a bad name or suffer sorrows at any time,
And he getting all pleasures would live for a very long time.

8.Srunu rajan mahabaho mahimaanaam jagat pathe ,
Yasya smarana mathrena sarva paapai pramuchyathe.

Oh valorous king , please hear Just by thinking ,
Of the greatness of the Lord of the earth, all sins would be destroyed.

9.Jagananadham loka nadham padathe ya sadaa suchi,
Kalikalothbhavam papam thath kshanaath thasya nasyathi.

He who is pure , if he reads about Jagannadha , the god of earth ,
Ould immediately loose the sin of being born in the Kali age.

Ithi Sri Brahme maha purane BHeshma Yudhishtra samvaade ,
Sri Jagannadhga sahasra namam stotram sampoornam.

Thus ends the prayer of one thousand names of Jagannadha which occurs in,
RTHe discussion between Yudhishtra and Bheeshma which occurs in the great Brahma Purana.

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