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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Narasimha Sthuthi by sages and devas

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Nrusimha Sthuthi

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(This is the prayer by several groups of the world addreesed to Lord Narasimha when he killed Hiranya Kasipu. This forms a part of the 8th chapter of the seventh dasaka of Srimad Bhagwatham. The next chapter is the Sthuthi by Prahlada himself. ).

Brahmo Uvacha:-
Brahma said:-

1.Namosthwnanthaya durantha sakthaye,
Vichithra veeryaya pavithra karmane,
Viswasya sarga sthidhi samyamaan gunai,
Swaleelayaa sandha dhadhe avyayathmane.

Salutations to the endless one , whose power can never be understood,
Who has very peculiarly rare valour and does only holy deeds,
Who does as if it is a play the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world,
And who has a form that is impossible to be destroyed.

Rudra Uvacha:-
Rudra told:-

2. Kopa kale yuganthasthe hatho yama surolpaka,
Thath sutham pahyupasrutham bhaktham they bhaktha vathsala.

Oh dear one of devotees , your anger lasts to several eons,
And you have killed this insignificant asura in great anger,
But please protect his son who is your great devotee.

Indra Uvacha:-
Indra said:-

3.Prathyaaneethaa parama bhavathaa thraayathaa na swabhaga,
Daithyakrantham hrudayakamalam thwad gruham prathabhodhi,
Kala grastham kiyadhidhamaho nadha susrooshathaam they,
Mukthi stheshaam nahi bahumathaa Narasimha paarai kim.

Oh divine God , The offerings to us were got back by you who has protected us
And our lotus like mind which was your home had become by great fear and constant thought,
The home of the asura and has now bloomed again and Oh Lord Narasimha,
To those who serve you , salvation is nothing great and is there need to talk of heaven and other gifts.

Rishi Uvacha:-
Sages said:-

4.Thwam na sthapa parama matha yadathma thejo,
Yenedhamaadhi purushatma gatham sasarjja,
Thad vipra luptha munaadhyaa sarnya pala,
Rakshaa graheetha vapushaa puranwa samsthaa.

Oh primeval one , this bad asura prevented us from doing,
That great penance which you had allotted to us ,
By which you created this universe which was within the soul,
But oh God who protects , due to your present act,
You again established that penance once again in this body.

Pithru Uvacha:-
The manes said:-

5.Sraadhaani nodhi bhub huje prasabham thanoojair,
Dathani theertha samaye apya pibathilambhu,
Thasyodharaa nnakha vidheernava padhya aarcha,
Thasmai namo nruharaye akhila dharma gopthre.

He who robbed us of the rice balls offered by our sons,
He who forcefully drank the gingelly mixed water offered during pilgrimages,
Was killed by you tearing his stomach by nails and taking out the intestines,
And you recovered the rice balls and gingelly mixed water, and you are,
The Narasimha who protects, the universal dharma and my salutations to you.

Sidha Uvacha :-
The Sidhas told:-

6.Yo na gathim yoga sidhama sadhu,
Raharasheedhyoga thapo balena,
Naanaa darpam thannakhai nirdha dhara,
Thasmai thubhyam pranathasmo nrusimha.

Oh Lord Narasimha , we salute you for,
You killed that very proud one by tearing his belly by your nails,
Because that very bad one stole from us , our occult powers,
Using the strength of the power of his yoga and great penance.

Vidhyadhara Uvacha:-
The Vidhyadharas told:-

7.Vidhyaam prudag dharana yanu radhdham,
Nyeshedagno bala veerya druptha,
Sa yena samkhye pasu vadha thastham,
Maya nrusimham pranathasthu nithyam.

That foolish denied to us the power to disappear,
Which we had got by special understanding,
And our daily salutations to that Maya Narasimha.
Who killed him like a cow in the war.

Naga Uvacha:-
The Nagas said

8.Yena papena rathnani , sthree rathnaani hruthani na,
Thadvaksha patanenaswam dathananda namosthuthe

That sinner stole from us our gems as well as our jewel like women,
And so our salutations to you who killed him by opening his chest.

Manu Uvacha:-
The Manus said:-

9.Manavo vayam thava nidhesa karino,
Dithijena deva pari bhoothatha sethava,
Bhavathaa khala sa upasamhrutha prabho,
Karavama they kamanusadhi kinkaraan.

Oh God,We Manus who obey your orders,
Were prevented from doing our ritual duties by this asura,
And now since you have killed this very bad person,
Please order us as to what we should do.

Prajapathi Uvacha:-
The Prajapathis said:-

10.Prajesa vayam they parishobhi srushtaa,
Nayena prajaa vai srujaamo nishiddhaa,
Sa yesha thwayaa binna vakshanusethe,
Jaganmangalam sathwamoorthevathara.

OH lord this asura prevented us from ,
Doing the job of creation , for which we were created,
And we were forced to stop that job,,
And he lies dead because you had broken his chest and killed him,
And Oh personification of truth , your this incarnation is for the good of the world.

Gandharwa Uvacha:-
Gandharwas told:-

11.Vayam vibho they nata natya gayaka,
Yenathmasadveerya baloujhasa krutha,
Sa yesha neetho bhavathaa dasaamimaam,
Kimuthpadastha kusalaya kalpyathe.

Oh Lord we are your actors , dancers and musicians,
But we were made to obey this asura by his valour and strength,
And now he has attained this very sorry state due to you.
Will good ever happen to the people who follow wrong path?

Charana Uvacha:-
Charanas said:-

12. Hare thavangri pankajam bhava papa varga masrithaa,
Yadhesha sadhu hruchayasthwayasuraa samapithaa.

Oh Lord Vishnu, we would be able live peacefully
By worshipping your lotus like feet which leads to salvation,
For this asura who always created fear among good people,
Has been killed by you , ending his acts.

Yaksha Uvacha:-
Yakshas said:-

13.Vayam anuchara mukhaa karmabhisthemanognai,
Stha iha dithi suthena prapitha vahakathwam,
Sa thu jana parithapam thath krutham janaathaa they,
Narahara upaneetha panchathaam panch vimsa.

Due to our good acts we are the chief of your servants,
And this very bad asura employed us to carry his palanquin,
And Oh Lord Narasimha who is the twenty fifth principle*,
You killed him having to know the troubles that he gave us.
*Nature , cosmic intelligence , ego, five subtle elements,
Ten indriyas, mind and five gross elements are the
Are the twenty four principles.

Kimpurusha Uvacha:-
Kim purusahas* said:-

14.Vayam kimpurushasthwanthu , maha Purusha Easwara,
Ayam kupurusho nashto dik krutha sadhubiryadhaa.

Oh Lord we are lowly people and you are the great one,
And when this bad one was cursed by us , he lost his life. •
An exotic tribe

Vaithalika Uvacha:-
The court singers said:-

15.Sabhasu sathreshu thavamalam, yaso,
Geethwaa saparyaam mahatheem labhamahe,
Yasthaam vyanaisheeth brusameva durjano,
Dhishtyaa hathasthe Bhagawan yada maya.

By singing your holy fame in gatherings,
And in places where religious rites were carried out,
We usually were treated well and honoured,
And this bad one prevented us from doing it,
And lucky that he was killed , similar to curing of sickness.

Kinnara Uvacha:-
Kinnaras said:-

16.Vayam eesa , kinnara ganaasthavanugaa,
Dithijena vishtima munanukarithaa,
Bhavatha hare sa vrujinopasadhitho,
Narasimha nadha vibhavaya no bhava.

Oh God we are Kinnaras who are your servants,
And this asura made us work without any compensation,
Oh Narasimha , that bad one has been killed now by you,
Oh Lord, please bless us with plenty .

Vishnu Parshadha Uvacha:-
Attendents of Lord Vishnu told:-

17.Advaitha dhari nara roopam adbhutham they,
Drushtam na saranadha sarva loka sarma,
Soyam they vidhikara eesa, viprasaptha,
Sthasyesdhyam nidhana manugrahaya vidhmaa.

Oh God who is support to us who are your devotees,
This your wonderful form doing good to the entire world has been seen only now,
And this bad one who has been cursed by Brahmins is your servant,
And so we think that his killing is really a blessing to him.