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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

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Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha Suprabatham

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Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha Suprabatham

Saint Doddacharya of SholaVandan

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(This Suprabatham is addressed to Lord Narasimha of Gadikachala , which is in Sholavandan of Tamil Nadu. After the killing Hiranya Kasipu , Lord couldnt contain his anger and there are several stories as to how his anger was controlled. Later to make Prahaladahappy, Yoga Narasimhar gave his seva for 1 Gadika in yogic pose. Because of this, the temple of Yoga Narasimha is also called as "Gadikachalam.". Goddess Lakshmi and Bhoodevi are with him./ Lord Anjaneya again in a yogic pose has a sepearate temple in an adjoining hill again in the yogic pose. This prayer is composed by Saint Doddacharya(believed to be an incarnation of Narasimha) who lived in Sholavandan. A detailed write up of the temple is given in
The stotra in sanskrit alphabets(Deva Nagari) is available in PDF )
This holy place (Divyadesam) has legendary association with Ramayana. When Lord Rama was preparing to end his avatara, he asked Anjaneyar (Hanuman) who was beside him, to reside at Sholingur and protect the seven rishis who were doing a penance. Hanuman slayed two demons who were trying to disrupt the sages. The sages (rishis) were praying to gain a glimpse of Lord Narasimhar, who appeared before them within a Katigai (24 minutes). Also sage Vishwamtirar earned his title Brahmarishi upon praying at this site for a Katigai. The Lord also gave salvation to Prahlada in this location. The belief is that praying at the temple for a Katigai would relieve a human being from the cycle of rebirth
1.kausalya Supraja Rama ,poorva sandhya pravarthathe,
Uthishta nara Saardhoola , karthavyam daivam aahneekam

Oh darling son of Kausalya, The early dawn has opened up,
So wake up and do your duties to God.

2.Uthishtothishta Govinda, Uthishta Garuda dwaja ,
Uthishta Kamla Kantha, Trilokyam mangakam kuru

Wake up, wake up Govinda , Wake up God with Garuda on his flag,
Wake up Oh consort of Lakshmi , Make all three worlds auspecious.

3.Matha sudha phala lathe, Mahaneeya sheele,
Vaksho vihara rasike, Nru haror ajasram,
Ksheerambu rasi thanaye, Sritha kalpa valli,
Sriman nrusimha dayithe, thava suprabatham.

Oh Mother, Oh tender plant with nectar as fruit, Oh Goddess with sterling character,
Oh Goddess who enjoys being on his chest and who is perpetually that of Lord Narasimha,
Oh goddess who is daughter of ocean of milk, Oh wish giving tender plant to her devotees,
Oh Wife of Lord Narasimha , A very good morning to you.

4.Thava Suprabatham anavadhya vaibhave,
Gadikesa sath guna nivasa bhoothale,
Gadithakhilartha Gadikadhri shekare,
Gadikadri natha dayithe , Daya nidhe.

A good morning to you who has faultless fame,
Who lives in the great home in the earth along with Lord of Gadikachala
Who Is half of the Lord of Gahtaikachala at the peak,
Who is the consort of Lord of Gadikachala, and treasure of mercy.

5.Athriyadhiga muni ganaa, virachayya sandhyaam,
Divya sravan madhu jareeka saroruhaani,
Padarppanaya parigruhya pura prapanna,
Sriman Narasimha, Vijayeebhava Surabatham.

The crowd of sages like Athri are performing sandhya Vandana,
In the divinely made lakes with honey like water,
And Lord Narsimha has accepted their worship of his feet,
Of those great devotees, Let there be victory for him,
And also let there be a very good morning.

6.Saptha rishi sangha krutha sthuthi suprasanna,
Sruiman nrusimha guna roopa rema mahibhyaam,
Sakam nrusimhagiri sathwa kruthadhivasa,
Sriman Narasimha, Vijayeebhava Surabatham.

Oh God who is pleasaed with the prayers offered by the group of seven sages,\
Oh God Narasimha who along with Bhoodevi and Laksmi devi who are pretty and good,
Jointly lives happily on the Naraimha mountains,
Oh Lord Narasimha, victory to you and also a very good morning.

7.Devari banjajana , maruth sutha datha Sankha,
Chakrathapathi phaneeswara pathri seshin,
Devendra mukhya sura poojitha Pada Padma,
Sriman Narasimha, Vijayeebhava Surabatham.
Oh killer of enemies of devas, who has the conch given by son of wind god,
Who is the Lord of the holy wheel and lies down on bed of the king of serpents,
And whose lotus like feet is worshiped by Indra and other devas,
Oh Lord Narasimha, victory to you and also a very good morning.

8.Swamin, Suresa, Madhuresa, Samahithartha,
Dhyana praveena Vinatha vana jagarooka,
Sarvagna, santhatha sameeritha sarva vrutha,
Sriman Narasimha, Vijayeebhava Surabatham.

Oh Lord, Oh God of sweetness, Oh God with harmonious characters,
Who kindly watches humble experts in meditation ,
Oh all knowing one , Oh God who is always stirred and always complete,
Oh Lord Narasimha, victory to you and also a very good morning.

9.Prahladha rakshana nidhana kruthavathara,
Mugdha swakeeya nakharai sphuti thari vaksha,
Sarvabhi vandhya nija vaibhava chandra kantha,
Sriman Narasimha, Vijayeebhava Surabatham.

Oh God who took the incarnation to protect Prahladha,
Who simply tore the enemy's chest with his own nails,
And who is saluted by all, has true fame and is as pretty as the moon,
Oh Lord Narasimha, victory to you and also a very good morning.

10.Bhaktho uchithadhi sarasa , sugunam prakrushtam,
Theertha suvarna ghata poorithamaadharena,
Dhruthwa sruthi pravachanaikapara lasanthi,
Sriman Narasimha, Vijayeebhava Surabatham.

Oh god Who shows his graciousness according to devotion, Oh God distinguished with good properties
Who when respected with a golden pot full of sacred waters,
Shines with the chanting and teaching of the Vedas,
Oh Lord Narasimha, victory to you and also a very good morning.

11.Samslaganeeya paramothara ranga vasi,
Soori sthithi prathitha vigraha kanthi kantha,
Sadbhi samarchitha Padambhuja, sadu raksheen,
Sriman Narasimha, Vijayeebhava Surabatham.

Oh god who lives in the very great and laudable Sri ranga,
Oh God whose idol has the shine and luster of the Sun,
Oh God whose lotus like feet is worshipped by good people , Oh God who protects the devout,
Oh Lord Narasimha, victory to you and also a very good morning.

12.Theerthaani Gomukha gathanyakhilani druthwa,
Bhavyani bhavya nikaraa paritho lasanthi,
Gayanthi gana chathurasthava divya vrutham,
Sriman Narasimha, Vijayeebhava Surabatham.

Oh God who blesses those who enter through Gomukha With sacred waters,
Oh God who shines as one with most humility among his humble devotees,
The great experts in music are singing your divine song,
Oh Lord Narasimha, victory to you and also a very good morning.

13.Varanasi prathitha Vishnu padhi prayaga,
Vikhyatha viswa natha sad ghatika chalendra,
Saprarthithartha paridhana kruthaika dheeksa,
Sriman Narasimha, Vijayeebhava Surabatham.

The Prayaga with its feet of Vishnu more well known than Varanasi,
And great temple in Ghatikachala more famous than temple of Viswanatha,
Is an Excellent exchange for prayer and penance,
Oh Lord Narasimha, victory to you and also a very good morning

14,Parswa dwaya sthitha rema mahi shobhamama,
Sri Chola simha pura bhagya kruthavathara,
Swamin susheelasulabha asritha paarijatha,
Sriman Narasimha, Vijayeebhava Surabatham.

Oh God who shines with Goddess Lakshmi and Bhoodevi on both sides,
Oh God who has who by the luck of chola Simha pura stays there,
Oh God who is the parijatha flower to those good people who seek his easy protection,
Oh Lord Narasimha, victory to you and also a very good morning

15.Sri srinivasa ghana desika varya bhakthi,
Samvardhitha prathi dinothsava shobhamana,
Kalyaana chela kanakojjwala bhooshanadya,
Sriman Narasimha, Vijayeebhava Surabatham.

Oh God who increased the devotion to Lord Srinivasa as well as great Gurus,
Oh God who shines due to the daily festivals that are being held,
Oh God who wears auspicious cloths and shining gold ornaments,
Oh Lord Narasimha, victory to you and also a very good morning

16.Sri Brahma theertha thata magatha manjanabham,
Devam pranamya varadam Ghatikadrimethya,
Vaadhoola manidhi mahaa gururesha aasthe,
Sriman Narasimha, Vijayeebhava Surabatham.

Oh God who was saluted by Anjaneya who came to Brahma Theertha,
Oh God who sitting and giving boons on top of Ghatikachala
Where great treasure of sages like Vadholla lived,
Oh Lord Narasimha, victory to you and also a very good morning

17.Aacharya poorusha varaa hya abhirama vrudhhaa,
Arhaabhi poojyathara mangala vasthu hashthaa,
Thwath pada pankaja sishe vishayaprapanna,
Sriman Narasimha, Vijayeebhava Surabatham.

Great blessed Aacharyas and very devoted old people,
Along with auspecious objects necessary for your worship in their hand,
Are standing to offer them at your lotus feet to exploit your protection,
Oh Lord Narasimha, victory to you and also a very good morning.

18.Sriman Nrusimha Giri shekara Suprabatham,
Ye manava prathidinam patithum pravrutha,
Thebhya prasanna vadana Kamala sahaya,
Sarvaani vanchitha phalaani dhadhaathi Kaamam.

To Those people who read this prayer of good morning ,
Addressed to the Lord Narasimha of the hill and carry out their jobs,
The Lord who helps Lakshmi with a very joyful face,
Would fulfill all their wishes and grant them their desires.

Ithi Yoga Lakshmi Nrusimha suprabatham sampoornam.
Thus ends the prayer of good morning addressed to Yogalakshmi Narasimha

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