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Colonial Discourse and the Suffering of Indian American Children is now published after academic peer-review and available through open access.

In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences that Indian American children face after they are exposed to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We show that there is an intimate connection―an almost exact correspondence―between James Mill’s ( a prominent politician in Britain and head of the British East India Company) colonial-racist discourse and the current school-textbook discourse. Consequently, this archaic and racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces in the Indian American children the same psychological impact as racism is known to produce: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon similar to racelessness where the children dissociate from the tradition and culture of their ancestors

This book is an outcome of 4 years of rigorous research as a part of our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within Academia.

BHasha Karnamrutham of Poonthanam

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Bhasha Karnamrutham¬
(The nectar of ears in common language)¬
Translated by¬
P.R. Ramachander¬
(Poonthanam was born in the year 1547 in a village called Kezhatur near Angadipuram town in the Malappuram, district of Kerala. He was a great devotee of Guruvaurappan and is the celebrated author of a book called Jnanapana (see my translation in¬
He lived up to the ripe old age of 93. Once when the old Poonthanam was insulted by the workers of the temple in Guruvayur, it seems Guruvayrappan told him that he himself would come to the place of Poonthanam and live there.The lord is supposed to be in the temple of Lord Krishna called “idathupuram “ meaning “left side “and in Sanskrit “Vamapuram” . Possibly attracted by the very famous Sanskrit work called Sri Krishna Karnamrutham of Leela Sukha , Poonthanam might have decided to call it “Bhasha Karnamrutham” . In the 167th stanza of this great work he says¬
“By your well decorated and coloured form , you made the entire earth get attracted to you,¬
Oh God , Oh God, the world is also surrounded by desire and great anger ,¬
And if my “Bhasha Karnamrutham” is always enjoyed by the toungue¬
Then like olden times no one need not creep under the load of the tendrils of Karma forever.”¬
Unlike the work of Sri Krishna Karnamrutham which are poems drenched with devotion addressed to Lord Krishna , this BHasha Karnamrutham relates the story of Lord Krishna from his birth to the famous incident of Lord Krishna helping Arjuna to get back the dead son of a Brahmin. (Mostly from Dasama Skanda of Bhagwatham.Possibly he got this idea from the famous Narayaneeyam relating the story of Lord Vishnu.) These are narrated in the first 113 stanzas. The portion from 114th to the 169th stanza emphasizes the need for chanting the name “Narayana” and also relates the philosophy of Poonthanam.¬
Poonthanam states in the work that his Guru was one Neelakanda and that this was edited and corrected by one Sri Soolapani.¬
By the blessings of the dust of the feet of Neelakanda(Author’s Guru) ,¬
I went on narrating the plays of Lord Krishna somehow,¬
Oh Mukunda , Victory to Lord of Vamapura ,¬
Please grant me devotion to your divine feet. (117)¬
Soolapani put in lot of efforts,¬
To systematized and edited it ,¬
Put in lot of efforts to make it great ,¬
My “honey to the ears “ written in local language ,¬
And please become happy at the feet of Achyutha.(118)¬
Poonthanam also states that this work has been written when he was nearing the age on ninty.¬
Oh sea of mercy , I was for a long time longing,¬
To see the toys with which Lord Krishna played,¬
Counting and counting the singing of your names,¬
Ninety years have almost passed by. (148)¬
To the best of my knowledge no effort has been made to translate this great work of devotion to Lord Krishna in to English.Because of that even very great devotees of Krishna and organizations like ISKON do not anything about this great book. , There is no discussion about this book in the web also. I think my elementary effort would bring it to the attention of great Krishna Bhakthas outside Kerala,. ¬
I would like to dedicate this translation to sri P.V.V.Raghavan (Puducode Venkateswaran Veeraraghavan) who happens to be my co brother .Sri Veeraraghavan (Popularly known as Veeramani of Thekke Gramam of Puthucode) is above 90 and lives in Mumbai with his sons. He goes in to raptures even today while singing prayer songs written in Malayalam. He remembers by rote most of these songs and it is from him that I developed interest in Malayalam prayer songs addressed to Lord Guruvayurappan.)¬
1.Karnamrutham Vamapuradhi vasin,¬
Ninnal matham kinchana bhashayai jnan,¬
Yennal varum vannam udhara keerthe,¬
Chonnal athum preenanai varum¬
Oh lord of Vamapura, this nectar to your ears,¬
Has been composed by me according to your wish,¬
To the best of my ability, Oh Lord with great fame.¬
And it should make you happy if recited.¬
2.AAkkam pondu Ashtami Rohini oruma kalarnnoru naal ardha Rathrou,¬
Chol kollum Chinga mase muzhu mathiyum udhikkunna mukhye muhurthe,¬
Trikkayyil Shanku chakrambuuja Gadakal darichoru Bala Swaroopam,¬
Thakkathil devakikkum kanavanum anaye darsitham kai thozhunnen.¬
On a holy day when Ashtami and Rohini were mixed , at mid night,¬
In the very good month of Chingam , in the time when the moon rises to the full,¬
A form of a baby holding in his hands conch, wheel, lotus flower and mace ,¬
Was made to be seen by Devaki as well as her husband, My salutations.¬
3.Achande hastha padmathinnu Madhu karamai niinu povaan mudhirnnu,¬
THalkkale mushku thedeedinna , kanaka kavadangal thane thurannu,¬
Chakreesan chathram aarnnu nira puzhayum uzathode neer vaangi ninnu,¬
Chikkennu ambadi chernnu, janakanavide akkanyaye kondu ponnu.¬
He immediately started to stand from there like a bee in the lotus hands of his father ,¬
And immediately those proud golden doors which were imprisoning them opened by themselves,¬
The Lord of all snakes became an umbrella , the waters of the river receded and stood there,¬
And they reached the place of cattle herds soon and his father brought a girl from there.¬
4.Atham koodathe kouthoohala paravasanai , nandha gopan thadanee,¬
Yetham dhanangalum cheythu udan athi mahitham Jatha karmam kazhichaan,¬
Chuthi khandichu thoppil kodi thiru udarathandu bangya kidannor,¬
Yethillathu unniye kandavar avar amruthanandam aaraadinar pol.¬
Then Nandagopa attained limitless happiness,¬
And gave in charity large wealth and also completed the ritual of Jatha Karma
And then they cut the umbilical chord which was lying twisted on his belly,¬
And whosever were lucky to see the baby were drowned in the nectar like joy.¬
5.Dushtayakkapoothanakkum chuzhal valiya kodumkathinnum chattinnum nee ,¬
Kattakkavai kidakkum pozhuthu gathi varuthedinan asramena,¬
Thushtyaa poi chennu gargan thiruvadi thirunamangal ittoru sesham,¬
Pushtyaa mevidum ambadiyil anu divas am jyeshtanodu valarnaan.¬
When you were lying as a little baby without any difficulty whatsoever ,¬
You killed the very bad Poothana as well as the Rakshasa ,¬
Who came as a cyclone and also as a cart and later ,¬
With happiness after the sage Garga gave you a name ,¬
You happily grew up progressively in the cow herd village along with your brother.¬
6.Yeandhunna kaa rana jalathillorunniyai poi,¬
Neenthiduvaan kazhivarathavan annu polum,¬
Nandande kottil nadumutham mivathilellam,¬
Neenthi thudangiya kidavinu kai thozhunnen.¬
As a little baby in the water meant for creation,¬
It seems he(lord Vishnu) was not able to swim . ¬
And my salutations to him who but as a little baby ,¬
Started swimming in the water filled courtyard of Nanda
7.Achan chennu achyuthande thiru mukha kamalam kandu kondadum appol,¬
Achande hastha padmathil, oru adisaya sammanam ichanukoolam,¬
Kacholum vaani visweswara janani mudhaa kai valarthal Yasodha ,¬
Viswasathode nalgee varamathilum oru ammanam ammakku vayya.¬
When your father went and started to fondle the lotus face of yours,¬
With great willingness you gave a gift to the lotus like hand of your father ,¬
And at that time Yasoda , who was the mother of the god of earth ,¬
Extended her hand with happiness with great hope ,¬
And oh lord you gave her also a boon .¬
8.Chanjeridunna picha kali kavinnu kidannu omana kai uyarthittu,¬
Anjum vevvere trikkai viralugal malare thottu kittanjumappol,¬
Kunji poomeimarinju ammalarum alavilum punjiri then chorinjum,¬
Kunjikkai randumai kattina bhuvana pathe , ninne jnan kai thozhunnen.¬
Like all babies playing and trying to get up , you lay down and lifted your very dear hands,¬
And then when you spread all five fingers separately , you were not able to get the balance , ¬
And then your little flower like body fell down and even then you broke a little honeyed smile,¬
And showed both your baby hands , Oh lord of earth, And I salute you.¬
9.Maikannimaar palarum , unni yenikku yenikku yennu,¬
Ulkandayaa kalikal katti vilikkumappol ,¬
Okkathirunu mariyunna Dhayambu rase ,¬
TRikkal thozhaan arulu nee karuna kadaksham.¬
Many pretty damsels saying he is for me, he is for me,¬
And were calling you to them showing many plays,¬
Oh Great baby with an ocean of mercy , who was ,¬
Tumbling out of their waist where they were holding you,¬
I salute your divine feet , please shower your merciful look.¬
10.Manathu ammamane kandu amruthu pozhiyum aakannan unnikku chithe ,¬
Manathekai valarthaan amrutha kirananum melle melinnu irangi,¬
Manichu ammakku katti pramadha paravasaal randu kai kondu mandham,¬
Manathekku angu ayacheedina thozhil oru naal aasthayaa kanamano jnan.¬
Seeing the uncle moon of the sky that little babe Krishna who was dripping nectar ,¬
Extended his hand towards the sky and that moon slowly and slowly came down,¬
And he with his two hands in great ecstasy showed the moon to his mother ,¬
And then sent the moon back to sky and will I be able to see this one day.¬
11.Kunji kkalum karathaar, kulur mani mukavum , kannile kannezhuthum,¬
Kinchil ponnu angurikkum dasana mukulavum , Krishna, chemjori vayum,¬
Panjathwam vannu adukkumbozh athu mathi marannangu veeneedum appol,¬
Yen chithe ponnu udicheeduga thava thirumeykkulla koppum murare .¬
Holding your little feet , with the very pleasant shining face, with eyes decorated ,¬
With the bud like teeth just making its appearance, Oh Krishna , with the red mouth ,¬
Please come and rise in my mind along with all decorations of your body,¬
Oh killer of Mura , when I am nearing my death.¬
12.Manjadikkuru , kunni ma alakal , murukkin pookal ithyadhiyum,¬
Chenchorikku virodhiyamadaravum, trukkaikal trukkalkalum,¬
Chanjadi kaliyum, chamanja vadivum , poonjayalayil poozhiyum,¬
Chenjode thirumeni randum anayathhu ammaru kandavu jnan.¬
With garlands made of Manjadi,(a red shiny seed) Kunnikuru (A shiny red and blue see d)and flowers of drum stick,¬
With his lips which are enemy of deep red blood , with divine hands and legs ,¬
With plays involving movement of body , with well made up form, With dust all over his flower like body,¬
Were both their two very pretty bodies , if only can be seen very near by me.¬
13,Nalika lochanan urakku varathu Yasodhaa,¬
Narayanande charitham Kadha chollum appol,¬
Seethaam harichu dasakandharan yennu keettitu,¬
Loka nadhan “Ayi Lakshmana “ yennurachu.¬
One day when the lotus eyed one did not get sleep, ¬
Yasodha told him the story of Lord Narayana and then,¬
Hearing that Ravana had stolen Sita ,¬
That lord of the world called out , “Hey Lakshmana”.¬
14.Pacha kallotha poomei niravu mani kazhal pallavam melle melle, ¬
Vecheedumbol viyachedsunna madhurimayum pichayum viswamoorthe ,¬
Machithe ponnu udhicheedanam athinnu viseshichu vijnapayam aham,¬
Sachil kallolame, nee krupa tharika sadaa, Krishna, Karunya sindho.¬
When you with a body like emerald , kept little steps with your gem like feet,¬
Oh Lord of the world , the wonderful sweetness of seeing that ,¬
Should go and rise in my mind and for that I wish to tell you in all humility,¬
Oh real tide of joy, give me your mercy always , Oh Krishna, Of ocean of mercy.¬
15.Unnikalum thala koppukalum arayile ponnaranjaan kizhinjeettu,¬
Unni kai kondu oru unni palakayudan yeduthottu veenum nadannum,¬
Unnikrishnan varumbol thiru vayar niraye palum undaa prasadam,¬
Kannil kanai varenam rahasi , mama kinavengilum , Pankajakshaa.¬
With the baby feet , bangles and other ornaments, with the golden belt,¬
Becoming loose , taking a small piece of board, falling , walking falling,¬
When the baby Krishna comes , with his entire stomach full of milk ,¬
I would like to see him secretly at least in my dream, Oh lotus eyed one.¬
16.Unnikkal kondu nruthangalum ara niraye kinkini ponnaranjaal,¬
Unni kai kondu thalangalum mani mudiyil pinjavum , konjal vaayppum,¬
Unni kannande poo mei kuzhal viliyum aduthulla chil pillarum , may ,¬
Kannil kanumma pole mana tharil udhikkenam orkkumbozhellam.¬
The dance with the baby feet , the golden belt with several bells filling his waist,¬
The beat that he kept with baby hands, the peacock on his pretty hair , his lisping speech,¬
The flower like body of the baby Krishna , the music that he sings using his flute , and the little boys nearby,¬
Should rise in my mind, as if I am seeing it all with my eyes, whenever I think about it.¬
17.Yelassu , ponmani chilambukal ponnaranjan,¬
Melicha kai valagal modhiravum galanthe ,¬
Moulikkaninja malar malagal peeliyum they,¬
Balathwavum vadana Pankajavum thozhunnen.¬
I salute him With golden belt having talisman , golden beads and bells,¬
Very thin bangles, with ring, wearing flower garland ,¬
On the neck and the peacock feather on the head ,¬
And the flower like face filled with babyishness .¬
18.Onnichirukkumbol aduthu Kannan,¬
Pinnuda kesangal azhichu kondaan ,¬
Vannittu muthathira vallamethan,¬
Ammykkum machannum oravathille.¬
When baby Krishna was together with his parents,¬
He untied his hair at the back,¬
And got drenched by the water in courtyard,¬
And will not his mother and father get upset?¬
19.Mayathinaal manushanaya nadhan ,¬
Mohathiunaal venna labhippathinnai,¬
Manichu mathavodu chernnu nannai,¬
Marathu thayil thuliyum yethirunnan.¬
The lord who took the human form by illusion,¬
For getting butter , which he desired,¬
Stood very close to his mother ,¬
Making the drops of curd fall on his chest.¬
20.Balathwena kalicha naal anujanodu onnichu kanunnavarkku,¬
AAlasyam varum akshikalkku , thirumei randum jagan mohanam,¬
Neelakalluthamalamanjanalayaabham hare shyamalam,¬
Bala thingal udichathu pole bhavatho apyananda neelambaram.¬
When like little boys he was playing with his younger brother, to those who see ,¬
The eyes would get become idle, as both the bodies are world bewitching,¬
Oh Hari , wearing a garland of blue stones glittering over your black body,¬
And wearing blue silk you appear to be a moon which is just rising.¬
21.Odakuzhalkku puthu venna labhippathinnai,¬
Aadi kuzhanju kuzhuloothina vasudevan,¬
Kaanakurinjiye vilichathu ketta neram,¬
Punakurinjikal aduthathu kaanmano jnan.¬
For getting new butter to the flute,¬
That Vasudeva was dancing and playing the flute,¬
In the raga Kanakuranji , hearing which,¬
Will I see small cats approaching you .¬
22.Kannan kali chettanumai orunnal,¬
Swarnadhikalkku alla mahathwam ayyo,¬
Kannan chirattakku paduthwamerum,¬
Kunnikurukkalkkum ithennu theernnu.¬
When the little Krishna was playing with his elder brother ,¬
What is important is not gold and other costly things,¬
But the three eyed coconut shell and the very shining Kunnikuru , it was decided.¬
23.Dweshichorkkatha soukhyam pala vazhiyil varuthunna leelaa vilasam,¬
Ghoshichu oronnu kelkkam athilum athisayam pinneyum thonnum asmin,¬
Oozzikku eerezhinum nayakan , oru pasu pillarum thanumai,¬
POozhi chorodum akka poru pozhithiha kandavvu Vaikunta vasin.¬
Giving comfort by various means even to those enemies who hate you,¬
Was being heard by me being told at various places and again I would like to see you ,¬
The lord of the fourteen worlds along with few cowherd boys ,¬
Sitting for a feast with rice made of mud , Oh God who lives in Vaikunta.¬
24.Ambadikku oru bhooshanam ripu samoohathinnaho bheeshanam,¬
Painpal venna thayirkku moshanam , athi kroorathmanaam peshanam,¬
Van papathinnu soshanam , vanithamarkku aananda samposhanam,¬
Nin padam athi bhooshanam , harathu may manjeera sangoshanam.¬
An ornament to place of cowherds , Great fear to the group of enemies,¬
Theft to the milk butter and curd of cows, The great pounding to all cruel souls ,¬
Lessening for the effect of great sins, An ornament of joy to all ladies , ¬
And your feet is greatly ornamental, And let that sound of those anklets steal my attention..¬
25.Ven muthinnum marakathathinnum marthi nalgum,¬
Ponmeni randum orumichu chamanju nannai,¬
Nirmayameva hrudayathil udhippathinnum,¬
Janmanthare sukruthamulloru jevanovaan.¬
For the two very well decorated bodies,¬
Which create jealousy to the white pearl and emerald,¬
To be able to rise in my very weak heart,¬
I should be a being which has done good in my previous births.¬
26.Vennkku irannu vazhiye maniyum kilukki ,¬
Kunji karangal uyarthi nadanna neram,¬
Kannil thelinja puthu venna labhichu ninnor,¬
Uni kidavu chiri poondathu kandithaavu.¬
While begging for butter with jingling of bells,¬
With little hands outstretched , when you were walking,¬
You stood there with joy in your eyes on getting new butter,¬
And would I be able to see that baby with a pretty smile.¬
27. Yennomal ingu varigayennu Yasoda melle ,¬
Chonnal magannu puthu venna koduppathinnai,¬
Anneram aarthiyode odi viyarthu veena ,¬
Kannande katharatha kanmathu kouthugam may.¬
I am interested in seeing the agitation of Lord Krishna,¬
When Yasoda slowly called “Oh my little darling come here”,¬
For giving her son the newly made butter ,¬
And at that time he ran there with great desire and fell there. ¬
28.Kannadiyil kandu kalaya ramyam,¬
Kanil thelinjoru mukharavindam,¬
Changathi yennittu chichu Kannan,¬
Kannadi poonunnathu kandithavu.¬
He saw the blue lotus like beauty in the mirror,¬
In his eyes that lotus like face was clearly seen,¬
Krishna said “Friend” and then smiled ,¬
And would I be able to see him endearing the mirror.¬
29.Yelassum mashiyum chilambu thalayum kolahalathode aa,¬
Melathil kaliyum chiricha mukhavum , trukkaikalil thalavum,¬
Kalikkal podiyum kalaya nirayum karunya vaippum thadhaa,¬
Bala Krishnan aduthu vannoru dinam kandavu kan kondu jnan.¬
With pendant , kajal , anklets and with great fanfare ¬
Dance along with drums, smiling face , armlets in holy hands ,¬
With dust raised by the cattle of cows , with black colour and merciful emotions,¬
When child Krishna came near , would I see him daily by my eyes.¬
30.Mannil pirannu sukhame Madhusudanan than,¬
Unni kidavu vadivai valarunna kalam,¬
Vennakku vannu pisakum punar yennathalli ,¬
Pennungal vere yoridam karutheedinaar pol.¬
When the killer of Madhu had been born in the earth,¬
And happily living in the form of a young boy,¬
Thinking that he will trouble them for butter,¬
It seems the ladies decided to go elsewhere.¬
31,Pathi thudangiyakidangale ver peduthu ,¬
Chuthhum niranju chila kathu kidangale ppol,¬
Chithadayum kuzhalumai naduvil kalikkum ,¬
Katta kidavu kani kaattuga kouthugam may.¬
When Krishna moved away the cows crowding around him,¬
It seems the calves completely filled up that space,¬
And I am interested to see him , first in the morning,¬
That boy wearing a short cloth standing in the middle and playing the flute.¬
32,Unni kku aam unnanam poriga, kalikal ini porum yennu amma chennittu,¬
Unni kkavadu chonnal oru pozhuthathilum, preethi appol kalippan,¬
Yennomal kku aasayakumbol variga makane yennamma pokunna neramm,¬
Pinnale chennu aduthittayi janani visakkunu vennan Mukundan.¬
When the mother came and told “ baby , Time to take your food , come ,¬
And stop the play “ at that time he was more interested in playing ,¬
And then the mother told “when my darling wishes , he can come”,¬
And was going back, Mukunda went behind her and told “I am hungry.”¬
33.Manikka kannu konden madiyiloru dinam vannu mandam chuzhathi ,¬
Preenippippan upasthe suchiram urasi nee thanne innorupayam,¬
Kanunne nalla poomei kanaka manikalum , kanchiyum kanthipooram,¬
Poonunnoro omana chevadiyumaai , vibho dehi dehi prasadam.¬
One day Krishna came to me , rotating his ruby like eyes and ,¬
Stood Rubbing my lap for quite some time as if to please me , oh Krishna ,¬
You yourself with great sparkle and with your flower like body dressed in silk and with ,¬
A thread tying the hip in which gems and golden beads are threaded,¬
And with your darling feet is the alternative, please give me your blessing.¬
34.Thevarippan irappan thuniyum alavil thevar jnan yennu cholli ,¬
Ppovellam choodumappol aruthayi makane yenthithennal Yasodha ,¬
Bhioobaram theerpathinnai mahiyil avatharichoru sachid swaroopam,¬
Vaapadi para mortheedunna sukruthinimaarkammamarkke thozhunnen.¬
When Yasoda was trying to sit for worship , and when her son told that I am the God,¬
And started wearing all the flowers, she told ”No my son , what is this?”,¬
And Oh God with divine form born to reduce burden of earth,¬
My salutations to all those blessed mothers who sing about ¬
You and again and again remember you.¬
35. Narayana yennu japikka kave-¬
Nnu aromalai parayum Yasodha,¬
Nanam kunungeetu chirikkumappol,¬
Narayanan thanithi vasu devan.¬
When Yasoda with great affection said,¬
“Please chant “Narayana” , oh darling child,”¬
That Vasudeva who himself is Narayana ,¬
Would smile with great shyness.¬
36.Yenthi kkelkunnathu yembothi yodu athu veruthekelppan yen kouthukathaal,¬
Yaenthum paal venna nokki pala palakakalum vachu kunthichoru naal,¬
Venthingallku omanathamkalayum mani mukham trushnayodu anguyarthi,¬
Chenthondikku adbutham thedinor adara putam kondu montheedinaan pol.¬
With a curiosity of knowing what my Lord wants ,¬
I kept several planks with milk and butter on them before him,¬
And he lifting his white moon like pretty face with great sense of want,¬
Started drinking them with his lips which makes even the red fruit wonder about its colour.¬
37.Balathwam poondu mevunna alavoru dhinam angu anya gopalarode ,¬
Mohathaal ven murikkin kusuma mathi nuthan mothiram vithu pol nee ,¬
Snehathaal bhanga bheethyaa bhatha ramayum athinnu apriyam bhaviyathe ,¬
Sevichalenna lokothama madhurima jnan kandithavu , krupabdhe .¬
One day assuming natural child hood , in the company of Gopa boys,¬
Due to desire , it seems you sold your wedding ring in exchange for a flower of Indian coral tree ,¬
And due to love as well as the fear of split up , it seems Goddess Lakshmi ,¬
Did not act as if she did not like it and served you and oh ocean of mercy ,¬
Had I been lucky enough to see that great sweetness of yours.¬
38.Thammil kalichu kalahichu nilathu veenaar,¬
Chemme chuvattil vasamai bala bhadranappol,¬
Than mel kidannu sukhame Madhu sudanan than,¬
Ammakku anantha sayanam velivakkinaal pol.¬
They all quarreled with each other and fell on the floor ,¬
And at the time Bala Bhadra fell down on earth,¬
And you the killer Of Madhu with pleasure lay on the top of him,¬
As if to show his mother his usual sleeping on Anantha.¬
39. Megha shyamamoredam , indhu sadrusam,matheda mennigine ,¬
Thejassu adbuthamai bhavichathu bhavaanmaar thammil anyonyamai,¬
Gadasleshamiyanna neram , athu kandu aascharymai ninnavarkku,¬
Aakase batha vama geha nilayaa , sriman, parithrahi maam.¬
You being on one side black like a cloud and another side as white as moon,¬
When both of you hugged tightly each other , the wonderful light that emanated,¬
Those who saw it from the sky , stood there very greatly surprised ,¬
And Oh God of Vama pura , Sir , please protect me.¬
40.Amme jnan mannu tineela, thu manasi ninakku illa viswasamengil,¬
Chemme kanennu melle cheriya pavizha vaai katti ammykku oru naal,¬
Anneram viswamellam athil anavadhi kandu amma mohikkum appol,¬
Amme, amminja nalkennoru nipunatha jnan kandithavu, Mukunda.¬
Mother , I did not eat mud and if in your mind , there is any doubt,¬
Please see and when you opened your small coral like and showed it to mother ,¬
And when your mother saw several universe there and fainted,¬
And you with great cleverness asked, “Mother , give me milk” ,¬
And had I been lucky enough to see that cleverness.¬
41.OOkka vilpathinnai oruthi theruvil , ponnangu vannedinaal,¬
Yekanthe bhagavan avalkku kuthukal nel kori nalgeedinaan,¬
Maazhkathe kanakam niranju sukhame pathrathil , appolavalkku ,¬
AAkaase maruvunna divya janavum kandeedinaar adbutham.¬
When one lady came in the street to sell pickles ,¬
When nobody was there , the god with enthusiasm gave her lot of paddy,¬
And then without fail her vessel was filled up with gold,¬
And this was seen with great wonder by the people crowding the sky.¬
42.Chollum raappakal koombiyum virikayum cheynnthenthannu than,¬
Chollumbol athinnu athennu paravaan ookkam kidangalkkaho ,¬
Yellarkkum sahasaiva thonni yormichellarumai chollinaar,¬
Ambhojam , jalajam payojam mudhajam , padhojam mennekadhaa.¬
When asked about the thing that shuts and opens at night and day,¬
All the children were enthusiastic to tell the answer ,¬
And all of them together thought the answer and told,¬
That which is Ambhoja , Jalaja , Payoja, mudhaja and Padhoja (all names of lotus flower )¬
43.Ammakkappal thikakunnathil avasatha poondu , yenne neeki mulakku ,¬
Yennammakkum preethiyakennu arisamode thayir patrhramellam thakarthaan,¬
Nirmaryadhathinonnu yethanam athinnu muthirnnamma nokkedumappol ,¬
Ammaya paithal yethan ural mugalil mudha kandathum kai thozhunnen.¬
Due to the worry that the milk was boiling , when the mother left him while breast feeding,¬
Thinking that his mother should be satisfied, with mischief he broke in to pieces the curd pot ,¬
And when his mother became prepared and wanted to punish him for that ,¬
That illusory child was seen sitting with happiness on the mortar and I salute him.¬
44.Sri mevidunna poo mei uralodu kayar kondu amma bandhicha neram,¬
Namam mathonnu Dhamodhara, Jay nithraam yennu vinnor pukannar ,¬
Premavesena mandhm maruthukalilide paanju maangalyam yeki ,¬
Sri manamaarkku ambujakshan dhanapathi thanayanmarkathum kai thozhunnen.¬
When his flower like body in which Goddess Lakshmi lives , was tied to the mortar by a rope by his mother ,¬
He got a new name “Dhamodhara” and the devas praised victory to him,¬
And he with love slowly went between two Maruth trees and blessed with auspiciousness ,¬
And I salute that lotus eyed one who gave luck to the sons of Lord Khubera.¬
45.Nasam paaram namukennu avidamavarbruhath kananam kai vedinjittu,¬
Aasanthe chennu vrundavanamathil maruvedanamennai oru naal,¬
Koosathe kananathe sakata nirakal otti thudangi thadhaneem,¬
Kaisoram poondu dhathri madikalil maruvum Rama Krishnou Thozhunnen.¬
They thinking that they were suffering great losses, left that great forest,¬
And one day decided to live in a place which was at the far edge,¬
And without fear the very many bevy of carts started running,¬
And I salute Rama and Krishna sitting on their mothers laps feigning babyishness.¬
46,Nandaavanan poale vana pradesam,¬
Kunnaya govardhanavum viseshaal,¬
Vrundavanam kandu thelinju pothi,¬
Santhapam yennullathu neekku nee may.¬
With forest area similar to gardens in heaven,¬
And specially along with a hill called Govardhana
The protecting God seeing Brindavana became clear ,¬
And Oh God please remove sorrow from me.¬
47.Pasukidavayoru paapi vannu ,¬
Sisukkal kootathil adutha neram,¬
Vasathu vachangu vadhichu Kannan,¬
Nasikkum allaykilee viswamellam.¬
One sinner in the form of a calf came,¬
And when the children surrounded him,¬
Krishna subjugated and killed him,¬
For otherwise the entire universe would have been destroyed.¬
48.Kalindhi theeramaarge vana bhuvi pasupanmarum onnichu melle ,¬
Govrundham mechu meveedunna bhuvanapathe , Krishna, Karunya Sindho,¬
Aakunnen alla trukkaladi yodu anavathinnasu , jnan yenthu cheyvu,¬
Moham neengum prakaram vazhi tharika vibho vama gehadhi vasin.¬
Slowly in the company of cattle herd boys , in the banks of river Yamuna,¬
You the lord of earth , the Krishna and the sea of mercy , was herding the cows,¬
And what should I do because I was not able to merge with your holy feet , ¬
And Oh Lord of Vamapura please do something so that my desire is fulfilled.¬
49. AAkkam kalarnna thirumeni vizhunguvaanai,¬
Kokkum pilarnnu valiyoru Bhakam varumbol,¬
Chikkennu vannu gathi nalgi vinodhamode ,¬
Sakrannu modhamaruleedunna they namasthe.¬
When a big stork with its opened beaks ,¬
Was approaching to swallow your auspicious self,¬
You very quickly gave him salvation sportingly ,¬
And my salutations to you who was making Indra happy.¬
50.Peeli kaar mudi kaal thalirpodiyumethittu ottozhinjangine ,¬
THalathil kuzhalum , Khubera nadayum , gopalarum gokkalum,¬
Bala sthreegal uzhannu vennu vazhiyil paarkunna sowbhagyavum,¬
Melathode yezhnnulleedu nnoru dinam , kandavu kan kondu jnan.¬
If only I am able to see one day with my own eyes , the procession,¬
Accompanied by musical tempo , your disheveled black hair,¬
Adorned with peacock feather , due to the dust raised by your feet,¬
The music of the flute , your royal walk , cowherds ,cows,¬
And the lucky rest that you take when you feel that the young girls are tired.¬
51.Kannan koodathe vannam peruginoru perum pambinullil kadannar ,¬
Yennam koodathe gopalarum athinidayil gokalum chernnu oru naal,¬
Anneram thanum ulpukku, avannu gathi koduthu aasu , moorchichaverkkum,¬
Dandam koodathe ponnan athu pozhuthasuuran chennu sayujyam aarnnan.¬
Without lord Krishna , the innumerable gopa boys and the cows , one day,¬
Entered a very stout python and at that time you also entered inside ,¬
And you killed him and quickly removed all pains ,¬
To all those who have fainted and by that time, that snake attained salvation.¬
52.Trukkayyil kabalnnavum viralgalil saaropadamsangalum ,¬
Pothum kombumudhaara pathravum idam kakshe vahan kouthukaal,¬
Vasthranthe madiyil darichu mulraleem, gopalarum thanumai ,¬
Swargathil ullavar nokki nilke yajanadhyakshan bhujicheedinaan.¬
With a ball of cooked rice in divine hand , with cooked vegetables in his fingers,¬
With a cloth covering him, with a stick and broad leaf for taking food tucked in his arm pits,¬
With the flute tied at the end of his cloth, he along with the cow herd boys,¬
The chief of the Yagna(sacrifice) took food when the people in heaven were seeing it.¬
53.Unni karangalil uruttiya chorumaai ,¬
Unni kidaangal oru poale chamanjasangyam,¬
Onnichurunnu urula yunmathukandam undum,¬
Vennakirannavan athin naduve nirannu.¬
With balls of cooked rice in their baby hands ,¬
When the innumerable well made up children,¬
Sat together and were eating , the beggar of butter,¬
Sat in the middle of all of them and seemed to be eating with them.¬
54.Vathsasthomam Mukundan vana bhuvi pasupanmarumai mecha kaalam,¬
Vathsa stheyam vidhadhavu avivasathayil vrudhaa, cheythu nirvinnan aayaan,¬
Vathsasthomathe nokkum pozhuthu makudavum hara peethmbara sri-,¬
Vathsathode vilangee bhuvanam akhilavum kandu Vishnu swaroopam.¬
When Lord Krishna along with the cattle herd boys was herding the herd of cows,¬
Lord Brahma who stole those cows, did it for nothing and became greatly disappointed ,¬
For when he saw the herd of cows , he saw the crown, the garland ,¬
Along with Sri Vathsa all over the world taking their forms and were filling the world.¬
55.Kazhutha dehamedutha dhenukan than,¬
Pazhuthil chennu pidichu ramanodai ,¬
Kazhalil thanne pidichu nigrahiichittu ,¬
Azhagil thala phalangal aaswadhichaan.¬
The Dhenukasura taking the form of a donkey,¬
When occasion arose went and caught Balarama
Who caught hold him on his leg itself and killed him,¬
And enjoyed eating fruits of Palmyra with prettiness.¬
56.Thanner mukki kudikkum pozhuthu kodu visham thatti mohichu veenor,¬
Unni gopalare kandoru dhinam udane chennu Karunya vegaal ,¬
Unnikkal kondu vannamperiya phanivaran thanne mardhichu pinne ,¬
Dandam koodathu ayacheedina parama vibho , ninne jnan kai thozhunnen.¬
Seeing the little cowherds who fainted and fell when taking water and drinking ¬
That same day with the speed of mercy you went immediately there ,¬
And with your little hands you took the very fat snake and beat him,¬
But send him away without sorrow , Oh divine lord , I salute you.¬
57.Kalindhi theera dese nisi vana dahanan vannu chuthum chuzhannu.¬
Kalunnor aadhiyode pasupa kulam unarnnuodi angottu uzhannu ,¬
Cheelennu kattu theeye thiru mukha kamalam kondu Kannan nukarnnu ,¬
Naal onnee vannam ooro kalikal palavum aakkanananthe thudarnnu.¬
In the shores of Yamuna at night the fire came and surrounded everywhere ,¬
And due to great sorrow the cowherd clan ran hither and there ,¬
And at that time Krishna with his divine lotus face drank the fire with interest ,¬
And like this daily different and different events took place.¬
58.Pralamban yennulla asurendran orthaal,¬
Alambusan than asararathre ,¬
Chara charangalkku sukham varuthaan,¬
Halayudhan konnaruli vinodhaal.¬
The king of Asuras Pralambha and ,¬
Alambusha are very great asuras
And for bringing comfort to moving and non moving beings,¬
Lord Balarama killed them as if it was a sport.¬
59.Dhoore poyangu munja adaviyil oru dhinam gokkal gopalarellam,¬
Parikkum kattu theeyil naduvil udan akapettu muttunna neram,¬
Nere poi chennupaarkkum karunayodavarekannu chimmichu chuthum,¬
Poorichoragniye cherthathu thiruvadanam kondathum kai thozhunnen.¬
When they went once in the forest of munja grass, the cows and cow herd boys,¬
Were caught in the center of the spreading fire and were suffocating ,¬
When you went and saw them directly and made them close their eyes with mercy,¬
And completely took the fire by your face and I salute you.¬
60. Venalkkalam kulir kalavum idi tha kar pey mazha kalam poi,¬
Manichu hanthaVrundavana athathu vilasangal kondu ambujaakshan,¬
Vanikkarkku adbuthanneyoru pozhuthum abhedena nalgunnathellaM,¬
Dhyanikkunna neram ottottu anubhavamarivennakilum vannithaavu.¬
The lotus eyed one was very happy with the changing looks of,¬
Brindavan during summer , winter and heavy rain season with thunder,¬
And the devas were wonderstruck due to your without difference, ¬
And though they knew this ,they only get things according to their experience.¬
61.Peeli kannum aninju pillar naduve , Kannan kalikunnathum,¬
Seelakedugal melkkulmal anudhinam vevere kattunnathum,¬
Bala kaminimaar vizhutha thugil varikondu olikunnathum,¬
Chale kan mizhi kondu kanmathinnujnan yennekothikunnavvan.¬
Wearing a peacock feather Lord Krishna was playing in the middle of boys,¬
Doing more and more different misdeeds day after day,¬
Gathering the cloths left by the young lovers and hiding them,¬
Are things that I greatly desire to see directly with my eyes.¬
62.Chollerum Brahmana sthree janamavar vasamakeedum annam bhujippan,¬
Nallouthsukhya ulkondoru divas am yezhunelli dhooram vananthe ,¬
Melle Gopalarum gokkalum athinida chernnu yettanum thanumai chernnu,¬
Ullasam poondu mevidina thiruudal kandavu kan kondu orunnal.¬
For eating the rice prepared by the famous Brahmin ladies,¬
With great desire, one day you went very far off in the forest,¬
And slowly the cowherd boys , cows as well as your brother ,¬
Joined and had I been able to see that with my eyes one day.¬
63.Konjikka kondu kunji pasuparodu kalichum mudhaa vallaveenaam,¬
Vanjichum chitha padmam madhura murali kondu aage viswam jayichum,¬
Kunji kai kondu kunnin kuda thirumudiyil choodi ninnoru nin mei,¬
Nenjil thonnenam aapal ganam anavadhiyai vannu veezhumbozh yellam.¬
Alwaysplaying with the cowherd boys since they fondled you ,¬
Deceiving the Gopis , winning over the mind of entire world by the music of your flute,¬
You with your tiny hands lifted the hill and stood holding it over your head,¬
And this should come before my mind when I am faced with groups of dangers.¬
64.Varnikkavalla Vishno, thava guna ganam oronnu , seshannu polum,¬
Kannil kanunnavarkku yenthithu vishayadhiyaam yengilum prarthaye jnan,¬
Vinnil koodum janangalkku adhipan avasanai vannu kai koopi veenor,¬
Unni trukkalorikkal manasi mama Darikkai varenam krupaabdhe.¬
Oh Vishnu , even Adhisesha cannot adequately describe your good qualities,¬
And this may appear to those who see this as an ordinary matter ,¬
But oh sea of mercy , I should be able to see at least once, your tiny holy feet,¬
Which is worshipped and saluted by the king of those who stand in the sky.¬
65.Nandan chennangu mungeedunna vazhi varunan thande lokathu chennan,¬
Anneram nandajan than Varuna puriyil ulpukku kondingu ponnan,¬
Bandhukkalkku okkeyum than anubhavamuralibindhu nadandham appol,¬
Yenthaam avannam yennakilum athinumaham pathramalle Mukunda.¬
When Nanda went and dipped in water, through that way he went to land Of Varuna,¬
And at the time son of Nanda went to the town of Varuna and brought him back,¬
And he blessed all his relatives by the experience of hearing the sound of wisdom ,¬
And Oh Mukunda , am I also not eligible to that type of blessing one of these days.¬
66.Indindarangal muralunnathum indiresan,¬
Mandham thudangiya kuzhal dwaniyum vanathe ,¬
Onnichu chennu tharunakshikalodu chonnar ,¬
Vrundavanathil varuvaan avar dhootharovaan. ¬
The humming sound of bees and the music
Of Flute slowly started by Lord of Lakshmi ,¬
Went together in to the forest and requested,¬
The young eyed ladies to come to Brindavan,¬
It appears that they are both his messangers.¬
67. Thoo vennilavu viravil theliyunna neram ,¬
Poovinnullam parimalam choriyunna neram,¬
Kar vanna kuzhaleduthu vilicha neram,¬
Neel kannimaar uzharivannathu kaamnano jnan.¬
When pure white light of the moon becomes clear,¬
When the scent inside is sprayed by the flowers,¬
And when the black one called them using the flute ,¬
Would I be able to see the long eyed ones coming speedily?¬
68.Anga bangi kandu kandu anangan maal pinanju mevum,¬
Angana janathode mnam kalarnna madhavan ,¬
Ranga nadhan yenuper pugazhnna nadhan innu yenikku,¬
SAnga nasam yennu chonna mangalam tharename .¬
Those ladies who seeing the prettiness of your body,¬
Became weak due to passionate love , Oh Madhava ,¬
Who has become famous as Ranganadha , please ,¬
Give me auspiciousness by killing my desire for domestic things.¬
69.Chenthamara poo malarmala moulow,¬
Chenthamarakannan aninju nannai ,¬
Vrundavanathil kuzhal oothum akkoppu ,¬
Onnakilum chethasi kandithavu.¬
Krishna wore garland of red lotus flowers ¬
Well on the head and was singing ,¬
Using his flute in Brindavan,¬
If Only I could see it once in my mind.¬
70.Vrundavathil yezhunelli vilasamode ,¬
Mandara mala kuzhal peeligal pondu nannai,¬
Pennungalodum ida chernnu nilavu thorum,¬
Kannan kalicha kali ambodu kaanmano jnan.¬
Would I be able to see the play of Lord Krishna ,¬
Who came in Brindavan with grace of passion,¬
Wore garland of mandara flowers, flute and peacock feathers,¬
And played mixing along with ladies on full moon days.¬
71.Gopa sthreegal maranju poya thiru mei kandittu kouthuhalaal,¬
Marathum mula melum asya kamalam than melum asleshitham,¬
Srimal chevadi moovadikku bhuvanam vennedum ojassode ,¬
Chetassingal udhippathinnu sukrutham poraanju iranneedineen.¬
Since I am not lucky enough to see that feet which was hugged,¬
By Gopa maidens on their chests , breasts and lotus like faces ,¬
Which measured all the three worlds .and I remained ,¬
Without having done sufficient good deeds , so that I could se them in my mind.¬
72.Vattapor konga mottum thadavi muraharan melle vatta kalikkai,¬
Mattolum vanimaar than idayil marathakam poale chernnu vilangi,¬
Vaatam varathe thalam thari vala kadakam noopurathodinangi ,¬
Pushtanandhena nilkkum muzhu mathi yathil ammaru geethangal pongi.¬
The killer of Mura , caressing the round ready to battle breasts of those ,¬
Ladies talking prettily , shone like an emerald and got ready for the round game(rasa leela),¬
And to see to it that they do not get tired on that night of full moon with ebbing joy,¬
The anklets , armlets and bangles raised music along with suitable beats.¬
73. Peeli kaar mudi chanjathum thirumukham melle viyarkunnathum,¬
Chala kan mizhi kondu kaminikale kamicha naipunyavum ,¬
Neela kar mukhil varnavum thiruvudal kulloru sourabhyavum,¬
Bala kaminimar mayangi nathumen kan kondu kandaavu jnan.¬
If Only, I have been able to see with my eyes , the bending ,¬
Of the black hair adorned with peacock featers, ¬
The slight sweating of his divine face , the expertise ,¬
With which he loved his darlings with his very pretty eyes ,¬
His colour resembling the blue clouds , the scent of his divine body,¬
And the fainting of his young lovely girls.¬
74.Yekanthe deva yathraavidhiyil adhikamam ambika kananathil,¬
Pookunnor yadavanmaar , athil oru ahivaran nandane chennu thinnan,¬
Vegam trukkalu konde gathiyaruliyavan , pandu vidhyadharan pol,¬
Sokam neekeeda vannam manasi Madhu ripo , mangalam dehi mahyam.¬
During the visit of Yadavas to Ambika forest , at the time the ritual visits alone ,¬
During the procession of God , One great serpent swallowed Nanda Gopa,¬
And immediately you killed him and it seems , he was a Vidhyadhara ,¬
Oh enemy of Madhu , remove the sorrow from my mind and grant me auspiciousness.¬
75.Angana janatheyum pidichu kondu mandinoru,¬
Sankha choodane kadichavande mouli rathnavum,¬
Thangalakki mellave halayudhannu nalgeenoru,¬
Pankajaksha nin krupaykku pathramakkuka yenneyum.¬
Oh lotus eyed one who killed Sankhachooda ,¬
Who abducted and ran along with the ladies ,¬
And took away the gem from his head and gave it to Balarama,¬
Please make me also the receiver of your grace.¬
76.Arishtan yennoru dushtanalulla,¬
Arishtam annattinu thattiyappol,¬
Garishtanam nee kola cheytha sesham,¬
Varishtamayulla padam labhichan.¬
When due to a very bad fellow called Arishta,¬
The country suffered hardships ,¬
You who are very strong, killed him,¬
And that bad one got a very high position.¬
77.Chale kkaannaya neela kuthira viruthanaam kesi nasam varuthaan,¬
Neelakar varna , ninnodu arisamodu muthirnnonnu nerittu paanjaan,¬
Bala kkai vayilakkeettu arim ara nimisham kondu konnan triloke ,¬
Maalake theerthu maayaviyam asurane konnathum kai thozhunnen.¬
When the expert Kesi in the form the blue horse came directly to destroy you ,¬
Oh god who is blue like a cloud, with anger he directly jumped at you,¬
And you using you put , your hands of a child , in his mouth and killed the enemy in a half a minute ,¬
And put an end to the troubles of the world by putting an end to that magical asura, I salute you.¬
78.Nalekku naale Madhrapuriyinnu kaanaam,¬
Nalika nethra thava mathula nigraham may,¬
Kelennu Narada muni Sthuthi cheytha nee than,¬
Palichu kolga parameswara Padmanabha.¬
Oh Lotus eyed one who was praised and told by sage Narada
That you would see city of Mathura , very soon,¬
And you would kill your maternal uncle there ,.¬
Oh Great God , Oh Padmanabha please protect me.¬
79.Akrooran mikkathum mel varuvathu vazhiyinullil orthorthu vannan,¬
Vyagram kai vittu trukkal podiyil avasanai , hantha veenurundaan ,¬
Nilkkunnu pai karukunnathum azhakodu kanda adbuthanmar Bhavanmaar ,¬
Agre than orthathellam, avan anubhavichana , aho BHagyasali.¬
Akroora mainly thought and thought of things likely to come on his way,¬
Alas, He left his worries and with tiresomeness rolled in the dust round the divine feet,¬
He saw both of you as wonderful kids who were watching the milking of the cow,¬
And that lucky person experienced all that he thought of earlier.¬
80.Akroorakku ottumi krooratha ruchirathayallennu gopi janaam,¬
Okke koodumbozh undai murakal Upanishad geetham yellam athathre ,¬
Akkalindhi jaltahil pranaya vivasanai thanneyum seshaneyum,¬
Bhakthanambodu kanichadhamadhura puriyil, chennathum kai thozhunnen.¬
The Gopis told that , this cruelty is not at all suitable to Akroora,¬
And all those complaints together it seems became the song of Upanishads,¬
And then he showed to Akroora himself and Adhisesha , being lovelorn ,¬
In that water of Yamuna and they reached Mathura and I salute them.¬
81,Vasthrangal kanasham alakki alakki nankum,¬
Salkarmamanda rajakannu nimesha mathram,¬
Trikai kondadi koduthu, avanulla papam,¬
Chikkennu pokki yezhunelliyathum thozhunnen.¬
To the washer man , who does the good service,¬
Of washing and washing and removing the dirt of cloths,¬
You gave a beating within a second and thus speedily ,¬
Removed all his sins and proceeded , and I salute you.¬
82.Changathimaar palarumai orumichu nallor,¬
Angadi pukku thervoode nadakkum appol,¬
Mangathe vasthra kusumadhikal angum ingum,¬
Sammanamaanda bhagwanitha kai thozhunnen.¬
Along with several of his friends , he entered ,¬
A good market place and when he was walking in the street,¬
Without any hesitation that God took several presents ,¬
Of cloths and flowers and to him salute.¬
83. Angam kunnoru dasim alivodaval kodutha angaraga prasadaal,¬
Angam nerakkiyappol avalum azhagu kandu angaja branthi poondaal,¬
Mangathe Manmatha kuthinnu punar oru naal chennittu anekam,¬
Mangalyam kai valartheedunna bhuvanapathe, Krishna thubhyam namosthu.¬
Becoming happy due to the self decorating gifts by ,one hunch backed servant maid ¬
When you made her body straight , seeing your beauty , she became madly in love with you,¬
And without hesitation you went again to her , another day and after engaging in love making,¬
And gave her several auspicious blessings, Oh king of the world , I salute you Krishna.¬
84. Yachichavarkku avaravarkku samastha papam,¬
Mochichu thalkshana m athe parayendathullu,¬
Poojichu vecha kula villum odichu melle,¬
Modhichu ponnumaruveedinathum thozhunnen.¬
To all those who requested you , you saved them,¬
From all their sins immediately , I need to tell only this,¬
And later you broke the bow which has been worshipped, ¬
And happily returned to reside it there itself and for that I salute you.¬
85.Chollerum kola kopmbanaam Kuvalayapedathodu yethunnathum,¬
Mallanmaarodu neridunnathum , udan kaivalyamekunnathum,¬
Melle mathulane pidichu sahasaa , kai kondu kollunnathum,¬
Kalyanam jananikku nalkinathum yen Govinda , kai koopinen.¬
You went very near the very notorious murderous elephant Kuvalayapeeda,¬
Fought with the wrestlers and gave them salvation immediately ,¬
Slowly caught hold of your uncle and killed him with your own hand,¬
And then gave happiness to your mother, Oh Govinda, I salute you.¬
86.Manikkumbol manassum mathiyum athisayam kondu varnnikum appol,¬
Vanikkum poi adutheedaruthu batha jagan mohananthe mahathwam,¬
AAnakombum darichu yettanum anjujanumai chennathum ranga dese ,¬
Dhyanikkumbol uducheeduga manasi sadaa Vasudeva praseedha.¬
When I respect you , my mind and brain becomes filled with wonder,¬
And when I try to describe you , Even Goddess Saraswathi is not able ,¬
To tell about your greatness Oh prettiest one in the world,¬
And I meditate on how your elder brother and you ,¬
Wearing the tusk of elephant and went to the field of war ¬
And Oh Vasudeva , please always be present in my mind.¬
87.Thanne thanne oronnu kandu janakanum ammakkum yndai Vibho,¬
Kannan kevalanennu thathra pitharou , bhakthya pugazhtheedinaar,¬
Soundaryadhikal vasa bhoomi thiru mai poranju uzhaneedum ,¬
Akannan kar mukhil varnane , manasi ponnu aavirbhavikkename .¬
After seeing personally various things , your father and mother , oh Lord,¬
They understood that Krishna is a chosen one and praised you with devotion,¬
And that Krishna , if all the prettiness of your body gets worried , because ,¬
Your pretty body is not sufficient for them to live , Oh God with colour of black cloud,¬
Then please come and rise up in my mind.¬
88.Vaikunneram guru sthreevachanam upakarnya thanum kuchelan,¬
Maazhkaathe bhagyavaan angu avar iruvarumai indhanathinnu poyaar,¬
Peyyum pemariyellam mudiyil virugumai yethu kaiyum pidichittu,¬
Ayyo kashtam prabathatholam adaviyile ninnathum kai thozhunnen.¬
In the evening you heard the wishes of the wife of the Guru, you and Kuchela,¬
Without any hesitation together went to collect firewood from the forest,¬
And your heads along with the fire wood were drenched by the torrential rain ,¬
And alas you both stood till it became morning . I salute you .¬
89.Mumbe thaan guru dakshinakku guruvodu anveshanam cheytha pothu,¬
Ambodhou sahasaa maricha makanekaanmaan kothicheedinaar,¬
Gambheeryathodepancha janya ninadham kettu anthakan sambramichu,¬
Ambodekina balane guruvinai kanichu nee pahi maam.¬
When you enquired with your guru for the fee that you should give ,¬
He wanted with great eagerness to see his son who died by falling in water ,¬
Hearing the sound of the regal sound of Panchajanya , the God of death,¬
Was scared and You then showed the lad whom he lovingly gave , to your Guru, Please protect me.¬
90.Yekanthe samsayam may thava pada kamalam kondu bhoolokamippol,¬
Vaikundam thanithennayathu pozhuthu mahalokar Vaikunda vaasin ,¬
Vaikundam nokki vazhunnavar avani thalam thanne vandhikkumappol,¬
Kai koopenda yennu yenikko mura madhana vibho, Hantha sandhipinekko.¬
I have got a secret doubt , for when, the earth due to the contact of your feet,¬
Has become Vaikunda itself . all the people of this world, Oh Lord who lives in Vaikunda,¬
Who are living with a hope to see Vaikunda , should actually salute the earth itself,¬
And so oh Lord who killed Mura , should I salute you or Sandheepini.¬
91.Preethyaa kanthan niyogichazhal kalavathinnai , udhavan vannithappol,¬
Athyaa vegaal viyogathuyirkal madhukarathodasesham paranjaar,¬
Thathwam chithe daricha pozhuthu virahajam dukhamellam jayichaar,¬
Yetheedum bhakthi kondu udhavarum avide ya gopikalkkai namichaan.¬
Due to being sent by their Lord to remove their love sickness , at that time Udhava came,¬
And they who have been telling the sorrow caused by parting to the bees.¬
When they understood the philosophy told by Udhava , won over the sorrow of parting ,¬
And seeing their great devotion , Udhava at that place saluted the Gopis.¬
92.Akroorane kandu adha Hasthi pooryaam,¬
kroora Duryodhana vruthamellam,¬
Akrooramaam paandavar vruthavum ,¬
Thanagre darikkum haraye namosthu.¬
By sending Akroora to Hasathinapura ¬
You understood the cruel news of Duryodhana
And the non cruel news about Pandavas,¬
And understood the situation and salutations to that Lord Vishnu.¬
93.Mushkerum yavanande mumbil Muchukundan thanne yortheettudan ,¬
Vekkam parthu adhamaagadhan varavilum vegam nadicheedinaan,¬
Durgam theerthadhaREvathi ramananodonnichu mevum Vibho,¬
Trukkal kandu namaskarippathinnu orikkale varichiddunnen.¬
Remembering Muchukunda in front of the proud Kalayavana,¬
Seeing the speed with which Jarasandha , the king of Magadha came,¬
Acting as if there is a problem you constructed a fort and ,Oh lord, ¬
You started living there along with husband of Revathi ,¬
Now itself I choose to see your divine feet and salute it.¬
94.VElikku thanne Sisupalan orikkal vannan,¬
Nalika nethranum aduthu yezhunnelli ninnan,¬
Kolahalathode agajaapuriyinnu pombol,¬
Aalolanethra , garuda dwajanodu ananjaal.¬
Sisupala once came to the wedding itself,¬
And the lotus eyed one also went and stood near ,¬
And with great luxury , when they were going to the town of Parvathi ,¬
Thel ady with the moving eyes joined with Him who has Garuda in his flag.¬
95.Pradhyumnadhikal yethrayundu bhavathaa, paschad avarkku yethravaan,¬
Puthranmaar Anirudhathikalum yellarkkum namikkunnu jnan,¬
Prathyekam guna karma morthu parvaanamalla Banasuran,¬
Hastha chedanamonnu Hasthinapuri niryana mithyadhikal.¬
For all those Pradhyumnas who are there as yours,¬
And anirudhas who are there who are sons of them, I salute to all of them,¬
I am not able remember and tell the particular good deeds done by you,¬
For there are many like cutting of hands of Banasura and the killing at Hasthinapura.¬
96.SAmmodham poondu velppan abhiruchi perutha SAthyabhamaykkal yenno,¬
Kanmano Jambhavane pranaya nidhiye nee, dur yasassu onnu theerthu ,¬
Kan mayathe pugazhtheedaruthu thava para brahmame mandamandam,¬
Pen mankyangale yenmarrkkum oru anubhavamai theernna ninne thozhunnen.¬
When you were gladly interested in marrying SAthyabhama , did you not,¬
See Jambhavaan , removed your notoriety and married that treasure of love.¬
Oh Divine Brahmam , your sleight of hand cannot be praised that easily,¬
I salute you who had become an experience to those eight gems.¬
97.Mai kannimaar pathinaaru sahasram onnichu,¬
Ulkandayaa thadanubhouma grahe labhichaan,¬
Akkousalangal ariyaanju muneendranum poi,¬
Chakram thirinju BHavangalil yennu kelppu.¬
Sixteen thousand kajal eyed pretty damsels together ,¬
Who were worried , were got by you from Narakasura(son of earth) ’s house
And not knowing your tricks , the king of sages(Narada) ,¬
It seems wandered ,and searched in several houses and suffered.¬
98.Darvathyaam bhavane sutheshu pathinaarayiram moorthiyai,¬
Sri Bharathavine ninne nirmala gunaan vevere kai koopinen,¬
Saapthnyam thadavum mahendraneyudan , jithwa harichangu aho,¬
Samarthyathodu sathyabhamayudane poongavu kalpadrumam.¬
In the houses of Dwaraka you took sixteen thousand forms,¬
Oh husband of Lakshmi and I salute each of these sixteen thousand forms,¬
After winning over great Devendra who feigned enmity ,you who defeated,¬
With great cleverness got the Kalpaka vruksha for the garden of Sathyabhama.¬
99.Yenthavu viprasaapaal nrugan avasathayaa pandu pande kidannan,¬
Ondhayittu anthu dese nibruthamathu balaal, balakanmaar paranjaar,¬
SAnthapam theerthu aduthangu avan anavadhi cheythoru dhanangalellam,¬
Bandhukkal kullil aakeetu avanu gathi koduthoru thubhyam namasthe.¬
Due to the curse of a Brahmin, a king called Nruga was for a long time ,¬
Lying as a chameleon secretly in a well and this was told to you by children,¬
You put an end to his sorrow by giving away , that the blessings he got earlier by giving several charities,¬
all his relatives and gave him salvation And my salutations to you.¬
100.Vaa vaa yennu vilichu kelipuranai leelakku kalindhiye,¬
Bhavaalonnu pakarnnumathatha kalarnnu yenthethu pokunnitho,¬
Kopala kari kondu nere kuzhiye thondi dinaan bhavan,¬
Thapa aakarshanamennthu yengal ureeletanandha neelambara.¬
He called Yamuna to come for playing in a playful mood,¬
And since she was going elsewhere and his mood changed ,¬
And with anger, he lead her to a ditch made by his plough,¬
And oh God dressed in blue cloths, draw away my sorrow and bless me.¬
101.Thanne snehamiyannavakku nimisham , dweshichavarkkum balal,¬
Thannepoale chamanjavarkku murali kaivalyamalle Vibho,¬
Thanne than ariyanju khinnamathiyai ninnodu irannidinor ,¬
Yenna kana vasam krupalaya , Jaya Sri Vama gehalaya.¬
To those who loved you , to those who hated you as well,¬
Those who put on your form without your consent (poundra Vasudeva) , you gave salvation,¬
And oh temple of mercy please see my weakness in being, ¬
Not knowing myself and being of weak intellect , Victory to the Vamapureeswara.¬
102.Trukkayyal maranam varenam athinai pandeyiriukkunnavan,¬
Chol kollum vividhan mudhaa musali than ambadiyil chenna naal,¬
Mai kannar palarodumai Madhu madham poorichu mevunnavan,.¬
Trukkayyal maranam labhichu para loke poi sukhicheedinaan.¬
When the famous Vividha (who was a monkey)who wanted to be killed by Balarama,¬
Went to his place when Balarama was happily spending time,¬
With several damsels and under the influence of liquor,¬
He got salvation and lived happily in the other world as he was killed by you.¬
103.Puthranmar , pathnimar yennivarodu sukhame , nithyavum dwaravathyaam,¬
Prathwee bhajyaam grahasthasrama vidhi upadesichu kondu achyuthan than,¬
Nithyathma nithya dhaanadhikal niyatham orukkunnathum than male poy,¬
Asthane chernnu darmaadhikal viravil vicharippathum kai thozhunnen.¬
Achyutha lived in Dwaraka along with his sons, wives , daily ,¬
Serving the earth, teaching the dharma of a householder,¬
And that divine soul daily did daily charities and he himself,¬
Called the courtiers and enquired about dharmic actions, I salute him.¬
104.Kooki kozhi vananthare virakumai , ninnannu raave thadhaa,¬
Kooki kokilavanimaar kuchathate mevidum annalilum ,¬
Kookum kozhikal thammilulla sukrtham soure paranjeeduvaan ,¬
Akunnilla characharangalilum undu athyantha gathyantharam.¬
When you were standing in the forest along with firewood , birds of death crowed,¬
And on the days when you were lying on their breasts the pretty ladies they made moaning sound,¬
Oh God born in Soora senas’s clan, I am not able to tell about the blessing of these crowing,¬
For between the moving and non moving beings there is a lot of difference.¬
105.Karagrahathil narapaalar paranja vakkum ,¬
Sri Naradokthiyum athil karaneya madou,¬
Srimanoduddhavarodu yengane yennathekum,¬
Premathuram thirumukham thava kaanmano jnan.¬
After hearing the words of the kings , released from the custody of Jarasandha ,¬
As well as the words of sage Narada ,your enquiring ,¬
About what should be done first , with Udhava,¬
With a face drenching love , which when shall I see.¬
106.Indraprasthathil indra Priya suthane ninachullor outhsukhya vegaal,¬
Vannittu abhemanaleMagadha pathiyeyum konnu nadum jayichaan,¬
Dhanyathma raja sooyam narapathi batha sadichathum Darmajan,¬
THanonnai chaidhyanappol Madhu madana, BHavanodathum kai thozhunnen.¬
Due to the worry about the darling son of Indra(Arjuna) in Indraprastha
You got the king of Magadha(jarsandha) killed by BHeema and won his country,¬
And the very good king Yudhishtra could complete the Rajasooya sacrifice,¬
And OH killer of Madhu , you alone then killed king of Chedhi(shisupala) and I salute you sir.¬
107.SAlwan vannu achane konnor arivu kuranjathonnangeekarichittu,¬
Yellam poi chennu vannedunna gathiyavanum nalkinaan yeka bhavam,¬
Kalyanangalkku moolam thava pada kamalam seva cheythavathellam ,¬
Nirlajjam keerthanam cheyvathu kimapi chevi kolga vamalayesa.¬
After recognizing the knowledge that Salwa killed your father (mayavasudeva),¬
You gave him the fate that will come at the end to all , as well as oneness with you,¬
And the root of all auspiciousness is service to your lotus like feet,¬
As well as singing praise about you without shame, and so please hear this Oh Lord of Vamapura.¬
108.Sri Raman Theertha yathraavidhiyil asurane konnu punyapradesan,¬
Sri Kasi, Kanchiu, Kaverikal, Madhu mahendradhiKanyakumari,¬
Sriraman SEthu bandhichu avidamoru Danushkoti yenningane thaan,¬
Oronne seva cheythangumala mathi mudha vannathum, kai thozhunnen.¬
During the penance of pilgrimage , Balarama killed an asura
Visited holy places like Benares, Kanchipuram , mahendram, Kanyakumari,¬
Dhanushkodi where Sri Rama has built a bridge across the sea ,¬
Did service in those places and retrned with a happy and clear mind, I salute him.¬
109.Nirmaayam thaan kuchelan dwijavaran avidam vittu verittu vettan,¬
Unmanillanju alanjaan punar oru divasam dwarakaam kandu chonnan,¬
SAmmodham poondirunnan avilari thirumul kazhcha vechaan prabathe ,¬
Brahmandhena ponnan dhanadane vibhavam kondu vekkam jayichaan.¬
Kuchela, the great Brahmi who was very sincere left that place on marrying elsewhere,¬
Wandered here and there without money for food, and one day came to Dwaraka , saw Krishna,¬
Spend his time happily there and in the morning kept “Beaten rice” as divine offering,¬
And returned back with great happiness , and then by his wealth defeated even Khubera.¬
110.Akkalathu udan athya apoorvam ulavaya arkko aparagam thadhaa ,¬
Chol kollunna Samantha panchakamaho theerthinnu yethum vibho,¬
Agre babdhu janangal okke yavide koodi sukhichu ottu naal ,¬
Achande yajanam kazhichu puriyil porum hare paahi maam.¬
At that time there occurred a very rare solar eclipse ,¬
And you went to the famous sacred water called “Samantha Panchakam”,¬
And there even before all your relatives gathered and enjoyed for several days,¬
And you conducted your father’s yaga there, and please protect me.¬
111.Than kayyennu parichakamasannu ashubam cheythoru pai thangale,¬
Samnthoshathodu kaankayaal kuthukamundu ammakku athum kondu nee,¬
Thangal bhakthi mathaam varishtan asuran vazhunna lokathu poi,¬
Kodanu amma anugrahichathu mudhaa, moordhnaa labhicheedinaan.¬
Due to the fact that your mother would be happy to see ,¬
Those babies snatched and killed by the dirty hands of Kamsa,¬
You went to the world where the asura (Mahabali) , who was your great devotee , lived,¬
And brought and gave them to your mother and got a happy blessing from her.¬
112.Parthannu athma sahodareem azhakuthai sadhyam varuthunnathum,¬
Kathum thiyyathayachu dushtaneyum achakram dahikkunnathum,¬
Bhakthan asrutha devanum mithilanum moksham kodukkunnathum ,¬
Preethyaa nin charithangal nithyavum aho chithe labhikkename.¬
The act of giving your very dear sister to Arjuna in a proper manner,¬
The act of killing a bad man by sending the raging fire of the Sudarsana wheel,¬
The act of giving salvation to devotees called Srutha deva and king of Mithila(Bahulaswa),¬
And such similar stories about you should be available to me.¬
113.Pruthwee devande patham thanayanudan aho maranjaan Arjunan thaan,¬
Agni chaadedum mennayathupozhuthu avanum thanum antharmale poi,¬
Preethyaa Vaikunda lokathu yezhunnaruli yadhaa poorvam aagathya balan,¬
Prathyekam parthane kkonduazhakinodu koduppicha thubhyam namosthu.¬
Alas the tenth son of a Brahmiin immediately died and,¬
When it was known that Arjuna would jump in to the fire, You and he together ,¬
Went in to space , with love went to Vaikunda, making the child to the previous form,¬
Made Arjuna specially and with courtesy give back the child , My salutations to you.¬
(Till now the author was summarizing the Dasama Skandha of Bhagwatha, From now on it is prayers, advice and philosophy of the author.)¬
114. Yerepporum prabhukkalkku ushasi thuyil unarthum chilar kkenna poale,¬
Yoge sri nidhrayennum pralayamavadhiyaam kalam AAnanda moorthe ,¬
Yekanthe poi sthuthikkumsruthikalavide yennulla divyaksharangal kku,¬
Oronne sannamippankrupa tharika Vibho, Vama Gehadhinadha.¬
Like waking up at early morning for a few very rich lords,¬
Oh personification of joy, at the time of your divine sleep at the time of deluge,¬
Oh Lord, Oh Lord of Vama pura , permit me to offer my salutations,¬
To each of those divine letters , which are used to praise you in that solitude.¬
115.Yennayirathineyiratti nallar ,¬
Nannayirunnoru vibhoothi kandaal,¬
Kannayiram poondavannum kothikkum,¬
Pennayirunnavathi, Padmanabha.¬
Seeing the prosperous and pleasant way,¬
That the sixteen thousand ladies live ,¬
Even the thousand eyed Indra would be anxious ,¬
To become a lady like them, Oh Padmanabha.¬
116.Chaale kavadam azhagodu thurannu kondu,¬
Maale pangavum aninju thelinju nannoi,¬
Kelee kalasa samaye kulir thennal yethu,¬
Naleeka nethran ala sakshiyumai ninnan.¬
After opening the door very prettily ,¬
Applying sandal paste on his body and with great clarity,¬
At the end of the love play , with the clod breeze blowing on him,¬
That lotus eyed one stood there with the damsel with the drowsy eyes.¬
117.Sri Neelakandapada pamsulava prasaadaal,¬
Sri Krishna leela kali vannam oronnu chonnnen,¬
Sriman Mukunda, jaya Vamapuradhinadha,¬
Sripada bhakthi yaruleeduga nalu thorum.¬
By the blessings of the dust of the feet of Neelakanda(Author’s Guru) ,¬
I went on narrating the plays of Lord Krishna somehow,¬
Oh Mukunda , Victory to Lord of Vamapura ,¬
Please grant me devotion to your divine feet.¬
118,Kramathil aakkedunna Soolapani,¬
Sramathinaal itham athee vichithram,¬
Sramichu Bhasha sravanamrutham may ,¬
Ramichu kolga, Achyutha pada moole.¬
Soolapani put in lot of efforts,¬
To systematized and edited it ,¬
Put in lot of efforts to make it great ,¬
My “honey to the ears “ written in local language ,¬
And please become happy at the feet of Achyutha.¬
119.Pallikku urappu maramenna kanakke nin mei,¬
Pillaykkurappu janani vachasarayam may,¬
Ullil karappu kalavan thiru ullamode ,¬
Pallikuruppu unara venam anatha sayin..¬
Like the log of wood is the strength for the temple,¬
You are strength for the body of a baby,¬
And I depend on the word’s of mother ,¬
And for removing the dirt of the mind,¬
With happiness please wake up , Oh Lord Vishnu.¬
120.Yellil kalarnnuiyalum yenna kanakke yathmaavu¬
Yellarkkum onnu, athariyathe mayanginen jnan,¬
Nulli kalanju sakala, mam kanmasham nee ,¬
Ullil thelinju unara vendum udhara keerthe.¬
Like the oil which is mixed with Gingelly ,¬
The soul is one for all and I am befuddled without knowing that,¬
And please snip away all this dirt from me,¬
And appear in my heart , oh generous one.¬
121.Mannil pirannu athilulla manushyanaayaal,¬
Unnithamai kazhiyum aadhiyil ulla kalam,¬
Ponnathamai athum ithu karutheettu sesham,¬
Thanne thiranju ariga yannathu asadhyamathre.¬
If you are born in this earth and are a human being,¬
The initial period would be spent in childishness,¬
And then with idiocy , after thinking about this and that,¬
It is impossible to search and find oneself.¬
122,Noonam thwal preethi nana vidha mahitha kadha nama sankeerthanam thaan,¬
Ananthya sradhayallarkku athum ithu vidhamai undu Vedantha vaakhyam,¬
Jnanum thwal pada sandarsanam oru vidham ingu aaswadhippan irippon,¬
AAnanda prapthi aanakkarulinaBhagavanallayo nee krupabdhe.¬
Definitely hearing your great stories and singing your names,¬
Is meant for people with endless attention and so are the sentences of philosophy,¬
And I am one of those waiting to see and enjoy, your feet ,¬
Oh ocean of mercy grant me attainment of joy , for have you not given joy to even an elephant.¬
123.Kanum karuthu mala poale yamande dhoothan,¬
Kannum mizhichu alari yodi varunna neram,¬
Kannan kalicha kali keerthanamonnu ketta ,¬
Ponnan malachu marukunnathu kanmano jnan.¬
When the mountain like emissary of god of death with black eyes,¬
Is rushing towards me with staring eyes,¬
If he hears one of these songs extolling , the plays of Krishna ¬
Will I be able to see that idiot falling and crying.¬
124.Onnichirunnu magal makkal uda pirannor,¬
Innichirikkum avar yennu ariyathe mohaal,¬
Mandhichu manasam oru andatha poondirippor,¬
Yenne kricharulga neeKrupa Vasudeva.¬
Without knowing that I am to be a person without ,¬
Daughter , son or siblings or others,¬
Due to attachment I was trying to be together ,¬
As My mind was dark and full of ignorance,¬
And Oh Vasudeva please show mercy on me.¬
125.Onam varunnu , Vishu varunnu , piranna nalundu,¬
Anandam ingane oronnil aho janaanaam,¬
Kanunnu nithyavum anithyamithennu chemme ,¬
Venam kuranjoru vicharam akakurunnil.¬
Onam is coming, Vishu is coming , there is birthday,¬
Like this happiness is seen daily in many people,¬
But you should know that what appears stable is temporary,¬
And this thought should be there in the mind.¬
126.Nale thudanganam ithennu ninachirunnal,¬
Nalakku nale ini ellarodukkamennum.,¬
Nalika nethra, charanambuja seva cheivan,¬
Naalakil appozhe thudanganam aprakaram.¬
If you think that you can start tomorrow,¬
It could be tomorrow after tomorrow and ,¬
There is no end to this postponement ,¬
Oh lotus eyed one in case of serving your lotus like feet ,¬
If one can do it , he should Start it immediately.¬
127.Mannasayalum , madanasayyaalum ,¬
Ponnasayalum marukunnu lokam,¬
Ninnasa kandilo oruvarkkum ayyo,¬
Kanna same nalguga manasam may.¬
Due to desire for land , desire for women
And desire for gold, the world suffers,¬
Alas I could not find desire to you in any one,¬
Oh Krishna give peace in my mind.¬
128.Swapathinaalum adha kama vasalum ororo,¬
Nayathamai anukarippathu karmame thaan,¬
Thapinja manjariyodotha kalebharam nee ,¬
Bhavichu kolga azhakil nanda kumarakasya.¬
Possessed by sleep and by passion is Karma
The body is like a bunch of flower of a living tree ,¬
And you imagine that you are as pretty as the son of Nanda.¬
129.SAthram kanoridathu , chathu karayum kolahalam kuthrachil,¬
Vidwanmar oridathu Madhya pakulam thachum kayarthum kwachith,¬
Mugdha sthree yoridathu muthikau inunnu yengi karachanytha,¬
Srothradhikku amrutho thalicha vishamo , viswam vichithram vibho.¬
An inn is seen in one place , in another place weeping and crying due to death is heard,¬
Learned men in one place , in another place drunkards shout and beat ,¬
A pretty lady in one place and in another place old ladies sit and cry,¬
For the ears and other organs is it nectar or poison, Oh Lord , the world is peculiar.¬
130.Kamathuram manasamengilum sri-,¬
Namarutham navil anachu kollu,¬
Sri Madhavande charanambujathil,¬
Premadhikam nalil muzhakkumallo.¬
Though your mind is filled with passion,¬
Hug the nectar of his name to your toungue,¬
Would not the love for the lotus feet ¬
Of Madhava keep on increasing?¬
131.Naave , ninakku valiyoru upadesamunde ,¬
Naaval urappathinnu , jnan thuniyunnu kel nee,¬
Narayanande thiru namam urakkeyaambol,¬
Nanichu pokaruthe thava vendathullu .¬
Oh toungue , there is a big advice for you,¬
Please hear as I am trying to tell it by my toungue,¬
When you loudly shout the name of Narayana,¬
Only thing is that you should not become shy.¬
132.Yenidrusaam vadanavum panavum ninachittu,¬
Ananda moorthiye marakkaika mana kurunne ,¬
Pranan thalarnnu thamakadhikalai chamanjaal,¬
Venunnathonnum yeluthal lla namukkarinjal.¬
Thinking about the face of ladies with doe like eyes,¬
And money , Oh mind do not forget the God who s lord of joy,¬
When the prana breath becomes weak and thamaka breath starts ,¬
All that we need to do , is not easy to perform.¬
133.Konikkal ninnu karayunna kidangal poale ,¬
Thonikkal ninnu valayum vazhi pokkar poale ,¬
Kanikshanam pozhuthu polum upekshiyaathe ,¬
Kanithamen thozhil krupaam kuru vaasudeva.¬
Like the children who are crying near the gate ,¬
Like the stranger confused near the boat jetty,¬
Without even leaving out quarter of a second,¬
Please see after my job, Please be merciful Vasudeva.¬
134. Vamberunna asurarkku dambu kalavaan imberum ambadiyil,¬
Paimpal venna pakarnna kumbhamudane sambhidhyamevum vibho,¬
Ambhojathinnu sambramarthiyarulum nin padam ambeedinor,¬
Yen papathinu kambam yekuka nilimbarathi sampekshanam.¬
To destroy the pride of the powerful asuras in the pleasant place of cowherds,¬
Oh Lord who broke the pots in which cow’s milk and butter were kept,¬
To me who has surrendered to your feet which made the lotus flower worried,¬
Oh God who even beat the devas , make my sins infirm.¬
135. Nirmayam nija dharmam aasthayode cheythakunna salkarmmavum,¬
Pen mayathil agappedathe maruveedennakil nannai varum,¬
Karmaa karmavikarmma marmamarivaan aalalla namamrutham,¬
Nammalavathu seva cheythu sukhame trukkalodetheeduvaan. ¬
Good things will come , If one does his one’s own Dharma with devotion without deceit,¬
And does the possible good deeds without becoming slave to illusion of woman,¬
We are not ones to enquire about secrets of doing Karma , not doing Karma or doing it in a wrong way,¬
And so we have do the service that we could to reach the divine feet.¬
136.Vithum marannu vishayangal oronnu nokki,¬
Chathum pirannum uzhalaika manakurunne ,¬
Viswam niranju vilayadina thamburane,¬
Chithe kalarnnu anubhavippathinorthu kol nee .¬
Oh mind , forgetting your root , looking after various affairs,¬
Do not suffer in this cycle of birth and death ,¬
And think of that lord who occupies the entire universe ¬
And who plays there and experience him.¬
137.Okkaa dhanasa maname , manujannu thannaal,¬
Neekkavathalla bhavithavyamodunguvolam,¬
Aakkam kuranju anubhavangal pakarnnu kaanaam,¬
Veerkkunna veerppevide nerthu varum kramena.¬
Man himself cannot remove the attachment to money from the mind,¬
And till the end what is bound to happen cannot be avoided,¬
And experiences gets weakened progressively ,¬
And the breath slowly gets thickened and slow.¬
138. Bhoshkkum paranju bhavanangalil angananaam,¬
Poi koodum apparichu rappakal ullathellam ,¬
Neer pola pole maruvunna kalebaranthe ,¬
Veerppundathum niyathamalla ninaykkado nee.¬
They will join in the houses of ladies telling lies,¬
And wander there day and night without ,¬
Understanding that the breath that we have ,¬
Is like a bubble, which is not permanent .¬
139.Kanyakubjathil allaikayo jananam,atho, Dasiye kamiyannajo,¬
Thwannamathinnum ippol kali yuga mathu kondulla veeryam kuranjo ,¬
Yenno nalaksharam thaam muzhuvan aruthathil, kutham ennil pinanjo,¬
Thwannamam jananm arinjittu anudhinam uracheykennatho Vasudeva.¬
Is it because I was not born in Kanyakubja or is it that I did not love a prostitute ,¬
Or is it that in this kali age and the power of your name has reduced¬
Or did I did any mistake in telling the four letter word “Narayana”,¬
Or Hey Vasudeva , after knowing your name should I chant it daily.¬
(Ajamila was born in Kanyakubja, lived with a prostitute and got salvation by¬
Just calling “Narayana”(the name of his son) before his death. The poet asks,¬
Whether this type of treatment is not applicable to him..)¬
140.Aarkengilum porumee nama mathram,¬
Keerthikku janmathil orikkalennum ,¬
SAsthrangal chollum druda nischayam kel,¬
Bhoshkennu vannedola nanda soono o.¬
To any one the chanting of the name ,¬
Once in the life is sufficient ,¬
The shastras with certainty tell,¬
And son of Nanda, this should not turn in to a lie.¬
141.Pulladhiyulla sareeram oronnu ,¬
Yellathilulm pukku paranju ponnen,¬
Nalloru janmam nara janmamippol ,¬
Vallathe yakkidola , thamburane.¬
I came away passing through ,¬
Several bodies including that of grass,¬
And now I have taken the good birth of human being,¬
And Oh lord , please do not make it bad.¬
142.Nelladhiyulla padarthamoronnu,¬
Illathu millanju uzhalunnithellam,¬
Nalloru namamrutham aswadhichaal,¬
Yellam varum vallathum onnu vendaa.¬
I was suffering due to the fact,¬
That things like the rice are not there in the house
But if I enjoy the nectar like name of the lord,¬
Everything would come and I may not need anything.¬
143,Nannayathum theeyathum orthu cheythaal,¬
Nannai varum nithyamavannu noonam,¬
Thwanama sankeethanam aswadhichal,¬
Onnai varum jeeva para prapancham.¬
If one differentiates between good and bad,¬
All days would become very good to him,¬
And if we enjoy singing of the divine name ,¬
We would merge ourselves in the divine world around life.¬
144,Ninakku noorayiram aasayunedennu,¬
Irikkkkilum , kelkka mana kurunne ,¬
Thanikku thaan ponnavar chonnathellam,¬
Ninakku nannayathu nithyamai.¬
Oh mind though you have hundred thousand ,¬
Desires , please listen to me,¬
Think that all that is told by those ,¬
Who are capable of everything,¬
Have become good for ever.¬
145.Thanner daham muzhuthum thadiyan arike vannanthakan thanurathum,¬
Kanneer kaaraiyi aduthu ullavarkal thozhimuraykkake onnichu paarthum,¬
Thanne thane marannittu athi vivasatha poondu aarthanai veerthumakkoppu,¬
Yenne kondakki vechidola varadha , vibho , Vama gehadhi vasin.¬
The thirst for water greatly increasing with the stout god of death coming and shouting,¬
Seeing together all those nearby shedding tears and wailing loudly,¬
And my forgetting myself , with great sorrow and be with labored breath,¬
This state should not come to me Oh Lord, Oh God of Vama pura.¬
146.Venunneela onnum oronniva yanu divas am thanne thane ninachen ,¬
Venunnumuthamundathinnu guru krupaa purame bandhuvullu,¬
Pranan povaan aduthulloru samayamathennakilum mevarunal,¬
Kanenam gopa naari kare thaliril nadakkunnor Ananda brungam.¬
Daily I was thinking myself that I do not need anything,¬
And decided that I only want the relation of the mercy of the Guru,¬
And on the day whenever it is , when time is nearing for the soul to go,¬
I want to see the joyful bee walking on the hands of gopa ladies.¬
147.Yenne thudangiya udaya asthamayangal thorum,¬
Bindennu urangiyum unarnnum uduthum undum,¬
Nandhichunanda thanayande padambujathil,¬
Chennavu navathinu kouthugam menthithavu.¬
When did the sudden sleep, waking up , dressing and eating ,¬
During every day with sun rise and setting of sun start?¬
What is the reason for my joyful wish that,¬
“If only my toungue has gone to the feet of Krishna?”¬
148. Kannan kalikkum kali koppu kaanmaan,¬
Yenno kothikkunnu dhayamburase ,¬
Twannama sankeerthanam yenni yenni,¬
Thonnuraduthu parivathsaram may.¬
Oh sea of mercy , I was for a long time longing,¬
To see the toys with which Lord Krishna played,¬
Counting and counting the singing of your names,¬
Ninety years have almost passed by.¬
149. Nandhichu kolga thava vannathu kondu nithyam,¬
Nindhikka venda gathi bhedam oronnu kandaal ,¬
Vandichu kolga sakalathma easwarantham,¬
Mandhichu pokaruthu ajasram aka kurunne.¬
Becoming happy when things daily comes as expected ,¬
And do not berate if differences come to your expectation,¬
And salute that God who is within every soul,¬
And Oh mind do not become inactive at any time.¬
150.Naave , nee cholgil allanjuakhilam aphalamennathra loka prasidham,¬
Naaval onnucharichal avanamruthaharan pinneyum prasidham,¬
Naave , nanam varunnu manasi thelivaranju ingane yenni yenni,¬
Chavaano nama sankeerthanamajitha vibho , dehi dehi prasadam.¬
Oh toungue , it is known all over the world, that if you tell or not tell , it is useless¬
If you tell it by your toungue, it is again well known that he would get happiness,¬
Oh toungue , I feel ashamed to see that he does not come in my mind,¬
Oh lord who cannot be defeated, is it my fate to die telling your names, please give me happiness.¬
151.Radha sthangalil olicharulunna moorthe ,¬
Bhedasrayam mama vidutharul mohamellam,¬
Bhodasrayam thava kalebaram orthu kolvaan,¬
Yethal prabho bahu virodhakamai varunnu.¬
Oh Lord who hides in Radha’s breasts and blesses,¬
Please bless me by removing all my dependence ,¬
And make me completely devoid of desire,¬
As to know that wisdom depends on your form,¬
Oh Lord , this comes as something greatly against.¬
152.Naalathil thadayunnathum , nadanade nilkunna vayukkal poi,¬
Olathil kurugunnathum chila pizhachodum mano vruthiyum,¬
Neelathil kayarum pidichu yamanum neerode bandhukkalum,¬
Nalathe thozhil yiprakaram arulaayken pothi Narayana.¬
The block in the throat , the aforesaid decreasing of gases ¬
Which already existed, Some wrong acts of the mind ,¬
The god of death holding a long rope , relatives with tears,¬
Salutations oh Narayana , please bless that all these do not happen to me tomorrow.¬
153.Navillathe janikkayo nata nateyullor ilakkaikayo,¬
Namathe padiyaikayo , narakam yennorthaal kulirpaakayo,¬
Navil durghatmakayo, nara kulathil janmam allaikayo,¬
Namocharanam yenthu bandham arivullorum thyajicheeduvaan.¬
Is it because of being born without a toungue?¬
Is it because even earlier being lazy there was less movement?¬
Is it because names were not understood?¬
Is it because the thought of hell leads to joy?¬
Is it because there is difficulty in the toungue?¬
Is it because birth did not take place as human being?¬
Why is it that even learned people do not chant god’s names?¬
154.Namocharanam onnu kondu gadhi vannu pandu DAsi pathe,¬
Namocharanam onnu kondu muniyai , Valmiki pandu thulom,¬
Namocharanam onnu thanne mathiyennu othunnu Vedanthavum,¬
Namocharanamennmennathu yengal aruleedananda payo nidhe.¬
The prostitutes husband (ajamila) got salvation by chanting of God’s names,¬
In olden times Valmiki became a sage by chanting of God’s names,¬
The Vedanthas said that the chanting of God’s name only is required,¬
Oh ocean of joy , give me the boon of chanting of names and bless me.¬
155.Namamrutham navil irikkumappol,¬
Somamrutham vismruthamai varunnu ,¬
Namamrutham parthu nirachu kandaal ,¬
Namamrutham kanamrutham mruthaanaam.¬
When the nectar of your name is there on the toungue,¬
I am forgetting about the nectar extracted from Soma
If the nectar of your name is filled up in the mind,¬
That nectar is the nectar to wake up the dead.¬
156.Naninnu onnu irunniri vikalpam yennathu irippu ,¬
Naam ini yethoru vijathiyil vanna jnanyam,¬
Naan innu thanne ariyenamarinju kolvan,¬
Thirippu thirunamavum yennu veppu.¬
The toungue has developed a doubt ,¬
As to which caste it belongs?¬
It wanted it to be understood today ,¬
Itself, whether its nervousness is due to that.¬
157.Kannil koothaduvaan undoru vaka cheviyil pattu paadaan kalippan,¬
Kannanthi konduvere sathatham ivarode ninnuporaduvaanum,¬
Kanna nin meniyakunnathu karuthi mudhaa namam otheeduvaanum,¬
Kanunnan illupaayam thava karunayozhinjonnu mindivarakshaa.¬
There are things that dance before our eyes, there are things to make songs in our ear,¬
And always there are others which with pushed out eyes prepares to fight them,¬
But Krishna , with happiness to think about your form and to chant your names,¬
I am not able to see any other way except your mercy, oh lotus eyed one.¬
158. Dehathin mel tharakkunnathu kimapi parikkilla mullum mahathmaa,¬
Dehathinmel chorinjeedunna thoridam , othukkavathalle ninakko ,¬
Soham bhaavathinnu ootham pala vazhi thelivai katti mathullavarkkum,¬
Moham theerkkum sadananditha paramashiva brahmame , they namosthu.¬
A great man will not remove the thorn that is struck in the body,¬
If there is itching in a part of the body , can you not cure it  ?¬
Showing various proofs , for “I am that”, to all other people ,¬
Is the divine Brahmam which is ever joyful , to you my salutations.¬
159.Ha Krishna , ha Krishna, krupambu rase,¬
Hey Krishna , Hey Krishna srushwa Vishno,¬
Hee Krishna, hee Krishna, mahathyupekshaa ,¬
Maa krishhna maa Krishna, parithyajasmin.¬
Hey Krishna, Hey Krisha, Hey ocean of mercy,¬
Hey Krishna, Hey Krishna, Please hear me Lord Vishnu,¬
Hey Krishna, hey Krishna , great indifference ,¬
Hey Krishna, Hey Krishna do not neglect us.¬
160.DEhathil sukhame kadicha masakaadhya jnanamadhou thadhaa ,¬
Dehathinnu visappu daham ariyaika yenundu randamathu,¬
Dehathe kakshanikkilum vihathayillennangu moonnamathu ,¬
Soham bhava drudanubhoothi yarulittan Ananda payo nidhe.¬
The first wisdom got by learning is like the pleasant bite of a mosquito on the body,¬
The second state is when you do not feel hunger or thirst of the body,¬
The third state is when you do not feel destruction , even if the body is cut in to pieces,¬
Oh ocean of joy , please make the knowledge “I am that” firm in me.¬
161. Dehathil choriyum sahikkatthu , athi krooram visappu ottume,¬
Mohathil kalarunna jnan athu vrudhaa mohippathenthinnuvaan,¬
Snehathode Yasodha pulgina kisoran than azinjekadhaa ,¬
Snehippovathu porumennu manasa namangal otheedinen.¬
The itch in the body is unbearable , and greatly unbearable is the hunger,¬
Why am I getting mixed in all these even after knowing they are illusions?¬
The young boy who was hugged with love by Yasodha has come down,¬
Is loving me and thinking this is sufficient , I chant his names in my mind.¬
162.Chollenam namam yennullathu palarum arinjum paranjum kazhinjaal,¬
Cholleedunnorkanakke kurayumathu maha papamennum prasidham,¬
Cholletendhennumathullavarparihasichaal namukkalla dukham,¬
Chollerum Vyasanumparthanum Radha thuragammechu mevum ninakkum.¬
Though many people know and tell that we should chant the names of God,¬
It is well known that not chanting names is a sin and number of people chanting is coming down,¬
When others make fun of you telling there is no use of this chanting, the sorrow is not for us,¬
The great sorrow is for Arjuna, the famous Vyasa and you who s driving the horses and chariot.¬
163.Aarkkanum vazhi poaleyundu madi kootathe manassengilo ,¬
Keerthikkam athinee aneka vidhamai theerthoru sankeerthanam,¬
Parthalokke vrudhaa prayathna rahitham keerthippathinnu agraham,¬
Perthum melithunasthiyai varum athin mumbe marikkename.¬
Suppose some has a methodical mind , which is not lazy ,¬
They can praise in various ways and sing the names of God,¬
Suppose at a time I feel I that it is a waste to sing and there is no desire to sing,¬
And there is no effort put to do it , I would better die before I decide not to pray.¬
164.Naavum Narayanethya aksharam oru dhanam thammil yeki bhavichaal ,¬
Chavum nerathu novaan kazhivara yamanum dhoore ninnedumallo ,¬
Nave nalaksharam nee yorupozhuthumupekshikkalo deiva yogaal,¬
Yivannam vannathellam amrutham anubhavicheedu Narayanethi.¬
When the toungue and the word Narayana one day becomes together ,¬
At the time of death there would not be pain and even Yama would stand far away ,¬
And so oh toungue do not ever forsake the four letter Narayana and if by the grace of god,¬
It happens that way , because of Narayana everything you experience will be nectar.¬
165.Megha shyamalamaam angavum makutavum , poovum, chevithoodayum,¬
Rakachandranu samanamaam vadanavum mar malayum mudhrayum ,¬
AAkum vannam aneka bhoosshanayutham ninmei kuri kondu jnan,¬
Pokunnen Bhagawan Janardhana , bhaval karunya padheyavaan.¬
Body which is black like cloud , crown , flowers , ear studs ,¬
A face equal to the full moon , garlands on chest, the Sri vathsa mole ,¬
And decorated properly with many ornaments is yourself ,¬
And Oh God Janardhana , I am going in search of you , with your mercy as food packet to the way.¬
166.Sri padam vaazhka vamalaya nilaya, bhaval sripadamboruhathe ,¬
Sri namam kondu nithyam niravadhiparamananda moorthe nisheve,¬
Sri moorthim kandu kandathmanee sathatham urappicha deham thyajicheettu,¬
Moorthikku ikyam yekeeduga Guru karunaa vaaridhe, Varijaaksha.¬
Oh god of Vamapura, long live your auspicious feet , your lotus like feet ,¬
Is worshipped by me daily by chanting of your divine names, Oh God with a form of divine joy,¬
After seeing and seeing your form I make it firm within my mind,¬
Please merge this body which I am giving away within you, Oh sea of mercy , oh lotus eyed god.¬
167.Bhooshaa varnaadhiyaal yi bhuvanamakhilavum hantha mohichu raga-¬
Dwesha poornam vighoornam shiva shiva parayaavalla mayaa vilasam,¬
Bhasha karnammrutham may sukruthamithu sadaa navu kondu aswadhichaal¬
Nuzhaa karma valee vallikalil udan avan pinne munnethu poale.¬
By your well decorated and coloured form , you made the entire earth get attracted to you,¬
Oh God , Oh God, the world is also surrounded by desire and great anger ,¬
And if my “Bhasha Karnamrutham” is always enjoyed by the toungue¬
Then like olden times no one need not creep under the load of the tendrils of Karma forever.”¬
168.Unni kidangal kaliyaloru kalu vechaal ,¬
Kannin peruthathinaho kuthukam pithroonaam,¬
Yenne kanakke nadayullavarkithellam ,¬
Yennal krutham kimapi kouthukamai varenam.¬
W hen little babies sportingly take a dance step,¬
To the fathers it would lead to great joy ,¬
Like that to those people who came before me,¬
All this should at least give a little joy.¬
169.Peethambara prollasitha Akhilesam,¬
Hemangadhjol bhasithas bahu dandam,¬
Somambuja sri Vadhanara vindham,¬
Vamalayastham Bhaja Vasudevam.¬
He who is shining wearing an yellow silk,¬
With golden armlets decorating his wrist,¬
Whose face is like the moon as well as lotus,¬
Is The Lord of Vamapura And I salute that Vasudeva.¬